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Kids At Risk Action tracks the stories of abused and neglected children and the people, policies and programs that impact them.  This is a snapshot of how Arizona and Arkansas value children.

Below is a small fraction about the lives of Arizona’s / Arkansas’ s most vulnerable citizens. The most recent tragedies involved physically abused migrant children and forced closing of a Phoenix area shelter.

The vast majority of child abuse and child protection issues are never reported or talked about.

Kids At Risk Action needs an aspiring writer/research to help gather and report on these stories in your state.

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AZ: ‘She’s beautiful’: An abandoned baby was found in 100-degree heat in a backpack in Arizona

Tribune – June 08, 2017

Under Arizona state law, newborn babies up to 3 days old can be dropped off at certain locations, including fire stations, without criminal charges. Tempe Assistant Fire Chief Paul Nies told the Arizona Republic that there were four crews on duty in that particular fire station on the night the baby was found and that he was “pretty confident” someone would have been there if the mother of the child had attempted to drop off the baby there.


AR: Revised policies protect more kids, state says

Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette – June 08, 2017

During a legislative meeting on children’s issues and in an interview Wednesday, Division of Children and Family Services Director Mischa Martin detailed controls in place to deal with potentially abusive foster parents.

AR: Lawsuit names DHS workers in foster parent abuse case

Associated Press – June 07, 2017

A lawsuit alleges that Arkansas Department of Human Services employees knowingly placed foster children into a home with a “known violent sexual predator.”

AZ: Our View: Arizona continues to fail its foster kids (Includes video) (Opinion)

Arizona Republic – June 07, 2017

It’s easy to forget that after children are taken from homes where the state has determined they are not safe. It’s too easy to decide that child has been “rescued” and the job is done.


AZ: Parents should stop Fakebooking and show the reality of life with kids instead (Opinion)

Washington Post – May 23, 2017

If more people honestly posted both struggles and successes, more parents could be content with their real lives, instead of feeling they fall short compared with the edited lives they see on social media.


AR: Lawsuit Claims DHS Placed Children In Home Of Alleged Sex Offender

KFSM – June 05, 2017

According to the complaint, the DHS employees approved Garretson to be a foster parents despite knowledge of his history of sexual assault upon children, failed to conduct a proper background check prior to placing children in their care, failed to thoroughly investigate the fitness of the foster home, deliberately ignored repeated warnings and signs of abuse, failed to promptly investigate allegations of abuse and failed to promptly remove victims from the home after notice that children were being sexually abused.

Also: Suit takes aim at DHS after foster father gets life term: Arkansas man convicted of sexually abusing several children:

AZ: A horrifying journey through Arizona foster care, and why we don’t know how many more children may be abused

Arizona Republic – June 04, 2017

Foster parents pass a raft of reviews to ensure they are qualified, and most work hard to take proper care of children placed with them. But those who don’t – foster parents who harm children the state leaves in their care – are tracked in only the broadest terms. The state handles verified allegations of neglect or abuse in foster families much as it does those in other families.


AZ: Editorial: State should make foster care program permanent

Daily Courier – June 04, 2017

In 2013, then Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law a five-year pilot program that would give children raised in foster homes free tuition at the state’s public universities and colleges. That program is due to expire next year. State lawmakers should begin work now on making that program permanent and send it to Gov. Doug Ducey in the next year.


AR: Former foster parent sentenced for serial sexual abuse of children

Arkansas Times – May 31, 2017

U.S. District Judge P.K. Holmes called the defendant Clarence “Charlie” Garretson’s repeated sexual abuse and rape of children in his home “the most horrific criminal conduct I’ve seen in regards to child exploitation.”

AR: Group works to help children who are without a home

KAIT – May 31, 2017

“We have set up a meeting with the Department of Children and Family Services Area 8 Director,” Frankenberger said. “And the Adoption Supervisor. We’re really working with them on trying to figure out how we can help our kids achieve permanency. We have about 20% of the kids that linger around in the system. And where CASA can really help these kids is looking around and maybe finding placements for these kids. Or even talking and working with people who might add an influence in these kids’ lives.”


AZ: Catholic Charities showcases programs at inaugural breakfast

Catholic Sun – May 25, 2017

Arizona First Lady Angela Ducey, who sits on the board for Catholic Charites Community Services thanked the staff and volunteers who help fulfill the agency’s mission. “I’ve been a volunteer board member with Catholic Charities for the past two years and I have witnessed first-hand the impact that Catholic Charities has made in children, families and our most vulnerable citizens. The work that they do is inspiring,” she said.


AR: Andrew and Amy Baker of Searcy Named Arkansas Foster Family of the Year (Press release)

Arkansas Department of Human Services – May 16, 2017

The Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS) celebrated foster parents Tuesday at a luncheon and named Andrew and Amy Baker of Searcy statewide Foster Family of the Year for their significant efforts to support children in foster care and their families.


AZ: Fired child welfare workers won’t get jobs back

Pinal Central – May 16, 2017

Five child welfare workers fired in the wake of a scandal about uninvestigated abuse complaints will not be getting their jobs back. Without comment, the Arizona Supreme Court refused to disturb a 2016 ruling by the Court of Appeals which concluded that the employees were all supervisors. What that means, the appellate court said, is that they were “at will” employees who, under state law could be fired for no reason at all.

Also: Arizona high court won’t review child welfare worker firings:


AR: Groups’ goal: Filling Arkansas foster-care shortage

Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette – May 15, 2017

Foster parents in Arkansas are as likely to be recruited by the state as by Christian organizations, according to information from the agency that oversees foster care. Organizations such as The Call, by recruiting parents like Sarah and Brad Bradshaw of Little Rock, have been a key part of the state’s efforts to manage a watershed moment in the foster care system. The system saw growth in numbers of children outpace places to take them in.


AZ: Department of Child Safety going mobile

Sonoran News – May 09, 2017

This summer, the Department will roll out a program that will supply its roughly 1,400 investigators and case managers with tablets so DCS workers can devote more time to address the needs of children and families. With the new technology, investigators and case managers will be able to make referrals and enter case notes from the field, organize monthly case visits by area, and utilize a speech-to-text feature to reduce data entry time.


AR: Stanley incident prompts child welfare reforms

Hot Springs Sentinel-Record – May 07, 2017

The removal of Hal and Michelle Stanley’s children from their Treasure Isle Road home in January 2015 was the genesis of four laws adopted during the 2017 regular session of the state Legislature that strengthen legislative oversight of the child welfare system and address foster care overcrowding.



AZ: Keys to adulthood: Arizona bill would let foster kids buy car insurance (Includes video)

Arizona Republic – April 28, 2017

Mark Leeper remembers a key obstacle: He couldn’t drive. Not for lack of interest, but because there was no way he could legally obtain the car insurance that was needed to get a permit and, later, a license.



AR: 8th Worst State for Children’s Health (Includes aduio)

Public News Service – April 27, 2017

The report, released this week by the marketing firm WalletHub, ranked Arkansas 44th among the 50 states and District of Columbia for the overall health of its kids under age 18 – eighth worst in the country. WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez said the survey examined 28 key indicators of cost, quality and access to children’s health care.

Report: 2017’s Best & Worst States for Children’s Health Care:

AZ: How Arizona Fixed Its Broken Child Welfare System in 2 Years

Governing – April 27, 2017

For much of the past decade, Arizona’s child welfare agency has been in crisis. The number of children entering the state’s foster care system grew 92 percent from 2005 to 2015. It was such a mess that in 2014, then-Gov. Jan Brewer created an agency dedicated to child welfare — something only 10 other states had done at the time. Today, things are looking a lot better.

AZ: Pregnant Women, Newborns on Front Lines of Arizona’s Opioid Epidemic

Chronicle of Social Change – April 26, 2017

Sanchez is just one of thousands of Arizona women who have in recent years become pregnant while still using drugs, often prescription opioids or heroin – just a small piece of a nationwide opioid epidemic. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study of 28 states found that babies born with an opioid dependency tripled in the 15 years ending in 2013. Those babies often face severe health consequences.



AR: Non-profit in Rogers supports young women aging out of foster care

Talk Business & Politics – April 21, 2017

Aging out of foster care without a permanent home is the highest-risk outcome for a foster youth. Twenty-five percent of these youth report that they became homeless within two to four years of exiting foster care, according to the national organization CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) for Children.

Information Gateway resource: Extending Out-of-Home Care for Youth Past Age 18:




AR: Foster care numbers in Arkansas level off, official says

Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette – April 20, 2017

Growth in the number of children in foster care has plateaued since hitting a record high last year, the director of the Division of Children and Family Services said Wednesday.–1/



AR: Laws address neglected children

Northeast Arkansas Town Crier – April 18, 2017

During the 2017 regular session, lawmakers considered numerous changes to existing law governing placement of neglected children. About a dozen were enacted. Many of the new acts set out clear legal procedures followed by attorneys for the state Children and Family Services Division, attorneys for parents both custodial and non-custodial, attorneys for other relatives of the children


AZ: Indian community attorneys argue before AZ Supreme Court to protect Indian children

Sonoran News – April 17, 2017

Attorneys for the Gila River Indian Community this morning made oral arguments before the Arizona Supreme Court in a controversial case involving which court – Arizona state Court or the Community’s Tribal Court – will be the ultimate decision-maker regarding the future of a Native American child at risk of being permanently removed from her Community.



AR: Foster program opens its doors to boys ages 16 to 21

KTHV – April 14, 2017

The staff at Second Chance Youth Ranch is opening its door for more boys that are aging out of the program. A new foster home is opening up for boys ages 16 to 21. Director of Operations Rachel Hubbard is excited to welcome four additional foster kids into their new home in Bryant.



AZ: Tucson non-profit battling child homelessness (Includes video)

KVOA – April 12, 2017

Local non-profit, Youth On Their Own, helps record number of homeless students this month. Arizona ranks as the fifth worst state for child homelessness, at any given moment there are around 5,000 homeless youth in Pima County. Youth On Their Own is taking on the community’s social issue one child at time.



AZ: How to plan for your family before you are deported (Included video)

KPNX – April 12, 2017

“There is a tool kit that provides guidance for someone who thinks they may be in jeopardy of being deported,” said Petra Falcon of Promise Arizona. She called it a priorities plan, and you can pick it up at Promise Arizona’s headquarters



AR: Sebastian County Restore Hope talks transportation for people in challenging situations

Times Record – April 08, 2017

Cox said in a previous meeting of the group, it was decided that transportation is a problem for the people Restore Hope seeks to help, such as people coming out of incarceration and families in the child welfare system.



AR: Adopted Teen Says New The Call Home Will Bring Hope to Others in Foster System (Includes video)

KARK TV – April 04, 2017

They said they found him through The CALL. The Christian based group that tries to bring families back together, but if not trains and unifies foster parents with kids, in hopes of adoption. The CALL in Saline County just opened a new home, that will allow foster parents to be trained, file paperwork, and meet with kids all in one place. As opposed to meeting in a restaurant or DHS, they can meet in a cozy room and play and talk with kids.

AR: More foster homes needed in Miller County, statewide in AR

KSLA – April 04, 2017

The Arkansas Human Services Department hopes state lawmakers will provide nearly $163 million to help address several issues, including finding homes for children in the system.



AR: Mayor Stewart Proclamation for Children

Newport Daily Independent – March 28, 2017

Mayor David Stewart signed a proclamation making the month of April NATIONAL CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT PREVENTION MONTH in Newport. Within the proclamation, Mayor Stewart noted that child abuse and neglect is a serious problem affecting every segment of our community, and finding solutions requires input and action from everyone in the community. Our children are the most valuable resources and will shape the future of Newport.

AZ: New masterclass program invests in Arizona foster kids future (Includes video) – March 27, 2017

The Scott Foundation has been working to improve the lives of children in Arizona’s foster care system for the last decade by “emotionally teaching kids to make better choices through selfless service.” Launching this year, a new program the local nonprofit created that is truly one of a kind. It’s a four-year masterclass for teens ages 14 to 17 in the Arizona Department of Child Safety’s care.

AZ: Most federal money intended for Arizona’s poorest families goes to child-safety efforts

Arizona Daily Star – March 25, 2017

While Arizona has one of the nation’s highest child-poverty rates, federal money intended to help the poorest families is instead being spent here on foster care, adoptions and services to children who have been removed from their families.



AZ: Proposed Bill Requires Training For Arizona Foster Parents

KJZZ – March 21, 2017

House Bill 2476 requires more intensive trauma education. The bill, requires three hours of trauma-care training for every foster parent and employee of a child-welfare agency who has contact with a child placed by the agency.



AR: JFD talks fire codes and foster homes (Includes video)

Kait 8 – March 20, 2017

A local fire department’s standard approval rates could spike as the need for foster families continues to grow. The Jonesboro Fire Department discussed fire codes and the Arkansas Department of Human Services foster and adoption standard of approval codes on Monday.

AZ: State child-welfare agency scraps secret recordings (Includes video)

KPNX – March 20, 2017

Arizona’s child-welfare agency says it’s tossing out a new policy allowing for secret recordings of adults suspected of child abuse.

Also: Lemons: DCS Director’s Memo Allows Orwellian Interrogations:



AZ: Judge throws out suit challenging tribal adoption restrictions

Pinal Central – March 17, 2017

A federal judge has thrown out a bid to void federal laws that challengers claim are racist because they place the desires and rights of Native American tribes over the constitutionally protected best interests of children.

Also: Judge upholds tribal rights in adoptions:



AZ: Foster parents must adapt to tougher DCS safety inspections (Opinion)

Havasu News – March 15, 2017

In January of 2016, Arizona’s Department of Child Safety revised its rules for life safety inspections. With the new administrative code – which includes more detail about animals, firearms and other safety precautions – inspection deficiencies “skyrocketed,” said DCS life safety inspections unit manager Thea Bish.



AZ: How southeast Valley cities are trying to solve homelessness

Arizona Republic – March 13, 2017

In most cases, youth homelessness stems from domestic violence or an unstable home life, Secrest-Comer said. Approximately 39 percent of the youth and teenagers Tumbleweed helped had been in foster care, Secrest-Comer said.



AR: Bill to permit legislative review of closed child maltreatment cases advances

Arkansas Times – March 09, 2017

On Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary committee approved a bill by Sen. Alan Clark (R-Lonsdale) that would allow a limited number of Arkansas legislators to jointly review closed child maltreatment investigations as part of a new oversight body that would also include various stakeholders in the child welfare system.

AR: Three grandparents’ rights bills pass Arkansas House committee

Talk Business & Politics – March 09, 2017

House Bills 1568, 1654 and 1773 by Rep. Laurie Rushing, R-Hot Springs, would provide grandparents and great-grandparents additional legal redress when denied access to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren by the parents. The bills were passed by the House Committee on Aging, Children and Youth, Legislative and Military Affairs.





AZ: Child-safety agency provides sleep boxes for infants

Associated Press – February 27, 2017

Parents involved with Arizona’s child protection agency are being provided commercially produced boxes intended for use as portable beds to provide infants with safe places to sleep and avoid preventable-sleep-related deaths.


AZ: GRIC to argue child custody case before state Supreme Court

Casa Grande Dispatch – February 20, 2017

The Arizona Supreme Court has granted the petition for review filed by attorneys for the Gila River Indian Community giving them an opportunity to argue before the justices in a controversial case involving the future of a Native American child being permanently removed from the community.

AZ: Mentor program helps foster kids step into adulthood (Includes video)

ABC 15 – February 20, 2017

Arizona had more than 700 teens who “age out” of the foster care system each year, according to Arizona’s Children Association, a group that offers support services to foster families. ACA runs the THRIVE Mentor Program to provide one-on-one support to these teens. Program administrators hope to reduce rates of homelessness and pregnancy among these youth, while also increasing graduation rates and life skills.



AR: Working 4 You: Mentoring Ourselves Out of Foster Care Crisis (Includes video)

KARK – February 16, 2017

What if foster parents did not just foster children, but became a resource for their parents? What would it look like if community groups and non-profits were cleared to help take on the caseloads of overburdened DHS staff? One foster parent believes the state should find out.

AZ: DCS responds to questions regarding scalded child’s Foster placement (Includes video)

KVOA – February 16, 2017

Investigators also say before she was adopted, Madison had been in foster care with a man now convicted of child sex-crimes. How could all of this happen? The Arizona Department of Child Safety has responded to our questions.

AZ: Homeless youth invisible in Southern Arizona

Arizona Sonora News – February 16, 2017

“Homeless youth, is one of those things that sort of perplexes people,” said Kristyn Conner, director of development at Youth On Their Own, a dropout prevention program in Tucson. “It is out of sight and out of mind. With adult homelessness, you can see it. But with homeless youth, it is different because they aren’t actually living on the streets as much as their adult counterparts.”

Information Gateway resource: Services for Youth: Homeless and Runaway:



AZ: Foster group aims to ease burden on families (Includes video)

3TV/CBS 5 – February 15, 2017

With 17,000 children in the foster care system in Arizona, foster agencies are constantly looking at new ways to encourage more people to become foster parents.



AR: Sebastian County needs more foster parents

Southwest Times Record – February 12, 2017

Due to neglect or abuse from, or lack of education of, their biological parents, hundreds of area children are in need of foster care, said one official. It’s a statistic that simultaneously is true and difficult for many people to believe, said Aurora Pollard, a Department of Human Services community engagement specialist for Arkansas Area II. More than 750 children are in the foster care system in Sebastian County, yet there currently are only 102 homes, or 229 beds, available for foster children in Sebastian County, she said.

AZ: Our View: DCS should have a court order to yank most kids (Includes video)

Arizona Republic – February 13, 2017

Statistical evidence that too many kids are being taken into state custody can be found in the record number of children who have come into foster care in Arizona – as well as the fact that neglect, not abuse, was cause for removing 80 to 85 percent of children in recent years.

AZ: Report: Arizona Department of Child Safety turn around continues

Paradise Valley Independent – February 13, 2017

An independent report commissioned by the Arizona Auditor General’s Office has concluded the DCS is on the right track. The report, performed by Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago, praises DCS for making significant strides in transforming the agency to better serve children and their families, according to a press release.




AZ: Two Arizona bills seek better data on medicated foster children

Arizona Daily Star – February 12, 2017

Two state legislators are pushing for improved transparency about how often Arizona’s foster care children are prescribed powerful, mind-altering medications. A pair of bills recently introduced in the Legislature would require three state agencies to collaborate on a report, to be issued every two years, comparing foster and non-foster kids’ prescription rates for psychotropic medications.

