Judge Kavanaugh, The Catholic Church, Statistics & Child Sex Abuse

The miserable politics of rape at the highest level in our government are playing out today. Once more, sexual violence is in the spotlight as America’s second recent Supreme Court nominee (Kavanaugh) is being questioned about horrid behaviors of a sexual nature.

This topic has few friends. It remains under the surface until someone makes a painful accusation and the community accepts or rejects the accuser.

Our attention lately has been on the tens of million and hundreds of million dollar verdicts awarded to victims of church sanctioned child abuse (3 billion to date).

35 M Judgement Against Watchtower (the Tide is Changing)

The article below by Jamie Arlo is compelling. Also included are 316 pages (reports of child sexual abuse) from public documents that were compiled by a former Army Nurse & current Legal Nurse Consultant who researched 1500 journal documents & public sources to help children abused by the very same predator and people in an organization that failed to report the perpetrator and protect the children (