This short powerful article from Safe Passage for Children of MN identifies the how and why two girls could be beaten with bats, starved, raped and chained over 12-15 years in the same house and over 50 police calls to the home never resulted removing them from their house of horrors..  The neighbors knew, the police knew, the county knew – but nothing was done.

It’s how Eric Dean the 4 year old was tortured to death while 14 reports of abuse by mandated reporters were ignored.  The single visit to the home by child protection workers did not interview the child.  If they had, they would have seen the bite marks on his face and head, broken arm and other scars.

We need state wide guidelines for maltreatment reports, statewide coordination  of child protection activities and standards for child protection with a focus on keeping children safe.


All Adults Are the Protectors of All Children