Volunteer: Be the voice for a child that doesn’t have one!   (Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area OPPORTUNITIES)  CASA  national volunteering (in your state)

Almost 500 Hennepin and Ramsey County children are without a guardian ad litem today – WE NEED VOLUNTEERS.  Children need a voice in the system (Speak for a child).  

There is no more important volunteer work you can do than be a friend and advocate for a child in need of protection; review these successful child protection and unassigned cases – share with a friend.

  • Last year, volunteer Guardians ad Litem helped over 1000 abused and neglected children in the 2nd and 4th judicial districts find their way to a safe, stable and permanent family.
  • Independent research has shown that children with a Guardian ad Litem are substantially less likely to spend time in long-term foster care and less likely to re-enter care. The need for trained volunteers exceeds the supply, and there is a long and growing list of children waiting for Guardians to be assigned to their cases. CASA MN works to close this gap and provide recruitment assistance.

Do you know someone LOOKING FOR A WAY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Send this to a friend and share it with your social media.  Watch this short video   

With the response to recent reporting of child abuse and child death in MN, a corresponding increase of child abuse cases are entering the system & means that volunteers are badly needed.

Job description

Nearly 9000 children are reported abused or neglected every day in this country – over 60,000 a year in Minnesota alone. You might not be in a position to take one of these children into your home. But you CAN be their voice. As a Volunteer Guardian ad Litem (a court appointed special advocate), you have the power to stand up for an abused or neglected child. You can restore their voice – and their hope. Giving just 5-10 hours a month of your time can make all the difference in the outcome of our children. Attend one of our information sessions, get free training and become a volunteer Guardian ad Litem!
Skills Required; Critical Thinking, People Skills, Verbal / Written Communication, Basic Computer Skills, Problem Solving, Multi-Tasking

Guardians ad litem are appointed by the court to represent the best interests of abused and neglected children during court proceedings.According to federal and Minnesota state law, all children whose parents may have abused or neglected them must have a Guardian ad Litem. When the court is making decisions that will affect a child’s future, the child needs and deserves a spokesperson–an objective adult to provide independent information about the best interests of the child. While other parties in the case are concerned about the child, they also have other interests. The Guardian ad Litem is the only person in the case whose sole concern is the best interests of the child.

There is no more meaningful and rewarding volunteer work to be found.  Volunteer: Be the voice for a child that doesn’t have one!

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