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Modeled on Miss Mari’s foster film from Florida (the most important film about foster care ever)

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KARA continues its video investigation of Minnesota’s foster care and child protection systems.  A partnership started with TPT TV began studio interviews of foster and adoptive families, medical and child protection professionals and the journalist who uncovered the details of four year old Eric Dean’s murder after 15 largely ignored reports of abuse by mandated reporters.

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July 21, 2014


It is with great pleasure that I provide this letter of support on behalf of Twin Cities Public Television
(TPT) for the work you are doing to create a high-impact, community leadership initiative focused
stopping the cycles of neglect and abuse of children. We are honored to partner with Kids At Risk
Action (KARA) and those committed to the prevention of child abuse the Twin Cities to create an
awareness effort that builds adequate understanding of the key issues and encourages positive action.

The impact of the KARA partnership with TPT will have many dimensions. First and foremost is TPT’s support in telling the powerful real-life stories that will support KARA’s community engagement efforts.  

The story telling will be designed to reach both the general public, politicians,  and service providers. Themes for
the personal stories and expert interviews will include mental health and coping skills, children’s rights,
and providing best practice services.

Importantly, partnership also will involve creating local community awareness and multi -media tools.
The current vision is to create a set of multi-media stories so that they are viewable on the web and
over-the-air across Minnesota through TPT’s statewide channel TPT MN. We will co-produce a 30-
minute documentary and short-form web-only clips. In addition, KARA and TPT will coordinate a social
media and outreach campaign


Lucy Swift
Vice President
Minnesota Productions and Partnerships

Best of all, long time American news anchor and investigative journalist and winner of Emmy and Peabody awards Don Shelby is advising us on the project.  The protection of all children, is to his mind, the responsibility of all adults

To complete this project & make a difference in the lives of abused and neglected children.  We need your help.


Join KARA in the task of telling the INVISIBLE CHILDREN’s story through compelling interviews with children and adults within the world of child protection

Larger donors will be featured on the program, invited to the pre-screening party at TPT (St. Paul), and receive priority consideration for all new projects as they develop.   This project will be a big part of our ongoing efforts at KARA.

Donate Button or Contact me directly to help KARA complete this project mike@invisiblechildren.org

  • Program purpose; Create awareness of the critical issues impacting at risk children & identifying how to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect.
  • Program themes; Mental health and coping skills, and the basic rights of children to safety, healthcare, and education.
  • Program production; Experts and personal stories of children and adults within the child protection system.
  • Program look and sound; Serious and inspiring
  • Target audience; General public with attention to legislators, and everyone touched by our child protection system

Creating awareness that builds action to address the epidemic of child abuse  and mental health issues in our communities.


Core issues;

• Mental health and coping skills – if not delivered in the home they must come from the community or crime and prisons build, and schools and our communities will continue to struggle.  Instead of facing the core issues troubling abused and neglected children, “Our institutions today are creating exactly what they were designed to stop”*.  Child protection services we are seeing the fourth, fifth, and sixth generation of abused and neglected children re-entering the system with their own dysfunctional families (because they don’t have the mental health* or parenting skills to do otherwise).

*Dr Read Sulik’s definition of Mental health is “the ability to cope in one’s own environment”.

• Children’s Civil Rights and protection under the law.  Child abuse and neglect are underreported and euphemized in the media and in child protection services.  County and state record keeping is insufficient leading to a lack of understanding, support, training, and achievement at all levels.  There is almost no public discourse and lawmakers pay little attention to the needs of abused and neglected children.

• The committed and hardworking people doing the work cannot meet the existing needs of the children they serve (only the worst cases get in to the system) and the privations of these children regularly exceed the training, resources, and capacity of our institutions and the foster and adoptive parents that love and care for them.  Political neglect and lack of public awareness keep things the same.

The documentary will blend experts and personal stories in a 30-min documentary done in 3 parts. Those “parts” will be useful as separate pieces to use in community work.

Kids At Risk Action believes that once more people know how our institutions are failing our children, change will happen, and the cycle of abused and neglected children having their own families of abused children will be broken and all children can grow up to lead productive lives.  Schools will graduate more students, prisons will become empty, and streets will become safer.

Please donate now and support these pages &

1) Our documentary on the needs of at-risk children and breaking the cycle of abuse

2) Our second book, a collection of micro-bios following at-risk children through their journey

Accepting all donations, small and large. Their lives will not improve without help.