KARA’s 14 Minute Overview of Child Abuse as a Public Health Issue

 KARA’s 30 second videos;



Generational Abuse

The Intractable Problem

Prozac and 5 Year Olds

Our Public Health Problem

It’s Hard Being A Foster Child

How Many Children Are Reported to Child Protection?


KARA’s 60 second videos;


Suicide and Children (1 minute)

Child abuse as a public health problem

Being a foster child is hard

Children tried as adults


short NPR piece on child abuse as a public health problem


Miss Mari’s foster film from Florida; the most important film about foster care ever

https://vimeo.com/139417634  The password is foster

Paper Tigers (toxic stress & trauma informed life skills)

ACEs 3 minute video14 minute video

Resilience Trailer



3 minute movie trailer

All Adults Are the Protectors of All Children



Creating awareness that builds action to address the epidemic of child abuse  and mental health issues in our communities.

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