AZ: From CPS to DCS: A look at Arizona’s struggling child-welfare agency

Arizona Republic – February 10, 2017

Pictoral — Images from the child welfare agency.

Also: Report: Real progress at Arizona’s Department of Child Safety, but ‘a long way to go’ (Includes video):

Also: Soon judges, not Arizona Department of Child Safety alone, could decide when to take children from families:



AZ: Catholic Charities of Arizona: Is your child an easy target for sex traffickers? (Opinion)

Apache Junction/Gold Canyon Independent – February 05, 2017

You see it on the news and social media-girls as young as 12 years old disappearing. These girls aren’t running away because of a fight with parents or siblings. These girls are being tricked or taken and forced into a world of sex trafficking.




AZ: State: Foster care cases on the decline in Arizona

Today’s News-Herald – February 03, 2017

According to the Arizona Department of Child Safety, more children are exiting the state’s foster care system than are entering it.

AZ: Fifth Navajo files sex abuse lawsuit against Mormon Church

Navajo Times – February 02, 2017

For the past 10 months, The Mormon Church has been the subject of a series of lawsuits filed in the Window Rock District Court claiming that some Navajo children put in the church’s placement program in the 1950s and 1960s were raped, abused or molested by the families who took them in.



AZ: Child safety unit looking at new regulations

Associated Press – February 01, 2017

Arizona’s Department of Child Safety says it’s putting together a team to explore whether investigators should have to get a court order before removing children from unsafe homes.

AZ: Horrors scalded Tucson girl faced included living with sex offender

Arizona Daily Star – February 01, 2017

The biological mother of the Tucson child says she raised concerns with state workers that while living in Frodsham’s home, her toddler daughter had repeated urinary-tract infections, which can be a sign of sexual abuse in children, but says those concerns went unanswered. Records show the caseworker thought it was Calderon who was teaching her daughter to fear men and told her to stop more than once.



AZ: Ex-child welfare workers want wrongful firings suit revived

Associated Press – January 27, 2017

Five former Arizona child welfare workers fired amid an agency scandal want the Arizona Supreme Court to revive their wrongful dismissal lawsuit. The women filed their appeal with the high court earlier this week. The filing comes a month after the Arizona Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court’s decision to dismiss their suit.



AZ: Ex-child welfare workers want wrongful firings suit revived

Associated Press – January 26, 2017

Five former Arizona child welfare workers fired amid an agency scandal want the Arizona Supreme Court to revive their wrongful dismissal lawsuit. The women filed their appeal with the high court earlier this week. The filing comes a month after the Arizona Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court’s decision to dismiss their suit.


AZ: DES roling ‘Infant at Work’ statewide after success with two (2) babies

Post – January 24, 2017

The program allows parents to bring newborns to work from age four weeks to six months, or until the baby is mobile. DES launched the pilot program at four locations in 2016. To date, two employees have successfully participated in the program, and one additional employee will soon be bringing her new son to the office.

AZ: Our View: Are Arizona Department of Child Safety workers out to take your kids? (Includes video)

Arizona Republic – January 24, 2017

Weaknesses in the system can create risks for children with good parents as well as children whose parents abuse them.



AZ: DCS: Why are kids taken away? Too often the answer is unknown (Includes video)

Arizona Republic – January 22, 2017

When Arizona workers refused to let Maribel Ontiveros see her son Christopher at the hospital, then came to her house three days later at 3:30 in the morning to take away her other two children, she kept asking what seemed a simple question: Why? More than a year later, she’s still asking.



AR: Child welfare reform subject of suit, bills

Sentinel-Record – January 17, 2017

An internal Department of Human Services email indicating that the January 2015 removal of seven children from their Garland County home was a response to unconventional parenting rather than safety concerns is at the center of parallel litigation and legislation addressing the state’s child welfare system.



AS: Adoption and the Circulation of Children

Psychology Today – January 13, 2017

A few years ago, the small Northern Utah community I live in was rocked by a scandal which ultimately led to the conviction of five members of the Focus on Children adoption agency. The scammers charged prospective US parents $13,000 (single child, $20k for a pair) to facilitate the process of adopting children from Samoa. Adoptive parents were told the children were orphans or had been abandoned by their families, which wasn’t true. Samoan parents had been given token fees glossed as “humanitarian assistance” and told their children would be well-educated by their US “parents” and could return to Samoa and be reunited with their families at any time.



AR: Fostering organization looks to expand (Includes video)

KAIT – January 12, 2017

Christians 4 Kids of Arkansas is now looking to expand in more counties in Region 8. According to Nicole Potts, executive director, after reaching out to city officials they learned that the need for fostering parents exists in Woodruff and Jackson counties.



AR: Hutchinson says foster care funding is priority, nonprofits remain hopeful (Includes video)

THV11 – January 10, 2017

According to the Arkansas Department of Human Services, 70 percent of all foster children will eventually be reunited with their biological families, and that is the goal of the foster care system. But they need a safe place to stay until then. Hutchinson included a funding increase for the Division of Children and Family Services in his latest budget proposal to speed the foster process, and he is not alone in hoping children find homes sooner, rather than later.

AZ: Numbers Remain High For Child Abuse, Neglect In Arizona (Includes audio)

KJZZ – January 10, 2017

Child abuse and the rising number of Arizona kids in foster care have been in the headlines in our state for years now. That number is now as high as 18,000 children in Arizona’s child-welfare system.



AZ: Our View: Ducey gave a good speech, but where’s the money? (Includes video)

Arizona Republic – January 09, 2017

Ducey’s speech offered another important change in tone for Arizona politics: He spoke for those who are often ignored, from prisoners to foster kids to poor families.

Also: Ducey wants more teacher pay, extension of welfare benefits to some:




AR: Senator fixes on changes to state foster-care system

Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette – January 08, 2017

When lawmakers return to the Capitol on Monday to begin their biennial regular session, they will have to sort through competing perspectives on the foster-care system. One lawmaker says there are too many children unnecessarily in foster care, but the governor says there are too few dollars to handle an influx in foster children.

AZ: Catholic Charities northern offices get new director

Daily Courier – January 08, 2017

Sandi Flores has recently taken the position of senior programs director for Catholic Charities Community Services northern offices to oversee employees and programs in Bullhead City, Cottonwood, Flagstaff and Prescott. Flores will be replacing Jean Littlehale, who served in the position for six years.

AZ: OBAMACARE REPEAL: Some 600,000 Arizonans could lose coverage

Payson Roundup – January 06, 2017

A coalition of child welfare and health care groups have been pushing back against the proposed repeal of the Affordable Care Act through a series of press conferences and reports.



AR: The CALL aims to increase number of foster homes in Columbia County (Includes video)

Magnolia Reporter – January 03, 2017

The CALL is a faith-based, non-profit group that works with the State of Arkansas to recruit, train and equip adults who operate foster homes, said Karen Langston, regional coordinator for The CALL.



AR: Immigration advocates rally outside Sen. Cotton’s office (Includes video)

4029tv – December 28, 2016

The immigration advocacy group La Lucha held a rally outside Sen. Tom Cotton’s Springdale office Wednesday afternoon.

AZ: New law extends deadline, doubles tax credit contributions

Daily Courier – December 29, 2016

The Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) makes a distinction between two types of qualifying organizations, adding a foster care category this year called Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organizations (QFCCO). Individuals may contribute separately to organizations that category as well as donations to any QCO up to the maximum amount allowed for each.

AZ: Allhands: What the fired CPS workers case is really about (Opinion)

Arizona Republic – December 28, 2016

Five fired Child Protective Services workers went to court, arguing that state law should’ve protected their jobs.



AZ: Updated: Court upholds dismissal of child welfare workers’ lawsuit

Associated Press – December 27, 2016

A state appeals court has upheld the dismissal of a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by five former Arizona child welfare workers who were fired amid an agency scandal.

Also: Scapegoats or not, fired child welfare workers won’t get jobs back:





AR: 3 Arkansas lawmakers oppose migrant shelter in state

NorthWest Arkansas Democrat Gazette – December 26, 2016

An ongoing federal assessment of whether to convert an abandoned facility near Hot Springs into a temporary shelter for unaccompanied migrant children has drawn opposition, though hundreds of similar kids have already been released into longer-term care in Arkansas.

AR: Students With HIV Concerns Excluded, US DOJ Rules Arkansas School District Violated Federal Act

Parent Herald – December 26, 2016

According to Arkansas Online, the students were part of the foster care system whose documents showed that they have families with HIV. They were barred from attending school for four days until they took HIV tests themselves. Thus, they missed school activities because of the exclusion.


AR: Study reveals 50 percent of Phillips County children live in poverty

Helena-Arkansas – December 22, 2016

More than 50 percent (50.19) of all Phillips County children are living in poverty. That figure adds up to 2,843 youngsters. Those alarming numbers were released Tuesday in a new report put together by Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families. AACF’s latest report “Child Poverty in Arkansas,” compiled by Eleanor Wheeler, senior policy analyst for the AACF, offers county-by-county data related to child poverty. It also outlines some common sense policy solutions.

Report: Child Poverty in Arkansas:

AZ: Parents, foster-care advocates stand against possible repeal of ACA (Includes video)

Arizona Republic – December 21, 2016

Parents and leaders of foster-care groups gathered at the state Capitol to warn lawmakers and the public about possible problems that could emerge with repealing the Affordable Care Act. The Children’s Action Alliance, an organization that aims to help improve children’s health and security, led the event Wednesday morning.



AR: Substance Abuse Issues Contribute to Majority of Child Welfare Cases, Judges Say (Includes video)

Arkansas Matters – December 20, 2016

Judges and a Supreme Court Justice are making it known to lawmakers that substance abuse issues contribute to the majority of child welfare cases that end up in their courtrooms. Representatives of the Judicial Branch were fielding questions from lawmakers about what works and what’s broken in the child welfare system.

Also: Lawmakers quiz judges for solutions to foster care woes:

Also: Governor’s priorities: education, economy, efficiency and separate King-Lee holidays:


AZ: Kids get schooled about drug prevention with Gov. Ducey’s pilot program

KTAR – December 20, 2016

An Arizona drug prevention program aimed toward seventh-grade students has led to 98 percent of students saying they can stay drug free during the school year, according to a recent news release.

AZ: Viewpoints: The plan to prevent Arizona child neglect (Opinion)

AZCentral – December 19, 2016

About 70 percent of all reports made to the Department of Child Safety hotline concern neglect, and nearly 80 percent of the cases in which Arizona children are removed from their home cite neglect as one of the reasons.



AZ: States organizations team up to take on state’s child neglect, prevention issues

KTAR – December 18, 2016

Arizona State University’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy and the Arizona Department of Child Safety will be teaming up on a three-year project for research and analysis on neglect assessment and prevention policies for Arizona children.



AZ: Adoption-help group expands services to Arizona couples

Ahwatukee Foothills News – December 15, 2016

One organization, the national nonprofit Gift of Adoption, is expanding its reach in Arizona after holding an event last month in Mesa. The Illinois-based non-profit gives grants to people to help cover their costs for the final stage in the adoption process, putting a priority on the most vulnerable children.




AR: State Supreme Court: Same-Sex Spouse’s Name Can’t Be in Birth Certificate of Adopted Children

Gospel Herald – December 14, 2016

The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled last week that only the biological parents’ names of a child should be listed in the birth certificate, blocking the names of same-sex spouses even if they would adopt the child, in order to “acknowledge basic biological truths.”



AR: 2017 legislature spreads its wings (Opinion)

Arkansas Times – December 08, 2016

Less straightforwardly bad is a batch of bills from Sen. Alan Clark (R-Lonsdale) that would significantly change the Arkansas child welfare system, especially the role of the juvenile courts. Among other things, Clark wants to create a process for reinstatement of parental rights that have been previously terminated due to child maltreatment.



AR: Legislators seek to overhaul courts’ role in child welfare to benefit of parents

Arkansas Times – December 06, 2016

Four bills filed on Friday by state Sen. Alan Clark (R-Lonsdale) propose significant changes in the Arkansas child welfare system that would generally give more legal protections to parents accused of child maltreatment, along with other relatives, noncustodial parents and “fictive kin.”

AZ: Child abuse reports on decline in Gila Valley

Eastern Arizona Courier – December 04, 2016

Law enforcement officials said reports of child abuse in the Gila Valley are on the decline. But one child advocate said that good news shouldn’t mean people think child abuse is gone.



AR: DHS director Gillespie tackling foster care crisis, awaiting state flexibility for Medicaid

Talk Business & Politics – December 04, 2016

Gillespie, appearing on this week’s edition of Talk Business & Politics, contends that the huge spike in foster care cases and maltreated children in Arkansas is not contingent on one overriding factor. “I don’t think anyone can tell you there’s any one single thing that’s at the root of what’s going on. Whenever you have issues like this in society, it’s going to be multi-factor. There’s not one silver bullet that fixes everything,” she said.


AR: More than 10,000 Arkansas children found maltreated at home in fiscal year 2016

Talk Business & Politics – November 30, 2016

More than 10,000 children were found to have been maltreated at home in fiscal year 2016, while 24% of the 35,493 maltreatment reports to the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline were found to be true, according to a report presented to legislators Wednesday (Nov. 30).

AR: State Capitol in review – Nov. 30, 2016

Press Argus-Courier – November 30, 2016

Adding 228 employees is one of several strategies proposed by the Division of Children and Family Services to improve the state’s child welfare system, which division officials say is in crisis.—nov-30-2016

AZ: Children’s Deaths: Why Numbers Of Children’s Suicide And Deaths From Maltreatment Are Increasing At An Alarming Rate (Includes video)

Parent Herald – November 30, 2016

AZ Central focuses on reasons why youngsters are committing suicides in Arizona. Children under 18 years of age comprise 74 percent of total suicides and most of them were of boys. The underlying reasons behind these suicides were drinking or drug addictions, family problems and parent’s divorces.


AZ: Foster education initiative seeks to improve academic achievement of Arizona students in foster care

Mesa Independent – November 30, 2016

Arizona students in the foster care system are consistently underperforming academically. This previously undocumented achievement gap is reported in the 2012-13 report on Arizona’s Invisible Achievement Gap by WestEd.



AR: Indiana firm again wins bid to run youth lockups

North West Arkansas Times – November 30, 2016

A $160 million contract to run seven youth lockups is once again to go to a for-profit, Indiana-based company after a three-month-long delay that stemmed from complaints by Arkansas nonprofits currently operating the facilities.

AR: Child welfare too often about ‘punishing parents,’ DCFS consultant tells legislators

Arkansas Times – November 29, 2016

We didn’t have any more child abuse reports. We didn’t have an increase in the percentage of them that were substantiated, that were found ‘true.’ We did have an increase in the percentage [of children] that came into care. … That’s why our report focused specifically on the decision-making, because … families in Arkansas hadn’t simply all of a sudden gotten worse.”

Also: Director: Foster spike’s cause hard to pinpoint; some caseworkers erring on side of removal:

Also: Consultant: Decision making to blame for foster care woes:



AR: Kids count, not confidentiality (Opinion)

Arkansas Times – November 23, 2016

DHS has the toughest job in state government, with hard cases and few easy answers. The work is a calling for most who labor there, typically in difficult, underpaid jobs. But failures must not enjoy the blanket protection of the pretext that confidentiality is all about the children. Let’s change the law, if that’s the solution, so that it allows more discussion of how the state responds to publicly known failures.

Also: Steve Brawner: Giving thanks for foster kids’ caseworkers (Opinion):

AZ: Our View: The hard truth behind 134 Arizona children’s deaths

Arizona Republic – November 27, 2016

Editorial: A review of child deaths in Arizona shows increasing numbers are preventable.


AZ: My Turn: Tax credits help Arizona children in foster care (Opinion)

AZCentral – November 25, 2016

In national child-welfare statistics, Arizona has been fighting it out with Mississippi in recent years for the bottom of the barrel – who has the worst child-welfare system?

AZ: Havasu families leading by example, opening homes to foster children

Havasu News-Herald – November 24, 2016

Families going through the process to become a licensed foster family are able to dictate what age and how many children they are willing to bring into their homes, said Murrell. The Murrells say they plan to foster a sibling pair of children that are no older than six-years-old.



AR: Foster care system overwhelmed, children aging out (Includes video)

KAIT 8 – November 21, 2016

In the United States, there are tens of thousands of children waiting to be adopted. In Arkansas alone, 1,414 children are waiting for a forever home, according to the charity organization Together We Rise. However, when it comes to children needing a temporary foster home, the number more than triples. In Region 8, the problem is getting worse.



AR: Private firms OK’d to tend DHS finances

Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette – November 19, 2016

The Legislative Council signed off Friday on the state Department of Human Services’ proposed contracts for nearly $680,000 with companies in Mississippi and Chicago to provide financial staff and consulting services after last week’s death of the department’s chief financial officer.

AZ: Before the Wall: Central American migrants ‘pouring’ into Arizona

RT – November 19, 2016

There has been a surge in migrants from Central America across the US border into Arizona, as people fleeing Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras attempt to secure asylum in fear of the “border wall” promised by President-elect Donald Trump.

Also: Central American migrants journey to U.S.:

Also: Central Americans Now Illegally Pouring Into U.S. Near Yuma, A Formerly Ultra Quiet Spot:



AR: Police chief says DHS failed to respond to abandoned baby report

KATV – November 17, 2016

The West Memphis police chief is speaking out after he says the Department of Human Services failed to respond or assist after his agency found an abandoned baby in a restaurant parking lot.



AZ: Child deaths from suicide, maltreatment increase in Arizona

Arizona Daily Star – November 17, 2016

Preventable child deaths in Arizona increased in 2015 while the overall number of children who died has decreased, with 301 of the 768 recorded deaths deemed avoidable, a new state report shows.

AZ: Report: Agencies Must Forge Partnerships With Foster Families (Includes audio)

Public News Service – November 17, 2016

In the report, researchers from The Annie E. Casey Foundation recommended that foster families be valued as important members of the foster-care team, not viewed as mere beds in the system.

Also: New Report Shows How Public Agencies Can Transform Foster Parenting:

Report: A Movement to Transform Foster Parenting:

Information Gateway Resource: Foster Parent Inservice Training:

AZ: My Turn: 6 steps to fix Arizona’s Department of Child Safety (Opinion) – November 16, 2016

The Arizona Department of Child Safety has been receiving its fair share of criticism over the past two years. I have been one of the critics, but I also sympathize with the challenges inherent in fixing a broken system.


AR: Organization that serves foster kids becomes non-profit (Includes video)

KAIT – November 15, 2016

Christians 4 Kids of Arkansas has always worked to recruit families to care for children in need of a loving home.



