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(unassigned child abuse cases)

We all like a happy ending.  Especially when kids are involved. Read the Guardian ad Litem Success Stories below.  You’ll love’em

It’s harder to read about children are starved, raped or beaten and the child protection system is just too overwhelmed to assign a Guardian ad Litem to speak for the child – but read them  too.  These children need to be heard to be safe in their homes, especially since they did not have a guardian ad Litem voice in the system.

Governor Dayton is recommending an increase in funding for the Guardian ad Litem program to provide Guardian ad Litems for the over 500 children that don’t have one, but it’s questionable if legislators know enough about the facts you are about to read to make the right decision.

Share these stories with your legislators – it could make all the difference to the children in these stories

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  1. 1. Report of neglect, mental injury of older child by mom. In October mom attempted suicide by taking medication with her two children present. The older child called 911. Oldest child in day treatment…

  1. 1. Report of neglect, mental injury of older child by mom. In October mom attempted suicide by taking medication with her two children present. The older child called 911. Oldest child in day treatment and has various diagnosis. Oldest reported as a runaway in December. It was learned that child was beaten by his father the previous summer while he was residing there, a child protection report in Illinois was made. Child admitted to Fairview Child Psychiatric Unit due to making threats towards family. Child was told to get out of the home, then told to leave the shelter due to violence. Oldest child currently at … Residential Treatment Center.
  2. Failure to thrive. Mother had a family arrangement for her children to be placed with maternal grandmother and sister.  The 2 younger siblings that were temporarily placed with the Aunt were reported as malnourished.  Mother visited the home and found her children starved and malnourished.  They were taken to hospital and diagnosed as Failure to Thrive.  Mother suffers from multiple mental health issues and unable to cope with daily stresses.   It was reported that the mother started having these issues once the father was incarcerated.
  3. Father and girlfriend engaged in a domestic dispute which was witnessed by the child. Police were called to the residence and the father was arrested and charged.  Child reports father’s violent tendencies and is afraid of her environment.  Child traumatized by the daily events that surround her, contemplates committing suicide.
  4. 4. Mother deceased. Children residing with different relative and friends when domestic incident occurred between 16 yrs. old and father.  Child was assaulted by father, hit 30 times or more with a hard object.   Currently, 16 yr. old is 4 months pregnant.  The father is facing criminal charges.
  5. Maternal Grandmother had sole/legal custody and passed away, April 2017. No legal guardian to report.  Child suffers from depression.  Currently in treatment @Fairview Riverside Medical Pediatric unit due to suicide ideations.
  6. Eight Children. Dad is smoking meth in a bedroom of the house while the children are in the living room. Dad is using and selling meth and he is in charge of the 4 youngest children while mom is at work.  Home was raided and dad was arrested.  Mom suspected he was using but she works and needed him to watch the kids.
  7. Female child has major depression disorder and history of suicidal attempts. Mom is failing to provide care for her, refusing to pick her up from the hospital.  Mom and child fight and then mom tells the child to leave the house.  Mom stated at the hold hearing that she is done with this child and she wanted to terminate her rights.
  8. Mom bouncing between Minneapolis and Arkansas stating that she was unable to find housing and has been staying with relatives. Children have not been in school at ALL this year. Mom admits to using THC. Children have educational needs/ IEP and ADHD not being dealt with. Mom left the children with a caretaker she admits was not trustworthy. Her youngest was unsupervised and playing on train tracks when he was hit by a train and lost one of his legs. Mom was not cooperating with the hospital and refused to give him medication.  The child got an infection and he had to go back to hospital. Hospital refused to release him to mom when she stated she was going to take him to Arkansas.   Child is medically fragile.
  9. Egregious harm petition. Baby’s arm broken in 5 places and aged at different times with no explanation from parents. Investigation is ongoing with charges pending.



  1. Child in Need of Protection case with four children. Mom’s boyfriend abusive to 14 year old targeted child (three of the four children had same father, this child had a different biological father).  14 year old was very angry and had many behaviors at home, school and community.  He was placed in foster care while the other children remained in home.  14 year old was always told he was the black sheep, not as smart as the other children and was somehow not a part of the family.  The Court ordered therapy, foster care for 14 year old and other services for family.  Social worker and GAL worked with school to develop a program in order to get him help when he felt frustrated and out of control. Eventually reunified with family, but was never convinced that he was a valued member. The guardian ran into him several years later.  He said that had the guardian not advocated for him and convinced him that he was valued, he would never had been able to turn his life around.  He also told the guardian that he was able to obtain custody of his child and didn’t think that he could have believed in himself enough to fight for his child had the guardian not fought for him.  His daughter was with him during this conversation and told the guardian that her dad talked about the guardian often and thanked her for what the guardian did for him because he is an awesome dad and saved her.


  1. Medically fragile four year old in home with custodial father. Father had mental health concerns as well as chemical health concerns.  Father attempted suicide with child in home.  Child placed in foster care where he received the needed medical and educational services.  Father participated with in-patient dual (mental health) diagnosis treatment.  Successfully discharged, able to purchase home and actively participated in case plan including bringing child to all appointments, participation in home and center based educational services.  Social Services wanted to terminate fathers’ rights.  The guardian saw a significant bond between father and child as well as fathers efforts and asked the Court for an extension on timelines.  Father and child successfully reunited after about ten months of services.


  1. A 15 year old dropped at Human Services by adoptive parents who said the devil was in her. She was placed in a group home and received both mental health and educational services.  She was extremely bright and excelled academically. She was also a talented singer and dancer.  She was adopted at age 16.  She participated in choir and was the lead in two class plays while in high school.  The guardian was invited to her graduation party and learned that she was accepted at Augsburg.  She is currently a senior in college.


  1. Child was removed from her home at the age of ten. Her mother was severely mentally ill and attacked her father with an axe.  Father was chemically dependent, and struggled to complete recommended services, and he decided he could not parent his child.  Child was very unhappy in her foster home (no relatives available) and she approached her girl-scout leader, a Somali woman who is also a community activist.  This woman became licensed for foster care, and this where the child stayed until she was ready for independent living.  The child decided that she wanted to be a marine biologist, and applied to the University of Hawaii and was accepted.  The guardian worked long distance to try and help her find resources and supported her the whole time.  The child graduated from the University of Hawaii with a degree in Marine biology.

CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocate for the child

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