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New York City’s Plan to Prevent Family Separation

Making College Graduation a Reality for Foster Youth

Tech Help That Gets At Risk Children into Preschool

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Spotting Trauma in Preschoolers (building resiliency)

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Youth Voice Contest Winner; Fostering Healthier Ways to Love

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Federal Help for Child Welfare


Family First Act; Harming Foster Care Reform?


Adoptees; Rights to Open Birth Records

Meeting Federal Requirements for Foster Youth (11 states are not)


Will Dept of Ed discontinue helping disabled students?


New Leadership in the Nation’s Child Welfare Agency

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2017; The Year in Youth Services


Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice in 2018

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Social Capital and a Pathway to Resilience for Foster Kids

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Eliminating the Adoption Tax Credit (what it means)

Bay Area Programs Helps Sex Abuse Victims Find Careers in Tech

Former Foster Youth builds Course to Empower Foster Children

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CA says Goodbye to Group Homes for Probation Youth

Reforming NY’s Child Welfare System


Can Churches Help find Foster Homes?

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Temporary Jobs for Foster Youth Fosters Employment and Healthy Lifestyles

Ending School Based Policing


Foster Care Visitations (L A’s Plan)


Protecting Homeschooled Children From Abuse

Uniformed Home Study Standards

Incarcerated Youth Speaking to Juvenile Justice Policy

Policy Changes to Improve Child Safety & Lower Fatalities


San Diego’s Answer to Foster Child School Stability

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Mandated Reporters and Accountability

Preventing Unintended Child Pregnancy

Alaska, the Foster Care Capital of America

Let’s Make Home Visits Universal

Hacking Foster Care

2.11.17 Los Angeles

I know they are going to die.’ This foster father takes in only terminally ill children Mohamed Bzeek fosters dying children

24 February 2016: California

According to the Monterey County Department of Social Services, child abuse and child neglect are often connected to children living in extreme conditions of poverty. While the police in California have been trained to detect child abuse cases, the Salinas Police Department Commander Mike Groves has argued that the identification of abused children has become increasingly difficult. Groves states, “It tracks back to are the needs of the child being met and are they well fed and taken care of and safe.” Accordingly, over 25 percent of children in Salinas receive food from the Food Bank of Monterey County and those numbers are expected to climb.


24 February 2016: New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect has launched a program to explore the link between adult drug users and the corresponding abuse or neglect of their children. In recent years, the number of referrals of children born exposed to drugs has increased by more than 50 percent, from 285 in 2013 to 430 in 2015. Observing that the state’s recent opioid epidemic translates into child maltreatment, Dr. Wendy Gladstone, a child abuse pediatrician, explained, “When you have a parent whose primary goal in the day is to get their drugs, it is not caring for their child.”


21 February 2016: Kentucky

Kentucky Senators are attempting to pass a bill, which would make legal proceedings involving cases of child abuse and child neglect to be accessible and open to the public. The proposed Senate Bill 40 would create a “pilot project to study the feasibility and desirability of the opening or limited opening of court proceedings, except for proceedings related to sexual abuse” to members of the public who are related to child abuse cases. The Senate has approved the bill last Friday and the House is expected to vote on it in the coming weeks.


21 February 2016: Connecticut

Connecticut Representative Pam Staneski has put forth a proposal for a bill, which would increase accessibility to Connecticut’s child abuse hotline. The proposal would require that each public school and open-enrollment charter school post information for the child abuse hotline in a visible location in a public area. According to Staneski, “The goal is to make more people aware of this important lifesaving hotline [by] increasing the visibility of the child abuse hotline in our classrooms.”




The power of ONE can make a change. This inspiring article informs us all of what we can do to help save a child!


Kaysville, Utah – 5/1/15



Emi Sunshine concert to benefit House of Hope. Tickets are only $12!


Crossville, Tennessee – 4/30/15



Shattering the cycle, sharing HOPE. This woman’s story is powerful.


Pensacola, Florida – 4/29/15



Child’s Recovery Center helps abused children heal. Words can’t fully express the positive impact this center makes on the lives of these children!


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – 4/29/15



Lawmakers and others gathered around the Capital to raise awareness on child abuse and neglect. 60 children were honored who passed away this past year from neglect/abuse.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – 4/29/15



This informative article shows there is indeed hope for the future with these new major changes!


Walker, Minnesota – 4/29/15



“We need to stand up and say something, not turn the other way when we see abuse happening.”


