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KARA tracks current news about at risk children bringing transparency and  attention to our youngest and most vulnerable  citizens.  Please note that what you see here is only a sampling of what should be reported –  the great majority of child trauma & abuse never gets reported.

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Compilation of information and writing on this page is the hard work of  David Vang, Mike Toronto, Jamar Weston, Adolf Nchanj and Blaz Zlate,  Callie Benscoter, (student volunteers at Century College) Katie Frake, Boston College, Julie O, and KARA.


AR: Child abuse hotline sees increase in calls (Includes video)
KATV – September 14, 2016
Around 16,500 calls came in to the state’s child abuse hotline from April through June and out of those, around 8,100 were investigated. During a legislative committee meeting on Wednesday, stakeholders gathered to discuss the issues of child abuse in Arkansas.

CA: Steve Jobs’ widow is giving two L.A. teachers $10 million to start a school for homeless and foster youth (Includes video)
Los Angeles Times – September 14, 2016
Instead of going to school, school will come to you. That’s the prize-winning idea behind RISE High, a proposed Los Angeles charter high school designed to serve homeless and foster children whose educations are frequently disrupted. Also: LA educators get $10 million to reinvent school for homeless kids:

GA: Foster kids housed in hotels? DFCS says no more
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution – September 13, 2016
Living in a hotel may sound nice, but it’s no place for a foster child. Still, the state has temporarily housed a total of a few hundred foster kids in hotels in recent years. Now officials said they will stop the practice.

IL: Which Chicago-area companies offer the best adoption benefits?
Chicago Tribune – September 14, 2016
Half of U.S. companies today offer adoption benefits, up from 31 percent who did so in 1999, according to Aon Hewitt, a human resources consultancy.

KY: Social workers say job crisis growing
Courier Journal – September 15, 2016
Frustrated state social workers have turned to Facebook to vent about what they say is an ongoing crisis in the overwhelmed, underfunded Child Protective Services agency charged with investigating child abuse and neglect and protecting children.

MN: Runaways put pressure on Grand Rapids
Duluth News Tribune – September 14, 2016
So far, one of those children has since been found safe, said Itasca County Health and Human Services Director Eric Villeneuve, who joined other sources in describing the missing Grand Rapids children, all of them between ages 15-17, as runaways who have left the city’s group homes.

MS: Gov. Phil Bryant seeking to recruit more foster parents in Mississippi
Associated Press – September 14, 2016
The governor and leaders of a faith-based initiative called Rescue 100 held a planning meeting Friday on the effort. Bryant described it as helping “to save the lives of the youngest and dearest among us.”

NE: Family Collaborative helps teens find forever homes (Includes video)
KETV – September 14, 2016
For many children in the foster care system, every year that goes by makes it less likely that they will find a family to call their own. The Nebraska Family Collaborative is trying to change that, working hard to find teens as old as 19 their forever homes.

NE: Report: Child welfare caseloads, cooperation still a problem
Associated Press – September 14, 2016
Nebraska’s child welfare system is still struggling to serve the needs of its clients because of large caseloads and a lack of cooperation among agencies, according to a state report released Wednesday. Also: State watchdog: Too many children in system dying, seriously hurt: Also: Improvement, but still too many ‘tragic outcomes’ in Nebraska child welfare system, report says:

NE: Royal Family Kids Camp: Providing hope to Lincoln area foster kids
Lincoln Journal Star – September 14, 2016
Across Nebraska, over 1,400 elementary-age kids are in the foster care system. Although each story is unique to the individual, for a child to end up in the foster care system, often abuse and neglect are factors. At an age when kids need to feel secure and loved, these foster kids are always in flux, feeling insignificant and abandoned. Royal Family Kids Camps were started across the country with the goal of transforming the foster care community to help these kids know that they are never alone.

OR: DHS told ‘culture change’ needed at agency
Portland Tribune – September 15, 2016
The agency faces a somber diagnosis: Oregon has a high rate of harm of kids in foster and residential care compared to other states, and the committee was created after revelations of abuse that went unaddressed by agency leaders.

TX: Straus priorities: Reform foster care, improve school finance
Houston Chronicle – September 14, 2016
Speaker of the Texas House Joe Straus outlined an ambitious agenda ahead of the 85th legislative session during a gathering of the Dallas Regional Chamber while also touting significant accomplishments under his leadership.

TX: Central Texas groups to receive funding for Child Abuse Prevention
KXXV – September 13, 2016
In 2015, Texas spent $454 billion dollars on child abuse. According to the Waco-based analysis firm Perryman Group, incarceration, medical bills, and foster homes are just some of the costs incurred as a result of child abuse.

TX: Child Protective Services moving too quickly on proposed foster care fix, senator frets
Dallas Morning News – September 13, 2016
The Senate’s leading social services policy writer said Tuesday that he’s worried child welfare chief Henry “Hank” Whitman wants to move too fast in changing the way Texas purchases help for foster children. Sen. Charles Schwertner said a requested speed-up in the geographic rollout of “foster care redesign” might be too ambitious.

US: Hundreds of Foster Youth and Alumni Urge Action on Family First: Let’s Listen (Opinion)
Chronicle of Social Change – September 14, 2016
This week over 590 youth and alumni of foster care, along with concerned stakeholders, conveyed a letter to U.S. Senate leaders calling upon the upper chamber to vote on and pass the House-approved Family First Prevention Services Act. These young people are all too aware of how delays in child welfare reform will negatively impact the lives of their younger peers and all future children who enter foster care.

US: Is Extreme Childhood Obesity ‘Nutritional Neglect’?
Psychology Today – September 14, 2016
How much are parents responsible for their children’s excessive weight?

US: Our Juvenile Justice System Is Failing LGBTQ Youth
Rewire – September 14, 2016
About 7 to 9 percent of young people in the United States identify as LGBTQ or gender-nonconforming. But recent research finds that percentage doubles among youth in juvenile justice facilities-and that these facilities are neglecting to keep LGBTQ youth safe or meet even their most basic needs, from housing to health care.

US: Editorial Landmark foster care bill requires some work
Los Angeles Times – September 10, 2016
As it begins its final weeks in session, the 114th Congress is taking up a bill known as the Family First Prevention Services Act that, if passed, would help keep children with their parents, or with extended families when their parents become temporarily unable to care for them. It would take an important step away from an outmoded and largely discredited funding model in which federal reimbursements for foster care gave states and counties a perverse incentive to remove as many children as possible from their homes despite mounting evidence that they do better in school – and in life – when kept with family.

US: Violence is Just One Part of Childhood Trauma
Chronicle of Social Change – September 10, 2016
Many people and organizations focus on preventing violence with the belief that if our society can stop violence against children, then most childhood trauma will be eradicated. However, research that has emerged over the last 20 years clearly shows that focusing primarily on violence prevention – physical and sexual abuse, in particular – doesn’t eliminate the trauma that children experience, and won’t even prevent further violence.


Australia: Mason’s law: Grandparents weep as new child protection laws pass Queensland Parliament
ABC News Australia – September 14, 2016
The grandparents fighting to change Queensland’s mandatory reporting laws for childcare workers to report suspected child abuse cases have broken down in tears as the bill passed through State Parliament.

Cambodia: Quebec Officials Talk Adoption With Ministry of Social Affairs
The Cambodia Daily – September 15, 2016
Canadian couples hoping to adopt Cambodian children moved a step closer to achieving their dreams this week as officials from Quebec prov­ince met with officials in Phnom Penh to discuss the viability of a bilateral adoption arrangement.

United Kingdom: Until FGM is prosecuted, this barbaric practice will go on flourishing in modern Britain (Opinion)
The Independent – September 14, 2016
Like rape, FGM is a hidden crime that goes significantly underreported because its victims fear that seeking prosecution will ultimately end in failure. FGM has been illegal in Britain since 1983 but there has never been a prosecution.

AR: State Catholic Schools Threaten LGBT Students with Expulsion (Includes audio)
Public News Service – September 14, 2016
New rules issued by the Diocese of Little Rock appear to require lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students in Catholic schools in Arkansas to hide their sexual identity or face expulsion.

AZ: Juvenile Judges Can Base Fees on Family Income (Includes audio)
Public News Service – September 14, 2016
In some states, the Juvenile Law Center report found, because of failure to pay, young offenders miss out on diversion programs that would allow them to remain at home, and parents can be held in contempt of court or lose their driver’s license. Report co-author Jessica Feierman, the center’s associate director, said these families often face gut-wrenching decisions. In Arizona, the report noted, parents are responsible for a $50 monthly fee for probation, but it’s based on their ability to pay. Fines, restitution, fees for being detained and diversion fees are set by the judge.

CA: San Bernardino County responds to grand jury findings on Children and Family Services
The Sun – September 13, 2016
San Bernardino County’s Department of Children and Family Services is on a “clear path” to resolving high social worker turnover and heavy caseloads, according to the county’s response to grand jury findings. Also: County: Reforms underway in child welfare system: : Grand jury report:

DC: Council Considers Foster Care Bill of Rights
Street Sense – September 13, 2016
News and conversation about the foster care system often centers on children and birth parent rights, but when it comes to foster parents, the conversation usually focuses on their responsibilities rather than their rights. Information Gateway Resource: Rights of Youth in Foster Care:

KY: More KY Parents Have Health Insurance; That’s Good for Their Kids (Includes audio)
Public News Service – September 14, 2016
Sonya Begay of Berea, who is raising three teenage grandchildren, said she began receiving Medicaid last year with the expansion, allowing her to reinvest what she had been spending on her own medical needs. “Once I got the Medicaid, it alleviates all of that expense,” she said. “Now, that can be re-transfered over to things for the kids, in regards to school events, school supplies – you know, things of that nature.”

KY: Beshear presents $42,000 to Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky to help program battle abuse, neglect
KYForward – September 13, 2016
Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky was established in 1987 and is the only statewide nonprofit organization committed to preventing the abuse and neglect of Kentucky’s children.

MD: Parents question delay in probe of alleged molestation of child on school bus
Washington Post – September 13, 2016
The parents of a preschool student in Prince George’s County said Tuesday that county officials recently informed them of an investigation into allegations that a bus aide molested their 4-year-old son last November, and they said they don’t understand why it took so long to look into the alleged abuse. Also: School Bus Aide Accused of Molesting Prince George’s County Students:

ME: Collins, King Announce $1.18 Million in Funding for Rural Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking Assistance Programs (Press releases)
Office of U.S. Senator Susan Collins – September 13, 2016
U.S. Senators Susan Collins and Angus King today announced that the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) has awarded a total of $1,180,000 in grant funding to two Maine organizations to implement programs that support victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Of that funding, $500,000 will be awarded to the Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MECASA) in Augusta and $680,000 will be awarded to the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence (MCEDV), also located in Augusta.

MI: Vote Expected Today on Michigan LGBTQ School Guidelines (Includes audio)
Public News Service – September 14, 2016
The State Board of Education is expected to approve voluntary recommendations for schools that were created to reduce discrimination against LGBTQ students and create a safer learning environment for all. Taryn Gal, director of programs for the Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health, said students can’t learn if they don’t feel safe.

