A Great Idea;

Foster Grandparents Program matches senior volunteers with at-risk children

In 2015, approximately 21,338 grandparents in Minnesota had the primary responsibility of caring for their grandchildren

Leaving the courtroom after the adoption of her four grandchildren, Charlotte, stated that when the youngest of these children turned 18, that she would be 88.

I’d noticed a limp in her walking and that she was on medications in the months before the adoption but never thought through the commitment, physical exhaustion and financial stress grandparents take on when adopting their child’s child.

It’s a much greater effort for a 65 year old person to manage the wild and unpredictable behaviors of a 3 year old than it is for a 25 year old birth parent  We seniors wear out faster, break easier and heal slower.

Happy Grandparents Day and may those of you who have taken the big step of caring for your grandchildren find that the rest of us support you in helping your children reach their full potential.

Below are podcasts and support services for Kinship Care around the nation.  Share this with the big-hearted people in your life

that are caring for their grandchildren and other family members.

All Adults Are the Protectors of All Children

Finding and Providing Support for Kinship Caregivers (thank you Children’s Bureau for this information)