Nampa, Idaho – 4/28/15


Rabbit Fest royalty raise awareness about child abuse in Coryell County. This meaningful way of spreading awareness is very inspiring!


Copperas Cove, Texas – 4/26/15



Michael Brewer leads Strike Out Child Abuse Walk. The goal of this walk is to raise awareness on this heartbreaking issue.


Phoenix, Arizona – 4/25/15


Glade Run uses $5K grant to aid traumatized youths. Such a unique and interesting read!


Zelienople, Pennsylvania – 4/29/15

Event planned to benefit valley’s foster children on May 10th. Support this event if it is in your area!


Yakima, Washington – 4/24/15


Congratulations to the Maggie House for exceeding their expectations!


Charleston, Arkansas – 4/27/15


Wonderful article with a great message! Children NEED our protection.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – 4/26/15


Ohio must make sexual abuse of children a priority. This may be a step in the right direction.


State of Ohio – 4/26/15


Flower petals of remembrance honoring child abuse victims were released into Flint river.


Genesee Township, Michigan – 4/25/15


Raising awareness for child abuse prevention one step at a time! It’s a great start.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota – 4/25/15


Mercer County holds 17th annual Children’s Memorial Flag Day Event



Princeton, West Virginia – 4/25/15


Conference focuses on orphan care, they want every child to know they are loved!


Wilson, North Carolina – 4/24/15


Service held to remember children lost to abuse. Lets put an immediate end to violence against children!


Bakersfield, California – 4/24/15

You have the power to change children’s lives. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


Mitchell, South Dakota 4/24/15


Annual walk brings awareness to local child abuse prevention. More beautiful pinwheels for prevention.


Millennium Park, Nevada 4/23/15


This informative spreads awareness. Regardless of what community you live in, be a voice for these children!


Stowe, Vermont – 4/23/15


Non-profit hosts shoe sale to support child protection efforts. Only $10 a pair!!


Lynchburg, Virginia – 4/23/15


Night at the Races to benefit the Children’s Center of Medina County. Tickets are $40 each.


Medina, Ohio – 4/23/15


Superhero run to raise money for Child Advocacy Center. The even already raise $6,500!!


Scottsbluff, Nebraska – 4/23/15


We Must Protect Our Children From Abuse. This article is a MUST read.


Throughout the United States – 4/22/15


Safe Harbor’s annual Life Line event is working to stop child abuse!


Allegan, Michigan – 4/22/15


Wine event to help fund fifth group home at A Kid’s Place.


Brandon, Florida – 4/22/15


We can all take a greater interest in the well-being of a child! This is such an inspiring article.


4/19/15 – Brookhaven, Mississippi


Help prevent child abuse EVERY month, not just in April!


4/19/15 – Towanda, Pennsylvania


April is a time to celebrate the important role that communities play in protecting children!


4/19/15 – Huntington, West Virginia


Center for Family Unity focuses on child abuse prevention!


4/18/15 – Owatonna, Minnesota
We are ALL responsible for keeping children safe each of us must commit to doing our part!
4/17/15 – State of Minnesota

Get involved with Childhaven. Such incredible activities and events to benefit children are being held!


4/16/15 – Everett to Tacoma, Washington


April 16th is designated as “Children’s Memorial Flag Day” in Upshur County.


4/16/15 – Buckhannon, West Virginia


A record number of communities are organizing prevention-related activities geared towards strengthening families.

This is incredible absolutely incredible!


4/15/15 – State of North Dakota


“Don’t sit back. YOU ARE THE VOICE OF A CHILD. You may save a child’s life”


4/14/15 – Bakersfield, California


Change for Charity Program needs funs to provide necessary items for abused and neglected children. Please donate!


4/13/15 – The Woodlands, Texas



Help the Children’s Center of Medina County plant 437 pinwheels for EVERY child that has been abused or neglected!


4/14/15 – Medina, Ohio


Montanans will be honored for their prevention for child abuse and neglect. Thank you Montana!


4/14/15 – State of Montana


Events are taking place throughout the state to raise awareness of prevention. More beautiful Pinwheels for Prevention!


4/14/15 – Versailles, Indiana


A spring breeze gave an extra spin to the dozens of pinwheels planted in front of Lake Erie Correctional Institution on Monday!


4/14/15 – Conneaut, Ohio


579 victims of child abuse were honored at a pinwheel ceremony. The community has to be the voice for all of the children!