NM: Report: NM Juvenile Offenders Trapped in “Debtor’s Prison” (Includes audio)
Public News Service – September 14, 2016
According to the nonprofit Juvenile Law Center, young people who can’t pay for alternative programs may do time when a wealthier offender may not. In some states, the report said, failure to pay court-related costs is a probation violation, and youths or their parents can be held in contempt or have driver’s licenses suspended. The report, called “Debtors’ Prison,” examined the policies of each state, and noted that in New Mexico, it is mandatory for parents to pay up if their children’s sentences include restitution. Report:!/map

TX: ‘Texas Miracle’ is short of money, but Straus says put kids first (Opinion)
Star-Telegram – September 13, 2016
Texas is facing “hard choices,” House Speaker Joe Straus said Tuesday.

TX: Lawmakers will review worker turnover, recent changes at CPS
Dallas Morning News – September 13, 2016
Senate social services policy writers on Tuesday will examine Texas Child Protective Services’ latest efforts to keep vulnerable children safe and reduce high turnover among CPS caseworkers.

US: Child Protection Training Center shapes violence prevention nationally
La Crosse Tribune – September 13, 2016
In 2015, the center trained 28,000 child protection professionals across the country and reached 227,000 children through its programs. Now the center is joining with organizations across the country to push a national plan to end all violence – to children, adults and elders.

US: Long Island Abuse Case Reveals Risks of Out-of-State Foster Care
New York Times – September 13, 2016
Some states use such long-distance placement because their own systems are struggling to find a place for children with special needs. Advocates say such long-distance arrangements can be positive because they can help children find homes more quickly. But effective oversight of even local foster care providers has proved a difficult mandate for many child welfare agencies nationwide; distance adds another obstacle.

US: Relatives Are Increasingly Relied Upon by Child Welfare Agencies during Opioid Epidemic (Press release)
Generations United via PR Newswire – September 12, 2016
With the rise in heroin and other opioid use, more relatives are raising children because the parents have died, are incarcerated, are using drugs, are in treatment or are otherwise unable to care for their children, according to a new report from Generations United. After years of decline, the numbers of children in foster care are increasing. Experts say the opioid epidemic is responsible for this trend. Report:


Canada: BC foster parents lose appeals to adopt Metis toddler
The Canadian Press – September 13, 2016
On Tuesday, the Court of Appeal of B.C. dismissed two appeals launched by the Vancouver Island couple, whose emotional case has pitted the importance of indigenous heritage against that of blood relatives.


AL: Rowe to chair DHR task force
Daily Mountain Eagle – September 13, 2016
Rep. Connie Cooner Rowe (R-Jasper) was appointed as chair of the Human Resources Task Force by Bentley in Montgomery last week. “I’m deeply honored to have been chosen to chair the task force, and I appreciate the governor for this opportunity,” Rowe said. “I interacted with DHR routinely during my law enforcement career and deeply appreciate the work they are charged with carrying out.”,8452

AZ: Department of Child Safety hits ‘pause’ button on controversial contracts
The Arizona Republic – September 12, 2016
The state’s child-welfare agency has delayed new contracts for parent training after contractors complained the state was prioritizing cost savings over child safety.

AZ: First Things First applauds grandparents who are raising Arizona’s next generation
Arizona Daily Sun – September 09, 2016
In Arizona, 14 percent of Arizona children ages 0 to 5 live with grandparents, compared to 12 percent nationally. Of those 14 percent, 30 percent of these households have no parent of the child present, meaning grandparents are responsible for most of the basic needs of children living with them. As the nation celebrates Grandparents’ Day, First Things First applauds those grandparents who are parenting a second time around.

CA: Ed Edelman, crusading L.A. County supervisor, dead at 85
Los Angeles Times – September 12, 2016
Ed Edelman, the longtime Los Angeles County supervisor whose crusading policymaking influenced many aspects of local life including child welfare, health services and environmental preservation, has died. He was 85.

CO: Family sues Mesa County social services for leaving child in abusive home where she was killed
The Denver Post – September 12, 2016
The family of an 11-month-old girl taken from a safe foster home and killed in the home of a woman repeatedly reported for possible child abuse has sued Mesa County social workers claiming they ignored danger signs and their decisions led to the girl’s death.

CO: One Colorado school district’s closely watched experiment in financing full-day preschool
Chalkbeat – September 12, 2016
what makes this preschool room different from most others in Colorado is how it came to be. The classroom – along with six others sprinkled throughout Westminster Public Schools – was born out of a new financing model that many observers believe could provide critical funding for early childhood programs while saving taxpayer money in the long run.

GA: Caring for a relative’s child a challenge that’s often not obvious (Opinion)
The Newnan Times-Herald – September 01, 2016
But unbridled delight is not how it is for many American grandparents and grandchildren. In 2014, 7.7 million children were living with grandparents. Unlike me, they don’t get to send their grandchildren home when they get tired. The joys of grandparenting I experience are tempered in so many homes in America by the needs of caring and feeding young children.

IL: Former foster youth takes part in research to help others
Vidette (Illinois State University) – September 12, 2016
An Illinois State University professor is working with students to learn more about the effects foster care can have on academic success. The goal of the study is to figure out what affects students negatively and positively in their academic careers and find a solution to help former foster care students complete their education.

NC: Social Services hires consultant for ‘issues’
The News Reporter – September 12, 2016
Columbus County commissioners have authorized Social Services Director Algernon McKenzie to hire a consultant at $21,500 to help bring the department’s child welfare program into compliance with state regulations.

ND: Standing Rock: The Biggest Story That No One’s Covering (Opinion)
Indian Country Today Media Network – September 08, 2016
Whether it’s gaming, Indian children in the foster care program, religious freedom, sacred sites, or quality of life issues where the public must take the time to understand our perspective, we often find ourselves in the losing battle for understanding and acceptance.

NE: With new UNO program, child welfare workers to earn graduate degrees tuition-free
Omaha World Herald – September 13, 2016
The University of Nebraska at Omaha has partnered with three organizations to create a graduate degree program and provide free tuition to a group of child welfare employees.

NH: Editorial: State must protect its children
Concord Monitor – September 09, 2016
Last week, in Nashua, the mother of 3-year-old Brielle Gage was found guilty of beating her to death. In Manchester, another mother stands accused of murdering her 21-month-old daughter, Sadie Willott, who died of blunt impact head injuries. The state’s Division for Children, Youth and Families, charged with protecting children from abuse and neglect, had been involved with both families. Yet, two helpless little girls are gone. Why?

NY: Erie County Department of Social Services report: Average child protective worker caseload below 15 (Press release)
Niagara Frontier Publications – September 12, 2016
The Erie County Department of Social Services’ (“ECDSS”) monthly report to the Erie County Legislature for August indicates the average child protective worker caseload has dipped below 15, the state-recommended maximum. Currently, two-thirds of Child Protective Services’ employees have 15 cases or fewer and 95 percent have 25 cases or less.

OH: State dead last in amount of funding for Children’s Protective Services
Gazette News – September 09, 2016
Commissioner Dan Troy said a Statehouse report from CCAO stated the number of child protection cases was increasing, during the Aug. 30 commissioners meeting. “The executive director of the (Public Children Services Association of Ohio) said that we’re showing a 19 percent increase in cases , coupled with a 17 percent decrease in state funding to address those particular needs,” he said.

RI: School abuse investigator to Rhode Island: Fix reporting law
Associated Press – September 12, 2016
An independent investigation that found widespread abuse at the elite St. George’s School is also advising Rhode Island to overhaul its law on reporting child abuse. Also: Editorial: The horror of St. George’s:

TX: State Raises the Bar on Child Abuse Prevention – September 12, 2016
Today, Texas released its first-ever strategic plan on child abuse prevention and early intervention, shifting from primarily investigation-based efforts aimed at protecting children to a public health approach to strengthen families. Plan:

TX: Supporting kinship caregivers (Video)
Fox7 – August 29, 2016
When family members and friends step in to provide homes for children who can’t care for them they’re referred to as “kinship caregivers”. The Center for Public Policy Priorities recently released a report on how the Texas Legislature can support those caregivers. Senior Policy Analyst Rachel Cooper has more. Also: CPS is Keeping Families Together Through Kinship Placements (Includes audio): Report: Keeping Kids with Family: How Texas Can Financially Support Kinship Caregivers:

US: Janet Reno Endowment Will Strengthen Child Advocacy Field She Has Always Supported (Opinion)
Youth Today – September 12, 2016
To honor Janet Reno’s commitment to juvenile justice reform and prevention, CJJR will coordinate and manage a leadership fund in her name that supports communities seeking to reform the way they serve at risk children and youth. This fund will finance training and technical assistance for counties and states seeking to reduce negative outcomes for abused, neglected and/or delinquent children and youth.

US: Guest commentary: Developing skills of cultural competency
News Gazette – September 11, 2016
Words sometimes matter. Behavior always matters. Cultural competence exists in between words and behaviors. It’s treacherous territory. Because in between words and behaviors disagreement flourishes. In the United States, no disagreement is larger, no topic more culturally treacherous, no incompetency more apparent, than in our conversation about race. Information Gateway resource: Cultural Competence:

US: Putting Families First (Opinion)
The Chronicle of Social Change – September 06, 2016
In otherwise contentious and turbulent times, Congress is coming together to support a fundamental American value – family. The Family First Prevention Services Act of 2016 passed the House but now faces an uncertain future in the Senate.


Australia: Tasmania’s foster care system ‘dysfunctional’, call for private sector shift
ABC Online (Australia) – September 13, 2016
A survey of Tasmanian foster carers has flagged serious concerns with the state’s Out of Home Care (OOHC) support system, with suggestions it should be handed to the private sector.

Australia: Senate to investigate allegations of child abuse on Nauru and Manus Island
The Guardian – September 12, 2016
The Guardian’s publication of the Nauru files renewed attention on Australia’s offshore detention regime, particularly the Nauru detention centre. The contents of the incident reports has drawn heavy domestic and international criticism and renewed pressure on Malcolm Turnbull’s government to end close to three years of detention of asylum seekers and refugees on Nauru and Manus Island.

Namibia: ‘Little Bugs’ brings early childhood development to the desert
UNICEF – September 13, 2016
Initially set up as a family establishment, Little Bugs ECD centre is today one of five regionally diverse centres supported by UNICEF to strengthen the implementation of quality pro-poor integrated early childhood development programmes.

Vatican City: Pope’s sex abuse panel to help new bishops improve child protection
Reuters – September 12, 2016
The move, announced on Monday, is a big step for the panel – made up of clerics and lay people, including women, mostly with little previous Vatican experience – that has struggled to be fully accepted within the Church’s power structure. Also: Papal commission steps up work to educate church about abuse:–21516819


AK: Lawmaker says Alaska child welfare agency practices ‘legal kidnapping,’ but top official disputes charge
Alaska Dispatch News – September 09, 2016
North Pole Republican Rep. Tammie Wilson has launched her latest salvo at the state agency charged with protecting Alaska’s children, saying a grand jury investigation is needed to examine interventions so aggressive they amount to “legal kidnapping.” Wilson’s charges are adamantly disputed by the Office of Children’s Services, whose director, Christy Lawton, said her agency has huge responsibilities and lacks the money and workforce it needs to perform them well.

