Kids At Risk Action (KARA) Board

(currently seeking board advisors for our traveling college exhibit)

Note – KARA does not have resources to work on individual cases

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TOM CARTER, MD – Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist; trained at the Menninger Institute; developed the Childrens’ Residential Center at Abbott-Northwestern Hospital in 1976 and has practiced in MN, WI, WA, at the Navajo Residential Treatment Center, Fort Defiance, AZ; Co-developer of Public Policy Committee, NAMI-Eastside, Redmond, WA.

CAROL KOEPP – Retired Special Education Teacher (Wayzata High); Retired Social Justice Coordinator, First Unitarian Society, Mpls; Co-developer of Public Policy Committee, NAMI-Eastside, Redmond, WA.

DAMON KOCINA, Father, coach, marketing guru dedicated to improved child protection and support for young families.

JAMIE LIND, 10 years Tech II Navy Reserves Trauma, Emergency Room and surgery veteran, 8 years reuniting siblings in foster care with Camp to Belong, Currently an independent Health Insurance Specialist and clinical yoga instructor.

MIKE TIKKANEN, Author:  Invisible Children, volunteer CASA Guardian ad Litem in Hennepin County 12 years working with children in child protection, founding board member of CASAMN  and Founder & President of KARA

JOE MCCARTHY  Corporate managements positions at The Pillsbury Company, Eli Lilly & Company and Dayton Hudson Corporation- founder of  international public relations firm, Pinnacle Worldwide, Inc.- military officer and spokesperson for the Department of the Army – Pentagon- high school teacher and long-time supporter of children’s issues.

DAVID STRAND Volunteer CASA guardian ad-Litem,  made public policy in Europe on children’s issues for ten years, wrote the book, Nation Out Of Step about the difference in public policy towards children between the U.S. and the rest of the industrialized world.

TIFFINI FLYNN FORSLUND  Volunteer CASA guardian ad-Litem (past), Individual of Color, African American who overcame many struggles and could have easily become one of the statistics KARA is trying to help.  It is so rewarding to be able to create change to stop or reverse the devastation caused from over 500 years of oppression.  Currently running for city council (2.15.17) Minneapolis MN

You can help at-risk children! Join us by supporting our organization goals.  Tweet & post KARA blog articles on you social networking sites.   Talk to your friends, family, & coworkers about what you read here.  Help us make this conversation come alive and make a difference in your community.


Kids At Risk Action (KARA)
910 1st St South#4091

Hopkins, MN 55343

Phone: 612-508-7272


KIDS AT RISK ACTION (KARA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit.


Promote awareness, accountability and transparency in issues of child abuse and child protection.


They are seeking two candidates with an interest in their mission having the following skills:

  • Publicity and promotion expertise to expand awareness of KARA and the issues it is addressing,
  • Fundraising expertise including grant writing to support development of a video documentary and second book
  • Ability to think strategically about a complex issue and alternatives for increasing the impact KARA can have in meeting its mission


Advisors are not required to attend board meetings but asked to arrange a regular interface for updates on chosen tasks.
How many needed: Two
Meeting location: Virtual or individually arranged.


Time Expectation: 4 to 8 hours per month
Financial Contribution Required: No, but encouraged
Length of Term: 1 year
Renewable: Yes


American states and counties, including those in Minnesota, are struggling to find better answers for saving at-risk children and breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect.  Today, many state ward children are the 4th and 5th generation of abused children raising their own families without parenting skills and with serious mental health issues. In the U.S. 12 million children a year are reported to child protection services.  Those services are overwhelmed and the results are troubling.

Abused children have no voice in the homes they are raised in, the courts that rule their lives, the media and the legislature. Founded in 2001, Kids At Risk Action (KARA)  works for increased access to improved child protection services, quality day care, increased access to crisis nurseries and trauma-informed mental health services as well as better understanding of the impact of psychotropic medications on children.

KARA’s current initiatives include the following:

  • Research, speaking and writing about child abuse and child protection issues.
  • PRIMARY; Advancing the reach of KARA’s traveling college/university/museum exhibit
  • Civic involvement and lobbying
  • Developing a video documentary
  • Developing an Invisible Children book as a follow on the first book it published in 2005