4/13/15 – Tifton, Georgia


Teens raise awareness by planting 1,864 pinwheels. Their hope is to bring awareness to the serious issue of child abuse!


4/13/15 – New Canaan and Stamford, Connecticut


A new playground and outdoor deck for Caring for Children’s Assessment. This is going to be amazing for the children!


4/13/15 – Asheville, North Carolina


Nearly 700 placards were displayed during the Stand Up for Kids even to raise awareness on child abuse.


Lubbock, Texas – 4/12/


Protesters stopped traffic in Old Town as they shouted “Stop child abuse!”


Albuquerque, New Mexico – 4/11/15


Community members dress in royal blue with stickers that read, “Have you hugged a child today?”


Omaha, Nebraska – 4/11/15


Play a part in preventing child abuse. Do something to better the lives of these children and their families!


Mille Lacs County, Minnesota – 4/7/15


Kansas Children’s Service League is working hard to prevent child abuse and neglect across the state. Pinwheels for Prevention!


State of Kansas – 4/7/15


Rockville Salon creates Special Day for At-risk kids. These more than deserving children were pampered!


Rockville, Virginia – 4/7/15


Agency adds training to help keep kids safe. This sounds to be a step in the right direction for Hamilton County.


Hamilton County, Cincinnati – 4/7/15


‘Families and Individuals Sharing Hope’ is hosting an event! It’s goal is to inform parents and children of the resources available to them in a time of crisis.


Shakopee, Minnesota – 4/8/15


This boutique collects funds for an emergency shelter that offers a safe transition space for children headed to foster care!


Palm Beach Gardens, Florida – 4/4/15


Members of Kappa Alpha are doing multiple things to spread raise awareness. A grilled cheese fundraiser was held, and raised over $8,000 last month!


Urbana, Illinois – 4/1/15


“Be a hero for children”. Dress up as your favorite superhero, and run a 5K to support abused and neglected children!


New Lexington, Ohio – 4/8/15


Students go blue for child abuse prevention, and 300 blue pinwheels have been planted outside the school.


Somersworth, New Hampshire – 4/9/15


The Maggie House (facility for abused & neglected children) receives more than $100,000!


Charleston, Arkansas – 4/10/15


SBCCD contributes to bicycles for children’s fund. These incredible bicycles are going to bring the children some joy!


San Bernardino, California – 4/9/15



Wednesday event to increase child abuse awareness, pinwheels for prevention!


New Bern, North Carolina – 3/30/15


Families & Individuals Sharing Hope will provide a basic understanding of child abuse prevention to families in Scott county, and to help more people get involved.


Shakopee, Minnesota – 3/30/15


In this inspiring article, children who suffered from abuse and neglect make art for auction.


Stockton, California – 3/30/15


A Springfield woman is turning her family’s pain into a way to fight for child abuse and bullying!


Springfield, Missouri – 3/26/15


Rosepine wants to help prevent child abuse, and also provide a community where a nurturing, safe environment is paramount. More pinwheels for prevention!


Rosepine, Louisiana – 3/28/15


Debbie Butler volunteers for Guardians For New Futures, she makes a difference just like each one of us can.
Port St. Lucie, Florida – 4/2/15
Georiga Senate passes bills to create fund for abused sexually exploited children. This is a step in the right direction!
Atlanta, Georgia – 4/2/15

New initiatives are being made to help prevent child abuse in Vermont.
Burlington, Vermont – 4/2/15

Florida House passes a bill allowing abused children to make secret recordings of their abusers.
Tallahassee, Florida –  3/31/15

Judge William Mudge calls for help in preventing child abuse as he outlined some things people can do to help!
Edwardsville, Illinois – 4/1/15

Abigail’s Army getting a Child Advocacy Center! Coone county is one step closer to helping the youngest victims.
Gainseville, Texas – 4/1/15

9 child advocates take oaths, and prepare to serve abused and neglected children!

Columbus, Indiana – 4/1/15

Child abuse awareness vigil set for April 9th, with a  main goal of increasing community awareness on child abuse and neglect.


Yadkin County, North Carolina – 4/3/15


Vigilance urged as Fitchburg rallies against child abuse to encourage the community to work together and find ways to prevent cases of child abuse and neglect!


Fitchburg, Massachusetts – 4/2/15


Group holds hands to symbolize a full circle of support to raise child abuse awareness.