AR: Officials announce plan to revamp state foster system (Includes video)

News Channel 3 – November 14, 2016

Arkansas state leaders announced they would budget $26.7 million to hire more than 200 new employees at the Dept. of Human Services Monday. They said the funding would help alleviate a crisis in the state’s foster system.

Also: Foster Families Needed as Numbers of Kids Grow in Arkansas (Includes video):

Also: DHS Works to Fix Foster Care Crisis in Arkansas (Includes video):

Also: Arkansas foster care officials hope to hire 228 new workers:

Also: State reports on steps to ‘stabilize’ foster care system:

Report: Moving Beyond Crisis:



AR: Program Teaches Parents Safe Sleep for Infants (Includes audio)

Public News Service – November 14, 2016

Public health officials in Arkansas are making sure parents and caretakers know how to safely put infants to sleep so they wake up healthy and alive. The Arkansas Children’s Hospital and the state Department of Health have launched a statewide campaign to educate families about the ABCs of Safe Sleep for Babies.

Safe Sleep Booklet:

AR: Foster Families Needed, as Numbers of Kids Grow in Arkansas (Includes video)

Fox 16 – November 13, 2016

In the Natural State alone there are more than five thousand kids in foster care, and only 1600 foster families. The numbers don’t compare, and one family hopes their story will inspire others to help.

Also: DHS to Discuss Plans for Foster Care System:



AR: Governor’s proposed budget includes major increase in foster care spending

Arkansas Times – November 09, 2016

Also: Gov. Asa Hutchinson presented the legislature with his proposed budget for the state of Arkansas this morning, outlining a plan that would include a $50 million tax cut, a significant increase in child welfare spending.

Hutchinson outlines Arkansas budget proposal, including $50M tax cut:

AR: Court filings: Arkansas child abuse investigator faked reports

Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette – November 08, 2016

A civilian investigator with the Arkansas State Police Crimes Against Children Division is accused of fabricating reports in 43 cases in Benton and Washington counties, according to court documents.



AR: Child abuse investigator charged with falsifying information in 43 cases
Arkansas Times – November 07, 2016
A former civilian investigator with the Crimes Against Children Division of the Arkansas State Police has been charged with tampering with a public record, a spokesman for the state police said in a statement. The crime is a Class D felony.

AZ: What’s Next? Fiscal Year 2017 priorities at the Arizona Department of Child Safety
Sonoran News – November 07, 2016
In recent weeks, the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) Director Gregory McKay has articulated the need for the agency to continue strategically improving services for Arizona’s children and families. At the time DCS was created, more children were in state care than the system could effectively manage. Resources within the agency, the courts, and the foster care community were strained beyond capacity.
AR: Hutchinson administration resists accountability in child rape case
Arkansas Times – October 28, 2016
After a nightmarish revelation about serial rapes by a state-approved foster parent, the Hutchinson administration, from the governor on down, resist talking about how it happened.

AZ: Department of Child Services claims number of Arizona kids in foster care is dropping
KTAR – October 31, 2016
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says that nearly 428,000 kids are in foster care nationwide, and the number went up for three straight years between 2012 and 2015. The department also said Arizona has one of the highest growth rates. But the director of the Arizona Department of Child Services claims things are turning around in this state.



AR: Stewards of Children Program Helps Stop Child Abuse in NWA
NWA – October 26, 2016
In the last year, The Children’s Safety Center has helped more than 500-hundred abused children here in Northwest Arkansas. The organization provides free services and training to help children in need. One of their new programs is called the “Stewards of Children.It’s a program that focuses on child sexual abuse prevention training for parents and adults who work with kids. Also: Local Shelter Creates Independent Living Program For Foster Kids:

AZ: Vision of one-stop shop to encourage more AZ foster parents in works (Includes video)
KPHO/KTVK – October 27, 2016
With more than 18,000 children in foster care in Arizona, advocates say it is hard to believe there isn’t a one-stop shop to help streamline services for foster families or people interested in fostering.


AR: Federal investigation uncovers foster parent’s abuse of at least five children
Arkansas Times – October 25, 2016
The plea agreement also states that Garretson and his wife had been approved by the Arkansas Department of Human Services to operate a foster home in 1998 and later were approved to become an adoptive home. It notes that he was accused in 2002 of sexually assaulting a foster child, although the agreement does not note the outcome of that allegation. The FBI special agent assigned to the case, Rob Allen, found more assaults of children as he interviewed children placed in the home in the 2000s. They remained adoptive parents through 2015, the federal papers indicate.


AZ: My Turn: We were there for kids. The Department of Child Safety wasn’t (Opinion)
AZ Central – October 24, 2016
My Turn: Motivated volunteers and court staff are giving their time, but they’re hamstrung by the absence of a key player: DCS. Also: Arizona Department of Child Safety rejects key provisions of audit:


AZ: Fired child safety workers want wrongful firing suit revived
Associated Press – October 20, 2016
The Arizona Court of Appeals is set to consider reviving a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by five Arizona child welfare workers fired in 2014 amid an agency scandal.


AR: Panel’s bid to subpoena judge on foster care raises fuss
Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette – October 15, 2016
Judges and a law school dean have expressed concern about a legislative committee’s wish to subpoena a judge to ask her how she handles foster care cases. The subpoena went nowhere after House and Senate leaders refused to sign off on the subpoena after they received information questioning the legality of the move.


AZ: Academic achievement gap plaguing Arizona’s foster children
Mesa Independent – October 13, 2016
Arizona students in the foster care system are consistently underperforming academically according to a 2012-13 report on Arizona’s Invisible Achievement Gap by WestEd.

AZ: CASA Council is providing scholarships to help kids
The News-Herald – October 13, 2016
The Mohave CASA Council’s mission is to improve the lives and self-esteem of foster children through difficult times, said Ron Stephan, CASA Council executive director.

AZ: Foster care offers resources while children are in the system
Mesa Independent – October 13, 2016
Children in the Arizona foster care system have many government resources, but when they exit the system or age out, there are much fewer resources made available to them. Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation pays for, according to Ms. Jacober, “items and activities for kids in foster care that are not funded in any other way.”



AR: Foster care surge due to ‘questionable removals’ of kids, DHS consultant finds
Arkansas Times – October 11, 2016
Twenty-two percent of Arkansas children who were placed in foster care in 2015 and early 2016 should have potentially been left with their families, representing a nearly 30 percent increase – amounting to at least 300 additional children – in “questionable removals” by the state’s child protection authorities, according to a consultant of the Arkansas Department of Human Services. Also: Study: Impetus is to take away kids:


AZ: Court to hear arguments in appeal by fired state workers
Associated Press – October 06, 2016
Appellate judges will hear arguments Oct. 20 in an appeal by five former state child welfare employees who contend they were wrongly fired in 2014 amid an agency scandal.

AZ: My Turn: The lifeboats for Arizona’s abused, neglected kids (Opinion) – October 04, 2016
Kinship foster families are lifesavers for thousands of Arizona kids, but many of these families are being overwhelmed.
AZ: Child safety director rejects much of auditor general’s critique
Capitol Media Services – October 03, 2016
Inadequate reports and failure to attend some hearings by the Department of Child Safety may be delaying some Arizona children getting permanent placement according to a new report on the agency.


AR: Partners with DHS in crucial need for foster care beds (Includes video)
KAIT 8 – September 30, 2016
As more children make their way into foster care in Region 8, partners with DHS said they are in crucial need of beds for foster homes. Nicole Potts with Christian 4 Kids said there are more children in the system now than ever.
AR: Child welfare system in the spotlight following report
KAIT 8 – September 23, 2016
Last year, the Arkansas Department of Human Services reported having 400 family service workers with an average caseload of 29, and just half a bed for each child in care. NBC affiliate KARK reports those numbers haven’t changed much this year, with the exception of an additional 1,000 kids in the system.

AR: One Year Update on Fixing Arkansas’ Foster Crisis (Includes video)
Ozarks First – September 23, 2016
A year ago, Governor Asa Hutchinson put the Division of Children and Family Services in the spotlight following an evaluation that found a system in need of a fix. Now we are working to see where DHS says it has made progress and which problems still persist. Information Gateway Resource: Transition to Adulthood and Independent Living Programs:

AR: The CALL hopes to recruit foster families
Siftings Herald – September 23, 2016
The CALL is a Christian organization with branches throughout Arkansas that seeks to provide foster care for children in need. They collaborate with the Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services to “recruit, train, and support foster and adoptive families.” The Clark County chapter was launched in late 2014.

AZ: With More Than 750 Young Adults Aging Out Of Foster Care Every Year, Where Do They Go? (Audio)
KJZZ – September 23, 2016
Without family networks or resources, these 18 year olds can struggle to get on their feet. There is a program they can take advantage of, though only a fraction of them do. It’s called the Transitional Independent Living Program (TILP) and it’s run by Arizona’s Children Association. Information Gateway Resource: Transition to Adulthood and Independent Living Programs:




AR: Fixing the Foster Crisis: Where are We Now? (Includes video)
KNWA – September 22, 2016
A year ago, Governor Asa Hutchinson put the Division of Children and Family Services in the spotlight following an evaluation that found a system in need of a fix. Now we are working to see where DHS says it has made progress and which problems still persist.

AZ: Group to Protest Goldwater Institute’s Anti-ICWA Suit in Phoenix
Indian Country Today – September 22, 2016
In July 2015, the institute filed A.D. v. Roberts in federal court, challenging the constitutionality of the 38-year-old statute designed to protect Native children, families and communities from dissolution. The Goldwater case, as it has become known, seeks to overturn ICWA based on the contention that ICWA is “race-based.”


AR: Guhman staying at Youth Services
NorthWest Arkansas Democrat Gazette – September 20, 2016
Betty Guhman was named director of the Youth Services Division on Monday, after leading the agency as its interim chief since July. Throughout her career, Guhman, 66, has focused on issues affecting Arkansas children — through the Arkansas Department of Human Services decades ago and as a child welfare policy coordinator under Gov. Bill Clinton — and she was Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s senior adviser for two years when tapped to take over the division. Also: Interim leader of Arkansas’ Division of Youth Services picked as director:

AZ: Chief justice concerned about implications in child molestation decision
Sierra Vista Herald – September 19, 2016
The chief justice of the Arizona Supreme Court is openly worrying that a new ruling will let police charge parents with child molesting for changing a baby’s diaper. Scott Bales said the majority in the 3-2 decision puts the burden on someone who is accused of intentionally or knowingly touching the genitals or anus of a child of showing that it was not done with a sexual intent. Also: AZ justice said ruling on child molestation has worrisome possibilities:


AK: Opinion: A message to the tribal members of Kotzebue
Arctic Sounder – September 16, 2016
This public posting of a family matter caught us all by surprise. I just wanted to take a moment to reassure our tribal members and community that our tribe takes all child welfare matters seriously, that our staff has acted appropriately as the tribal representative for this Indian child.


AR: Lawmakers Push for More Oversight in Child Abuse Cases (Includes video)
KARK – September 15, 2016
During a Thursday morning hearing lawmakers peppered DHS and State Police child abuse investigators with questions and were repeatedly shot down. Leading the charge was State Sen. Alan Clark, R-Hot Springs, co-chair of the performance review committee. He’s been critical of the state’s handling of child abuse and custody cases.


AR: Child abuse hotline sees increase in calls (Includes video)
KATV – September 14, 2016
Around 16,500 calls came in to the state’s child abuse hotline from April through June and out of those, around 8,100 were investigated. During a legislative committee meeting on Wednesday, stakeholders gathered to discuss the issues of child abuse in Arkansas.



AR: State Catholic Schools Threaten LGBT Students with Expulsion (Includes audio)
Public News Service – September 14, 2016
New rules issued by the Diocese of Little Rock appear to require lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students in Catholic schools in Arkansas to hide their sexual identity or face expulsion.

AZ: Juvenile Judges Can Base Fees on Family Income (Includes audio)
Public News Service – September 14, 2016
In some states, the Juvenile Law Center report found, because of failure to pay, young offenders miss out on diversion programs that would allow them to remain at home, and parents can be held in contempt of court or lose their driver’s license. Report co-author Jessica Feierman, the center’s associate director, said these families often face gut-wrenching decisions. In Arizona, the report noted, parents are responsible for a $50 monthly fee for probation, but it’s based on their ability to pay. Fines, restitution, fees for being detained and diversion fees are set by the judge.


AZ: Department of Child Safety hits ‘pause’ button on controversial contracts
The Arizona Republic – September 12, 2016
The state’s child-welfare agency has delayed new contracts for parent training after contractors complained the state was prioritizing cost savings over child safety.

AZ: First Things First applauds grandparents who are raising Arizona’s next generation
Arizona Daily Sun – September 09, 2016
In Arizona, 14 percent of Arizona children ages 0 to 5 live with grandparents, compared to 12 percent nationally. Of those 14 percent, 30 percent of these households have no parent of the child present, meaning grandparents are responsible for most of the basic needs of children living with them. As the nation celebrates Grandparents’ Day, First Things First applauds those grandparents who are parenting a second time around.


AR: Foster Care System in Desperate Need of Homes (Includes video)
KNWA – September 11, 2016
“We need a lot more homes open across the state, some counties don’t have any open foster homes,” Arkansas Department of Human Services Deputy Chief Communications Brandi Hinkle said. According to the Arkansas Department of Human Services right now, there are more than 5000 kids in state custody, but only 1600 foster homes.


AZ: Native American Foster Children Suffer Under a Law Originally Meant to Help Them (Opinion)
Phoenix New Times – September 07, 2016
Nearly 40 years later, though, the law faces a challenge from an unlikely source: some 1,600 Native children like James, and the non-tribal parents who have tried to adopt them. A class-action suit, filed in federal court by the Phoenix-based Goldwater Institute, argues that the Indian Child Welfare Act actually encourages racism by preventing the court from acting in Native American children’s best interests.


AZ: 18,000 Arizona kids are in foster care. Here’s how you can help
AZCentral – September 04, 2016
What can you do? The answer depends on the amount of time and the financial resources you have. It also depends on what you believe is the best way to help a child in need – different programs may take different approaches.
AR: Pulaski County judge subpoenaed over foster care placement
Associated Press – August 31, 2016
A Pulaski County juvenile court judge has been subpoenaed to answer questions about her alleged refusal to give priority to relatives in the placement of children who are in state custody. Circuit judge Patricia James was subpoenaed by the Joint Performance Review Committee on Tuesday, The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette ( reports.



AR: As number of foster children rise, DHS working to improve foster family recruitment
Talk Business & Politics – August 29, 2016
More Arkansas children are entering foster care than leaving the system, and there are more than three times as many foster children as foster homes. So the Department of Human Services is trying to streamline the process of creating more of those homes.

AZ: New program to reduce number of Arizona children in group homes, shelters
KTAR – August 29, 2016
A project called “Fostering Sustainable Connections” from The Arizona Department of Child Safety has the goal of reconnecting children in foster homes with people the child used to know, including family members.

AZ: Child welfare: There are some issues we just won’t let go
Arizona Republic – August 28, 2016
Foundation funding for journalism feels new, but it’s not without precedent, and we believe it holds great promise. The Arizona Community Foundation grant will enable a deeper look than we’ve ever been able to take before, by supporting extra reporting time and resources and multimedia storytelling to explore the problems in new ways.


AR: KAIT: Family services leader fired for ‘integrity, honesty’ reasons
Arkansas Times – August 26, 2016
KAIT-TV in Jonesboro reports that a Greene County supervisor in the Division of Children and Family Services was fired for violating a policy about integrity and honesty.

AZ: A Phoenix shelter where Arizona children in state care wait for a home, help (Includes video)
Arizona Republic – August 28, 2016
While elected officials work to improve Arizona’s troubled child-welfare system, daily life for kids in shelter care takes on its own rhythm.


AZ: Foster care children aging out of Arizona system need transitional help
Jewish News – August 24, 2016
Flores’s transition story, though, is not typical for the roughly 800 young adults expected to “age out” of Arizona’s foster care system in 2016. There are state programs and charitable agencies aimed at helping youth as they age out of foster care, but only about one-quarter of them take advantage, according to Beverlee Kroll, an independent living and youth services manager for the Department of Child Safety.


AZ: Becoming A Parent While In Foster Care: Pregnant Teens In DCS Face Many Struggles (Includes audio)
KJZZ – August 23, 2016
Teenage pregnancy has been declining in Arizona over the past few decades. That reflects a national downward trend, but let’s take a look at a specific group: teens in the foster care system.


AR: Number Of Kids In Ark Foster Care At All Time High
KARK – August 22, 2016
A year after Governor Asa Hutchinson said the state’s foster care system was in “crisis” some troubling trends continue. The number of kids in foster care in Arkansas is now at an all time high. Also: Children in foster care in Arkansas reaches all-time high:

AZ: Judge: Families leaving DCS supervision need more help (Includes video)
ABC 15 – August 22, 2016
Maricopa County’s top juvenile court judge is revealing a “weak point” in the child welfare system. “There’s a lot of resources that we try to gather around a family when they have had their kids removed, but at the end of the case, we weren’t really checking in to find out what’s next,” Presiding Judge Colleen McNally said.


AR: Organization opens home for foster teenage boys (Includes video)
KAIT 8 – August 21, 2016
Since the fall of 2015, the Bridge of Hope Ministries in Pocahontas has been working on building a home that would house teenage boys in foster care. They held an open house for the community to see the result on Sunday.

AZ: My Turn: Department of Child Safety is cutting costs, not services (Opinion)
AZCentral – August 19, 2016
The number of services is growing, as is our overall capacity to deliver them. And thanks to new efficiencies, these services will be provided at a significantly lower cost to the taxpayer. Also: Critics say Arizona is cheaping out on child-welfare services:

AZ: Report: Arizona Children Face Social, Economic Challenges (Includes audio)
Public News Service – August 19, 2016
It’s getting tougher to be a kid in Arizona, according to a new report. The 2016 Kids Count Data Book for Arizona shows that more children are living in poverty, family incomes are dropping and the number of kids in foster care continues to rise. Arizona Kids Count 2016:


AZ: Report: Foster Care Rates Sky-Rocket, More Arizona Children Living In Poverty (Includes audio)
KJZZ – August 18, 2016
“Fifty-one percent, so more than half of the kids in Arizona are in low income families,” she said. “And that’s a concern because we know that there are a number of other factors that are affected by that particular benchmark.” Arizona Kids Count Data Book:


AZ: My Turn: ‘Streamlining’ foster care is government speak for cutting services (Opinion)
The Arizona Republic – August 17, 2016
My Turn: Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey created a plan without input to improve foster care. It’ll only make things worse.


