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COVID is Hammering Children’s Mental Health

This website tracks gun violence daily in the U.S.

  • I. These statistics make America an outlier in child wellbeing among industrialized nations.

 Every day 22 children & teens are shot in murders, assaults, and suicides.  In 2016 toddlers shot about one person a week in 2020 it jumped to almost eight  (many of their victims were mothers and brothers).

As of April 14th 2021, over 1000 American teens have been shot and killed or injured so far this year.

8369 children were shot in 2015, 8867 in 2014 and in 2017 1532 children were shot in Chicago alone.

In the first 73 days of Joe Biden’s presidency, there were five mass shootings and more than 10,000 gun-violence deaths.

Guns have been the second and third leading cause of child death in America for a long time.

As New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote recently, “More Americans have died from guns just since 1975, including suicides, murders and accidents (more than 1.5 million), than in all the wars in United States history, dating back to the Revolutionary War (about 1.4 million).”


From January 2016; Gun Safety a Punishable Offense for Doctors in Florida;


Foster families in Oklahoma are suing the state because they were asked by DHS to store guns according to best safety practices,  In Florida actual fines and threats of incarceration face doctors for similar acts.  Imagine talking to parents about protecting their children against gun accidents & being fined for it.  Gun deaths now outpace traffic deaths in 21 states & trending nationally (everywhere).

Court Strikes Down Florida Law Barring Doctors From … – NPR

https://www.npr.org › sections › thetwo-way › 2017/02/17
Feb 17, 2017 — Glocks” law limiting what doctors can ask patients about guns in the … A handgun on display at the National Rifle Association’s 2003 annual meeting in Orlando, Fla. A federal appeals court struck down part of a Florida law prohibiting … and legal challenges by medical and gun control groups have been


 265 moms dads, brothers, sisters and selves were shot by very young children this year and over 10,000  children killed or injured annually by gunfire in America.  More Americans are killed by toddlers with guns than Terrorists and yes, we do sell guns for five year olds.