Green Bay, Wisconsin – 4/2/15


Kids’ needs need to be a priority for lawmakers. This may be a step on the right track for Indiana.


State of Indiana – 4/6/15



Poster Contest at child abuse awareness event. Students kindergarten though 12th grade are invited to enter. Help spread awareness with your artistic abilities!


Brown County, Texas – 4/3/15


Security blankets are made at the Valley of the Moon Children’s Home. Each quilt is made delicately for every child.


Santa Rosa, California – 4/3/15



The Maggie House in Charleston helps serve as a place for abused children to go.


Charleston, Arkansas – 3/15/15


Two state agencies have teamed up to analyze child abuse deaths, and they intend to make a plan to help prevent them.


Austin, Texas – 3/18/15


“Chili for Children” – The Santa Rosa Kids House is a child advocacy center for abused and neglected children.


Milton, Florida – 3/20/15


In this inspiring article, a local man ran 50 miles to raise money for children in the Louisiana foster care system.


between Covington and Folsom, Louisiana – 3/17/15


Several events are being help in April to bring attention to Child Abuse Prevention Month.


Larimer County, Colorado – 3/18/15


New York County caseworkers receive a mobile tool to help abused and neglected children. This new app will allow the caseworkers to spend more time with families.


Dublin, Ohio – 3/21/15


Walmart presented a $50,000 grant to the Hope Center to help break the cycle of child abuse and neglect.


Spartanburg, South Carolina – 3/23/15


Kelsey Schwarz gives back to mistreated and neglected children. She’s a Big sister & a positive role model. The world could use more people like Kelsey!


San Marcos, California – 3/23/15


The Wyoming Supreme Court is utilizing funds to help children at risk or in crisis.


Sheridan, Wyoming – 3/2715


The 14th annual Circle of Friends breakfast will be benefiting For The Child, an advocate for children who are abused or neglected.


Long Beach, California – 3/27/15


Helping Hands is working towards building a new home for abused and neglected children. Donate today!


Clemson, South Carolina – 3/11/15


The center is going to host a Superhero Event day on April 28th in honor of Child Abuse Awareness Month.


Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania – 3/11/15


Foster parents combine passion and preparedness to care for children in need. Help make a difference in the lives of these children!


Methow Valley, Washington – 3/11/15


JAFCO 17th Annual Luncheon – to benefit abused and neglected children.


Sunrise, Florida – 3/11/15


New prison program teaches inmates to nurture children, and it may be a step in the right direction!


Draper, Utah – 3/11/15


Purchasing “Keep Kids Safe” specialty plates in Oregon is a way to help abused children.


Salem, Oregon – 3/5/15


Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance provides resources to prevent and recognize child abuse.


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – 3/3/15


David Slee continues to thrive after his mother abused him as a baby.


Clarksville, Tennessee – 3/7/15


Open, calm discussion and normal hobbies can help children cope with the abuse they’ve endured.


Gainesville, Georgia – 3/7/15


A lot more phone calls, a lot more people, and a lot more awareness. This county is making progress, but needs the public’s help.


Bexar County, Texas – 3/4/15


Bills are seeking more funding for child pornography investigations, and  Mike Edwards leads the Internet Crimes Against Children Program.


Seattle, Washington – 3/8/15


26th Annual Cookin’ for Kids fundraiser helps local children who are victims of abuse.


Augusta, Georgia – 3/7/15

March 3 Wagoner County Oklahoma,  Class action lawsuit settlement ordered the state to close shelters and increase foster homes.  Grant Johnson and Eckerd are partnering with Oh Be Joyful Farm to provide a better experience for foster children.  Oklahoma has over 12,000 children in shelters, group homes, and foster homes today.

March 3, Lansing Michigan, Bill to deny adoption services based on religious beliefs “puts children first”, is it discriminatory? Does it create more hurdles for abandoned children? Rep Robert Wittenbrook and judge R. George Economy ask good questions.  Michigan Catholic Conference want to close their doors because of it.

March 4, Tallahassee Florida, Paying State workers for adopting children (bill passed Tuesday) 5-10 thousand dollars.  Arie Sailor, Jason Brodeur, Health & Human Services Chair.  670 children last year available for adoption but did not have a family.  93% of Florida’s child welfare system children had special needs.

Older, San Antonio Texas, Mental health Cops dealing with really troubled youth (this is worth sending out to your networks – it solves many problems and saved the county 50 Million dollars) SMART JUSTICE


April is child abuse prevention month.  It may not be easy, but talking with children about personal safety is necessary!


