All Adults Are the Protectors of All Children

Trauma Informed Resources During Covid19 Quarantine

California’s Surgeon General Nadine Burke Harris has declared Adverse Childhood Experiences

a public health problem and public school crisis in her state.

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Resolution Title –

Making Minnesota Trauma Informed

Trauma informed people can help abused children

heal and go on to lead normal lives.


We know abuse interrupts a child’s learning and social skill development and causes serious often dangerous behavioral problems resulting in that child becoming a dysfunctional adult.


Our society has for too long punished abused and traumatized children; expelling them from school and leading them into a justice system that never leaves them.


It is time to heal traumatized children and break the cycle of generational child abuse.  This resolution does that.



  • Minnesota has conducted the ACEs Survey and confirmed the results of the original ACEs survey.
  • Nadine Burke Harris, Surgeon General of California has declared childhood trauma a public health epidemic and public schools crisis.
  • Nine other states have done so, multiple MN communities are working towards becoming trauma informed communities


Be It Resolved That;

  • Minnesota should proclaim itself to be a Trauma Informed Care State and action its largest agencies to determine what this means for their areas of responsibility.
  • Our state should appoint a Surgeon General to pull together these diverse activities.


KARA Public Service Announcement (30 seconds)

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