Today’s article at Safe Passages for children makes a very serious point.

I advocated for a boy (call him Andy) over many years who was suicidal on multiple occasions. He spoke about his own violence against cops.  The hatred Andy had towards police as figures of authority are common to abused children.  Andy was suicidal and could have caused his own death by his actions.

When I met Andy, he was 7 years old, covered in bruises, had been left alone in the home tied to a bed for days at a time (from 4 to 7 years of age) without food or water.  He was on  multiple psychotropic medications for his profound mental health issues.

Several children in my CASA guardian ad Litem caseload had multiple run ins with police -some very serious.  It is dangerous to the officer and the child when there is no coordination between Child Protection & Law Enforcement.  All Adults are the Protectors of All Children