All Adults Are the Protectors of All Children


These videos are disturbing but accurate.  Not knowing cannot help the state ward children of Florida (the password is “foster”) or California.  What we know, we can change.  What we don’t know, gets worse.  Florida’s troubled group home & foster care system have a long history of serious problems – but so do many other states.

Thank you to the investigative journalists that bring these sad stories and statistics to our attention.  Let’s share them widely and give these children a voice.

This video tells the story of prostitution & drugs teen and pre teen girls throughout Florida’s privatized group homes – The password to Foster Shock Is;  foster  

Suicide case of 7-year-old Gabriel Myers reopened – Palm Beach Post…/suicide-case…gabriel-myers…/gCTIoLIkqnbrsCS07UcIR…

Apr 24, 2011 – Suicide case of 7-year-old Gabriel Myers reopened. After more than a year of soul searching, investigations, hearings and report writing, Florida child welfare administrators last year formally closed their investigation into the death of 7-year-old Gabriel Myers, who hanged himself in a Broward foster home.

Video – Florida’s Foster Care System (don’t let this happen to your children)

More on for profit youth prisons  (new report on imprisoning children in the jails of Illinois)

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Trauma is *torture.  Watching mom being raped is torture.

All Adults Are the Protectors of All Children


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this article submitted by long time CASA guardian ad Litem Mike Tikkanen

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