This page is for those of you who know the value of data and the importance of tracking information about the issues of child abuse.  KARA will work to update it regularly and we encourage you the reader to send compelling statistical information in this area.  KARA will publish it if it fits – especially welcome are those of you with new information from your masters or PHD programs in this field.

Please submit your findings to us at; with Statistics & Data in the subject line.


1 in 3 children investigated for abuse by the time they are 18

5 million children with a parent in jail

1000’s of child abuse newspaper articles monthly report


1/3 of America’s foster children medicated with Prozac like drugs


Children in Foster Care; In Prison, Pregnant, on Death Row & incarcerated within 2 years of aging out


½ of the 20,000,000 annual new cases of sexually transmitted infections are youth 15 – 24


More Americans Killed by Toddlers With Guns Than Terrorists (Feb 2016)

American Children 9 times more likely to die in gun accidents than anywhere else in the world


2 year olds with guns in Iowa (now legal?) States & gun laws


300 million guns & 1000’s of gun deaths20 * more gun deaths than the rest of the industrialized world


12 million children reported to child protection each year


Simple Math; Minnesota’s $5M bridge maintenance failure = 1 Billion dollars in real money and dead and terribly injured drivers


Gun death of children 2016


Kids Count Data Book 2017

Toddlers shooting people every week in America


Free child care, college and health care for children less expensive than free prisons


$500/yr vs. $9000 / year Denmark, Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway and Sweden spend more on five year olds than we do and their children are healthy and smart.  A Terrific investment?


The economics of paid parental leave

America’s preschool expulsion rates


America’s schools vs. rest of the world

U.S. kids start school later than other g-20 countries


Education vs. Prison in America


U.S. schools failing in math (35 other nations)


How Many Kids in prison (a growing problem)


Sentencing 12 year olds to die in prison

The prevalence of sex abuse of girls & women in prison