AL: Snuggles and rehab: Alabama hospital unveils new program for drug-dependent babies – and their mothers
AL.Com – September 09, 2016
Because of the high number of drug-positive mothers, they began to grow concerned about the costs of care. Babies who needed treatment often languished for weeks, recovering slowly and expensively in the special care nursery. Mothers sometimes vanished into the child welfare and criminal justice systems – often charged with chemical endangerment of a child, a felony that can carry up to 10 years in prison.

AR: Foster Care System in Desperate Need of Homes (Includes video)
KNWA – September 11, 2016
“We need a lot more homes open across the state, some counties don’t have any open foster homes,” Arkansas Department of Human Services Deputy Chief Communications Brandi Hinkle said. According to the Arkansas Department of Human Services right now, there are more than 5000 kids in state custody, but only 1600 foster homes.

CA: Bill aims to require suicide prevention policies in classrooms statewide
Santa Clara Valley Signal – September 09, 2016
With September marking National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, legislators and organizations are working together to alter California’s Education Code to require schools to implement suicide prevention policies for students in grades 7 to 12.

CA: ServiceWorks VISTA Is Changing the Narrative of South Central LA
Huffington Post – September 09, 2016
An estimated 1 million students drop out of high school each year. Others are young people involved in the justice system, teen parents or foster care children who aged out of the system without the support needed to create a clear plan for adulthood.It’s the deep understanding of this reality that many young people face that brought Alonzo to the Points of Light family as an AmeriCorps VISTA member and site leader with ServiceWorks. We’re marking the start of our third year of this groundbreaking national program, powered by the Corporation for National and Community Service, the Citi Foundation and Points of Light.

IA: Editorial: Who’s to blame for unlawful sentences in sex cases?
Des Moines Register – September 09, 2016
But what happens when it’s the judge and prosecutors who are ignorant of the law? Last week, Des Moines Register reporter Jason Clayworth reported that at least seven Iowa teachers convicted of sexually abusing children over the past five years have avoided prison, despite a state law that requires incarceration in such cases.

IL: Audit reveals foster care housing shortage for youths in state care
Associated Press – September 09, 2016
The audit found that some children are being housed in psychiatric hospitals and shelters hundreds of days longer than necessary.

MD: Baltimore loses a great protector of children
Baltimore Sun – September 09, 2016
Baltimore lost a passionate champion and fierce advocate for child welfare last week. Julie Drake, a long-time city prosecutor, social worker and former chief of the Family Violence Division for the State’s Attorney’s Office, a lawyer who prosecuted many of Baltimore’s most heinous child murders and stood up for the city’s most vulnerable citizens, died after a battle with cancer.

ME: Inside the minds of Maine’s sex trafficking victims
Bangor Daily News – September 09, 2016
Someone unfamiliar with Sara or the realities of sex trafficking victims might wonder why she turned to the madame. What are the reasons why some people find themselves in this world? It’s a complicated question, often laced with unwarranted blame. The answers are not simple, but often they center on vulnerability.

MN: Commissioner’s View: We cannot turn our backs on our most vulnerable citizens (Opinion)
Duluth News Tribune – September 11, 2016
With caseloads at an all-time high, our child-protection workers are being expected to spend a greater percentage of their time filling out paperwork rather than engaging with families in a way that could make a meaningful difference.

MS: Governor calls for faith-based effort to improve foster care
Mississippi News Now – September 09, 2016
The Governor is calling for a faith-based effort to improve foster care. He says that improving foster care for children is something that the government can’t do alone and told a planning meeting to recruit more foster parents in Jackson on Friday. Also: Gov. Bryant, others push for more people to get trained as foster parents: Information Gateway resource: Domestic Violence, Child Welfare, and Community and Faith-Based Organizations:

MT: Women who advocate for abused children leave lasting legacy
Bozeman Daily Chronicle – August 21, 2016
Two of Bozeman’s guardian angels are turning in their wings. Thirty years ago, when Anita Nybo saw an ad in the paper for volunteers to help abused and neglected children, she immediately wanted to help. It was only when she was finishing up an hour-long interview with the youth probation program that she learned she would have to testify in court. “I was appalled,” she said, laughing. “There is no way I’m going to be testifying in court.”

OH: Justice by Income: Ohio Youth Facing Debtors’ Prison (Includes audio)
Public News Service – September 12, 2016
According to the Juvenile Law Center findings, when a family can’t pay up, a young person can be placed in a secure facility or have probation extended. Jessica Feierman, the Center’s associate director, calls it a punishment for being poor.

OH: Federal Government Strikes Down Proposed “Healthy Ohio” Medicaid Waiver (Includes audio)
WKSU – September 09, 2016
The “Healthy Ohio” program would have allowed the state to charge some Medicaid participants premiums of up to $99 annually and suspend coverage for non-pregnant recipients who don’t pay. “One of the things that they pointed out that we had pointed out in our comments was the negative impact on low-income parents, on youth in foster care, and beneficiaries with breast and cervical cancer.” Also: Ohio Medicaid fees rejected:

OK: Tulsa World editorial: State child welfare system still not meeting standards
Tulsa World – September 12, 2016
The state’s five-year goals for improving its child welfare system won’t be met on time. The state and the group that sued to force changes to the system have agreed to an extension in the so-called Pinnacle Plan that settled federal child welfare litigation in 2012.

OK: In reducing staff to cut budget, DHS paid millions to departing employees
Tulsa World – September 11, 2016
The Department of Human Services spent $14 million on employees who resigned or accepted voluntary buyouts from the state agency in fiscal 2016, a 70 percent increase over the prior year.

OK: DHS director: We still need your help
News OK – September 10, 2016
The Department of Human Services is making steady progress in improving our foster care system in Oklahoma and we are committed to building on this momentum in the additional time we have been granted to continue this important work. In the days, weeks and months ahead, DHS will persist in its efforts to ensure the system is consistently providing the level of support kids need and deserve while they are in state care.

OR: Time to address state’s failing child welfare system (Opinion)
Medford Mail-Tribune – September 11, 2016
A federal study made public in April after a public records request by The Oregonian found that state caseworkers failed to meet time limits for investigating allegations of abuse and neglect more than half the time, and in the most serious cases, where workers are required check in within 24 hours, the state met the standard less than two-thirds of the time.

PA: DN editorial: Bureaucratic morass killed a 10-year-old boy – September 12, 2016
The usual bureaucratic post-mortems are underway. The school nurse has been suspended by the school district with intent to dismiss. The foster mother has had her certificate pulled. Last week, investigators found that the agency that was overseeing Ethan’s case falsified its reports to indicate that caseworkers had a meeting with Ethan and his foster mother in December. Four caseworkers have been fired.

PA: Adoption: More than 2,000 kids need a home in PA
Daily Item – September 09, 2016
“I think it’s true that many kids in foster care are overlooked because they are ‘hidden’ in foster homes,” said Erin Eberspacher, project manager of Adoption & Orphan Care for Focus on the Family. “The U.S. does not have orphanages like many other countries, so people can forget that there are kids waiting for permanent families, kids that belong nowhere and to no one.”

PA: Prosecutors swamped with child abuse reports
Associated Press – September 09, 2016
A nearly 40 percent increase in the number of reported cases of child abuse in Pennsylvania is straining the resources of county district attorneys’ offices, with one prosecutor saying her staff is overwhelmed by the rising workload.

RI: Director of DCYF to retire
Associated Press – September 09, 2016
The acting head of Rhode Island’s Department of Children, Youth and Families is stepping down and the state has launched a national search for a permanent replacement. Jamia McDonald said Friday she is leaving to pursue private sector opportunities. Also: Leader who initiated reforms at Rhode Island’s DCYF to leave:

US: Hillary Clinton: The story of the Democratic presidential nominee
Tolucan Times (Sourced from Wikipedia) – September 11, 2016
In 1977, she co-founded Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families. She led a task force whose recommendations helped reform Arkansas’s public schools, and served on several corporate boards. As First Lady of the United States, Clinton led the unsuccessful effort to enact the Clinton health care plan of 1993. In 1997 and 1999, she helped create the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. She also tackled the problems of adoption and family safety and foster care.

US: Foster Care Recruitment: Yesterday’s Solutions No Longer Work (Opinion)
Chronicle of Social Change – September 09, 2016
Why have foster homes become harder to find and retain? Has child welfare slacked off in its recruitment efforts? Have Americans become more self-centered and less compassionate? Such personal answers are minor factors. The more important cause is that society has changed and we are still trying to use out-of-date remedies. The composition of the average family has undergone radical changes over the past two generations, and our foster care system has not.


Egypt: Mothers Take On Female Genital Mutilation, Pinning Hopes on Younger Generations
Global Voices – September 11, 2016
Egypt outlawed FGM in 2008. Eight years later, women’s rights activists and non-governmental organizations say mothers’ attitudes about the procedure have transformed, and the number of circumcised girls is down. As they’ve become more aware of the hazards and futility of the surgery, young mothers in Egypt have played a central role in fighting FGM.

United Kingdom: Red tape ‘stops school nurses doing job’
BBC News – September 12, 2016
The nurses questioned said they were finding it harder to successfully refer children at risk to social services because of some councils’ increasingly high thresholds for child protection intervention.
AK: Rep. Tammie Wilson accuses state of ‘legal kidnapping’
Daily News-Miner – September 09, 2016
A North Pole legislator is accusing the state of “legal kidnapping” for the rise in the number of children in state protective custody. Rep. Tammie Wilson, R-North Pole, this week called for a grand jury investigation into the Office of Children’s Services, alleging the agency has ignored state and federal law in order to put more children into state custody and keep them there.

CA: $4 Billion Sacramento Budget Approved
Rocklin & Roseville Today – September 08, 2016
Hearings for the Fiscal Year 2016-17 Budget concluded with the Sacramento Board of Supervisors approving the Adopted Budget document outlining the nearly $4B budget, including $2.4B in General Fund, to fund County operations. Said Roberta MacGlashan, Chair of the Board of Supervisors. “Though the economy has rebounded a bit, we must remain mindful about spending cautiously and putting funds away for future needs. We’re planning for the future while investing in critical areas such as Child Protective Services, Public Health, mental health services and homeless services.”

CA: Advocate sees a foster kid to adulthood (Includes audio)
KALW – September 08, 2016
Over 400 million kids are in the U.S. Foster system today. In California alone, there are 60,000 in care. For many, change is the only constant. They live in different homes with different people, switching schools frequently. Many become homeless after they exit the system as young adults.

CA: County Supes Want to Make it Easier for Foster Parents on Family Visitations
Beverly Hills Patch – September 08, 2016
Supervisors Sheila Kuehl and Michael Antonovich co-authored the motion, hoping to clear the way for more foster parents and relative caregivers to open their homes to children in need.