AR: Number of Arkansas children in foster care near crisis point (Includes video)
KATV – August 16, 2016
The top reasons for foster care replacement in Arkansas are substance abuse and neglect. Parent incarceration, physical abuse and inadequate housing also are reasons DHS removes children from homes.


AZ: Court rejects tribe’s appeal in girl’s adoption case
Associated Press – August 14, 2016
The Arizona Court of Appeals said Thursday that the tribe did not request to transfer court proceedings until the parental rights of the girl’s biological mother had been terminated in March 2015 and her foster parents had gained permanent custody of her.


AZ: Study: Arizona is 6th-worst state for underprivileged children
Arizona Republic – August 12, 2016
In a new study, Arizona is highlighted as a state struggling with issues of child welfare, ranking 46th overall. A new WalletHub report compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia based on the pervasiveness of certain “disadvantage” indicators, with metrics ranging from infant-mortality rate to child food-insecurity rate to percentage of maltreated children. WalletHub is a personal-finance website. Report:

AZ: Court Upholds Rights Of Adoptive Parents Of Indian Child
Daily Caller – August 11, 2016
“This decision comes as a great relief,” said Adi Dynar, the Goldwater Institute attorney who argued the case, in a prepared statement. “But it just highlights the problems with the Indian Child Welfare Act. This law creates a separate and unequal legal system for children of Native American ancestry.”

AZ: More children going to forever homes (Includes video)
KNXV – August 11, 2016
For the first time in over two years, more children are leaving DCS care than coming into the system.


AZ: Group home caters to LGBT foster children
Cronkite News – August 09, 2016
Redmond said that the state government does a good job when a child is willing to identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, but many children are reluctant to do so.
AZ: Foster kids removed from 6 homes after sexual allegation
Arizona Republic – August 08, 2016
State officials removed dozens of children in foster care from six group homes amid an investigation by the Arizona Department of Child Safety. The group homes are all run by the same operator, P.O.W.E.R. House Youth Facility.



AZ: Group steps up to help Arizona foster children get the education they deserve (Includes video)
ABC15 Arizona – July 26, 2016
Tens of thousands of Arizona’s children are in foster care, and one of the biggest issues they face is getting a good education.


AR: NWA Organization Helps Men Who Age Out of Foster Care (Includes video)
KNWA – July 26, 2016
Shane Sturdivant is the co-founder of Micah’s House, which provides a home environment, life skills and mentorship for young men like Beamon. Since that moment, the two have worked to move beyond Rocky’s anger and mistrust of others.


AR: Volunteers sought to aid child welfare
The Sentinel-Record – July 25, 2016
About 40 percent of children in Arkansas’ child welfare system don’t receive the assistance they need, according to Justin Buck, executive director of Garland County Court Appointed Special Advocates.

AZ: Restored KidsCare Program Taking Applications (Includes audio)
Public News Service – July 26, 2016
The reinstated KidsCare program provides health insurance at low or no cost to as many as 30,000 Arizona children.
AZ: Attention men: Step ‘into the breach’ for foster care children (Opinion) (Includes video)
Catholic Sun – July 19, 2016
Only 22 percent of current Court Appointed Special Advocates in Maricopa County are male. Yet more than half of the county’s 13,000 foster children are boys who could benefit from having a positive male role model in their lives.


AZ: $450K in grants awarded to prevent child abuse in Arizona
The Arizona Republic – July 13, 2016
Nineteen child-abuse prevention programs in Arizona are benefiting this year from more than $450,000 in grants they received from the sale of license plates bearing this message: It shouldn’t hurt to be a child.


AZ: Out-of-home spending outweighs Arizona’s DCS prevention costs
Arizona Daily Star – July 10, 2016
The child welfare agency used $251,000 on in-home prevention services for its backlogged cases in the last 12 months, preliminary estimates show, and more than $11 million for out-of-home placements and related support services. These figures, from a Joint Legislative Budget Committee report, focus on inactive cases.

AZ: 4 ways to make this election year about Arizona kids (Opinion)
AZCentral – July 09, 2016
The people we elect to the Legislature will make decisions that will have a huge impact on children’s lives and the future of Arizona. Those decisions can either make it easier for children to reach their dreams or put big roadblocks in their way.


AR: Child-welfare chief drops interim title
Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette – July 09, 2016
The Department of Human Services named Mischa Martin director of the Children and Family Services Division earlier that day. Also: New DCFS director named:



AZ: State Drops 1,500 Needy Children With First-in-Nation Cash Assistance Cap
Rewire – July 07, 2016
At the beginning of this month, around 1,500 children and 1,000 adults living in poverty in Arizona lost cash assistance and now are permanently barred from the state’s welfare program.
AZ: Group Home Offers Place Where LGBT Foster Kids Can Be Themselves (Includes audio)
KJZZ – July 05, 2016
Arizona’s Department of Child (DCS) safety has 19,000 children in its care. The department recently evolved training policies to accommodate the growing number of LGBT youth in the system. One foster group home is leading the way with a pilot program taking only LGBT teens.


AR: Welfare of youths still lags in state
Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette – June 26, 2016
Arkansas continues to rate as one of the country’s most inhospitable places for children, according to a national report, and some state policymakers and experts don’t expect that to change in the near future. For the second year in a row, Arkansas ranked 44th in the nation on child welfare, according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s annual Kids Count report. Report:



AR: Locked-up dad hard on kids, group says
Arkansas Online – June 17, 2016
“Any time you increase the number of parents in prison, you increase the number of families affected,” she said. “The third-highest reason for children placed in foster care in Arkansas is parental imprisonment.”


AZ: New law makes it easier to support Arizona foster children (Includes video)
KPNX – June 14, 2016
In what is considered the next step to improving the often tumultuous lives of Arizona’s foster children, the state has published a list of 30 foster care charities that, for the first time, are eligible for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit.


AZ: Caseworkers made 88 visits before Tucson toddler was killed
Arizona Daily Star – June 12, 2016
Adam Mada, his mother, father and the child’s caregivers met with DCS workers an average of four or five times each month as the agency pushed to sever the rights of the child’s parents, the state agency says.


AZ: Families torn apart celebrate reunification
AZCentral – June 12, 2016
The third annual Reunification Day Celebration honored parents who regained custody of their children from foster care and have been reunited for at least a year.


AZ: Department of Child Safety — Struggling or Successful? (Opinion)
Arizona Capitol Times – June 09, 2016
With another recent tragedy of three Phoenix children murdered and dismembered by their mother and the fact that at least another 1,500 children nationally will die from maltreatment, often at the hands of their caregivers, is it not unacceptable and just too simplistic to think that the statement released by the Arizona Department of Child Safety’s June 3rd press release in response to their three prior investigations is to comment that “our powers are limited to prevent such a tragedy; and, we cannot predict the future.”


AR: Leaner DHS in works, its chief says
North West Arkansas Times – June 08, 2016
The state Department of Human Services would be better served by fewer employees who work more efficiently, are centrally directed and ultimately better compensated, department Director Cindy Gillespie said Tuesday. Also: Restructuring Dept of Human Services business functions just the beginning, director says:

AZ: Childhelp recruits new COO
Phoenix Business Journal – June 07, 2016
The nation’s oldest and largest nonprofit advocating for abused and neglected children announced that Richard Nedelkoff will serve as the organization’s COO.


AR: Number of foster care children in area continues to rise
Southwest Times Record – June 06, 2016
More than 4,500 children in Arkansas are in foster care, and more than 1,000 of those are from the greater Fort Smith area.

AZ: With Foster Care Numbers Rising, Child Safety Citizen Panels Convene In Valley (Includes audio)
KJZZ – June 06, 2016
There are more than 19,000 children in foster care in Arizona. It’s a number that keeps growing in our state, despite the money and resources being poured into the state’s child welfare system. Also: Number Of Foster Kids Reaches Record High, While Staff Hits Record Low:


AR: Nurses Take Health Care to the Homeless (Includes audio)
Public News Service – June 06, 2016
An innovative community nursing program in Fayetteville is being called such a success that it may be expanded to other communities around the state.

AZ: Boys found stabbed to death were on state agency’s radar
CBS News – June 03, 2016
Arizona child welfare officials said Friday they had previous contacts with the family of a 2-month-old, 5-year-old and 8-year-old boy found stabbed to death in their Phoenix home.


Child Fatalities/ Near Fatalities Information Releases | Arizona …

If DCS receives a report that a child has died or nearly died as a result of abuse or neglect on or after September 26, 2008, the preliminary information will be …

Mesa PD: Todd Heap accidentally hit, killed young … – ABC15 Arizona…/child-hit-by-car-in-mesa-driveway-has-died

Apr 14, 2017 – A three-year-old girl has died after being hit by a car in the east Valley. … the accident “knee-buckling news and an overwhelming tragedy.”.


1-year-old boy has died after being attacked by a family dog – 12 News…a…/447483037

2 days ago – PHOENIX – A 1-year-old boy died after a dog attack in a South Phoenix home. A fire official said a grandmother was watching the child at the time of the incident. … Police: 10-year-old Arizona boy bound, burned and… Jun.

1-year-old boy dies after mauling, Rottweiler euthanized – 12 News…/447483037

1 day ago – The grandmother did everything she could to pull the dog off of the child, but was unsuccessful, a fire spokesman said.

Ex-NFL star Todd Heap drove truck that hit, killed daughter in Mesa…/100489522/

Apr 14, 2017 – Todd Heap, a former NFL football player who also starred at Arizona State … Ex-NFL star drove truck that hit, killed daughter in Mesa … The child was in the driveway of the home when Heap moved a truck forward, striking her, police said. … This is knee-buckling news and an overwhelmingly sad tragedy.

Tucson Couple Is Arrested in Death of Woman’s Baby Daughter ……/arizona/…/tucson-couple-is-arrested-in-death-of-wo…

Mar 1, 2017 – News · Best States · Arizona News. Tucson Couple Is Arrested in Death of Woman’s BabyDaughter. Pima County Sheriff’s officials say a Tucson couple has been arrested on felony child abuse charges in the recent death of …

CBS 5 AZ KPHO | Phoenix news, Arizona, weather, video, photos …

Phoenix Arizona News – covers the latest on Phoenix, … An 18-month-old child was rushed to the hospital Saturday night after falling into … A man has died following an early morning shooting Saturday at a strip club in Phoenix.

Local News – KVOA | | Tucson, Arizona

Parents of missing “Baby Girl Jackson” arrested in Arizona ….. A 1-year-old boy died Friday after being attacked by a dog around 1:20 p.m., Phoenix fire officials …

News – KVOA | | Tucson, Arizona

Parents of missing “Baby Girl Jackson” arrested in Arizona · Parents of missing “Baby …. 3 U.S. SoldiersKilled in Afghanistan After Afghan Soldier Opens Fire.



‘Mom Cut the Baby’s Neck,’ Toddler Tells Police After Infant Stabbed to ……/mom-cut-the-babys-neck-toddler-tells-police-after-infant-stabbed-to-deat…

Feb 1, 2017 – A Buckeye, Arizona mother said she had been hearing voices, was … airlifted to PhoenixChildren’s Hospital but later was pronounced dead.

Tucson couple arrested in baby’s death | Crime … – Arizona Daily Star…baby…death/…

Mar 3, 2017 – A Tucson couple has been arrested on felony child abuse charges, … was pronounceddead, according to a sheriff’s department news release.

UPDATE: Four facing charges in brutal death on Pima County baby ……/charges-upgraded-in-death-of-pima-county-baby

Mar 16, 2017 – TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -. Most of the confusion over charges in connection with the Feb. 19 death of a baby has been cleared up, …

Modesto child molestation suspect dead after evading police in Arizona

May 11, 2017 – Suspected child molester Kevin Robertson, the Modesto man who fled police on Tuesday morning, has died after crashing a vehicle into a pole …

Arizona Baby Left In Car Dies – – Tyler, Longview …

A 17-month old little boy is dead after his mother left him inside her car while she was at … Michael Thompson, 6pm News Producer. …

The Death of Ame Deal: Did It Change Arizona’s Child Protective ……

May 30, 2017 – Ame Deal was 10 when Phoenix police found her dead. She had … Not Suitable forChildren: Can Arizona’s Broken Child Welfare System Ever Be Fixed? …. Sean is a freelance reporter with a 30-year career in print news.

1-year-old boy killed by rottweiler in Phoenix has been identifi – 3TV ……/1-year-old-boy-killed-by-rottweiler-in-phoenix-has-been-identifi…

2 days ago – A 1-year-old boy who was attacked and killed by a rottweiler Friday afternoon in Phoenix … Good Morning AZ · All Sections … By News Staff … The boy was transported to a local children’s trauma center in extremely critical …

Modesto Fugitive Suspected of Child Molestation Dies in Crash in ……/modesto-fugitive-suspected-of-child-molestation-dies-in-crash-in-arizo…

May 11, 2017 – City of Kingman, AZ Police Department …. Modesto Police Search for Man Suspected ofChild Molestation … National and World News …

Child Welfare Statistics: Arizona Children in Out-of-Home Care › Home › Child Welfare

Child welfare statistics and research on Arizona’s Children. The number of child abuse calls received, number of out-of-home children in care, ages, ethnicity … Home · About Us · Foster Children Stories · CASA Videos · Volunteer Stories · Volunteer · News & Events …. This is a decrease from 2014 when 834children died.

Arizona News –

Arizona News

Baby boy dies after being attacked by family dog in Phoenix. Associated Press | June 9, 2017 4:50 pm. Authorities say an 18-month-old boy has died after being …



Arizona woman faces death penalty in child abuse case – The Boston ……/arizona…death…child…/story.htm…

May 9, 2017 – Most Popular In News … Baby boomers are downsizing — and the kids won’t take the family heirlooms … to a pair of deadly assaults in Tehran as “repugnant,” as the death toll in the attacks rose to 17, with 52 others wounded.

Woman, child dead following Mesa home fire – Story | KSAZ

May 2, 2017 – (KSAZ) – An adult woman and a small child is dead, following a fire at an … found deadinside the apartment was an employee with the Arizona …

Arizona radio station under investigation for child porn PSA – CBS News

May 10, 2017 – Arizona radio station under investigation for child porn PSA. Arizona radio station 97.7 broadcast a PSA telling people how to avoid getting …. Creighton killings: Was revenge the motive behind Omaha stabbing deaths?

Arizona dad who shot, killed two daughters has died – NY Daily News…/arizona-dad-shot-killed-daughters-died-article-1.2476…

Dec 25, 2015 – The Arizona dad and National Guard member who killed his two … Levi Parker, 37, murdered the children, MacKenzie Lee Parker, 8, and …

Death penalty sought for Casa Grande mom accused of poisoning ch ……/death-penalty-sought-for-casa-grande-mom-accused-of-poisoning-…

Dec 27, 2013 – Prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty for a Casa Grande woman accused of killing her teenage daughter and trying to poison her three other children last Christmas Day. … Good MorningAZ · All Sections. Print. AddThis …. Stay with and CBS 5 News for updates on this developing story.

Arizona Mother Faces Murder Charges After Police Find … – ABC News…find-children/story?…

Sep 15, 2013 – An apparently suicidal Arizona mother is facing murder charges after her children were found dead in a Santa Ana, Calif., hotel room, police …

Arizona Boy, 9, Pleads Guilty to Murdering Dad | Fox News…/…

Feb 19, 2009 – 5 shooting deaths of his father, 29-year-old Vincent Romero, and … But while in custody, the boy told a state Child Protective Services worker …

Rising child abuse reports in AZ | Arizona Sonora News Service

By Yazmine Moore/Arizona Sonora News on Feb 18, 2016 … The U.S. has one of the highest rates ofchild abuse cases, and as a result, child deaths, among …

Arizona Parents Allegedly Waited to Call 911 in Son’s Shooting – People

Mar 23, 2017 – Arizona police believe a 9-year-old boy who was fatally shot in the head this week might … In addition, Kansas, 31, faces child abuse and hindering prosecution charges. … Hospital officials pronounced Landen dead on Tuesday. Phoenix police Sgt. Vince Lewis said at a news conference Wednesday that …

Abuse and neglect killed more Arizona children in 2010 – WBRC FOX6 ……/abuse-and-neglect-killed-more-arizona-children-in-2010?…

Nov 1, 2011 – WBRC FOX6 News – Birmingham, ALAbuse and neglect killed more … It’s all in the draftArizona Child Fatality Review Program’s annual report …



child death Archives – KAFF News of Northern Arizona

child death. Best Buy Parking Lot Accident Claims The Life Of A Three-Year-Old Boy. An accident at the Best Buy in Flagstaff yesterday has claimed the life of a …

Arizona Daily Star Recent Obituaries –

Browse Arizona Daily Star obituaries, conduct other obituary searches, offer … NEWS & ADVICE … BUSHROE, Jeffrey Robert died May 26, 2017 at the age of 27. … Survived by sister, Irene; Children, Sandra, Frankie, Maryann and Elizabeth.

news | ASU Center for Child Well-Being

Unfortunately, Arizona ranks 49th in children’s health measures, but PHC has … of Child Safety (DCS) releases records related to child death/parent suicide.

Child death by abuse on rise in Arizona, Pinal | News |…/news/child-death…arizona…/article_5e7b64b0-b983-…

Dec 5, 2016 – According to the 2015 Arizona Child Fatality Review released in November, the number of maltreatment-related deaths rose 15 percent from …

PICTURED: Mugshot of Arizona mom who ‘killed her three … – Daily Mail…/Mugshot-Phoenix-mother-allegedly-stabbed-three-sons-de…

Jun 6, 2016 – MailOnline US – news, sport, celebrity, science and health stories … PICTURED: Mugshot ofArizona mom who ‘killed her three sons’ … Rogers, who was identified by her mother, killed the childrenbefore stuffing them inside.

Arizona child maltreatment deaths rise – The Evening Sun…/arizona-child…deaths…/1907552…

Nov 15, 2014 – According to an annual report by the state Department of Health Services, the number of preventable child deaths fell by five percent in 2013 …

Cochise County sees Arizona’s first child flu death | Local News …….

Jan 12, 2011 – “Influenza-associated means that the child tested positive for the flu, but the actual cause of death has not been established,” said Vaira Harik, …

Ex-NFL star drove truck that hit, killed daughter in Arizona usatoday ……/child-dies…/100489522/

Apr 14, 2017 – Todd Heap, a former NFL football player who also starred at Arizona State University, was behind the wheel of a truck that accidentally struck and killed his 3-year-old … The child was in the driveway of the home when Heap moved a truck … This is knee-buckling news and an overwhelmingly sad tragedy.



