Banning Spanking (let’s listen to the medical profession)

54 nations have banned spanking. Sweden in 1979 53 other nations since then.

The rates of fighting among adolescents were substantially lower than in the 20 countries with no bans in place: by 69 percent for adolescent males and 42 percent less for females” Statistics like this are meaningful and we should want more of them.

The data on fighting came from the World Health Organization’s Health Behavior in School-aged Children study and Global School-based health survey.

In 2016, Gershoff and a colleague conducted a meta-analysis of 50 years of research on spanking, encompassing about 160,000 children.

“The findings were consistently negative, she said. Although spanking is traditionally supposed to teach a lesson to correct bad behavior, children who were spanked were neither more compliant nor better behaved.”

Americans beat their children at home and at school. The punishment model in our nation is well established. 80% of school beatings take place in Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee and Oklahoma.

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