CA: Foster VC Kids, VCOE Collaborate on Innovative Support Systems for Foster Youth (Press release)
Briefing Wire – September 08, 2016
With more than one thousand Ventura County youth in out-of-home care including foster homes, relative homes, and group homes, the Ventura County Office of Education and Foster VC Kids have come together to educate the community about programs that give caregivers and foster youth the tools necessary to reach their full potential.

CA: Hard facts about Inland Empire foster kids and medication (Opinion)
San Bernardino County Sun – September 08, 2016
The state auditor has released a troubling report on the prescription of psychotropic medications, including antipsychotics, antidepressants and mood stabilizers, to California’s foster children.

CA: iFoster Announces Employer Tax Bill for Foster Youth (Press release)
PRNewswire – September 08, 2016
iFoster ( announced today that H.R.5947, the “Improved Employment Outcomes For Foster Youth Act of 2016” was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Congressmen McDermott (D-WA), Reichert (R-WA), Davis (D-IL), Reed (R-NY), and Doggett (D-TX). A Senate companion bill will also be introduced by Senator Casey (D-PA). This bill amends the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to include transition age foster youth as categorically eligible for purposes of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). Employers may be eligible to receive a credit of up to $2,400 annually for each foster youth hired.

IL: Audit Finds Flaws In DCFS Tracking Systems
WINJ – September 08, 2016
A new audit of Illinois’ child welfare system shows the state’s long-troubled Department of Children and Family Services is not tracking some basic data about where children are being placed.

IN: Undoing racism: A community call to action
Indianapolis Recorder – September 08, 2016
It’s a conversation few people want to have. It makes us uncomfortable. Tense. Pits people against each other. It’s a conversation about racism. How to confront it and how to prevent it. “Undoing racism.” Is that even possible? One nonprofit executive has been committed to finding out, speaking loudly and clearly on the subject, since 2010. And she is doing it to fight for the rights of African-American children in the child welfare system and to fight inherent prejudices in our community.

NM: CYFD asks communities to ‘pull together’
Farmington Daily Times – September 08, 2016
A Gold Star Academy has been held up as an example of a community coming together to make New Mexico the “best place to be a kid,” in the words of state Children, Youth and Families Department Cabinet Secretary Monique Jacobson. The San Juan Safe Communities Initiative, a local nonprofit organization focused on improving the quality of life in the county, presented the new child care center with a $10,000 award during a CYFD community outreach meeting at Piedra Vista High School today.

OH: Editorial: Pathways needs foster families
The Canton Repository – September 08, 2016
Unfortunately, people like the Horners are becoming more difficult to find. And Pathways Caring for Children is battling a need for foster parents. Officials say they have a roster of only 55 foster parents and that they last year needed to find homes for more than 400 children.

PA: State data: Substantiated child abuse claims rose in 2015
Associated Press – September 08, 2016
New state data shows there were more than 4,200 substantiated child abuse claims last year, an increase of 863 from the year before. The state Department of Human Services report examined cases over a one-year period from 2014 to 2015.

PA: Worth Another Look: Human Trafficking (Opinion)
JD Supra Business Advisor – September 08, 2016
In January of 2016, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) published a list of the top ten issues that will be before state legislatures across the nation this year. Since Pennsylvania will close out the 2015-2016 session this fall, it’s worth a look to see what our own elected officials are doing to address each of the issues. The next topic up for consideration: Human Trafficking.

RI: Five Questions With: Kara Foley
Providence Business News – September 09, 2016
Kara Foley is a newly hired policy analyst at Rhode Island KIDS COUNT, a children’s-policy organization working to improve the health, safety, education and economic well-being of Rhode Island’s children. She focuses on policy analysis, research and writing regarding child-related welfare and juvenile justice issues. Her previous experience includes serving as a community program consultant with Adoption Rhode Island, a research health science specialist at the Providence VA Medical Center and an MSW intern at both the Office of the Child Advocate and Adoption Rhode Island. Foley is a 2012 graduate of The Women’s Fund of Rhode Island’s Women’s Policy Institute, where she was involved in crafting model language for temporary caregiver insurance legislation.,117077

TX: CASA Volunteer Makes Real Difference in Life of Foster Child (Press release)
Business Wire – September 08, 2016
When a child enters foster care because his or her home is no longer safe, a CASA volunteer can be appointed by a judge to represent a child’s best interests. A volunteer guides a foster child through the overburdened and complex child protection system with the goal of reaching a safe and permanent home. Volunteers often become one of the only consistent adults for a foster child, spending a significant amount of time with the child.

TX: CPS chief seeks to extend possible foster care fix, doesn’t push raises for caseworkers yet
The Dallas Morning News – September 08, 2016
The state’s top protective services official is asking to dramatically speed up a big change in how Texas buys help for foster children. The new approach, known as “foster care redesign,” has improved recruitment and training of foster parents so children can stay closer to home in Tarrant and six nearby counties. Also: Judge grants experts more time for foster care reform report:

UT: Senator, nonprofit group call on Hispanic and Latino families to foster children (Includes video)
Fox13 – September 08, 2016
In Utah, more than one in five children in foster care are from Hispanic/Latino families, but only one in 20 foster families are Hispanic/Latino. Senator Luz Escamilla, D-Salt Lake City, is teaming up with the nonprofit Utah Foster Care for a call to action, asking Hispanic and Latino families to step up and support the children in their community. Also: Foster mom urges Latino families to help children in state care:

WV: Gazette editorial: More jail time bad for poor, kids, economy
Charleston Gazette-Mail – September 09, 2016
Sen. Bill Cole’s recent campaign trail talk about mandatory minimum sentences for drug dealers (and building more jails if necessary) is about 30 years out of date, bad for nonviolent offenders, bad for poor people, bad for minorities, bad for kids and bad for state and local budgets.Mandatory minimum sentences disproportionately affect low-income people, minorities and those who have committed no crime at all – inmates’ children.

US: Brain peptide research may lead to promising new treatments for mental illnesses
Medical News Today – September 08, 2016
Recent research points to the importance of a molecule called relaxin-3 in the brain, with effects on various processes and behaviors such as mood, stress, and cognition. Because these are often aberrant in mental illnesses, investigators are studying the potential of relaxin-3-based interventions to treat depression, anxiety, and other conditions.

US: New Bill Would Incentivize Hiring of Current, Former Foster Youth
The Chronicle of Social Change – September 08, 2016
A House bill introduced today would provide tax credits of up to $2,400 to employers who hire current and former foster youth between the ages of 18 and 27. The Improved Employment Outcomes for Foster Youth Act would for the first time include foster youth as an eligible category under the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), which incentivizes the hiring of certain groups who struggle with barriers to employment. The credit began 20 years ago as an incentive to hire veterans, but its scope has widened to include citizens with certain hiring challenges. Information Gateway resource: Employment and Training Services for Youth:


Canada: B.C.’s minister for child welfare to release youth-services plan
The Globe and Mail – September 08, 2016
British Columbia’s minister for child welfare says her government has not done enough to improve mental health services for children and youth but promised to unveil a plan shortly to alleviate what a new report describes as a “wildly inconsistent and chronically underfunded” network of care.

Canada: No Ontario kids in foster care will be housed in detention centres, minister says
The Hamilton Spectator – September 08, 2016
The Minister of Children and Youth Services says a suggestion to house youth from the foster-care system in detention centres in northern Ontario is not being considered by the ministry. “It was never on the table,” Michael Coteau said Thursday in an interview with the Toronto Star. “No child in foster care will be kept in any type of correctional facility. I can say that with confidence.”

India: How A Swiss Aristocrat And An Indian Techie Teamed Up To Save Child Brides (Audio)
National Public Radio – September 09, 2016
It all began with a shawl: The story of how an unlikely duo came up with an innovative idea that’s transforming the lives of child brides.,3,46

International: Greater efforts are needed to eliminate female genital mutilation
Medical News Today – September 08, 2016
The World Health Organization reports that more than 200 million girls and women currently have been subjected to female genital mutilation/cutting worldwide, and three million girls continue to be at risk each year. A new review details how the practice affects individuals physically and psychologically, noting that such traditions that dehumanize and injure are human rights violations. World Health Organization (WHO) Press release:

Nepal: Child Marriage Threatens Girls’ Futures: Government Breaking Promises for Reform (Includes video)
Human Rights Watch – September 08, 2016
The Nepal government is not taking sufficient steps to end child marriage, causing deep harm to both girls and boys across the country, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. In July 2014, Nepal’s government pledged to end child marriage by 2020. By 2016, this goal had shifted to 2030. But the government has yet to take the concrete steps needed to achieve either goal. Report: “‘Our Time to Sing and Play’: Child Marriage in Nepal”:

United Kingdom: Adverse drug reactions may be under-reported in young children
Medical News Today – September 08, 2016
A new study reveals that adverse drug reactions in newborns and infants may be under-reported. For the study, investigators analyzed 2001-2010 information from the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, which runs a national spontaneous reporting system to collect suspected adverse drug reaction data.


AZ: Native American Foster Children Suffer Under a Law Originally Meant to Help Them (Opinion)
Phoenix New Times – September 07, 2016
Nearly 40 years later, though, the law faces a challenge from an unlikely source: some 1,600 Native children like James, and the non-tribal parents who have tried to adopt them. A class-action suit, filed in federal court by the Phoenix-based Goldwater Institute, argues that the Indian Child Welfare Act actually encourages racism by preventing the court from acting in Native American children’s best interests.

CA: Sacramento County’s final budget ramps up social services funding
The Sacramento Bee – September 07, 2016
Social services took center stage in the final $3.9 billion budget adopted Wednesday by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. Since the board approved the recommended 2016-2017 budget in June, county staff increased department budgets by $18.5 million, with the lion’s share going to the Department of Health and Human Services.

MO: Cornerstones of Care encourages more foster families (Includes video)
St. Joseph News-Press – September 08, 2016
Cornerstones of Care, a nonprofit that focuses on children’s welfare, is hoping to increase the number of families providing foster and respite care in the greater St. Joseph area.

ND: Agency holds meeting to gather comments from parents and caregivers on child welfare services (Press release)
North Dakota Department of Human Services – September 07, 2016
“The voice of families is so important when it comes to the child welfare system,” said Shari Doe, director of the department’s Children and Family Services Division. “Hearing from parents about their first-hand experiences helps agencies evaluate what is working and where changes can be made to help strengthen their work with families.”

OR: Bridge Meadows breaks ground in Beaverton (Includes video)
KOIN – September 07, 2016
Bridge Meadows offers affordable housing that puts foster families and the kids in their care in close proximity with older people who are there to help support kids in exchange for reduced rent.

OR: State Hires New Leader To Oversee Foster Care Program (Includes audio)
KUOW – September 07, 2016
Oregon’s child welfare system will have a new leader in November. The Oregon Department of Human Services Wednesday announced the results of a nationwide job search. Lena Alhusseini comes to Oregon from New York City, where she directs an Arab-American community organization. Also: Oregon DHS announces new Child Welfare Director:

PA: Allegheny County awarded grant to aid children with behavioral health disorders
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – September 07, 2016
Allegheny County has been awarded a grant that will allow it to expand its behavioral health services for children with the most serious emotional, behavioral and mental disorders and their families, according to an announcement made today.

