I visited Indiana a few years ago after the governor redirected funding from parents adopting special needs children after the adoptions had been completed (AFTER).  Then governor mitch daniels redirected those dollars to people most successful in dismantling services to abandoned children in the the State’s Child Protection System.

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abused and neglected children for many years.

this article submitted by long time CASA guardian ad Litem Mike Tikkanen

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Indiana’s new governor eric holcomb appears to have the same mean spirited child hurting demeanor as mitch daniels has.

When I met the families that had adopted special needs children, they were devastated to discover that the few dollars they had been promised for education, healthcare and transportation of their adopted special needs children were now political gravy for means spirited politicians.

Now they would have much less to work with in raising handicapped and traumatized children.

The class action lawsuit includes Eric Holcomb and DCS director Terry Stigdon.

The complaint (new class action lawsuit) alleges that Indiana removes children from their homes to be placed into foster care at a “staggering rate — more than double the national rate” and then fails to keep them safe while in DCS custody “often placing them in inappropriate, unstable or overly restrictive placements; fails to provide necessary support services and medical and mental health care; and fails to provide meaningful case management.”

It’s important to know that Statistically, Indiana falls about in the middle of child well-being rankings.

Think about it.

Let Eric Holcomb know that the tradition he is maintaining is heartless.