Children In Prison Around the World (thank you Richard Ross, James Estrin, Lizzie Sadie, & Pete Brook)

The World Health Organization defines torture as extended exposure to violence and deprivation.

Children in adult prisons are raped and tortured by other inmates.

“90% of the children in adult prison came through juvenile justice” (MN Supreme Court Chief Justice Kathleen Blatz)

Children in juvenile prisons were tortured in the homes they grew up in.

Children in adult prisons were tortured in the homes they grew up in.

Is there no end to the torture of abused children?

The following photo’s. articles & videos shine a light on the nightmare that is juvenile “justice” in the world today.  Remember, these are “children”.



Share Your Views On Child Protection (thank you Safe Passage for Children of MN)

Preferred child protection practices currently allow alleged abusers opportunities to coach and intimidate children before workers can interview them individually. These include giving advance notice of the worker’s visit, and interviewing children in front of their parents as the first step in the process. Safe Passage is weighing state legislation to end these practices

We understand our proposal raises concerns about parental rights.

But consider this: there are no similar situations – such as domestic violence or sexual harassment – where alleged perpetrators are provided access to their purported victims before fact-finding is completed.

We believe keeping children safe takes priority, and that shielding children from potential intimidation gives workers the best chance to get the information needed to protect them.

We welcome your views on this issue. Please share them here.