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I’ve come to know 50 beautiful babies and children that have had their souls murdered.

All fifty of my caseload children lived with chronic and serious beatings, rape, starvation and neglect repeatedly over a period of years.

They all died a tragic death of self.

Some watched their mothers being beaten or raped repeatedly, others were beaten, neglected or raped repeatedly.  Some of them were regular drug users by 8 or 9 years old.

37% of American children are reported to child protective services before they are 18.

What could I have said to a severely traumatized 4 year old African American girl in the suicide ward of a Minneapolis hospital to set her mind at ease about the violence that had happened to her and her 7 year old sister?

Nothing useful as it turned out.  I had better luck with her 7 year old sister (call her Nancy) over the next 11 years. Nancy taught me that you never trust anyone ever again. Once your mother turns her boyfriend loose on your four year old body, there is no trusted adult coming to your rescue.

That man sexually abused 7 children in that family over 11 years and was never made a part of the court proceedings.  I expect he is abusing another very young child wherever he is today.  Sally’s Story.

This article submitted by KARA board member and

former CASA guardian ad Litem volunteer Mike Tikkanen –

Sally’s Story was submitted by a Pennsylvania Psychiatric Hospital Employee.

KARA Signature Video (4 minute)

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