MCAO News Releases – Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, AZ

PHOENIX, AZ (January 31, 2012) – The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office today ….. Brokale Marques Sentenced to 23 Years for Child’s Death in Hot Car.

Arizona mother stabs baby to death – WBBH News for Fort …

Jan 31, 2017 – Arizona mother charged with murder after 5-month-old found stabbed to death in Buckeye home.

Friends dispute abuse suspicions in slaying – US news – Crime ……/ns/us_news…/friends-dispute-suggestions-abuse-slaying/

Nov 10, 2008 – Mourners packed a funeral Monday for a man allegedly shot to death by his 8-year-old son, … About 600 people filled the rural Arizona church in this town of … filed about the boy with Arizona Child Protective Services and that … | East Valley, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler

East Valley Tribune: Local Arizona news from Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek and Tempe. … Childmolestation counts filed in Hamilton High hazing case.

Forklift accident resulting in child death, answers not … – St George News…/hsr-forklift-accident-resulting-in-child-death-a…

Apr 12, 2014 – Free News Delivery by Email. Would you like to have the day’s news stories delivered right to your inbox every evening? Enter your email …

Mom accused of stabbing baby to death claimed she … – Q13 FOX News…/mom-accused-of-stabbing-baby-to-death-claimed-she-was-hearing-vo…

Feb 1, 2017 – **EMBARGO: Phoenix, AZ** A Buckeye mother claimed she had been hearing voices was possessed and was not in control of her actions …

[PDF]Child Fatality Review – Arizona Department of Health Services…childrens-health/…/child…/cfr-annual-report-2016.pdf

Nov 15, 2016 – (CFR) has prepared an annual report on child deaths. By reviewing these ….. This year there is hopeful news to share as well as areas for.

Arizona 9-year-old pleads guilty in shooting death – The Mercury News…/arizona-9-year-old-pleads-guilty-in-shooting-death/

Feb 19, 2009 – Authorities said they had no record of any complaints filed about the boy with Arizona Child Protective Services and that the youngster had no …

Arizona Public Health News

1916 – ‎Public health

The Ignorance and Carelessness of Mothers Results in Death for the Babies. Measles is called achildren’s disease. Better call it a mothers’ disease. Mothers …



Arrest made in child abuse case – KVOA | | Tucson, Arizona

Apr 27, 2017 – Overnight, a call was received from a woman claiming her child had … Southern Arizona News · News … A three-year old is in critical condition and an arrest has been made after a child abusecall Wednesday, April 26, when …

Top stories

Police: 10-year-old Arizona boy bound, burned and covered in bruises


KPNX 12 News TV · 1 day ago

PD: Child beaten, bound and burned in Chino Valley


ABC15 Arizona · 2 days ago

Couple arrested after child found beaten, burned and bound in Chino Valley


CBS 5 · 1 day ago

More for Arizona child abuse news

Police: 10-year-old Arizona boy bound, burned and … – 12 News…/447330616

2 days ago – Julianna Moreno and Daniel Terry were arrested for various charges including attempted first degree murder and child abuse in Chino Valley.

Three Phoenix daycare workers arrested after child abuse – ABC15 ……/phoenix-daycare-worker-arrested-for-child-abuse

Feb 24, 2017 – PHOENIX – Three Phoenix daycare workers have been arrested after one allegedly hitting a child with a broom and two others interfered with …

PD: Child beaten, bound and burned in Chino Valley – ABC15 Arizona…az/…/pd-child-beaten-bound-and-burned-in-chino-val…

2 days ago – PD: Child beaten, bound and burned in Chino Valley … facing charges of attempted first-degree murder, child abuse and aggravated assault.

6,000 Arizona child abuse reports not investigated – 3TV | CBS 5…

The director of Arizona’s child welfare system says thousands of child abuse hotline … Carter told CBS 5 News, the Office of Child Welfare Investigations will …

Arizona pair arrested in ‘extreme’ neglect and abuse case – Las Vegas ……/arizona-pair-arrested-in-extreme-neglect-and-abuse…

Jan 19, 2016 – … the worst case of child abuse Mesa police officers have seen in a while. … Police Chief John Meza said a news conference Tuesday morning.

Mother of 3-year-old girl arrested on suspicion of child abuse | Crime ……of…/article_6df35092-31ce-11e7-bc07-3b4068c60915.html

May 5, 2017 – A Tucson woman has been arrested on child abuse charges, a week after her …. Not realnews roundup: There’s not blood in your banana, and more ‘covfefe’ controversy … 5225 E. Speedway Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85712.

Child abuse cases rise in Arizona – Tucson News Now

The number of child abuse cases in Arizona continue to rise. In fact, an 18-month-old girl died just last week, and now her mother and another man are charged …




3rd Suspect Named in Doctor, Nurse Child Sex Case | Arizona News ……/arizona/…/3rd-suspect-named-in-doctor-nurse-child-…

May 17, 2017 – The third suspect arrested in a Northern California child abuse case … surgeon and a nurse has been identified as a 29-year-old Arizona nurse.

Childhelp Children’s Advocacy Center of Arizona Dedicated to Linda …

Childhelp Children’s Center of Arizona Dedicated to Linda Pope

The Childhelp Children’s Advocacy Center of Arizona Dedicated to Linda Pope provides treatment, intervention and investigation services for victims of child abuse. … forced to relive their abuse by telling their story to one official after another.

Special report: Saving Arizona’s children –

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Pinwheels of Hope raising awareness of child abuse in Arizona ……/pinwheels-hope-raising-awareness-child-abuse-arizo/

Apr 25, 2017 – Pinwheels of Hope raising awareness of child abuse in Arizona … In honor of April beingChild Abuse Prevention Awareness Month, North Country HealthCare clinic in Williams planted a Pinwheels of … More like this story.

6,000 suspected child abuse cases ignored: AZ officials – NY Daily News…/6-000-suspected-child-abuse-cases-az-officials-article…

Nov 21, 2013 – About 6000 cases of suspected child abuse or neglect that were reported to a statewideArizona hotline over the past four years were never …

Children’s Action Alliance

Arizona Center for Economic Progress P logo 3. image003. KidsCare Partner Outreach Toolkit Widget 1. Annual Report 2016 · What’s at Stake? The Impact of …

Arizona Department Of Child Safety Clears Inactive Case Backlog ……/news/…/arizona-department-child-safety-clears-inactive-case-b…

Mar 16, 2017 – Arizona Department Of Child Safety Clears Inactive Case Backlog. News Release … As a result, the decreased backlog helped to improve response times on abuse allegations, lower caseloads for workers, and allow more …

Prevent Child Abuse Arizona | LinkedIn

See who you know at Prevent Child Abuse Arizona, leverage your … Join LinkedIn to get the latest news, insights, and opportunities from over 3 million …

Child death by abuse on rise in Arizona, Pinal | News |…/news/child…abuse…arizona…/article_5e7b64b0-b98…

Dec 5, 2016 – CASA GRANDE — On Christmas Day 2013, Ania Rael Macias’ life ended when her mother allegedly suffocated her during a failed …

Arizona woman faces death penalty in child abuse case – The Boston ……/arizona…child-abuse…/story.html

May 9, 2017 – Most Popular In News … She is grilled on the witness stand about why she continued to speak with a famous man she now charges with abuse, …



Child death by abuse on rise in Arizona, Pinal | News |…/news/child…abuse…arizona…/article_5e7b64b0-b98…

Dec 5, 2016 – CASA GRANDE — On Christmas Day 2013, Ania Rael Macias’ life ended when her mother allegedly suffocated her during a failed …

Arizona woman faces death penalty in child abuse case – The Boston ……/arizona…child-abuse…/story.html

May 9, 2017 – Most Popular In News … She is grilled on the witness stand about why she continued to speak with a famous man she now charges with abuse, …

Arizona Man Allegedly Used Taser to Abuse His Son – People

Apr 28, 2017 – Arizona Dad Allegedly Abused Son with a Taser for Not Doing His Homework: ‘You … Click here to get breaking crime news, ongoing trial coverage and details of … He has been charged withchild abuse and is barred from …

Arizona CPS News Archive – Kidjacked › states.asp

The Arizona news section is your source for the latest in family rights news …. Team reviewing 6,600 ignored Arizona child abuse and neglect reports says all but …

Openness grows in Arizona child abuse inquiries | News ……arizona-child-abuse…/article_2059ef81-e2e4-554…

A pilot program to open more court hearings on child abuse and neglect may be unconstitutional, allowing courtroom visitors but swearing them to secrecy.

U.S. Supreme Court declines AZ diaper changing case, upholds … › courts

Apr 3, 2017 – The issue goes to the fact that under Arizona law someone can be convicted of childmolestation and sexual abuse if a jury believes the …

Arizona high court won’t review child welfare worker firings | News ……child…/article_cbdef1b7-2eeb-5acc-8f36-eaf9…

May 17, 2017 – PHOENIX (AP) — An Arizona Supreme Court decision not to review a … About 6,000 cases of suspected child abuse or neglect reported to the …

Applications being accepted for Arizona child-abuse prevention grants…/applications-being-accepted-for-arizona-child-abuse-preventio…

Apr 18, 2017 – Applications are now being accepted for 2017 childabuse prevention grants funded primarily through sales of the “It Shouldn’t Hurt to be a …

Arizona CPS Uses Police-State Tactics to Kidnap Safe Children…/arizona-cps-uses-police-state-tactics-to-kidnap-safe-children/

May 4, 2017 – Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS), under fire for its skyrocketing … After 12 Newsnotified Arizona’s DCS they were doing a story on the secret … A DCS recording policy meant to further investigate abuse has some …

Arizona girl found in storage box: Cousin stands trial on murder, abuse ……/arizona-girl-found-in-storage-box-cousin-stands-trial-on-murder-…

Arizona girl found in storage box: Cousin stands trial on murder, abuse charges. Published May 08, 2017. Fox News. Facebook; Twitter; Email; Print … DAD SENTENCED FOR ABUSE AFTER ARIZONA CHILD’S DEATH. Deal’s death followed …



Child Welfare Statistics: Arizona Children in Out-of-Home Care › Home › Child Welfare

CASA of Arizona. … Number of children in out-of-home care decreased from 18,906 to 17,984. …Arizona Department of Child Safety, “Child Welfare Reporting Requirements Semi-Annual Report for the Period of Apr. 1, 2016 through Sept. 30, 2016″; 2016 Kids Count Data Center.

Spring Valley Couple Arrested For Child Abuse | Arizona Daily ……/spring-valley-couple-arrested-for-child-abuse-…

Spring Valley Couple Arrested For Child Abuse. TOPICS:2-Year-OldChild … By: ADI News Services April 19, 2016. On the morning of April 15, 2016, 20-year old …

Ariz. Couple Sues Walmart Over Kids’ Bath Photos – ABC News › Money

Mar 9, 2013 – VIDEO: Couple cleared of child sexual abuse is suing. … The police, in turn, called in theArizona Child Protective Services Agency, and the …

Northwest News: Arizona child abuse fugitive who posed as ……/…

Feb 22, 2012 – Northwest NewsArizona child abuse fugitive who posed as Vancouver, B.C., man, arrested; in avalanche, try spitting to get your bearing.

Baby of Arizona TV reporters tests positive for cocaine; couple … – Fox 6…/baby-of-arizona-tv-reporters-tests-positive-for-cocaine-couple-charg…

Jun 28, 2016 – TUSCON Arizona — Two Arizona television personalities face multiple … News Reporter Couple Plead Not Guilty To Child Abuse After Baby …

2015 Was a Rough Year for Kids in Arizona’s Child Welfare System…

Dec 28, 2015 – As New Times wrote in a cover story earlier this year, Flanagan was making positive strides. … cases, fixed problems with its child abuse hotline, increased staffing, and … 12 Explanations for Arizona’s Child-Welfare Problems …

Two TV reporters charged with child abuse after 4-month-old baby ……/baby-of-arizona-tv-reporters-tests-positive-for-cocaine-couple-charged-…

Jun 29, 2016 – Two Arizona television personalities face multiple charges after their … News Reporter Couple Plead Not Guilty To Child Abuse After Baby …

Numbers Remain High For Child Abuse, Neglect In Arizona | KJZZ

Jan 10, 2017 – Child abuse and the rising number of Arizona kids in foster care have been in the headlines in our state for years now. That number is now as …

6,000 Arizona child abuse reports not investigated – AP News – Townhall…/6000-arizona-child-abuse-reports-not-investigated-n175…

Nov 21, 2013 – PHOENIX (AP) — About 6,000 cases of suspected child abuse or neglect that were reported to a statewide Arizona hotline over the past four …

Arizona gov in spotlight over child abuse failures | Local News Stories ……child-abuse…/article_053b3f2c-597f-11e3-a9ce…

Nov 30, 2013 – PHOENIX — Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer could be politically damaged by revelations that her administration ignored thousands of child abuse …

Chino mother, boyfriend charged with attempted murder of 10-year-old ……/chino-couple-charged-attempted-murder-10-year-…

2 days ago – The boy’s mother, Juliana Moreno, 34, and her boyfriend, Daniel Terry, 36, were charged with attempted first-degree murder, child abuse, and …

Rising child abuse reports in AZ | Arizona Sonora News Service

Rising child abuse reports in AZ. By Yazmine Moore/Arizona Sonora News on Feb 18, 2016 | Comments Off on Rising child abuse reports in AZ. Number of …

Contact Us – PCA Arizona – Prevent Child Abuse Arizona

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To make a contribution to Prevent Child Abuse Arizona: Use our secure … For the latest news about Prevent Child Abuse Arizona, please visit our news page.

Oklahoma Child Abuse Suspects Arrested in Arizona – News 9

Jan 28, 2017 – An Oklahoma couple is no longer on the run after police say they severely abused their baby.

Arizona child welfare case backlog continues to grow – WBRC FOX6 …

Sep 26, 2015 – TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -. Arizona revamped its agency to protect children last year after abuse and neglect cases fell through the …

Four face murder charges in death of Tucson infant –…death…infant/99920278/


The Arizona Daily Star Published 4:08 p.m. MT April 1, 2017 | Updated 4:52 p.m. … to who hurt Wyllow and who was ultimately responsible for the baby’s death.

4th person arrested in infant’s death, facing abuse … – Arizona Daily Star…infant…death…/article_e5231f24-0cc8-11e7-833d-9b00a96a4de5…


Mar 21, 2017 – A 26-year-old woman was arrested Tuesday and is facing child abuse and second-degree murder charges in connection with the death of a …

Tucson police arrest 2 in baby’s Mother’s Day death | Local news ……baby…death/…


May 15, 2017 – The mother, identified as 25-year-old Salma Rodriguez, was arrested for two counts of Child Abuse – a Class 2 Felony. Her boyfriend, identified as 22-year-old Ivan Portillo Herrera was arrested for one count of Child Abuse – a Class 2 Felony. … A 10-month-old baby died from his …

Child Fatalities/ Near Fatalities Information Releases | Arizona …



If DCS receives a report that a child has died or nearly died as a result of abuse or neglect on or after September 26, 2008, the preliminary information will be …

Tucson Police: Couple Accused of Abusing Infant Who Has Died ……/arizona/…/tucson-police-couple-accused-of-abusing-…


May 15, 2017 – News · Best States · Arizona News. Tucson Police: Couple Accused of Abusing InfantWho Has Died … a woman and her boyfriend have been accused of abusing the woman’s baby boy who later died at a Tucson hospital.

Tucson Couple Is Arrested in Death of Woman’s Baby Daughter ……/arizona/…/tucson-couple-is-arrested-in-death-of-wo…


Mar 1, 2017 – News · Best States · Arizona News. Tucson Couple Is Arrested in Death of Woman’s BabyDaughter. Pima County Sheriff’s officials say a …

Dead infant’s mom says she isn’t to blame – KVOA | …

Mar 3, 2017 – We’re learning a lot more about the death of a baby girl last month on … Dead infant’smom says she isn’t to blame – KVOA | | Tucson, Arizona … The News 4 Tucson Investigators caught up with the mother, Kylie …

UPDATE: Candlelight vigil for baby who died from abuse; new deta …

Mar 7, 2017 – UPDATE: Candlelight vigil for baby who died from abuse; new details in her death … father – my boyfriend,” Brewer told the News 4 Tucson Investigators, … call police, the landlord, and the ArizonaDepartment of Child Safety.

Disturbing details revealed in death of Pima County baby – Tucson ……/court-documents-reveal-details-in-death-of-6-month-old-b…

Mar 4, 2017 – TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -. Recently released documents paint a disturbing case of child abuse that ended with the death of a …

‘Mom Cut the Baby’s Neck,’ Toddler Tells Police After Infant Stabbed to ……/mom-cut-the-babys-neck-toddler-tells-police-after-infant-stabbed-to-deat…


Feb 1, 2017 – A Buckeye, Arizona mother said she had been hearing voices, was … Tells Police AfterInfant Stabbed to DeathArizona Mother Arrested.

Police investigating after 7-month-old dies in Gilbert – ABC15 Arizona…/gilbert-police-investigating-injured-infant-airlifted-to-hospit…


Jan 9, 2017 – Gilbert police are investigating after an infant was taken to the hospital with … Gilbert familiy grieves second child tragedy after 7-month-old dies.

Infant’s death marks second tragedy for Gilbert mom – 3TV | CBS 5…/infants-death-marks-second-tragedy-for-gilbert-mom

Jan 11, 2017 – Doctors said Olivia died because of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. … Parade with the Donor Network of Arizona in memory of her 3-year-old son Devohn, … earned the station’s highest ratings for a news program each week.

Arizona Daily Star Recent Obituaries –


Browse Arizona Daily Star obituaries, conduct other obituary searches, offer … BUSHROE, Jeffrey Robertdied May 26, 2017 at the age of 27. Visitation Friday …

Police: Child’s severed head found on Navajo reservation – 12 News…/423134781


Mar 16, 2017 – Police found the remains of an infant on Navajo Nation land in northeast Arizona. … was ongoing as they tried to determine how the baby died.

