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If there is a silver lining in this time of worldwide pain and anxiety, it will be a recognition that rebuilding families is necessary for a healthy community.

Amid the chaos of our pandemic, the trauma and misery of children locked in toxic homes is hard to see. The media, politics and confusion on a worldwide basis are focused on vaccines, reporting and management of this frightening virus.

Struggling families facing poverty, job loss, combative politics, distrust of institutions and the steady increase of COVIDs scary reality need help to survive.

Many moms and dads do not have coping skills for managing the pressure and fear of this moment. Stressed out families drink and drug more, experience more tension, conflict and domestic violence – inflicting severe collateral damage on their children.

If we can grasp the simple reality that “What we do to our children, they will do to our society” (Greek Philosopher Pliny 2000 years ago) America can rebuild communities and a nation that once led the world in quality of life.

Advocate for child friendly initiatives where you live – especially your State Representative.  Let them know you want the young families living in your community to have the resources they need to raise healthy children.



Read about the powerful new (free pilot) program

for children’s mental health 


As a guardian ad-Litem, I have seen government agencies more responsive to abused animals than children being abused in toxic homes.

At this time of COVID, many youth have no access to teachers or other mandated reporters that might interrupt their abuse.

Untreated childhood trauma lasts forever.

Absent coordinated positive public policy for the care of children, America is now at the confluence of misaligned and mistaken public policies that are overwhelming its schools, health and mental health services, child protection services, juvenile justice services, and criminal justice systems.

Failing schools, unsafe communities, and absurdly high rates of incarceration are just the tip of the iceberg.

Many Americans see the tip of this iceberg and assume that they understand the deeper problem, which they will fix by lowering taxes, criticizing civil servants, harsher sentencing, and limiting juvenile or criminal justice rehabilitation.

What people are not seeing, and what undermines our civil society, is the correlation between healthy children and healthy citizens. We are ignoring an explosion of traumatized children with serious mental health issues, unable to cope with school & work, or get by without intervention or services

Advocate for voiceless children – learn and speak out about their issues (sign up here for weekly child protection issues)