Throughout New Jersey – 3/2/15


A new single national point of contact for whistleblowers trying to expose child abuse, and to spot failures across the country has been set up in the wake of the Rotherham scandal.


New York, New York – 3/3/15


Garfield County Child Advocacy Council began the “Wooden  Children Project” as a way of increasing community awareness for abused and neglected children.


Enid, Oklahoma – 3/1/15


Bill would provide training to help school employees recognize child abuse, and it is the first effort to begin some of the recommendations for a review panel.


Lexington, Kentucky – 2/24/15


Kappa Delta sorority is hosting a See-Saw-Athon to raise money toward helping stop child abuse across West Texas.


Lubbock, Texas – 2/24/15


Pennsylvania won a major victory in the fight against child sexual abuse thanks to U.S. District Judge Yvette Kane.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 2/27/15


Process of carving up 60 million dollar Sandusky fine from Penn State for anti-child abuse efforts are underway! There is a tremendous need for this.


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – 3/1/15


More than 1,000 additional New Mexico children could receive government-funded child-care assistance, and it could help combat fatal child abuse!


Santa Fe, New Mexico – 2/24/15


Jersey Mike’s and Shasta County Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council have teamed up to bring awareness to child abuse prevention.


Redding, California – 3/2/15


The Utah House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill Monday which will eliminate the statute of limitations for lawsuits against perpetrators of child abuse.


Salt Lake City, Utah – 3/2/15


Sioux City offers a program that is designed to provide short term therapy for children who have been abused.


Sioux City, Iowa – 3/3/15


The Guardians of the Children Flat Rock Chapter show their support in a court case involving a sexual assault against a 12 year old boy.


North Platte, Nebraska – 2/23/15



Investigating techniques have improved greatly for child sexual abuse cases, as there are positive changes in child forensic interviewing.


Buffalo, New York – 2/23/15



New California law requiring California schools to report suspected cases of abuse and neglect.


The state of California – 2/23/15



The director of McPherson’s Heart to Heart child advocacy center hopes to increase community awareness of child abuse.


McPherson, Kansas – 2/23/15



Every Child Promise opens preschool for struggling families with a 10 year plan to improve school readiness for all children.


Springfield, Missouri – 2/21/15



House passes a bill that would help improve child abuse screenings, and it’s a step in the right direction.


St Paul, Minnesota – 2/23/15



FamiliesFirst Network is looking to recruit more families. Take a step and open your home to these children.


Pensacola, Florida – 2/22/15



Make a difference Monday. Foster families give these children a sense of hope for the future. Help change a child’s life!


Gridley, Illinois – 2/23/15



Center helps children during crisis


2/18/15 – Melbourne, Florida


Children’s Advocacy Center expands


2/19/15 – Traverse City, Michigan


Nearly 4,000 bags donated to foster children


2/17/15 – Sycamore Township, Ohio


Air Force agents prevent online exploitation of children


2/20/15 – Quantico, Virginia


Federal funding to prevent child abuse in ND


2/19/15 – Washington, District of Columbia


A special kind of love


2/18/15 – Martinsburg, West Virginia


Abused, neglected kids receive boost from California Health Care Facility


2/18/15 – Stockton, California


Prevention and treatment of Child Abuse


Updated to February 2015 – Phoenix, Arizona


Bridging Refugee Youth & Children’s Services


Updated to February 2015 – Washington, District of Columbia


Huron County Child Abuse and Neglect Council


Updated to February 2015 – Bad Axe, Michigan


Curbing child sex abuse


Atlanta, Georgia 2/13/15


Heroes for a day


Eugene, Oregon  2/16/15


Goodie bags for foster children


Florence, Kentucky 2/14/15


Foster Care Services Act


Gilead, Ohio 2/12/15


Judson Center & Child Safe Michigan come together to help foster kids


Royal Oak, Michigan 2/13/15

“Love Run” Benefit


Montgomery, Alabama 2/14/15


Sales from recycled cards benefit abused, neglected, and homeless children


Providence, Rhode Island 2/16/15


“Night on the Town” Local benefit for foster children


Fort Myers, Florida 2/13/15


United Way launches Family Mentor Progam


Fort Myers, Florida 2/6/15


Make abused neglected children the state’s first priority, Chicago, Illinois; http://chicago.suntimes.com/editorials-opinion/7/71/355980/make-abused-neglected-children-states-first-priority


