Sign KARA’s Petition for American Lawmakers to

Ratify the UN Rights of the Child Treaty

America is the only nation on earth that is not a party to the international rights of the child treaty of 1989.

Children have no voice in the media, courts, homes and they can’t vote for legislation to keep them safe from harm.

Child rights in America today are the rights of women in 1917 (a personal possession – a slave or pet).

Only a fraction of parental violence and abuse against children is ever reported, a tiny percentage of that number is ever prosecuted and parents can legally withhold life saving medical care from their children in 27 states with some states putting only token resources into child protective systems leaving children trapped in a lifetime of violence, trauma and abuse.

Most child abuse cases in state courts meet the World Health Organization’s definition of torture “Extended exposure to violence and deprivation”.

37% of American youth are reported to child protection agencies by their 18th birthday (Washington University St. Louis study 2017)

American schools, jails and prisons are filled with abused and traumatized children in need of community help and healing and not more punishment.

Without rights to a home safe from violence, sexual abuse and the poverty of neglect, children are doomed to preteen pregnancy, violence, crime and a lifetime of behavioral problems & mental health issues common to trauma victims.

Make child welfare a reality and keep children safe by recognizing them as human beings

& treat them as Domestic Violence Victims 

and not property.

Ratify the rights of the child UN treaty of 1989

All Adults Are the Protectors of All Children.