Understanding & Advocating for At-Risk Kids during the Covid19 Virus Outbreak.

Invite this powerful interactive discussion to the members of your business, community, religious and campus organization online meetings.  

Advocating from the Front Lines: Elevating awareness and improving the lives of at risk children stuck in troubled homes unable to find the safe space of school or other sheltered places to escape to.


  • KARA’s INVISIBLE CHILDREN online conversation engages your group in a powerful discussion for learning and advocacy for saving at risk children that are suffering tremendously during the Covid19 virus lockdowns.
  • The epidemic of generational child abuse and domestic violence is a growing problem throughout our communities and is being exacerbated by the stresses of lockdowns and troubled families living in close quarters.
  • Understanding trauma and dealing effectively with behaviors that disrupt public and private settings and young lives is a first step in improving school achievement and reducing crime and poverty in our communities. We all have a stake in saving the child that lives next door.
  • Bringing understanding and resources into your community & saving at risk children builds strong community and public safety.

Contact us at hello@invisiblechildren.org for more information about speaking and designing a presentation that’s right for your organization.


*** Past presentations include The United Nations, Women’s Prison Warden Conference, DFL Education Foundation, nationwide business organizations, private and public schools, colleges,  & CASA conferences.

All Adults Are the Protectors of All Children

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