KARA’s Next Book

ENDING AMERICA’S CHILD ABUSE EPIDEMIC (working title) is being researched and written for publication in 2021.

See current chapters under development below

Link to current Chapter 1

D21-04-19-Ch1 Defining the Problem

Link to current Chapter 2

E21-04-19-Ch2 What Trauma Does

Link to current Chapter 3

F21-04-19-Ch3 Why Children Are Abused

Book Submissions

KARA welcomes writers, clinicians, law enforcement professionals, trauma survivors, education professionals, elected officials, social service workers, and the general public with information to share in the area of at-risk youth to contribute to the body of work. All work will be credited unless anonymity is requested.

KARA reserves the right to edit material for content and space and by submitting a contribution via the link below, you acknowledge your material my be used in the book and/or in promotions and marketing including social media.

If you are in a relevant field to the book’s premise and would like to contribute or if you have a personal story to share, please complete the link below.


Partner College/University Classes
If you are part of a class that has partnered with KARA to perform research and writing for book 2, please click this link to sign up. You will receive a separate link to submit your research and writing.