Arizona Birth, Marriage and Death Records Genealogy – FamilySearch …,_Marriage_and_Death_Records


May 16, 2017 – Check Arizona Genealogy Birth and Death Certificates for records of births …. Arizona Newspaper Obituaries – Locate old or current obituaries. … If the survival of a baby was in question, the birth may not have been recorded.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) – NICHD – NIH



Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) … News & Media …. ​​SIDS is the sudden, unexplained death of an infant younger than 1 year old … Related A-Z Topics …

Tucson Couple Arrested In Child Abuse Death Of Infant | Arizona Daily ……/tucson-couple-arrested-in-child-abuse-death-o…


Tucson Couple Arrested In Child Abuse Death Of Infant. TOPICS:Child … By: ADI News Services May 15, 2017. On May 11, 2017, just after 3:30 p.m., Tucson …

Obituaries | – Arizona Daily Sun



Grady Lloyd Austin, 81, of Flagstaff, died peacefully after a brief illness on May … Stanley Harold Rowley 90, of Prescott, Arizona passed away on June 3, 2017. …. Sign up here to receive occasional email alerts about the Daily Sun news you …

Arizona mother stabs baby to death – WBBH News for Fort …

Jan 31, 2017 – Arizona mother charged with murder after 5-month-old found stabbed to death in Buckeye home.

SIDS: Sudden infant deaths much more common for some – CBS News


May 15, 2017 – Researchers who tracked cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) from 1995 through 2013 found that American Indian/Alaska Natives …

Arizona man facing murder charge in infant’s death – NBC12 – WWBT …

A 28-year-old man accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend’s infant is now facing a charge of first-degree murder.

Police investigate death of infant | The Verde Independent …


Jan 6, 2017 – Sgt. Nicole Florisi in a news release said police responded to the Copper Mountain Apartments for a report of an infant who was not breathing.

CDC – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Sudden …


Oct 3, 2016 – SUIDI Training Resources. Materials for infant death investigators and instructors … Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Case Registry …

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Directory: Find News, Features … › Parenting › Baby


Sort by: Date A-Z. 10 Steps to Help Prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) · Growth and Development, Ages 1 to 12 Months-Promoting Healthy Growth …

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)-Topic Overview – WebMD › Parenting › Baby



What is sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)?Sometimes a baby who seems healthy dies during sleep. This is called sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS.

American Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Institute



As a result of efforts by the Institute and other organizations, the sudden infant death rate is at an all-time low. However there are still about 4,000 sleep-related …

Hospital CEO Leaves Child to Die in Hot Car – ABC News


Hospital CEO Leaves Child to Die in Hot Car. … By ABC News … accused of criminal negligence for leaving her baby in the bathtub while she went to answer the …

Arizona police attempting to identify abandoned newborn … – Fox News…/arizona-police-attempting-to-identify-abandoned-newborn-girl-fo…

5 days ago – Arizona police attempting to identify abandoned newborn girl found at a … couple who believe in prayer healing charged in baby’s death.

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) – Mayo Clinic…/con-20020269



Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the unexplained death, usually during sleep, of a seemingly healthy baby less than a year old. SIDS is sometimes …

SIDS Resources in Arizona | hope. help. healing. | Sudden Infant …



MISS Foundation Peoria, Arizona. … Peoria, Arizona … Infant Deaths May Be Underestimated: Study – Twin Falls Times-News …

Mother from Rogersville is accused of killing baby by rolling on him in ……/news/Rogersville-mother-accused-in-death-of-her-baby-boy-40504…


Dec 6, 2016 – The baby died of suffocation on November 26. … Investigators say Arizona Sallee, 21, used marijuana, Xanax and methamphetamine before …

Arizona Department of Health Services



Healthy Babies … Info on obtaining birth and death certificates either in person or by mail, as well as … Search microfilmed images of birth and death certificates for assistance in researching family history inArizona. … Certification · Workforce Development · Procurement · News Releases & Fact Sheets · Employment.

Arizona Obituary Directory



Ends Life Of Stranger Found Dead in Bed In The Walker House At Night . … on 2017-06-08 – Today’sNews-Herald, Lake Havasu City, AZ >>> Published on …

Police: Infant’s death under investigation | Local News Stories ……infant…death…/article_7672d4e0-ec8d-11e5-8989-73…


Mar 17, 2016 – Lake Havasu City Police are investigating the death of an infant that occurred last … No. 7 Arizona beats Colorado 92-78 at Pac-12 Tournament.

A father punched his infant daughter to death because she was ……/a-father-punched-his-infant-daughter-to-death…

Aug 18, 2016 – A father punched his infant daughter to death because she was making … County Attorney Mike Freeman said at a news conference Tuesday.

Daycare where infant died had multiple violations over several y …


He was just four months old, and he died while in the care of Chesterbrook Academy off Mallard Creek Road in north Charlotte. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome …

Number of Infant Deaths | The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation › State Health Facts › Health Status › Infant Deaths


Number of Infant Deaths. United States. Alabama. Alaska. Arizona. Arkansas. California. Colorado. Connecticut. Delaware. District of Columbia. Florida. Georgia.

Infant’s Death Ruled Homicide – | Continuous News and ……/death-investigation-after-infant-found-dead-in-louisville

Mar 31, 2017 – According to WAVE 3 News, West Buechel police were called to the… … are investigating after an infant was found dead in a Louisville apartment complex. … (WCMH) – Police in Arizona are trying to identify a baby girl found …

Kingman Police investigate infant’s death | Kingman Daily Miner …

Jun 30, 2015 – Kingman Police were called at 10:20 a.m. June 20 after an infant was found not breathing in the morning after the parents were sleeping with …

Couple arrested on felony child abuse charges after death of 6-month ……news/couple-arrested-on-felony-child-abuse-charges-after-d…


Mar 1, 2017 – Three people are facing child abuse charges after the death of … Other court documents show doctors told investigators that the infant had …

Bruised, battered Ariz. girl, 3, weighed 15 lbs. at death – NY Daily News…/bruised-battered-ariz-girl-3-weighed-15-lbs-death-arti…


May 27, 2015 – Arizona girl, 3, weighed 15 pounds, showed signs of being beaten, … As an infant, little Alexandra Velazco was removed from her parents …

Brewers heartbroken by death of Jean Segura’s infant son |…/brewers-heartbroken-by-death-of-jean-seguras-infant-son/


Brewers heartbroken by death of Segura’s infant son. Brewers heartbroken for … That player was tasked with breaking the news to Segura himself. When Gomez …

– PLIDA Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance | PLIDA Pregnancy …



PLIDA supports health care practitioners and parent-advocates in their efforts to improve care for families who experience the death of a baby during pregnancy, …

Online Arizona Death Indexes, Records & Obituaries



A list of online Arizona death records indexes, full state and by county. … in Northwest Maricopa County (the Daily News Sun, Sun City Independent and others); …

Arizona Public Health News

1916 – ‎Public health

BABIES AND HOT WEATHER. … what to feed their babies, the state department working through local agencies has been able to reduce the infant death rate in …

Daycare owners indicted a second time in death of child – 3TV | CBS 5…/daycare-owners-indicted-a-second-time-in-death-of-child

Dec 12, 2012 – 11, 2012 death of 2-year old Savannah Cross who was in their care. … CBS 5 Newscontacted Stephen Cross, Savannah’s father, who lives in …

Racial and Ethnic Disparities Persist in Sudden Infant Deaths | KNAU …


May 14, 2017 – KNAU Arizona Public Radio logo. News and Classical Music … Racial and Ethnic Disparities Persist in Sudden Infant Deaths … Overall rates of sudden unexpected infant death, which includes sudden infant death syndrome …

Mother arrested in baby’s drowning death | The Daily Courier …


Oct 1, 2016 – 29 for child abuse/second-degree murder following the death of her 3-month-old child. Prescott Valley police and the Central Arizona Fire …

Tucson couple charged in infant’s death – KFVS12 News & Weather …

An Arizona couple is facing murder and child abuse charges after their twin 18-month-old daughters were found suffering from severe trauma.

Report: Arizona 15th best place to have a baby – Arizona Capitol Times › health care



Sep 10, 2015 – The infant death rate in Arizona is the 14th lowest in the country. And Arizona is No. 12 in terms of low birth-weight babies, with No. 1 being the …

Death Certificates | The News Tribune



Death Certificates are public records received from the Department of Vital Records at the Pierce County Health Department, located at 3629 South D Street, …

The Tears Foundation > Arizona



There are over 1,400 infant deaths in Arizona each year. With your help TEARS can lift a financial burden from these newly bereaved families by providing …

Infant Twins Die Simultaneously After Vaccines … – Health Nut News › Health


Feb 1, 2017 – Given that the sudden and simultaneous deaths of twins rarely … Infant Twins DieSimultaneously After Vaccines, Medical Board Rules ‘Just a Coincidence’ …… Az imam sin na 5,sas samneniq za vaccine induced autism.

Mother charged in infant’s death | News |…


Apr 19, 2017 – … degree following the death of her 7-week-old infant who died in … Jay Johnson’s vision for Arizona Wildcats is clear, but 2018 roster still a …

How hospitals & programs care for babies born to … – Cronkite News


Jan 13, 2017 – In Arizona, the rate of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome has increased … It also leads to Sudden Unexpected Infant Death, developmental delays …

Mother arrested in fatal toddler stabbing – Story | KSAZ – FOX 10 Phoenix


Jan 30, 2017 – According to police, the infant died from stab injuries, and the mother, identified as 29-year-old Andrea Portillo, is in custody, and is facing …

Mom accused of stabbing baby to death claimed she … – Q13 FOX News…/mom-accused-of-stabbing-baby-to-death-claimed-she-was-hearing-vo…


Feb 1, 2017 – **EMBARGO: Phoenix, AZ** A Buckeye mother claimed she had been hearing voices was possessed and was not in control of her actions …

Arkansas mother arrested in infant’s death – Arkansas Online


Apr 1, 2017 – SHERIDAN — Authorities have charged a Sheridan woman with first-degree murder in connection with the death of her 4-month-old son.

Arkansas mother arrested in infant’s death – Arkansas Democrat-Gazette…/mother-arrested-in-infant-s-death-20170/…


Apr 1, 2017 – News Tip · Whole Hog Sports … This story is only available from the Arkansas Online archives. Stories can be … Print Headline: Mother arrested in infant’s death. ADVERTISEMENT. More Crime in Arkansas. Elderly bite victim …

Arkansas mother arrested in infant’s death – Arkansas Democrat-Gazette › Latest News


Apr 1, 2017 – A news release issued by the Sheridan Police Department said the boy died “due to … Print Headline: Mother arrested in infant’s death …

Arkansas boy, 9, missing after mother and baby sister found dead in ……/arkansas-boy-9-missing-after-mother-and-baby-sister-found-dead…

Apr 29, 2017 – Arkansas boy, 9, missing after mother and baby sister found dead in … back tears at anews conference late Friday as he promised to “seek …

Little Rock Baby Death Investigation – Story | ArkansasMatters…/276047816


A second child under the parents care also required hospital treatment.

Woman Arrested in Sheridan Baby Malnutrition Death – Story…baby…death/68384450…


Mar 31, 2017 – SHERIDAN, Ark. – A woman has been arrested after a baby boy dies from … evidence gathered indicates Bowman intended for her baby to die.

Infant Dies of Head Trauma, Father Charged – Story – Arkansas Matters…/201362854


Police say Dustin Lee Watson, 19, of Searcy caused head trauma to his 4 to 5 month old child that caused the child’s death.

Parents charged after infant dies – KAIT Jonesboro, AR – Region 8 …


Parents charged after infant dies – KAIT Jonesboro, AR – Region 8 News, weather, sports. Member … “The baby died of blunt force trauma to the head. The baby …

Odessa Baby Found Dead in Arkansas – Story | YourBasin


SEARCY, Arkansas (Local 2 News/Fox 24) – Police arrested two people after a 4-month-old boy from Odessa was found dead over the weekend in central …

Mother charged in infant’s death | News |…


Apr 19, 2017 – Mother charged in infant’s death … Arkansas coroner who said the infant’s death was suspicious and needed to be investigated. …. Latest News.

Hope, AR mother charged in infant’s death – Cleveland 19 News …

A Hope mother has been arrested and charged in connection with the death of her 2-month-old son.

Lawyer wants expert to examine evidence in infant’s death | TheCabin ……/lawyer-wants-expert-examine-evidence-infant-s-deat…


Apr 11, 2017 – The defense attorney for a Greenbrier man accused of killing his 3-month-old stepson is asking for more time to build his case.

No Foul Play Suspected in Arkansas Infant Death Investigation –…


Nov 1, 2016 – No Foul Play Suspected in Arkansas Infant Death Investigation … (edited news release). Copyright 2017 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. All rights …

Couple Arrested in Death of Infant – Story | Northwest Arkansas – KNWA…infant/146806667


Crews attempted lifesaving efforts but the baby was pronounced dead. … The baby’s body was sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for autopsy, the results of which are pending. … The Tiger Woods Mystery Deepens After Bay Hill News.

Newborn Found With About 100 Rodent Bites; Arkansas Parents ……/newborn-found-with-about-100-rodent-bites-arkansas-parents-arrested/


May 17, 2017 – Teenage parents arrested after 15 day old baby bitten more than 100 times by mice. … A doctor at Arkansas Children’s Hospital said the baby girl suffered severe skin … Filed in: News … ‘Batman’ Actor Adam West Dies at 88.

Arkansas boy, 9, missing after mother, sister found dead – NY Daily ……/arkansas-boy-9-missing-mother-sister-found-dead-articl…

Apr 29, 2017 – An Arkansas boy, 9, is still missing after search teams found three relatives, including … NEW YORK DAILY NEWS … Reilly’s baby sister, Acelynn Wester, 2, was found dead in a “heavily wooded area” near Cove, Ark., Friday.

Police: Remains of Newborn Found In Cardboard Box Inside ……/police-ozark-infants-remains-found-in-cardboard-box-inside-refr…


Feb 1, 2017 – Newborn Found With About 100 Rodent Bites; Arkansas Parents Arrested … Mother FoundDead Of Suspected Overdose After Children Seen …

Infant in Arkansas found with nearly 100 rodent bites |


May 17, 2017 – We tell local San Francisco news & weather stories, and we do what we do to make the … The 4 inmates put to death in Arkansas over 8 days.

Montana Woman Pleads Guilty to Infant’s Death in Poplar | Montana ……/montana-woman-pleads-guilty-to-infants-death-in-p…


May 1, 2017 – A New Ranking From U.S. News & World Report … Montana Woman Pleads Guilty toInfant’s Death in Poplar … (AP) — A federal judge has accepted a Montana woman’s guilty plea to second-degree murder for the death of a 13-month-old girl whose … Police Searching Arkansas Landfill in Colorado Killing.

Infant deaths due to sudden infant death syndrome Arkansas ……


Arkansas. Find maternal and infant health data on a state level, or by county or city. Narrow … Topic:Infant deaths due to sudden infant death syndrome. edit.

Hope, AR mother charged in infant’s death – CBS46 News

A Hope mother has been arrested and charged in connection with the death of her 2-month-old son.

Spotlight – Arkansas – The National Center for Fatality Review and …


Dawn Porter Infant & Child Death Review Coordinator Injury Prevention Center Arkansas Children’s Hospital Center for Applied Research and Evaluation

Arkansas judge charged for infant son’s death in hot car | Reuters


Feb 11, 2016 – An Arkansas judge whose infant son died last year when left strapped in a car safety seat for five hours in the summer heat was charged on Thursday with misdemeanor negligent homicide. The judge, Wade Naramore of Hot Springs, Arkansas, summoned police to his home on July 24, 2015 …

[PDF]Arkansas Infant and Child Death Review Program Annual Report …


In 2015, ICDR Teams reviewed 77 cases, with infant deaths making up 49% of the ….. March 17th, newsrelease summarizing 2014 Annual Report findings.

Parents charged in death of 9-month-old | KATV –


May 30, 2017 – Two people have been charged in the death of a 9-month-old girl after the baby was found dead in a Batesville motel room on Saturday.

McGehee Early Childhood Students Attend Program On Sudden Infant ……/mcgehee-early-childhood-students-attend-program-s…


Mar 15, 2017 – News. Apply Now Financial Aid. March 15, 2017 … the Desha County Health Unit to learn more about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Arkansas father charged with nearly beating his baby to death | WKBN ……/arkansas-father-charged-with-nearly-beating-his-baby-to-death…


Feb 2, 2017 – Arkansas father charged with nearly beating his baby to death. The baby boy’s father … Cops: Dad of NY tot shot in stroller likely targetIn “News“.

ADH: Infant Mortality – Arkansas Department of Health – › Home › Programs & Services



What is infant mortality? Infant mortality is a statistic that looks at the number of babies who die each year before they reach their first birthday. It is usually …

Arkansas program hopes to lower infant mortality | News |


Nov 17, 2016 – There’s a new push in Arkansas to educate families on how to reduce the risks of suddeninfant death syndrome.

2 charged after newborn baby’s remains found in cardboard box ……/2-charged-after-newborn-babys-remains-found-in-cardboard-box-st…


Feb 1, 2017 – OZARK, Arkansas — Police in Arkansas found the remains of a newborn inside a cardboard box stuffed in a refrigerator at a home. … Williams faces additional charges in connection with thebaby’s death. … Filed in: News.

One of Two Arkansas Children Swept Away by Floodwaters Found Dead…/news/two-arkansas-children-swept-away-by-flooding-still…


May 1, 2017 – A child’s body has been recovered after he and his infant sister were swept away by floodwaters Saturday in northeastern Arkansas.

Arkansas toddler found dead, 2nd child missing; mother, great-uncle ……/news/Arkansas-toddler-found-dead-2nd-child-missing-mother-great…


Apr 28, 2017 – KY3 – Content – News. wximage … Arkansas toddler found dead, 2nd child missing; mother, great-uncle found dead Thursday. Posted: Fri … The children’s great-uncle was found deadThursday at his home in a nearby town.

Newborn girl found covered with around 100 rodent bites, leading to ……/newborn-girl-found-covered-with-around-100-rodent-bites-leading-to…


May 16, 2017 – MAGNOLIA, Ark. — Two parents are behind bars and their newborn baby needed facial reconstruction surgery after police say she was … Filed in: News … Kansas lawmaker from Hutchinson found dead in Topeka hotel room.

Deputies searching for missing child swept away in Arkansas ……/story?id…

May 1, 2017 – The storm-related death toll has reached 17 in five states.

Odessa Baby Dies in Arkansas – CBS7


Jun 29, 2016 – KOSA – Content – News … Searcy- An Odessa baby died Thursday after staying with a couple in Arkansas. According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazatte Jeff High, 55, and Dianna O’Bryan, 57, have been arrested after a …

Cause of death released for Ark. baby who died after vodka put in ……ark-baby…died…/296171118


Aug 12, 2016 – The cause of death for a Searcy infant has been determined by the Arkansas State Crime Lab.

