There is no shortage of well-meaning dedicated working full time to improving the lives of the children they are serving as teachers, social & healthcare workers, law enforcement and adoptive/foster parents.

It is instinct is to buckle down and work harder, live with the results and soldier on.  But this is not working.

Our institutions are suffering under the strain.  Turnover in these fields is a big and growing problem and results across the board are dismal.

These problems are decades old and now too large to be solved with the resources and solutions available today.

Significant institutional change happens when those of us that know the critical issues and have seen better answers start to talk about those problems and solutions loudly and often.

By speaking out, more of our friends and neighbors will know that the punishment model is worsening the public health problem of generational child abuse/trauma is causing all our public institutions.

By speaking out, more people will come to understand that the ACEs model is critical for better results in schools, public health, public safety and happier, more livable communities.

As more of us speak out and advocate for these kids  our friends and neighbors will understand the ground truth about why these children don’t do well in school and have so much trouble leading productive lives and spend so much time in the courts and jails.

Without understanding, the chances of our friends and neighbors supporting the daycare programs, crisis nurseries and young family and early childhood programs necessary to break the cycle of generational child abuse & traumas that are wreaking havoc on at risk children are slim.


Speak out;  All Adults Are The Protectors of All Children

These short videos capture the harsh realities of child abuse.

Share them widely and more of us will know to do more for kids in painful places.





Generational Abuse


The Intractable Problem


Prozac and 5 Year Old’s


Our Public Health Problem


It’s Hard Being A Foster Child


How Many Children Are Reported to Child Protection?


Suicide and Children (1 minute)


KARA has been reporting and speaking on critical issues impacting abused and neglected children for many years.

These videos submitted by long time CASA guardian ad Litem Mike Tikkanen

Share this important information with your social media

(when our friends know more, they will do more for at risk children)



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