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It hurts me to see the Catholic Church fighting tooth and nail to forbid gay couples from adopting State Ward children (Washington Post 8.31.18).  Life is hard enough for abused children in state systems short of foster care and adoptive homes without enforcing mean spirited church dogma on couples well suited for the task of raising traumatized children with many deep and painful troubles.  In fact, maybe better suited than most.

Think about it.  Growing up gay is a trauma for most to start with.  Especially for those old enough to be married and able to adopt who came into this community when it was absolutely uncomfortable to come out and declare a gay lifestyle.

My kids, tortured children removed from toxic homes, having suffered extensive abuse for many years.  The oldest child has usually been a victim for 4 years before courts get involved and make the painful decision to end parental rights.  My kids feel alone and lack the skills to cope in social settings or at school.  There is nothing easy about going through the child protection process, being removed from the only home you have ever known and placed in a school and  a home where you are not like the other children.

The similarities with growing up gay are many.

In my experience in child protection as a volunteer CASA guardian ad Litem, gay couples are exceedingly well suited for raising State Ward children.  They have both the empathy and understanding of what it’s like to be different and all alone.

Shame on the Catholic Church for refusing to place children with gay families.  It is already way too hard to find quality foster and adoptive homes for our abused children – please stop making it even harder.

KARA Public Service Announcement (30 seconds)

KARA Signature Video (4 minute)



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