“Join the Fight” Frisco, Texas http://starlocalmedia.com/allenamerican/news/sugar-ray-leonard-to-headline-children-s-advocacy-center-s/article_083c6712-ae53-11e4-8d3f-1b977f36dc04.html


Mentoring at-risk children, Logan, West Virginia http://www.loganbanner.com/news/news/151761261/Browning-talks-to-teens-about-mentoring


Practicing with Northwest Children’s Home kids, Lewiston, Idaho http://www.klewtv.com/sports/NW-Childrens-Home–Loggers-291329281.html


Teddy Bears for Dakota Mobile, Alabama http://www.fox10tv.com/story/28043589/teddy-bears-in-memory-of-dakota-flood-in-for-the-child-advocacy-center


Food and snack drive for abused children Madison, New Jersey http://newjerseyhills.com/madison_eagle/news/madison-rotary-spearheads-food-snack-drive-for-abused-children/article_24eeb3ca-6a4c-58f8-ab36-731cc1be48f9.html


Helping child sexual abuse victims Mesa County, Colorado http://www.nbc11news.com/home/headlines/Local-organizations-are-helping-child-sexual-abuse-victims-heal-290855281.html


Wake hiring 19 more to investigate child abuse and neglect Raleigh, North Carolina http://www.newsobserver.com/2015/02/08/4540868/with-foster-homes-jammed-wake.html


Community support for foster kids Tulsa, Oklahoma http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/ginnie-graham-community-support-for-foster-kids-remains-a-top/article_bcf761ca-ddc0-5b0f-b033-022a1ae3bfed.html


Child protection making progress in Texas Austin, Texas http://kxan.com/2015/02/10/janek-child-protection-making-progress-in-texas/


Labor of love Benson, Arizona http://www.bensonnews-sun.com/news/article_2f7663b6-b17b-11e4-8c8c-2bd24f9115a7.html


Feb 5, Annapolis, Maryland, Backpack of love program for children forced into foster care (necessities and comforts for abused children)

Feb 5, Jacksonville Florida, Preventing child sexual abuse in Florida (video)

Feb 6, Moorhead, Minnesota, Ken Jaeger Transforms communities in need

Feb 6, Ashville NC, 125,000 Children reported abused in NC last year (our future depends on the next generation)

Feb 2, California, Listening to youth (3 min video) Children Can Thrive (first California ACES Summit)

Jan 30, Gainesville FL, Stopping the cycle of childhood trauma peace4gainesville initiative for ending childhood trauma.

Jan 30, Radical Change in healing abused children; Blue Ocean Strategy

Jan 26, Wasilla AL, Team approach to delivering services to at risk children and their families

Jan 30, Harris County TX, Locking Up Fewer Juveniles; what happens then (meaningful reform)

January 25, New Bedford, Connecticut, Justice for sexually abused children

Jan 23, Des Moines Iowa, Kindness campaign for immigrant children

Jan 22, Polson Montana, Babies aren’t born with instructions (Montana teaches mom’s to be good moms)

Jan 21, St Paul, Minnesota, Putting Children First (bipartisan legislation)


Jan 22, Brunswick GA, New model for foster care

Jan 21, AZ, Program connects foster kids to jobs as they leave the system

Jan 21, Sonoma CA, Building awareness of Trauma Informed Systems for healing children

Jan 16, North Platte NE, Bills banning discrimination of foster parents advance in Nebraska

Jan 20, Minneapolis, MN Task force recommends measures to improve child protection

Jan 20, U.S., Supporting children with incarcerated parents (share your stories)

Jan 20, UK, Holistic approach to troubled families yields 60% success rate

Jan 19, CUNY, NY, Virtual Caseworker AP created by Queens College students help overworked child welfare workers spend more time with children in their caseloads

Jan 18, Indianapolis IN, Adoptees might get access to birth records (change of an old law)

Jan 16, Gainesville GA, Governor Nathan Deal Budget proposes money for more social workers and education 

Jan 16, Kansas,  Governor Brownback orders improving services to foster children

Jan 18, Raleigh NC, Foster Care changes sought in Raleigh (rigid rules targeted)

Jan 16, Seattle WA, Program helps foster kids graduate from college (almos 50% don’t)

Jan 16, China, Pilot Poverty project now helps poor children (includes prenatal care and access to education)

