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 All Adults Are The Protectors of All Childrenhallwaykid

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KARA is non-profit action tank focusing on

making the lives of abused children better.


Read local, national and International news about child protection, child abuse,

children’s rights and critical issues important to the safety and well-being of children and your community.

Teachers and Law Enforcement Officers are becoming front line mental health service providers to America’s traumatized and troubled children — how is your community addressing the issue?

Jails are full, schools are struggling, and a growing number of communities are dangerous — all these stem from the cycle of child abuse — why don’t we talk about this?

Social workers have a shelf life of three years, new teachers only five years — overwhelmed and broken systems are costing our communities money, quality of life, and lives — let’s talk about change.  Bring this conversation into your community. to start the conversation




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