PA: Jefferson County Commissioners concerned over CYS payments
The Courier Express – September 07, 2016
Jefferson County is joining other counties across the Commonwealth in calling for increased state support for children and youth agencies. Last week Jefferson County Commissioner Jack Matson issued a press release calling for increased awareness, staffing and funding for county Children and Youth Services (CYS) agencies that conduct the primary, critical services for abused and neglected children as well as child abuse investigations.

TX: Legislature to Explore Human Trafficking/Foster Care Link
WOAI – September 07, 2016
There has been no shortage of Texas legislative hearings on the topic of human trafficking, but one held today is looking specifically at a link to the state’s foster care system. While not every child in foster care falls victim to the modern day version of slavery, Dr. Bob Sanborn says the majority of the domestic human trafficking victims came from the foster care system. The head of Children at Risk tells Newsradio 1200 WOAI, much of the problem is the woefully underfunded Child Protective Services, which doesn’t have the time or the ability to investigate claims. Information Gateway resource: Human Trafficking:

VT: Collaboration Used as Model for Treating Pregnant Women with Opioid Use Disorders (Press release)
Vermont Department of Children and Families – September 01, 2016
The Family Services Division (FSD) of the Vermont Department for Children and Families participated in a workgroup to help the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW) frame practice and policy considerations around the treatment of pregnant women with opioid use disorders. An outcome of this work was a new publication – A Collaborative Approach to the Treatment of Pregnant Women with Opioid Use Disorders – that provides guidance to child welfare professionals and service providers as they work to address this population’s unique needs.

WI: Child neglect claimed in teen’s plan to end her own life (Includes video)
The (Appleton, Wis.) Post-Crescent – September 07, 2016
Child protection authorities were first asked to investigate an Appleton teenager’s decision to die more than a month ago, according to information obtained by USA TODAY Network-Wisconsin. The disability rights groups that filed the referrals hoping to halt 14-year-old Jerika Bolen’s plans to enter hospice care and cease treatment of an incurable disease say they still have not received word from state or county officials on whether any action is being pursued.

WI: Instead of Missing First Day of School for Her Adoption, 10-Year-Old Girl Takes Class With Her (Includes video)
Inside Edition – September 07, 2016
Abby Novotny would have missed her first day of class to attend her formal court adoption if not for her school, which turned the occasion into a field trip with her fellow students.

US: Family First Act Has Problems, But The “Imminent Risk” Provision Isn’t One of Them (Opinion)
The Chronicle of Social Change – September 07, 2016
In fact, while the Family First Act has many problems, the “imminent risk” clause makes perfect sense – and yes, it is about child abuse prevention.

US: For Some Same-Sex Couples, Divorce Is a Legal Nightmare
NBC News – September 07, 2016
Many LGBTQ couples divorcing in states that did not previously recognize same-sex marriage are stuck in a legal mess. Due to inconsistent laws and misinformation, some who separated from their partners are discovering they are still married, and others are fighting for legal rights to children, lawyers say.

US: Supporting refugee and immigrant children
Huffington Post – September 07, 2016
A recent report by Child Trends estimates that more than 127,000 foreign children will enter the U.S. by the end of 2016, up from about 90,000 in 2015. Each of these children has a legal designation. That designation-not their physical or psychological needs, or even the mere fact that they are children-determines the level of support and protection they receive under U.S. law. Report: Moving Beyond Trauma: Child Migrants and Refugees in the United States:

US: They grew up as American citizens, then learned that they weren’t
The Washington Post – September 02, 2016
In recent years, adoptees in similar circumstances have begun to find each other and are uniting behind the Adoptee Citizenship Act, proposed federal legislation that would grant citizenship to anyone who was adopted by a U.S. citizen regardless of when they turned 18. It would also allow those who have been deported to return to the United States.

US: Measuring the lives of LGBT youth
Child Trends – August 31, 2016
The last several years have featured many encouraging strides for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people: the nationwide victory for marriage equality, the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, supportive policy guidance from the Departments of Education and Justice, and other policy-level and grassroots initiatives have all established new policy standards for LGBT equality. In many ways, today’s LGBT youth are growing up in a much more broadly supportive society than the one I faced years ago. But while societal norms are shifting toward equality, a new study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finds that lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) high school students still face significant obstacles to achieving well-being. CDC Report:


Canada: “Primary inquisitor” in child abuse case sent to prison
The Brandon Sun – September 07, 2016
The “primary inquisitor” in a “witch hunt” for sin at a Southern Manitoba Old Order Mennonite Community that led to widespread child abuse has been sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison. Crown attorney Jim Ross said the case was about domination – the offender led an “obsessive” campaign to use physical discipline to stamp out sin, all the while sexually abusing a young woman from the community.

Canada: Toronto Star’s View: Don’t even think of housing foster kids in jails
Our Windsor – September 06, 2016
Removing a child from his or her home is one of the most traumatic and disruptive steps the state can take. So imagine the psychological damage if children, who may already mistakenly believe they’re being taken because they’ve been bad, are placed in a jail.



CA: Governor Should Make it Clear: There’s #NoSuchThing as a Child Prostitute
The Chronicle of Social Change – September 06, 2016
The shocking situation described here is real, and it happens because law enforcement in many California jurisdictions falsely believe they must arrest the child victim for prostitution. Instead of immediately being referred to child welfare services and community agencies who specialize in services for child abuse victims, child sex trafficking victims like this girl frequently are arrested and taken to jail for prostitution.

MD: Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention and Baltimore Child Abuse Center Announce New Website (Press release)
Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention – September 06, 2016
As the school year begins, the men and women who work with children in Maryland have a new resource to help them protect children from child abuse. A new website, supported by a grant from the Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention, provides resources for mandated reporters, who are required by Maryland law to report signs of abuse and neglect in the youngsters they work with. Website:

MT: Child Bridge receives national recognition
Daily Inter Lake – September 07, 2016
Child Bridge, a Flathead Valley nonprofit organization that finds and supports foster and adoptive families for Montana children in need, is being recognized by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption this month as an Angel in Adoption.

NM: New ads encouraging New Mexicans to report child abuse (Includes video)
KRQE News 13 – September 06, 2016
The governor is hoping a series of new television advertisements will convince people to report child abuse.

NY: A new program will give 100 New York City schools extra mental health training
Chalkbeat – September 06, 2016
The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services is launching a program – called the 100 Schools Project – partly in an attempt to address that gap. Starting this month, the program will connect community based organizations to 10 middle and high schools spread over Brooklyn and the Bronx that will help train teachers and other staff members to recognize signs of distress and funnel students into the right mental health, behavioral intervention or substance abuse programs. The initiative is expected to reach 50 schools by January 2017 and 100 later that year.

OH: Youngstown Diocese joins national child abuse prevention program (Includes video)
WYTV – September 06, 2016
The Catholic Diocese of Youngstown is joining other diocese across the country in implementing new programs to prevent child abuse.

OK: Time extended for experts to monitor child welfare reforms
The Oklahoman – September 07, 2016
Attorneys for the state and a children’s rights group agreed to the extension after it became clear that reform efforts would not be sufficient to meet goals by the end of this year as contemplated in a five-year reform plan, officials said.

PA: Safe home vital for child’s well-being
The Wyoming County Examiner – September 07, 2016
When children are placed in foster care, SWAN steps in to provide legal assistance and other services to the children involved.

US: A Silent Epidemic: Our public schools are struggling to handle millions of students with mental health problems. Here’s why
National Public Radio – September 07, 2016
There are more than 50 million public school students in the U.S. As many as 1 in 5 shows signs of a mental health disorder. Also: School Nurses Can Be Mental Health ‘Detectives’ But They Need Help (Includes audio): Also: 6 Myths About Suicide That Every Educator And Parent Should Know (Includes audio):

US: God, child abuse, and the limits of religious freedom in America
The Week – September 07, 2016
Does religious freedom have limits? If so, then surely child abuse exceeds those limits.

US: Moving Beyond Trauma: Child Migrants and Refugees in the United States
The Chronicle of Social Change – September 07, 2016
The U.S. Border Patrol will have intercepted an estimated 90,000 children without any sort of legal protective status by the end of 2016. These are mostly traumatized children who are fleeing violence in their home countries, often without an adult. Report: ; Information Gateway Resource: Working With Youth who are Immigrants and Refugees:


China: Illicit Adoption Market Goes Online
The News Lens – September 07, 2016
On messaging app QQ, the more than 470 members of the “Home to Fulfill Your Dream” group look for either babies that can be adopted, or prospective foster parents. When supply meets demand, parties pair up and continue the discussion in private to hash out the particulars of the deal.

Egypt: Female genital mutilation needed because Egyptian men are ‘sexually weak,’ lawmaker says
Washington Post – September 06, 2016
The practice was banned in Egypt in 2008. Since then, circumcising girls has been punishable by a prison sentence of between three months and three years as well as a hefty fine. Still, FGM remains a widespread practice here, as it is in many other African nations and parts of the Middle East.


AZ: 18,000 Arizona kids are in foster care. Here’s how you can help
AZCentral – September 04, 2016
What can you do? The answer depends on the amount of time and the financial resources you have. It also depends on what you believe is the best way to help a child in need – different programs may take different approaches.

CA: Bibliotherapy pairs readers with the book they need, when they need it
Sacramento Bee – September 05, 2016
The first book in the Harry Potter series, for example, really speaks to children who are in foster care or feel out of place in their family, she said. The same theory applies to adults experiencing grief. That’s the idea behind bibliotherapy – the art of matching people with the perfect books to help them through tough situations. Librarians have been doing it for years, but it’s gaining popularity in the digital age as people seek comfort during times of anxiety, loss, loneliness and other emotional hardships.

CA: Kind-hearted duo help keep homeless kids in school – September 04, 2016
Little Sebastian is one of the 1,865 students that two women with the Bakersfield City School District have been going to extraordinary lengths to keep in school under a federal law called the McKinney Vento program.

CA: Commentary: A Startling Failure of CPS in the Green Case
Davis Vanguard – September 02, 2016
Monday’s testimony by Yolo County Social Worker Valerie Zeller in the case of Samantha Green was nothing short of startling – even as we already suspected that CPS (now referred to as CWS, Child Welfare Services) had failed in its duties to protect baby Justice Rees.

CA: Our foster kids may be over-medicated, but under-supervised medically, report says
San Gabriel Valley Tribune – September 02, 2016
Thousands of California’s foster care kids may be overdrugged with psychotropic medications, often without medical follow-up or a legally required approval from a judge or parent, according to a stinging report by the California State Auditor.

CA: Agencies to cooperate in sharing data on foster children (Press release)
Signal Tribune – September 01, 2016
California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris on Thursday announced that the California Department of Justice’s Bureau of Children’s Justice (BCJ), the California Department of Education (CDE) and the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) have jointly developed statewide guidelines for school districts, county offices of education and child-welfare agencies to better assist them in the secure sharing of data and information that is critical to the success of students in foster care. Also: California AG Harris Issues Educational Data-Sharing Guidelines for Foster Youth:

CT: Preschool Suspensions Really Happen And That’s Not OK With Connecticut (Includes audio)
National Public Radio – September 05, 2016
“Expelling preschoolers is not an intervention,” according to a policy statement issued earlier this year by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. “Rather, it disrupts the learning process, pushing a child out the door of one early care and education program, only for him or her to be enrolled somewhere else, continuing a negative cycle of revolving doors that increases inequality and hides the child and family from access to meaningful supports.”

