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DAMON KOCINA, Father, coach, marketing guru dedicated to improved child protection and support for young families.

JAMIE LIND, 10 years Tech II Navy Reserves Trauma, Emergency Room and surgery veteran, 8 years reuniting siblings in foster care with Camp to Belong, Currently an independent Health Insurance Specialist and clinical yoga instructor.


MIKE TIKKANEN, Author:  Invisible Children, volunteer CASA Guardian ad Litem in Hennepin County 12 years working with children in child protection, founding board member of CASAMN  and Founder & President of KARA

JOE MCCARTHY  Corporate managements positions at The Pillsbury Company, Eli Lilly & Company and Dayton Hudson Corporation- founder of  international public relations firm, Pinnacle Worldwide, Inc.- military officer and spokesperson for the Department of the Army – Pentagon- high school teacher and long-time supporter of children’s issues.

DAVID STRAND Volunteer CASA guardian ad-Litem,  made public policy in Europe on children’s issues for ten years, wrote the book, Nation Out Of Step about the difference in public policy towards children between the U.S. and the rest of the industrialized world.

TIFFINI FLYNN FORSLUND  Volunteer CASA guardian ad-Litem (past), Individual of Color, African American who has overcame many struggles and could have easily become one of the statistics KARA is trying to help.  It is so rewarding to be able to create change to stop or reverse the devastation caused from over 500 years of oppression.  Currently running for city council (2.15.17) Minneapolis MN

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Kids At Risk Action (KARA)
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Phone: 612-508-7272


KIDS AT RISK ACTION (KARA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

OUR MISSION is to be a passionate and unapologetic advocate for the welfare of abused and neglected children supporting the people, policies and programs that improve their lives.

OUR INITIATIVES include raising awareness of at-risk children by:

  • Civic involvement is the solution to America’s At Risk Youth problem.
  • Advance the reach of KARA’s Community Forums
  • Conduct outreach, grant-writing and fundraising
  • Research, speaking and writing about child abuse and child protection issues


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