Jan 19, Nigeria, Lawyers seek to end child abuse

Jan 16, Spain, Deaf couple win right to adopt hearing child

Jan 15, Clark County NV, 6 point plan to reform child welfare (increased services, more training…)

Jan 15, NY, Dione Harrington honored as “employee of the year” for overseeing child protective services…

Jan 16, Austin TX, Lawmakers call for accounting and improvements in child protection services

Jan 14, Kingston WA, Child Welfare Program wins Honoring Nations Award (Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development)

Jan 15, US, Expanding abuse reporting requirements: Texas, SC, Colorado & national trends

Jan 12, Providence RI, How Talking to your child builds vocabulary and thinking skills

Jan 14, Winter Park FL, Program for drivers license to Foster Kids

Jan 12, L.A. CA, Predicting child abuse, making smarter decisions.

Jan 12, Forida, making stepparent adoption fairly easy (even if parents whereabouts are unknown)

Jan 14, UK, Secret files about politicians lives to be opened for inquiry about historic child abuse

Jan 12, MN, Minnesota making adoption a better option

Jan 12, Lebanon PA, Scrambling to comply with new reporting rules for child abuse

Jan 12, Providence RI, Social workers as leaders for abused and neglected children Sue Pearlmutter

Jan 10, U.S., Top 10 questions to ask when called to take a foster child

Jan 10, U.S., Language aid for families adopting from China (Washington DC area)

Jan 11, OK, First same-sex adoption in Oklahoma

Jan 9, GA, Improvements recommended for Georgia child protection

Jan 8, Suspensions harm well behaved kids (math and reading scores suffer).  American sociological review of 17 middle and high schools in Kentucky

Jan 11, IL, 500 adoptions completed in IL

Jan 13, Los Angeles CA, Adding safeguards in child welfare

Jan 12, FL, Foster Care Fix for disabled children

Jan 9, CA, Raising awareness about human trafficking

Jan 9, Middletown CT, Adoption success stories in Middletown

Jan 8, AL, DHR to receive 41M grant (Early Head Start)

Jan 9, CT, Connecticut saved 50M by placing children in foster care instead of group homes

Jan 8, FL, Progress made carrying out new child-protection law

Jan 8, GA, Georgia allows same-sex marriage case to proceed

Jan 8, Sioux City IA, fixing initiatives for mental health in Human services

Jan 8, Minneapolis MN, Harder line on child abuse

Jan 8, Tulsa OK, Improving the complaint process for foster parents

Jan 7, Pine Bluff, AR, Safe Havens for newborns

Jan 7, Chicago IL, Overhauling Mental Health services for state ward youth (no more tasering 10 year olds)

Jan 7, Grand Rapids MI, Consistency for foster care youth (video)

Jan 7, NE, 5 year education plan for state wards implemented

Jan 7, NY Sheriff Craig Apple calling on legislature to end roadblocks for finding missing children

Jan 7, Toledo OH, New Organization matching foster kids and parents (video)

Jan 7, PA, Pennsylvania DHS launches child welfare information solution, state of the art case management system

Jan 7, US, Valuing diversity and investing in children

Jan 6, LA County CA, Reforming child welfare (do the easy things Now) includes audio

Jan 6, Miami FL, Former foster child honored for helping youth

Jan 6, Rushville IN, Awareness of the Safe Haven Law

Jan 7, Bethesda, MD, 650M grant helps abused and neglected children

Jan 6, NY, New Screening Law to prevent poor foster care

Jan 6, US, Effecting real change for child welfare

Jan 3, Tucson AZ, Tucson couple win national adoption award (Milissa Mace and Catalina Garcia)

Jan 6, East County CA, Safe Surrender law saving babies lives

Jan 5, Los Angeles CA, Harriet Zaretsky, a voice for disenfranchised kids of LA

Jan 5, Denver CO, Child Welfare on Democrats agenda (better late than never)

Jan 6, Boston MA, Finding the cure for DCF

Jan 5, Olmsted county MN, Olmsted County receives the Pinwheel for Prevention aware from Prevent child abuse MN for child abuse prevention

Jan 5, US, TANF, Child Welfare Partnerships strengthen families



Dec 31, NAMI, Connect for mental health

Dec 23, ST Paul MN Investing in children (social, spiritual, and psychological)

Dec 18, MN, Chippewa National Forest, The Scientific Evidence against spaking, timeouts, and sleep training