CT: Medical experts play key role in child abuse cases
Stamford Advocate – August 20, 2016
Investigations into suspected abuse, and in the worst case, killing, of children in Connecticut, where there have been 118 infant deaths over the last five years, rely heavily on assistance from specialized groups of pediatricians and other child experts.

ID: Health and Welfare defends handligng of abused baby case
NWCN – September 02, 2016
The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare on Friday challenged accusations they had not done enough to protect a three-month-old Nampa boy who died in 2014 after suffering horrific abuse at the hands of his father.

IL: Groups encourage more gay couples to adopt children, be foster parents
Chicago Tribune – September 04, 2016
With same-sex marriage widely accepted a year after it was legalized by the Supreme Court, some community groups are hoping less rigid attitudes will prompt more gay and lesbian couples to consider fostering or adopting a child.

MN: How cultural shifts lead some adoption agencies to close
Deseret News – September 04, 2016
A Catholic diocese in St. Cloud, Minnesota, is ending its pregnancy counseling and adoption services. It’s the result of national trends putting pressure on adoption: fewer pregnant teens and growing acceptance of out-of-wedlock births. Also: Catholic charity group to halt adoption, pregnancy services:

MN: ThreeSixty: Life after foster care a lasting challenge
Star Tribune – September 02, 2016
Being in foster care also affected her “relationships, friendships, communication and self-worth,” she said. “Moving from place to place, moving schools a few times, that’s all had an impact on my communication and also my self-worth and confidence.”

MO: Medical professionals not always trained to identify child abuse
KMIZ – August 05, 2016
Missouri Kids First works with pediatricians who specialize in child abuse and have found out that even though doctors are mandated reporters, and can be punished by law if they do not report, they’re not really trained to recognize the signs of child abuse.

MT: More foster parents needed in Montana
Sidney Herald – September 04, 2016
There are currently more than 3,000 children in the foster care system, over a 10 percent increase from just last year. Unfortunately, the number of foster homes has not kept up with the need.

NC: State Review Notes Room to Improve in County Child Welfare Program
The Pilot – September 03, 2016
A state evaluation of Moore County’s Child Welfare Program turned up a number of concerns regarding the completion of safety assessments, proper documentation and the timeliness of decisions being made in cases of abuse and neglect.

NM: Child abuse cases highlight need for preventative efforts
Daily Lobo – September 04, 2016
Leslie Strickler, a pediatrician for the UNMH Child Abuse Response Team, said for every child heard about in the news, there’s much more the public isn’t aware of. Strickler said there’s not enough funding to support programs that work towards child abuse intervention and prevention. She said her own department is the only specialty clinic for child abuse in the state and that it lacks funding to hire the staff they need to best run the program.

NM: Panel seeks remedies to growing child abuse issue
Albuquerque Journal – August 30, 2016
Sgt. Amy Dudewicz offered a chilling response Tuesday when asked about the volume of child-abuse and neglect referrals sent to her office. “We get more than we can respond to,” Dudewicz told a panel of Albuquerque city councilors and Bernalillo County commissioners.

OK: Police: Tulsa Foster Parents Sexually Abused And Neglected Nine Children In Their Care
Inquisitr – September 03, 2016
Police in Tulsa have reportedly arrested a pair of foster parents after they say they discovered evidence of child abuse and neglect. News 6 reports that married couple Paul and Amy Sanders are accused of committing a laundry list of crimes against the nine children who have been in their care. The details surrounding this case are shocking to say the least.

OK: GI Bill benefits can be used to pursue child welfare specialist career (Includes video)
ABC News 7 – September 02, 2016
A big announcement from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. The agency says veterans can now use their G.I. Bill benefits to pursue a career as a child welfare specialist. A spokeswoman for the agency says DHS says the agency worked with the Oklahoma State Accrediting Agency to provide an on-the-job training program for those positions. Also: Veterans can train on the job for child welfare positions:

OR: Years of sex misconduct complaints from Portland students went nowhere, records show
The Oregonian – September 02, 2016
More than a year before a veteran coach pleaded guilty to physically harassing another staff member, a Portland Public Schools principal emailed top district officials to warn that decades of complaints about Mitchell Whitehurst’s “over friendliness” with students and colleagues could lead to scandal.

PA: Lead threat to children: Effort expands to line up with CDC standard
Pittsburg Post-Gazette – September 04, 2016
Even if they don’t always show problems right away, children with high lead levels fall into a risk category that can be tracked, according to Michelle Myers-Cepicka, CEO of the Alliance for Infants and Toddlers, the lead agency working with the Allegheny County Department of Human Services for early intervention services for children up to age 3.

TX: CPS needs real reform (Opinion)
Denton Record-Chronicle – September 05, 2016
Texas CPS is an agency in crisis, plagued by high turnover, widespread inefficiency, inadequate response to its own critics and, worst of all, appalling failures to protect vulnerable children.

TX: Google Inc. just awarded ‘Hope For Children Foundation’ a sizeable donation worth $480,000 to support its mission for the next twelve months (Press release )
AB Newswire – September 02, 2016
Google, Inc. just awarded ‘Hope for Children Foundation,’ with corporate headquarters in Dallas, TX, a sizeable donation to support its missions. The market value of this donation In-Kind is about $480,000 over the next twelve months. In the past year and a half, Google has supported the mission of ‘Hope for Children Foundation’ by donating significantly to the cause, in the amount of about $190,000. This donation benefits children and families throughout the United States.

VT: Vermont helps write guidelines to help pregnant drug users
Associated Press – September 05, 2016
Vermont’s efforts to treat pregnant women who abuse opiates are gaining national notice. Staff from the Family Services Division of the Vermont Department for Children and Families has helped the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare to develop new guidelines for that type of specialized treatment.

WA: Camp to Belong reunites 100 siblings in Port Orchard
Port Orchard Independent – September 02, 2016
Camp to Belong is a summer camp that reunites siblings separated by the foster system for a week of activities and fun. Last week, 100 siblings were reunited at Miracle Ranch in Port Orchard.

WV: Child Protect of Mercer County receives $500k grant
Bluefield Daily Telegraph – September 03, 2016
A local agency dedicated to aiding children who are the victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse has received a major grant to help it continue its work, Congressional representatives announced Friday.

WV: Troubled teens need help (Opinion)
Bluefield Daily Telegraph – September 02, 2016
Parents, teachers, administrators, coaches, support staff, neighbors, youth leaders and health care providers need a lesson in mental health awareness. According to a recent National Public Radio series, “up to one in five students living in the U.S. show signs or symptoms of a mental health disorder in a given year.” Information Gateway resource: Topical Training for Caseworkers: Mental Health:

US: A better way to help vulnerable children and families (Opinion)
Washington Post – September 05, 2016
In many cases, it’s possible to improve a child’s family situation at home and avoid the trauma of being separated from family, friends and school, as well as the long-term cost of foster care. Most children come into foster care not as a result of physical or sexual abuse but due to complex factors related to neglect.

US: Amarillo doctors to study marijuana users who breastfeed
Amarillo Globe News – September 03, 2016
Confident that marijuana was a safer alternative to pharmaceutical drugs prescribed during and after her pregnancies, Colorado mother Jeanna Hoch used marijuana medicinally while carrying both of her children and while breastfeeding them. In 2015, Colorado Child Protective Services began investigating Hoch after receiving information that she was using marijuana while breastfeeding her daughter, the self-proclaimed “cannamama” said.

US: How to help grandparents raising grandkids in an opioid crisis
Christian Science Monitor – September 02, 2016
Nationwide, the opioid epidemic has contributed to an increase in the number of parents who turn over caregiving responsibility to their relatives. Programs in Georgia and several other states now offer support to these families.

US: No Foster Home . . . Then What? (Opinion)
Chronicle of Social Change – September 02, 2016
Is there a shortage of foster homes in the United States? If so, is the shortage widespread or localized? To find answers to these questions, I looked at federal data, research by the Casey Foundation, information from state program directors and evidence from hundreds of recent news reports documenting critical local shortages throughout our nation.

US: Religious Freedom Doesn’t Protect Child Abuse (Opinion)
The Atlantic – September 02, 2016
An Indiana woman’s claim that she beat her son because of her faith is unlikely to succeed in court, but it could have implications for how Americans perceive these kinds of arguments in the future. Also: Legal counsel: Religious freedom never justifies abuse:

US: Beyond Family Rejection: Poverty And Instability In The Lives Of LGBTQ Homeless Youth
Huffington Post – September 01, 2016
Jenelle’s story is one of the many about LGBTQ youth who make up at least 40 percent of the youth homeless population in the United States, despite being only about 5-8 percent of the U.S. youth population. Most discussion surrounding these disproportionate numbers focuses on family rejection, that lesbian, gay, and bisexual homeless youth are often kicked out or run away from home because of family conflict about their sexuality.

US: AAP: Pediatricians should facilitate, advocate school readiness in the medical home (Opinion)
American Academy of Pediatrics – August 31, 2016
The AAP’s Council on Early Childhood and Council on School Health recently released a policy statement that supported pediatricians’ role in optimizing school readiness in children by identifying physical, emotional and social factors that can adversely affect performance in school. Report: Press release: American Academy of Pediatrics Highlights Impact of Children’s Earliest Experiences on School Readiness:’s-Earliest-Experiences-on-School-Readiness.aspx?nfstatus=401&nftoken=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000&nfstatusdescription=ERROR:+No+local+token

US: Homeless students get more attention under new education law
Associated Press – August 31, 2016
School administrators this year are being pushed to get better at recognizing homeless students – those “hidden” in other people’s homes or whose families are staying in places like campgrounds, motels and cars – and to keep them in school even if they’re missing paperwork or move around.


Australia: Canberra Liberals call for minister Chris Bourke’s sacking over child protection revelations
ABC Online (Australia) – September 04, 2016
It comes after an ABC special investigation which highlighted a series of mistakes made by child protection authorities in the lead-up to the death of two young Canberrans earlier this year.’s-sacking/7816216

Canada: Government of Yukon working to meet needs of foster children and foster parents (Press release)
Department of Health and Social Services of Yukon – August 30, 2016
Foster parents in Yukon heard Sunday that they have an important role to play in helping to recruit and retain future caregivers. That message was delivered by Child Welfare League of Canada chief executive officer Gordon Phaneuf who presented the keynote address at the Foster Parents Forum hosted by the Department of Health and Social Services.

International: Global Men Challenged to Take On Greater Roles in Child Protection and Parenting Efforts (Press release)
Government of the Bahamas – September 02, 2016
International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN) President, Mrs. Joan van Niekerk, said efforts to involve more and more men in child protection and parenting efforts must be ongoing as men have an integral and significant role to play in protecting children from all forms of abuse, maltreatment and/or harm; in maintaining safe and properly functioning family structures and homes, and in helping to promote and exhibit positive parenting skills.