Parents charged after infant girl suffers over 100 rat bites in Arkansas …


May 17, 2017 – Police were called to the hospital after the infant girl’s parents brought …. The sight of constant “death, destruction and mayhem” motivated Chelsea … Manning spoke with ABC News in her first interview since being released …

No foul play suspected in Ark City infant’s death – KWCH › Safety


May 11, 2017 – KWCH – Content – News … No foul play suspected in Ark City infant’s death … activity being involved in the child’s death,” Ark City police say.


States Give New Parents Baby Boxes To Encourage Safe Sleep ……/states-give-new-parents-baby-boxes-encourge-safe-sleep-habits


Mar 26, 2017 – For Jernica Quiñones, the reality of sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS, hit close to home this year when a friend … News & Culture for Arkansas … The cardboard boxes are safe and portable places for the babies to sleep.

Murder Charges Filed in the Deaths of Unborn Babies in Arkansas …


Murder Charges Filed in the Deaths of Unborn Babies in Arkansas and Ohio … previous unborn victims law was repealed in 1964, Mimms told NRL News.

Missing Arkansas children found dead after mom, uncle killed | NBC4i ……/missing-arkansas-children-found-dead-after-mom-uncle-killed/


Apr 30, 2017 – The search for two missing children in Polk County, Arkansas came to a tragic end this … Two days later, Steven Payne, the children’s uncle, was found dead in a home in Hatfield, Arkansas. … Send a breaking news tip.

Charges filed in death of baby – News – Hope Star – Hope, AR – Hope …


Nov 11, 2013 – The investigation of what was originally thought to have been a case of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome ultimately resulted in the arrest of the …

Newborn found with about 100 rodent bites; Arkansas parents ……/newborn-found-with-about-100-rodent-bites-arkansas-parents-arrested/


May 17, 2017 – MAGNOLIA, Ark. — Two Arkansas parents are behind bars after their newborn babyunderwent facial … Teenage parents arrested after 15 day old baby bitten more than 100 times by mice. … Filed in: National/World News …. Police: 8-year-old girl suspected in death of 1-year-old at Michigan day care.

Arkansas Obituaries – Public Libraries



They are usually published in the local newspaper but, understandably, not every single death occurring in a certain town or city will find a place in the obit …

Arrests made in West Memphis shaken baby case |


Mar 22, 2017 – The boy’s father, Williams, claimed the baby was next to him on the bed when he suddenly … wanted for causing harm to a 3-month-old baby boy in West Memphis, Arkansas are now behind bars. …|By WREG News Channel 3 …. Man who died in West Memphis officer-involved shooting identified.

Couple arrested after infant found with 100 rat bites – Story | WAGA


May 17, 2017 – Police in Arkansas arrested a couple after investigators said a 15-day-old child was bitten at least 100 times by rats.

Odessa infant’s relative arrested in connection with baby’s death …

Jun 29, 2016 – Odessa infant’s relative arrested in connection with baby’s death … along with her husband in Arkansas in connection with the infant’s death last … Posted in News, Crime UAMS developing app to help women, reduce infant death rates ……/uams-developing-app-to-help-women-reduce-infant-death-rates

Oct 13, 2016 – The University of Arkansas Medical Sciences is aiming to reduce the infant … reduceinfant death rates –, South Georgia News, …

Campaign seeks to educate families about safe infant sleep – News ……/campaign-seeks-to-educate-families-about-safe-infan…


Oct 28, 2016 – “Medical care is an important part of this, but we are also investing in public health strategies that are part of reducing infant deaths in Arkansas …

Magnolia couple will face felony charges after infant found with up to ……news/article_ab8cf434-3a71-11e7-9227-f34bbea9…


May 16, 2017 – Charges against a Magnolia couple whose infant suffered up to 100 rat … Ambulance Service to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.

Infant death Fri. in W.P. – West Plains Daily Quill: Local News…/article_7d952c16-ea5a-11e6-91d6-dbdea6…

Feb 3, 2017 – “The infant’s death does not appear to be suspicious and an autopsy will be held at Cox Medical Center South the first part of the week,” Howell …

KARK 4 News – Home | Facebook



KARK 4 News delivers local news that matters to Central Arkansans 24 hours a day on air, … Running with the Bulls comes to Arkansas but in a different way.

Arkansas road rage shooting: Boy killed while shopping … – CBS News…


Dec 19, 2016 – Arkansas road rage shooting: Toddler killed while on shopping trip with grandma ID’d … The boy died Saturday night in Little Rock. … where the least protected among us, being infants, are dying [in] senseless crimes.”.

Child, 3, Killed in Arkansas ‘Road Rage’ Shooting: Police – NBC News…news/child-3-killed-arkansas-road-rage-shooting-police-n…


Dec 18, 2016 – Police: Road-Rage Shooting Leaves Boy, 3, Dead; Hunt for Suspect … was fatally shot in a road rage incident in Little Rock, Arkansas Saturday after a … a community to where the least protected among us, meaning infants, … Harrison, Arkansas – Harrison Daily Times


Harrison, Arkansas – Harrison Daily Times. … Principal ‘tickled to death‘ with teacher of the year. Principal ‘tickled to death‘ with … Browse All: News Sports …

Number of Infant Deaths | The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation › State Health Facts › Health Status › Infant Deaths


Number of Infant Deaths. United States. Alabama. Alaska. Arizona. Arkansas. California. Colorado. Connecticut. Delaware. District of Columbia. Florida. Georgia.

& Justice, Law Enforcement on Wednesday, June 29, …

UAMS First Arkansas Hospital Certified Gold for Infant Safe Sleep ……/uams-first-arkansas-hospital-certified-gold-for-infant-…


Jun 9, 2016 – According to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, there are about 3,500 sudden unexpected infant deaths each year, including …

Police investigating infant’s death – WECT …

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) -. Batesville police say no foul play is suspected in the death of an infant. Detective Mike Mundy says early reports show the infant died …

Foster mom sued over infant’s death in fire – News – The Helena …


Jun 25, 2008 – A Peoria woman badly burned in a fire that claimed the life of the infant she hoped to adopt is now being sued by the girl’s mother in a wrongful …

Girl, 11, charged with murder in 2-month-old’s death in Ohio –…2…death…/ar-AA9cuQr



Feb 10, 2015 – … and her mother expressed no remorse over the infant’s death, police said. … Wickliffe Police Chief Randy Ice speaks at a news conference, …

Breaking News: Ozark police investigate after infant’s body … – KHBS…/8663333


Feb 2, 2017 – Police are investigating after they found an infant’s body in a box at an Ozark home, Chief Devin Bramlett told 40/29 News. … OZARK, Ark. —. Police are investigating after they found an infant’sbody in a … Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of the infant. Loading more articles.

Obituaries – Times Record – Fort Smith, AR


SUBIACO — Lawrence Joseph Schluterman, 60, of Subiaco died Tuesday, June 6, 2017, in his home. He was born Jan. 7, 1957, in Paris. He was a flooring …

Second of 2 missing Arkansas children found dead, suspect held – Fox 8…/second-of-2-missing-arkansas-children-found-dead-suspect-hel…


Apr 30, 2017 – MENA, Ark. — The second of two missing children has been found dead in westernArkansas. … The woman’s uncle, 66-year-old Steven Payne, was found dead Thursday in his home in Hatfield, about 4 … Filed in: News.

Infant death investigation continues | Local News |…/article_52f4da76-f689-11e5-97c7-17b2b41f862…


Mar 30, 2016 – The Clarksville Police Department is currently conducting a death … The infant has been sent to the Arkansas Crime Lab for an autopsy to be …

Police investigating infant’s death – News …

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) -. Batesville police say no foul play is suspected in the death of an infant. Detective Mike Mundy says early reports show the infant died …

A 3-year-old climbed into the washing machine and died. Then, her ……/a-3-year-old-climbed-into-the-washing-machi…

Jul 29, 2016 – Ark. mother charged after child dies in washing machine. Embed. Copy. Share … Herinfant child was in the back seat. Authorities said she had …

Arkansas Girl Found Dead After Mom, Great-Uncle Killed | Arkansas ……/arkansas/…/2nd-relative-of-missing-arkansas-childre…


Apr 28, 2017 – Arkansas Girl Found Dead After Mom, Great-Uncle Killed. Authorities say one of twoArkansas children reported missing after their mother’s … who choked back tears at a news conference late Friday as he promised to “seek …

Arkansas boy, 9, missing after mother and baby sister found dead in ……/arkansas-boy-9-missing-after-mother-and-baby-sister-found-dead…

Apr 29, 2017 – Arkansas boy, 9, missing after mother and baby sister found dead in … back tears at anews conference late Friday as he promised to “seek …

Second of 2 missing Arkansas children dead, suspect held | Fox News…/second-2-missing-arkansas-children-dead-suspect-held.html

Apr 30, 2017 – The second of two missing children has been found dead in western Arkansas.

Family, including 2 children, found killed in western Arkansas; suspect ……/family-including-2-children-found-kililed-in-western-arkansas-suspect-i…


Apr 30, 2017 – The second of two missing children has been found dead in western Arkansas after the bodies of his …|By WREG News Channel 3 …

Second of 2 missing Arkansas children found dead, suspect held – Fox 8…/second-of-2-missing-arkansas-children-found-dead-suspect-hel…


Apr 30, 2017 – Second of 2 missing Arkansas children found dead, suspect held. Posted 1:09 pm … Filed in: News. Topics: bodies of children found. Suggest a …

Deputies searching for missing child swept away in Arkansas ……/story?id…

May 1, 2017 – The storm-related death toll has reached 17 in five states.

2 children missing after mother found dead in Arkansas … – CBS News…


Apr 28, 2017 – The children, ages 10 and 2 years old, were last seen in Arkansas April 22.

Mother Charged after Child Found Dead in … – Arkansas Matters…after-child…dead…/518149266


A mother has been formally charged after her daughter was found dead in a washing machine in 2015, officials say.

Lonoke Mother Speaks Out after Child’s Death – Story – Arkansas Matters…childs-death/288596830


After a community vigil Friday night, the mother of Antwain Booker gave new insight into his death.

Missing 2-year-old’s body located in Arkansas; girl is 3rd member of … › Latest News


Apr 28, 2017 – In a news conference, Polk County Sheriff Scott Sawyer said the body … of two childrenconsidered “critically missing” has been found dead in …

Arkansas toddler found dead, 2nd child missing; mother, great-uncle ……/news/Arkansas-toddler-found-dead-2nd-child-missing-mother-great…


Apr 28, 2017 – The deaths are being investigated as homicides. … KY3 – Content – News. wximage …Arkansas toddler found dead, 2nd child missing; mother, …

At least 4 dead in Arkansas storms; 2 children reported missing; state … › Latest News


Apr 30, 2017 – At least four people have died after storms brought strong winds and … County bridge, according to a news release from the sheriff’s office.

Missing Arkansas children found dead after mom, uncle killed | NBC4i ……/missing-arkansas-children-found-dead-after-mom-uncle-killed/


Apr 30, 2017 – The search for two missing children in Polk County, Arkansas came to a tragic end this … Two days later, Steven Payne, the children’s uncle, was found dead in a home in Hatfield, Arkansas. … Send a breaking news tip.

Police investigating after baby found dead – KAIT Jonesboro, AR …

May 28, 2017 – … into the death of a nine-month-old baby found dead in a hotel, Batesville … Region 8News App – Install or update on your: iPhone | Android …

Child Death Investigation in Flippin, Arkansas – Story – NWAHomepage


Smith tells KOLR10 News, during the investigation 23-year-old, Cody Allen of Marion County was taken into custody and charged with a Class Y Felony of First …

CBS58 | The Latest: Arkansas toddler found dead, 2nd child missing

Apr 28, 2017 – (CBS NEWS) POLK COUNTY, Ark. — The body of 9-year-old Arkansas boy has been found in a heavily wooded area, one day after the body of …

One of Two Arkansas Children Swept Away by Floodwaters Found Dead…/news/two-arkansas-children-swept-away-by-flooding-still…


May 1, 2017 – A child’s body has been recovered after he and his infant sister were swept away by floodwaters Saturday in northeastern Arkansas.

4-Year-Old Climbs Out Of Arkansas River After Boat Capsizes, Tells …


Apr 23, 2017 – He was air lifted to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock where he later died. Police say Weston told them his parents were not wearing …

Missing Arkansas children found dead after mom, uncle killed | WKRN ……/missing-arkansas-children-found-dead-after-mom-uncle-killed/


Apr 30, 2017 – The search for Reilly James Scarbrough and his sister Acelynn Wester began on Tuesday after the body of their mother was found in a creek …

UPDATE: Fourth death confirmed in Polk County … – Arkansas Times…/three-homicides-in-polk-county-and-a-co…


Apr 29, 2017 – Wester’s two children, Reilly Scarborough, 9, and Acelyn Wester, 2, hadn’t … The Polk County Pulse, covering the news conference, says Travis …

AR Mom Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter in Child’s Death – Stor – Fox16…childs-death/232481511

PARIS, Ark. – A Greenwood woman has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the 2014 death of her child. Brooke Floyd was sentenced this morning to 10 years …

Arkansas boy, 9, missing after mother, sister found dead – NY Daily ……/arkansas-boy-9-missing-mother-sister-found-dead-articl…

Apr 29, 2017 – An Arkansas boy, 9, is still missing after search teams found three relatives, including … NEW YORK DAILY NEWS … Reilly’s baby sister, Acelynn Wester, 2, was found dead in a “heavily wooded area” near Cove, Ark., Friday.

One of two missing Mena, AR children found dead – Story…ar-children…dead/701896105


Apr 29, 2017 – POLK COUNTY, AR – UPDATE: The Polk County Sheriff’s Office say they believe they’ve found the body of 9 year-old Reilly Scarbrough.

KARK 4 News – Home | Facebook



KARK 4 News delivers local news that matters to Central Arkansans 24 hours … of children who age out of the foster care system each year in Arkansas, KARK 4 …

Affidavit: Man confesses to killing 2 children, 2 adults in … – 40/29 News


May 2, 2017 – On Saturday, Brian Travis told an Arkansas Police Investigator that he had killed both of the children, as well as their mother and their uncle, … Harrison, Arkansas – Harrison Daily Times


Harrison, Arkansas – Harrison Daily Times. … Principal ‘tickled to death‘ with teacher of the year. Principal ‘tickled to death‘ with … Browse All: News Sports …

Body of AR Child Found in Washing Machine – Story | MyArkLaMiss…/258372505


Police in south Arkansas continue to investigate the death of a 3-year-old girl after she was found unresponsive inside a washing machine.

News Search on for 2 Arkansas children after mother found dead ……arkansas-children…dead/100998642/


Apr 27, 2017 – MENA — Authorities in Arkansas are searching for two young children whose mother was found dead in a creek.

7 Police looking for Arkansas children after mother, relative found dead…/police-looking-for-arkansas-children-after-mother-relative-found-d…


Apr 28, 2017 – MENA, Ark. (KTUL) — Authorities are desperately looking for two missing children out ofArkansas after two of their relatives were found dead.


Newborn Found With About 100 Rodent Bites; Arkansas Parents ……/newborn-found-with-about-100-rodent-bites-arkansas-parents-arrested/


May 17, 2017 – Teenage parents arrested after 15 day old baby bitten more than 100 times by mice. … A doctor at Arkansas Children’s Hospital said the baby girl suffered severe skin … Filed in: News … ‘Batman’ Actor Adam West Dies at 88.

Search on for 2 Arkansas children after mother found dead –


Apr 27, 2017 – Authorities in Arkansas are searching for two young children whose mother was founddead in a creek. … KSPR – Content – News. wximage. 62°F Clear. 80° 54°. Springfield, MO · Brand Toggle navigation. wximage Clear 62°F.

Arkansas News Now – KWES NewsWest 9 / Midland, Odessa, Big …

Arkansas News Now …. Search underway at AR landfill for remains of former Shreveport woman ….. Congress considers Hot Cars Act to prevent child deaths.

2nd relative of missing Arkansas children found dead – KTXS…dead/468843883


Apr 28, 2017 – Arkansas authorities say the great-uncle of two missing children has been found dead in his … The latest news from Abilene and the Big Country.

Arkansas toddler found dead, 2nd child missing | Tulsa’s 24-Hour ……dead-2nd-child…/WaI0C3bbiuXsOLyhxFUPaN…


Apr 28, 2017 – Investigators say one of two Arkansas children reported missing … The children’s great-uncle was found dead Thursday at his home in a …. Study yields encouraging news for breast cancer survivors who want to have children.

The Latest: Arkansas toddler found dead, 2nd child missing – KFVS12 ……/the-latest-arkansas-toddler-found-dead-2nd-child-missing

The Latest: Arkansas toddler found dead, 2nd child missing. 2017-04-29T00:01:49Z 2017-04-29T00:01:49Z. MENA, Ark. (AP) … AP National News VideoMore>> …

Damien Echols Says He Is Proof Arkansas Sends ‘Innocent People to ……/damien-echols-says-he-is-proof-arkansas-sends-innocent-pe…

Apr 15, 2017 – In an instant, news cameras and gawkers flowed toward him. … from prison in August 2011 despite their convictions in a grisly child murder case. … Support for the death penalty continued in conservative Arkansas — even, …

2 Kids Missing After Being Separated From Their Mom When Car Was ……/2-children-missing-after-being-separated-from-their-mother-when-car-wa…


May 1, 2017 – In Arkansas, the search continued for two children separated from their mother after … The death toll from the storms was raised to 15 Monday, although authorities in …. Classic Quadrophenia Giveaway (KTLA Morning News).

Second of 2 missing Arkansas children dead, suspect held – Yahoo…


Apr 30, 2017 – News Home … Second of 2 missing Arkansas children dead, suspect held … MENA, Ark. (AP) — The second of two missing children has been found dead in western Arkansas after the bodies of his 2-year-old sister, his …

Arkansas Woman Sentenced in Child Abuse Case | Arkansas News ……/arkansas/…/arkansas-woman-sentenced-in-child-abu…


Apr 13, 2017 – HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas woman accused of abusing her 4-year-old daughter has been sentenced to prison.

