Program Overview

Kids at Risk Action, a non-profit organization focused on improving the lives of at-risk youth, and Praestan Health, the company behind PortagesTM, are collaborating on a pilot program to serve youth ages 13-23 who are involved in child welfare and juvenile justice systems. The goal is to provide a targeted early intervention for these at-risk youth and attempt to mitigate the adversity and trauma many have experienced. Although this mental health promotion initiative is not clinical treatment, it will have beneficial impact in building resilience and coping skills in these at-risk youth.

Many of the targeted youth suffer from Adverse Childhood Experiences and behavior issues. These youth can benefit from working with a supportive coach using Portages, a highly engaging and conveniently accessed mental health and wellbeing program. With Portages, youth are guided to change their health behaviors to promote optimal mental health and wellbeing and reduce emotional concerns.

This program will begin in the first quarter 2021 and will roll out as funding is available.


Partner Organizations

If your organization serves youth ages 13-23 in Minnesota with English proficiency or access to translation services and you’d like to be considered for this program, please complete this questionnaire. If you have further questions, please email

If you are a youth ages 13 – 23, living in Minnesota and would like more information about getting connected to this service, please complete this form.


Support Youth Mental Health in Minnesota

If you would like to help build KARA’s fund for this program, please DONATE HERE With Pilot Program Donation in the Message Area.


Learn more about the current adult version of the Portages app which will serve as a model for the youth version.