International: Half a million children have risked exploitation as refugee and migrant crisis turns into big business for smugglers
UNICEF Canada – September 02, 2016
New figures reveal that around half a million refugee and migrant children on the move are believed to have turned to smugglers since January 2015, as delays and desperation drive them into the hands of criminals quick to exploit their vulnerability.

Kenya: Bound for Marriage as a Child, Now a Change Agent for Kenyan Girls
National Geographic – September 02, 2016
Since starting the Kakenya Center of Excellence boarding school in Enoosaen in 2009, nearly 280 impoverished girls have come to get a primary school education while gaining empowerment to break the troubling cycle of long-held cultural practices such as female genital mutilation and forced early marriage.

United Kingdom: CPS prosecuting and convicting more cases of rape, domestic abuse, sexual offences and child abuse than ever before (Press release)
Crown Prosecution Service – September 06, 2016
he CPS’s annual Violence against Women and Girls report shows that rape, domestic abuse and sexual offences now account for 18.6 per cent of the CPS’s total caseload and this figure has been increasing year-on-year. In 2015/16, the CPS prosecuted 117,568 defendants for all crimes grouped together as Violence against Women and Girls (VaWG). Report:

United Kingdom: Hundreds of child refugees have vanished since arriving in the UK, prompting fears of trafficking and abuse
The Independent – September 05, 2016
Hundreds of child refugees are missing in the UK, The Independent can reveal, amid fears they have fallen victim to human traffickers or other forms of exploitation such as sexual abuse or modern slavery.



CA: Attorney General Harris Issues New Guidelines to Encourage Secure Sharing of Info Between Schools and Child Welfare Agencies
The Fillmore Gazette – September 01, 2016
Attorney General Kamala D. Harris today announced that the California Department of Justice’s Bureau of Children’s Justice (BCJ), the California Department of Education (CDE), and the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) have jointly developed statewide guidelines for school districts, county offices of education, and child welfare agencies to better assist them in the secure sharing of data and information that is critical to the success of students in foster care. Also: New Calif. Guidance Takes Aim At Foster Student Data-Sharing (Requires Registration): Information Gateway resource: Information Sharing:

CA: Two bills authored by O’Donnell await governor’s signature
Signal Tribune – September 01, 2016
Legislation ensuring foster youth can attain their educational and economic goals passed the Legislature Aug. 30. AB 2656 waives the high school proficiency exam fee (GED) for students currently or formerly within the foster system. The American Civil Liberties Union, the California Teachers Association and the National Center for Youth Law all stand in support of the bill, according to O’Donnell’s office.

FL: Personnel note: Children under state care acquire an ombudsman (Opinion)
Florida Politics – September 01, 2016
The new ombudsman for children in Florida’s foster care system is Heather Cox Rosenberg, herself a foster and adoptive mother with a history of volunteerism for children.

MN: County seeks more staff to address growing social service caseloads
Woodbury Bulletin – September 01, 2016
Washington County officials are requesting more staff next year to address increased caseloads for social service programs.

NC: Caregivers leave young children home alone (Includes video)
WCNC – August 31, 2016
How young is too young to leave your kids home alone? Two caregivers in two separate cases are in trouble with the police are leaving young children home alone.

NY: Weiner Says Child Welfare Agency Is Investigating Him
Associated Press – September 01, 2016
A child welfare agency has begun an investigation into Democratic former New York congressman Anthony Weiner (WEE’-nur) following another sexting scandal involving him. Weiner confirmed to The New York Times ( ) on Thursday he has received a letter from the New York City Administration for Children’s Services about the investigation. Also: What Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting scandal could mean for his son:

PA: Penn State’s lack of detail on Paterno 50th anniversary commemoration shows things are fluid
PennLive – September 01, 2016
Paterno was never charged in the Sandusky scandal, and in fact was initially cited for having properly reported an eyewitness report from his then-graduate assistant Mike McQueary to their supervisors. But the former coach’s legacy is clouded by investigative findings that suggest his participation in a later decision not to take the McQueary report against Sandusky to police or child welfare authorities, but instead to handle it in-house.

PA: Story shows need for foster care help (Opinion)
The Morning Call – September 01, 2016
The article in Sunday’s Morning Call about the transition of young adults in foster care to independent living was very troubling. These poor children are victims, either taken from or runaways from terrible lives at home. They’ve done nothing wrong but were born into very unfortunate circumstances.

TX: Charity funding pondered (Opinion)
Cross Timbers Gazette – September 01, 2016
The idea is to intervene at a preventive stage, rather than trying to reverse a set behavior. To put it in monetary terms, is it more cost-effective (fiscally responsible) to spend a small amount up front, or spend a greater amount later (lawyer fees, court costs, incarceration costs)?

WA: 25 Years Later, What Happened to ‘Reinventing Government’?
Governing – September 02, 2016
GMAP helped agencies such as Child Protective Services bring a new focus to their mission. Following up quickly on referrals about potential child abuse can prevent serious, even fatal, injuries.

US: Child Sexual Abuse: Don’t Hide Your Head in the Sand (Opinion)
PsychCentral – September 02, 2016
Sexual abuse victims are frightened. Many have been threatened by their victimizer not to tell anyone about the abuse. All it takes is one moment of hesitation or doubt on the part of an adult for a child to give up and shut down.

US: Making health a priority for children in foster care system: Connecting to care, wherever kids are (Opinion)
The Nation’s Health – September 02, 2016
A foster child’s home may change multiple times, but pediatrician Annalisa Behnken, MD, FAAP, wants to make sure that wherever a child is living, her or his medical home stays consistent.

US: The number of grandparents raising grandchildren is up, thanks in part to the opioid epidemic
The Hechinger Report – September 02, 2016
Nationwide, the opioid epidemic has contributed to an increase in the number of parents who turn over caregiving responsibility to their relatives as they grapple with addiction to prescription drugs.

US: A new hope for foster care (Opinion)
The Diamond Back (University of Maryland) – September 01, 2016
What changes can we make to this system to ensure that every child grows up in a safe and healthy environment? The answer to this question can be found by examining a successful Russian experiment with orphan care.

US: Congress Should Not Kill Lifesaving Options for Foster Youth (Opinion)
Chronicle of Social Change – August 31, 2016
If the supporters of the Family First Prevention Services Act have their way, the option of a supportive group home will no longer be available to most young people in foster care who cannot thrive in a family setting. Federal dollars will not be available to help states pay for group home placements beyond two weeks without a special assessment and court hearing, and the facility must be accredited by a specified agency and meet other criteria that may be burdensome and expensive.


Australia: Everyone can play their part to protect children (Press release)
State Government of Western Australia – September 02, 2016
West Australians are invited to show their support for vulnerable children and young people by participating in various local events during National Child Protection Week.

India: Every district to get child protection body
The Statesman – September 02, 2016
To curb the menace of child trafficking in the state, every district will soon have Child Protection Committee, Sashi Panja, minister of state for women, child and social welfare said on Thursday.

Nova Scotia: Foster parents speak out about issues in foster care system (Includes video)
CTV Atlantic – September 01, 2016
A group of Nova Scotia foster parents are speaking out about the foster care system in the province, saying the system is in crisis and needs an overhaul. This comes after the news of a Nova Scotia teen being forced to return to the province despite being in a good home with family in Ontario.

United Kingdom: Anger erupted after this Tunbridge Wells vicar linked child abuse with gay pride
KentLive – September 01, 2016
A Tunbridge Wells vicar has become embroiled in a row with a national charity after likening a gay pride tea party to child abuse.Dr Peter Sanlon, the vicar at St Marks, has been accused of making “extremely damaging” comments towards the LGBT community by Stonewall.


AR: Pulaski County judge subpoenaed over foster care placement
Associated Press – August 31, 2016
A Pulaski County juvenile court judge has been subpoenaed to answer questions about her alleged refusal to give priority to relatives in the placement of children who are in state custody. Circuit judge Patricia James was subpoenaed by the Joint Performance Review Committee on Tuesday, The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette ( reports.

CA: L.A. County Looks to Ridesharing, Faith-Based Programs to Improve Family Visitation for Foster Kids
The Chronicle of Social Change – August 31, 2016
In an ambitious upcoming board motion, a pair of Los Angeles County Supervisors aim to tackle two of foster care’s most fundamental challenges: re-unifying children with their parents and retaining quality foster parents.

CA: Medicated: Many children in SLO County foster care are prescribed psychotropic drugs
The New Times – August 31, 2016
Each year, thousands of children pass through foster care systems in the state of California-and many of those children are prescribed powerful drugs for psychological and mental health conditions. According to a report released by the California State Auditor’s Office Aug. 23, more than 17 percent of the children in SLO County’s foster care system were prescribed psychotropic medication during the 2014-2015 fiscal year.

CO: Fostering hope for the hundreds in foster care (Includes video)
KJCT – August 30, 2016
In a perfect world, every child would have a loving home. But we don’t live in a perfect world, which makes people like Holly Martin so important. “I wanted to learn what it means to be a foster parent and this seems like a good place to start,” said Martin while attending Tuesday’s Fostering Hope showcase.

GA: Foster-care initiative seeks to meet critical need in area
The Oconee Enterprise – August 31, 2016
What started as a “living room ministry” to help adoptive parents has grown into a full-scale non-profit with a new executive director and new headquarters in a Watkinsville office.

HI: Kudos to all who are foster parents (Requires free registration)(Opinion)
Honolulu Star-Advertiser – August 31, 2016
Federal and state legal challenges undoubtedly achieved a needed outcome for Hawaii’s keiki this week when a settlement was announced to raise the amount of the stipend paid to foster parents statewide.

ID: Legislative panel on foster care meeting today (Includes audio)
The Spokesman-Review – August 31, 2016
Russ Barron, H&W deputy director, told the panel it’s a “very important topic” and he’s glad the committee has launched its study of the issue. “It’s a shame that we have to have it, I think, because of the issues we have, but I appreciate the fact that we are coming together to talk about these issues and what can be better in Idaho,” he said. “You’re talking a situation of children that have been abandoned, abused or neglected and trying to do something better, and it’s not always easy. The discussion is very much welcome by the department.”

IN: Indianapolis mother claims RFRA defense in child abuse case
Indianapolis Star – August 31, 2016
The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, enacted in 2015, says the government cannot intrude on a person’s religious liberty unless it can prove a compelling interest in imposing that burden, and can do so in the least restrictive way. Also: Son had 36 bruises. Mom quoted the Bible as defense:

LA: In Flooded Louisiana, Spaces for Play and Learning Help Children Cope
Youth Today – August 31, 2016
Youth service providers set up learning and self-expression spaces for children displaced and out of school after flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “I was able to dance today, and it helped me with my stress,” an 11-year-old girl told Sarita Fritzler, emergency team leader for Save the Children, which is providing flood assistance in Louisiana.

