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Dear Readers,

KARA regularly receives requests for help from families and children about child abuse issues.

We do not have staff and ask you to use our Links Button to find the services you need.

If you know of worthy services that are not listed, please share them with us and we will post them on our site.  

Support KARA’s PSAs and INVISIBLE CHILDREN Campus programs here  


Contact your State Representatives and engage them in this conversation.  Tell them your story and give them ideas for what needs to change – ask for their help.

Use articles from KARA to educate them and support your argument – you will find over 1400 articles at this site (they are searchable by category)

Thank you,  

Kids At Risk Action Team.

Get involved – become a CASA guardian ad Litem (Minnesota) (your state)

Join Safe Passage For Children and help policy makers better understand the needs of at risk children

KARA Signature Video (4 minute)

Public Service Announcement( 30 Second)

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  1. Thank you for clarifying as this is an issue our group faces as well and you eloquently explain the purpose of advocacy and limitations…

    *As is the case with KARA, the group, Protecting Canadian Children, is also unable to provide direct services. As much as we, volunteers, wish to help ease the path for others who are suffering, it is simply unfeasible as none of us are professionals, nor have the means to help directly. Most members invest hours upon hours of time, efforts and our own personal funds into participating in helping mechanisms without the benefit of financial assistance or compensation for lost income. One could literally spend every waking hour responding to requests for assistance (and often have), but we are all just regular folks trying to make a positive impact because we care.

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