America became a great nation because we educated every citizens children.  Our commitment to public education, developed a very smart and able citizenry that worked hard, invented great things and governed itself well.

Because our population was smart and able we led the world in education, public health and public safety and most other quality of life indicators.

Today’s fast changing world has created an even greater need for investing in youth and we the people seem to have forgotten what makes an educated, healthy and well-governed society.  By almost all metrics, we are failing our future citizens and guaranteeing that a growing percentage of Americans will fail to achieve what our past generations have.

Unregulated charter schools have had a severe impact on millions of education starved Americans – hurting the most financial and education needy people in our country.  There are dozens of severely broken communities fighting for the funding necessary to meet the needs of poor children not reading at grade level, not able to do simple math and devoid of so many skills required to function in this fast moving society.

Decades of under and unregulated religious organizations teaching grade school children antiscience and religious dogma have grown a population of students unprepared for the world and learning they will need to lead a productive life.

Those students unfortunate enough to have wasted years of their lives and all of their money on the Globe and Trump Universities where vulnerable populations desperate for living wage jobs believed the school recruiters promises of marketable skills and great earnings rarely recover the money or the time.  Under our Secretary of education currently, they still owe money for their failed education from institutions our government failed to identify as fraudulent.

Support your schools and the people that teach your children

What we do to our children, they will do to society (Pliny the Elder 2000 years ago)

All Adults Are the Protectors of All Children

Sign KARA’s Petition for American Lawmakers to

Ratify the UN Rights of the Child Treaty

America is the only nation on earth 

not a party to the international rights of the child treaty of 1989.


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