KARA’s Public Speaking & Workshops

Create awareness, build support and organize for at risk kids in your community.  Contact hello@invisiblechildren.org to see if KARA can work for you.

Past presentations include the United Nations, Women’s Prison Warden Conference, DFL Education Foundation, Business Professional Women’s organization, Schools, Colleges & CASA.


This short video speaks to the core issues of child protection in America and what needs support for positive change. Each presentation is tailored to address the key issues in your community.


Generational child abuse, trauma and its associated mental health issues are a large and growing part of America’s social fabric.

Mike Tikkanen’s keynote presentations are designed for your organization and explore the depth and scope of child abuse and child protection in your community with a focus on advocacy and improvement.

Core issues:

  • foster care. child protection services & juvenile justice where you live
  • generational child abuse & parenting skills
  • day care & crisis nursery options
  • childhood traumas, mental health treatment & school
  • building support for advocacy & solutions