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KARA receives many requests for hands on help and it it is necessary to remind you that Kids At Risk Action is a small group of volunteers working to improve child well-being and child protection systems by raising awareness and promoting better programs, people, and policies for abused and neglected children.

At this time, we are unable to provide timely direct help except for our Links page where we list Child Advocacy organizations and Resources.

Most national child friendly organizations will have a chapter in your state.  Always ask if they can help you find service providers that might be of assistance in your circumstances.  Every state has its own array of nonprofits and service providers.  The trick is to ask the right questions of the people you connect with to find them.

Please share with KARA those service providers you find that are helpful (info@invisiblechildren.org)

Video: 2 minute documentary interview with Rich Gehrman, Founder of Safe Passage For Children MN Please watch and share with your friends and networks & support organizations like Safe Passage For Children in your area.


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