Child Abuse Cases on the Rise in Arkansas – Story | OzarksFirst


(Little Rock, AR) — Thousands of children are being abused or neglected every … “My division is actively engaged in efforts to prevent child abuse by helping …

Foster Parents Arrested in Child Abuse Case – Story – Arkansas Matters…child-abuse…/537616780


BENTON, Ark. (News Release) – Arkansas foster parents were arrested in connection with a child abusecase, authorities say. Detectives with the Benton Police …

Isaiah Torres’ Chronic Child Abuse Went Unnoticed – Story…/165115579


BENTON COUNTY, AR (KNWA) – 6-year-old Isaiah Torres died from chronic abuse in Bella Vista last month. His parents Mauricio and Cathy Torres have been …

Arkansas father accused of child abuse; 2-month-old son suffered arm ……/arkansas-father-accused-child-abuse-2-month-old-s…


May 16, 2017 – Arkansas father accused of child abuse; 2-month-old son suffered … Click here to read the full story from the Hot Springs Sentinel-Record and …

Arkansas man sentenced to life in prison in child abuse case | KATV


Jun 1, 2017 – FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas man accused of sexually abusing children living in his foster or adoptive home has been sentenced to …

Couple arrested, 3-year-old taken to hospital for suspected child abuse…/couple-arrested-3-year-old-taken-to-hospital-for-suspected-child-ab…


Mar 11, 2016 – … three-year-old child was taken to Arkansas Children’s Hospital with … Gaston again said the child was with his father, so police entered … The boy was taken to the hospital and DHS and the Child Abuse … News In Pictures. Child Abuse, Rape, Domestic Violence Commission ……detail/child-abuse-rape-domestic-violence-commission-arkansas



Government. Agencies · Agencies by Category · Cities & Counties · Executive Offices · Judicial Branch · Legislative Branch · My Officials · News · Public Meetings … Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board, Arkansas…/child-abuse-and-neglect-prevention-board-arkansa…



Government. Agencies · Agencies by Category · Cities & Counties · Executive Offices · Judicial Branch · Legislative Branch · My Officials · News · Public Meetings …

Man facing 76 counts of child sex abuse in Alaska arrested in ……news/…/man-facing-76-counts-of-child-sex-abuse-in-alaska-ar…


Apr 4, 2017 – A fugitive facing dozens of child sex-abuse charges in Alaska was arrested … Jeffrey Jackson, 51, was arrested in Searcy, Arkansas, on a warrant for 76 … at Anchorage TV station KTUU before joining Alaska Dispatch News.

Children’s Advocacy Center Holding Pinwheel Rally To Raise ……/childrens-advocacy-center-holding-pinwheel-rally-to-raise-aware…


Mar 31, 2017 – Each pinwheel will represent a confirmed child abuse case, 439 being … a.m. at the Northwest Arkansas Community College Child Protection …

Rally Against Child Abuse at AR State Capitol – Story – NWAHomepage

In 2015 more than 33000 calls were taken on the child abuse hotline, this according to the ArkansasDepartment of Child and Family Services.

Crimes Against Children | Arkansas State Police


For more information about reporting child abuse and neglect in Arkansas or to learn more about rape and domestic violence, click on the following links.

Child abuse by the numbers – KAIT Jonesboro, AR – Region 8 News …

579,000 – new cases of child abuse in 2008; $124 billion – lifetime cost of caring for the new abuse cases in 2008; $210,012 – cost of lifetime care per child …

Arkansas man sentenced to life in prison in child abuse case – West ……news_arkansas/article_c824f7fc-f9e4-50ca-a…

Jun 1, 2017 – Arkansas man sentenced to life in prison in child abuse case. Story · Comments … More about General News. ARTICLE: Storms delay SpaceX …

CASA supporters mark child abuse prevention month – News – The ……/casa-supporters-mark-child-abuse-prevention-mon…


Apr 2, 2017 – Hurst noted child abuse affects all members of the community and finding … “There are more than 4,500 kids in foster care in Arkansas and the …

How to Report Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect in Arkansas


If you suspect child abuse and neglect in Arkansas, please call 1-844-SAVE-A-CHILD (1-844-728-3244). The Hotline Call Center is staffed by a team of specially …

Abused 4-year-old child tells police her name is ‘Idiot’ –


Aug 22, 2016 – Police: Abused child thought her name was Idiot 01:10. Story highlights … malnourished; Her mom and boyfriend were arrested after admitting abuse … live-in boyfriend, Clarence Reed, in a home in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Group Rallies Against Child Abuse – Story | Fox16

A group fighting child abuse rallied at the State Capitol on Thursday. … Connect with Fox 16 News … Christmas Village Surprise for Arkansas Mom …

Arkansas man sentenced to life in prison in child abuse case ……/arkansas-man-sentenced-life-prison-child-abuse-cas…


Jun 2, 2017 – Select -, Breaking News, Community Events, Daily Headlines … Arkansas man sentenced to life in prison in child abuse case. FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas man accused of sexually abusing children living in his …

4-year-old Arkansas girl found abused told police her … – Fox News…/4-year-old-arkansas-girl-found-abused-told-police-her-name-was-…

Aug 18, 2016 – A 4-year-old Arkansas girl who was taken into protective custody after … permitting theabuse of a minor and endangering the welfare of a minor. … Reed told police that he did refer to thechild as “idiot,” but insisted it was only …

General Information about Child Abuse – UAMS Pediatrics › Specialties › Children at Risk



The news is so full of reports of child maltreatment that you may sometimes wonder … The Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline toll free number is 1-800-482-5964.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month Activities – Children’s …


Join the campaign to kick off April as Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month at the NorthwestArkansas Community College in Bentonville at 11:30 a.m. …

Victims of predatory foster parent sue former DHS … – Arkansas Times…/Content?…


5 days ago – … parent sue former DHS employees. Lawsuit says DHS staffers knew about abuse, did nothing. by Benjamin Hardy Arkansas Nonprofit News …

Children’s Safety Center



Behind Every Handprint, There’s a Story. A story unfolds when a victim of child abuse turns to the CSC for advocacy and support. Through forensic interviews …

Newborn Found With About 100 Rodent Bites; Arkansas Parents ……/newborn-found-with-about-100-rodent-bites-arkansas-parents-arrested/


May 17, 2017 – Warning: Story contains disturbing content MAGNOLIA, Ark. — Two … Police spoke with Elliott’s mother, the child’s grandmother, who said he …

Arkansas Children’s Trust Fund – Home Page



_The Children’s Trust Fund is Arkansas‘ primary resource for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. We invite you to explore this site to learn more about …

Arkansas Children’s Trust Fund and Gundersen NCPTC partner to ……/news/…/arkansas-childrens-trust-fund-partners-with-gun…


Apr 21, 2017 – Recent News … During National Child Abuse Prevention Month, the Arkansas Child Abuse… K-6 Grade Child Abuse Prevention Education Kit.

Arkansas man sentenced to serve a decade in child abuse case ……child-abuse…/421127961


Mar 9, 2017 – A Hot Springs man accused of abusing his girlfriend’s 4-year-old daughter has been ordered to serve a decade in prison.

Arkansas City man arrested on child abuse warrant – KWCH › Crime


Aug 12, 2016 – He’s accused of hurting his girlfriend’s 24-day-old child. … KWCH – Content – News …Arkansas City man arrested on child abuse warrant.

Child Abuse & Neglect – Arkansas Children’s Hospital


Child Abuse & Neglect. Arkansas Children’s Hospital is a private, nonprofit institution and is the only pediatric medical center in the state and is one of the ten …

Worker pleads guilty to tampering with public records in child abuse …


May 11, 2017 – Worker pleads guilty to tampering with public records in child abuse cases … the Crimes Against Children Division of the Arkansas State Police.

Police say baby found with super glue around mouth, fractured skull …


Apr 5, 2017 – Police in Blytheville are investigating the abuse of a 3-month-old after he was brought to the hospital with severe injuries. … BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. — Police in Blytheville, Arkansas and Kennett, … A spokesperson with the Memphis Child Advocacy Center said she could …|By WREG NewsChannel 3 …

Arkansas – Associated Press News


The Associated Press delivers in-depth coverage on today’s Big Story including top stories, … Arkansasman sentenced to life in prison in child abuse case.

Reporting Child Abuse – Arkansas – Little League Baseball…/childprotection/ReportingChildAbuse/ReportingChildAbuseAr…



Arkansas. Under Arkansas law, certain individuals (including child care workers, coroners, dentists and dental hygienists, domestic abuse advocates or …

[PDF]Noteworthy News – ARBest


Noteworthy News. Volume 4, Issue 8 April 4, 2017. Dear Partners,. April is National Child AbusePrevention Month, and all over. Arkansas, communities are …

Did Dusty Hannahs’s dad commit child abuse when his son was a …

Mar 17, 2017 – Arkansas guard Dusty Hannahs and his father, Gerald Hannahs, are under fire for a storytold about them during Friday’s NCAA tournament …

Toadsuck Chapter | Bikers Against Child Abuse Arkansas…/toadsuck-chapter/



Toadsuck Chapter P.O. Box 2494 Conway, AR 72033 … The Toad Suck Daze festival is featured on all the Little Rock TV channels news for all 3 days as it is a …

Arkansas Commission on Child Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence…/arkansas-commission-on-child-abuse-rape-and-…


Arkansas Commission on Child Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence is a domestic violence service near Little Rock, AR providing help for people dealing with …

Arkansas – RAINN | Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network


An individual who is a “mandated reporter” under Arkansas law must immediately notify the Child Abuse Hotline if he or she: Has reasonable cause to suspect …

Arkansas City man arrested for child abuse – Story – KFDI


Aug 12, 2016 – An Arkansas City man has been arrested for child abuse, after a 24-day-old infant suffered a broken leg.

Northwest Arkansas child abuse investigator accused of fabricating ……/northwest-arkansas-child-abuse-investigator-accus…


Nov 7, 2016 – Northwest Arkansas child abuse investigator accused of fabricating reports … The teen later recanted the story of being choked. Adams …

Arkansas man sentenced to life in prison in child abuse case – Clay ……/article_7b1a000c-5f69-56b7-9b85-e32ffaa8ecc4.htm…

Jun 1, 2017 – Arkansas man sentenced to life in prison in child abuse case. Story · Comments. Share … More about General News. ARTICLE: Gary man takes …

Family Resources – EOA Children’s House


Child abuse and neglect is a serious crime that can affect any family … 1,903 children died from abuse and neglect in the U.S., 12 of those were in Arkansas.

Arkansas Law | Arkansas Conference of The United Methodist Church



Below are the Arkansas laws regarding child abuse and abuse of impaired adults. For free public access to the Arkansas Code, provided by the Bureau of …

Arkansas Senator Issues “Child Welfare Manifesto” – Child Abuse ……/arkansas-senator-issues-child-welfare-manifesto-child-ab…


Jan 3, 2017 – Arkansas Senator Issues “Child Welfare Manifesto” – Child Abuse Perpetrated by the State … by Health Impact News/ Staff.

Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect [PCAN] | University of Arkansas


Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect [PCAN] is broken into 3 units of training that consist of 30 hours, 18 hours, and 12 hours respectively, with specific goals …

Northeast Arkansas Children’s Advocacy Center



The Northeast Arkansas Children’s Advocacy Center provides a child appropriate, safe setting for children to tell their story of abuse. The NEACAC offers free …

Arkansas Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect Archives – News


Aug 9, 2016 – The keynote address of the 13th annual Arkansas Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect will be given by the mother of Morgan Nick, one of …

UAM Professor Presents at 2016 Arkansas Conference on Child ……/uam-professor-presents-2016-arkansas-conference-ch…


Sep 9, 2016 – News. Apply Now Financial Aid. September 9, 2016 … MONTICELLO, AR — Marie Jenkins, an associate professor and field education … original research at the Arkansas Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect held in Little …

Arkansas police: Girl, 4, found zip-tied, beaten thought her name was ……/police-girl-4-found-zip-tied-beaten-thought-her-name-was-idi…


Aug 17, 2016 – HOT SPRINGS, AR (WCMH/AP) — Police have arrested a Hot Springs, Arkansas, couple on battery and abuse charges for allegedly … Police later discovered Reed regularly called the child“Idiot” … Send a breaking news tip.

Man arrested in Arkansas for Clayton child sex crimes | WNCN


Apr 7, 2017 – Man arrested in Arkansas for Clayton child sex crimes. By CBS North … Aaron Benjamin Hawn was arrested in Kensett, Arkansas on Tuesday. news-app-download-apple-350×50 · news-app-download-android-350×50. Officials said …. 11:03 am. He has been charged with two counts of felonychild abuse.

Special Investigations Division | Arkansas Attorney General


News/Events … The Division is a member of the Arkansas Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, which conducts investigations regarding … To report child abuse, call the Arkansas State Police Child Abuse Hotline at (800) 482-5964.

Arkansas couple accused of zip-tying child to bed |…/1474832/


Aug 18, 2016 – Police have arrested a Hot Springs, Arkansas, couple on battery and abuse charges for allegedly zip-tying a 4-year-old girl to her bed as …

Abuse again at Arkansas juvenile lockup | Arkansas Nonprofit News …


May 26, 2017 – A guard was fired after choking a child at the Alexander Juvenile Assessment and Treatment Center. It’s the latest in a long history of …

He Beat Her And Murdered Her Son — And She Got 45 Years In Jail…/how-the-law-turns-battered-women-into-criminals


Oct 2, 2014 – But child abuse is an exception, and the logic behind these laws is simple: Parents … BuzzFeed News found a total of 73 cases of mothers who, ….. The cord puzzled Arkansas state trooper Clayton Moss, who was standing in …

Federal Child Abuse Numbers Climb Again

Federal Child Abuse Numbers Climb Again


Jan 23, 2017 – Nationwide, there were about 683,000 victims of child maltreatment in … rates per 100,000 children include Arkansas (5.67), South Dakota (5.21), … Next story An Open Letter to President Trump on America’s Foster Youths.

Why did the Duggar abuse investigation end? | MSNBC



May 25, 2015 – News reports claim the investigation into the Josh Duggar child abuse … The Springdale,Arkansas, investigation into child sexual abuse …

Seven children may have been taken from their ‘prepper’ parents over ……/why-seven-arkansas-children-may-have-bee…


Jan 21, 2015 – The parents have been accused of violating the Arkansas Child Maltreatment Act — and at the heart of the controversy, Stanley believes, is his …


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Mandated Reporters – State Board of Education | Arkansas …



(a) An individual listed as a mandated reporter under subsection (b) of this section shall immediately notify the Child Abuse Hotline (1-800-482-5964) if he or she …

[PDF]Arkansas Provider E-News – Beacon Health Options Arkansas…/newsletters/…/Provider-Newsletter-April-2016.p…


Apr 20, 2016 – Child abuse is when a parent or caregiver, whether through action or failing to act, …Arkansas Provider E-News | April 2016. ValueOptions, Inc.

My name is ‘Idiot’: Ark. couple arrested for child abuse after zip-tying …


Aug 18, 2016 – A 4-year-old girl is in state custody after Arkansas police say she … The child’s mother and her boyfriend have been arrested on child abuse …

Arkansas Child Abuse Laws – FindLaw › Learn About The Law › State Laws › Arkansas Law



Child abuse is a serious crime that includes physical, emotional, and sexual abuse as well as exploitation and neglect. From a criminal law standpoint, child …

Not just the Duggars: Arkansas DHS keeps giving Christian ……/not-just-the-duggars-arkansas-dhs-keeps-giving-christian-conse…



May 28, 2015 – … DHS keeps giving Christian conservatives a pass on child abuse … has dominated national news for more than a week as continuing …

A Mother’s Mission Against Nightmare Nannies – ABC News


Nov 20, 2014 – Whitney Matney is pushing for the creation of a child abuse registry … a 28-year-old mother from Springdale, Arkansas, told ABC News‘ “20/20.

Arkansas man arrested on child sex abuse charges out of Nixa…/arkansas…child…abuse…/82280478/


Mar 25, 2016 – A 47-year-old Bull Shoals, Arkansas man was arrested Thursday on child sex abusecharges, according to Marion County Sheriff Joan Vickers.

Arkansas mother, boyfriend charged with child abuse after discovering …


Aug 18, 2016 – Find the latest breaking news and information on the top legal stories. For in-depth coverage, JammedUp provides special reports, video and …

Police allege newborn abused, parents arrested – The Baxter Bulletin…abused…/91117790/


Sep 26, 2016 – Home · News · Sports · Life · Opinion · Obituaries · Media · Archives ….. The child’s mother, 20-year-old Alyssia Kirby, was arrested on charges of first-degree battery, permitting child abuseand first-degree endangering the welfare of a minor. … the child had another seizure and was transported to Arkansas …

More than 10,000 Arkansas children found maltreated at home in ……/more-than-10000-arkansas-children-found-maltreated-at-home-in-…


Nov 30, 2016 – More than 10,000 Arkansas children found maltreated at home in fiscal … reports to theArkansas Child Abuse Hotline were found to be true, …

Abused Ark. girl zip-tied to bed, believed name was … – NY Daily News…/abused-ark-girl-zip-tied-bed-believed-idiot-article-1.275…

Aug 17, 2016 – Abused Arkansas 4-year-old zip-tied to bed as punishment believed her name was ‘idiot’ … were arrested on child abuse charges Friday.

2 arrested in what nurses told police was ‘worst case of child abuse …


Dec 10, 2016 – Kevin Fowler, 24, and Aislyn Miller, 24, are in custody on child abuse complaints after nurses told police it was the “worst case of child abuse” …

AR 608-10 07/15/1997 CHILD DEVELOPMENT SERVICES , Survival Ebooks

Us Department Of Defense, ‎, ‎Department of Defense – Reference

AR 608–10, paragraphs 2–13 through 2–17. … Provision of copies of news clipping of adverse publicity concerning child abuse allegations in CDS settings.

Arkansas man pleads guilty in child sexual abuse case | Local News ……news/arkansas…child…abuse…/article_0377f1d3-a102-…


Feb 29, 2016 – An Arkansas man pleaded guilty Monday in Jasper County Circuit Court to sexual abuseof an underage girl four years ago in Carthage.

Police: Arkansas Child Zip-Tied To Bed As Punishment – The Inquisitr


Aug 16, 2016 – An Arkansas child has been removed from the custody of her parents after … THV 11News reports that Jennifer Denen and her boyfriend, Clarence … … Child Abuse or Witnessing Parental Violence Tied to Later Substance …

Former professor’s wife told Arkansas investigator of Iowa abuse claims…arkansas…abuse/article_2a5d8f6c-1087-57f2-9b8c-2eb05ebb…


Jul 30, 2016 – Get news headlines sent daily to your inbox … professor has been sentenced to prison inArkansas for sexual abuse and child pornography.

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