MD: MCPS Volunteers Required To Take Online Training in Spotting Child Abuse
Bethesda Magazine – August 31, 2016
People who volunteer regularly in Montgomery County Public Schools this year will be required to take online training designed to teach them to spot child abuse and neglect.

MI: Foster care families and children impacted by Flint’s water crisis (Includes video)
WJRT – August 31, 2016
Jennifer Stevens, the Program Director at Samaritas Foster Care Services in Flint says, “They already experience, because of the trauma, educational issues, developmental issues, and medical issues. This could increase those concerns, immediately but also long-term, so it’s really important for us to know what’s going on with those children, so we can make sure their needs are being taken care of. ”

MN: Catholic Charities to stop adoption, pregnancy services
St. Cloud Times – August 31, 2016
Catholic Charities announced Thursday it is closing its adoption services and pregnancy counseling. The agency only placed two children in adoptive homes in 2015. Historically low teenage pregnancy rates and greater acceptance of single parenting has meant there was less need for the services.

NC: County turns to analytics to better protect at-risk children
GCN – August 31, 2016
A county in North Carolina will be using predictive analytics software to better identify, serve and protect its most-at-risk children.

NY: Bed-Stuy woman, LaToya Lennard, helps change sibling rights laws in NY
AM New York – August 31, 2016
The pleas of LaToya Lennard, who went to court when she turned 18 to win the right to see her adopted baby sister “really caught the eye of the Family Court Advisory and Rules Committee, which drafted the legislation,” explained Dawn Post, co-borough director of The Children’s Law Center.

NY: Children’s Services opens investigation of Anthony Weiner
The Hill – August 31, 2016
Child-welfare officials have launched an investigation into Anthony Weiner after the former New York congressman sent lewd photos of himself with his toddler son lying next to him. The Administration for Children’s Services in New York City will look into Weiner’s care of the boy, according to the The New York Post.

NY: State’s Highest Court Expands Definition of Parenthood
The New York Times – August 31, 2016
Expanding the definition of what it means to be a parent, especially for same-sex couples, the New York State Court of Appeals ruled on Tuesday that a caretaker who is not related to, or the adoptive guardian of, a child could still be permitted to ask for custody and visitation rights.

OK: Programs can continue for foster youth until age 21
Muskogee Phoenix – September 01, 2016
A Wednesday panel, hosted by CASA for Children, gave advocates and allies a glimpse into services available to youth who age out of foster care. Meggan Winland-Clickner told those advocates and allies at the panel discussion that a helping hand is available to older foster youths through the Oklahoma Successful Adulthood Program (OKSA).

OR: Helping youth in foster care overcome their pasts
Oregon Live – August 23, 2016
Growing up in foster care is not easy. The events that lead to a child entering the foster care system are often horrifying. A child is abused or neglected and their overall health is deemed to be in danger. As a result, they enter foster care where consistency and support are difficult to find. Children first go to an emergency foster placement that will last only a few days before they are transferred to a longer-term foster home.

PA: Children & Youth asks for $52.5M budget
York Daily Record – August 31, 2016
The York County Office of Children, Youth & Families is predicting it will need a budget of $52.5 million for its 2017-18 fiscal year.

TX: Grayson County in ‘urgent need’ of foster families (Includes video)
KXII – September 01, 2016
Grayson County has 300 kids in state custody right now, but only six foster families in the area to take them in. The county is now sending some of these local kids hours away to other cities, just so they have a bed to sleep in. “I mean there’s kids who sleep on the CPS floor constantly and it’s heartbreaking cause you’re already taken from everything you know,” Ashley Wright said.

TX: Child Connect Program (CASA Volunteers Needed) (Video)
KFDX – August 31, 2016
CASA Volunteers serve children who have been removed from the care of their parents because of abuse or neglect. CASA needs an additional 30 volunteers to help children during some of the most challenging times of their lives. Information Gateway resource: CASAs and GALs:

TX: Saving Texas children: Abused youths should be a top funding priority in 2017 (Opinion)
The Star-Telegram – August 31, 2016
When local state lawmakers head back to Austin next year, they’ll be determined to do everything they can to protect children from violence and abuse.

WV: Daily Mail editorial: DHHR seeks to improve foster care system
Charleston Gazette-Mail – August 31, 2016
In an effort to provide better treatment and therapy for children with special needs, the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources is rolling out a new, three-tiered foster care system aimed at training families to better meet the challenges some children face.

US: Inside the Fight Between Child Protective Services and Pot-Smoking Parents (Includes video)
VICE News – August 31, 2016
On the season premiere of Weediquette, host Krishna Andavolu continues to chronicle pot’s journey into the mainstream. This week, he’ll talk to people fighting Child Protective Services over their pot usage.

US: A Call for Action in OST as Gay Teens Face Violence, Many Other Risks
Youth Today – August 30, 2016
About 8 percent of high school students are lesbian, gay or bisexual, according to the first nationwide survey asking teens about their sexuality. The survey results released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention earlier this month found that these teenagers face a shockingly high level of violence compared with their straight peers. Survey Results:


Australia: Rainbow families can now jointly adopt in Victoria
Star Observer – September 01, 2016
Couples can now jointly adopt in Victoria regardless of their sex or gender identity, though there is still no legal certainty for children born through overseas surrogacy. The Adoption Amendment (Adoption by Same-Sex Couples) Act 2015 came into effect today in the state, after the bill was passed late last year.

Canada: First Nations child advocate waiting for feds to end racial discrimination
The Canadian Press – August 31, 2016
A leading advocate for First Nations children and families says she would like to see a lot less talk and a lot more action from the federal government. Cindy Blackstock’s organization was one of two that brought a child welfare complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal which ruled in January the existing system discriminated against First Nations children.

Canada: Fortney: International expert says child abuse prevention everyone’s responsibility
Calgary Herald – August 31, 2016
van Niekerk, the president of ISPCAN, tells me that she’s horrified by these examples, she is, sadly, not surprised in the least that a city like Calgary, rated one of the most livable in the world, sees such extreme cases of alleged neglect and abuse. “Abuse doesn’t discriminate, it can happen anywhere and in any family,” she says. “I’ve heard these stories coming from every part of the world.”

Germany: Amidst refugee influx, child brides as young as thirteen
Family Security Matters – September 01, 2016
Lawmakers in Germany are under increased pressure to tackle the country’s growing trend of child marriages, renewing the debate over whether to allow Islamic Sharia law to supersede the country’s legal system when applied to its refugee population.

India: Adoption body plans immediate placement of selected children
The Indian Express – September 01, 2016
The national adoption body plans to facilitate ‘immediate placement’ of selected children, so parents can take home a child in three months.

United Kingdom: Child abuse survivors quit Scottish inquiry to seek ‘justice’
The Scotsman – August 31, 2016
A group of child abuse survivors are to have their case heard by the English inquiry into the issue amid claims they face “no prospect of justice” in Scotland.

United Kingdom: Kayleigh Haywood: harrowing film to be shown across city and county (Includes video)
Leicester Mercury – August 31, 2016
Kayleigh’s Love Story was released by Leicestershire Police after the 15-year-old’s killer and the man who groomed her via Facebook were jailed. Made with the full support of her family, it demonstrates how abusers groom children and young people online.




Pa. mom jailed in 2011 for baby death accused of killing another

New York Daily News

A Pennsylvania woman who served 85 days in jail five years ago after the death of her baby is now facing a murder charge in the July death of her …

Mother caused baby’s death by co-sleeping, police say –

Mom caused baby’s death by co-sleeping despite repeated warnings, police say – WNCN

Mother charged after second baby dies from co-sleeping – KTRK-TV

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Kathleen Steele, charged in baby’s death, allowed to remove ankle monitor

11 arrest on a charge of aggravated manslaughter of a child, Steele, 62, was ordered to wear a GPS monitor upon her release from the Pinellas …

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Couple arrested after their eight-month-old baby boy ‘dies from multiple injuries’

Daily Mail

A couple have been arrested in connection with the death of their eight-month-old baby. The baby was taken to hospital with multiple injuries after …

Man arrested in Rochdale over death of eight-month-old baby – The Guardian

Murder arrest over baby ‘multiple injuries’ death in Rochdale – BBC News

Two charged over death of baby boy in Rochdale – BBC News

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Baby dies after TV falls on her at Near West Side home


A 1-year-old girl died after a TV fell on top of her on Chicago’s Near West … Department of Children and Family Services are investigating her death.

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Mum accused of causing baby’s death breaks down in court sobbing and clutching teddy bear

A mum accused of causing or allowing the death of a child broke down in court , sobbing and clutching a teddy bear. Chantelle Minnie Flynn, 24, and …

Rochdale couple appear in court charged with murder of baby boy Leyton Dawick – Daily Mail

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Mom who pleaded guilty in baby’s death found dead in cell

Fox News

SARASOTA, Fla. – Authorities say a Florida woman accused of killing her 9-week-old infant has committed suicide in a Sarasota jail. Kristen Bury …

Florida woman convicted of killing baby found dead in jail cell – New York Daily News

Florida mom who pleaded guilty in baby’s death found dead in cell –

Baby Chance’s mother found dead in jail cell in apparent suicide – Orlando Sentinel

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Emotional testimony on day 2 of baby death trial


Expected to testify Thursday is county pathologist Dr. Norma Jean Farley, who performed the autopsy on the infant boy, a Child Protective Services …

Emotional testimony on Day 2 of babydeath trial – Brownsville Herald

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Connecticut daycare director arrested in connection with baby’s death

New Haven Register

FAIRFIELD >> A woman who ran what police say was an unlicensed daycare at her Fairfield home has been arrested in connection with a …

Woman Charged in Baby’s Daycare Death – NBC Connecticut

Fairfield Daycare Operator Charged in Baby’s Death –

Daycare director arrested in connection with baby’s death – Hastings Tribune

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First day of testimony in Weslaco baby death begins


EDINBURG — A Weslaco woman accused of killing her newborn infant shook violently in her chair during opening statements of her trial Tuesday …

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Woman Stabbed to Death in Brooklyn as 9-Month-Old Child Sat in Stroller Nearby; Witnesses Say …

NBC New York

Tragedy on a Brooklyn street where a young mother going to buy diapers with her baby in tow, was stabbed in the chase. The wounds were so severe …

Woman in Brownsville attacked while with 9-month-old, dies – WABC-TV

Mom fatally stabbed while strolling with baby on Brooklyn street – New York Daily News

22-Year-Old Woman Stabbed To Death While Pushing Baby In Stroller In Brooklyn – CBS Local

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Geneva Man Sentenced After Baby’s Death

KUTT995 Ol’ Red

GENEVA, Neb. — A 26-year-old Geneva man convicted this summer of causing his infant son’s death has been sentenced to up to 80 years in prison.

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Man and woman charged in connection with baby death

Cheesy FM

Man and woman charged in connection with baby death. He will appear at Manchester and Salford Magistrates’ Court on Saturday 10 September …

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British mother held after baby death in France


A British mother was arrested on Saturday after her five-month-old baby was found dead during a family holiday in southwest France, a judicial official …

British woman held by French police over baby’s death – The Guardian

UK mother held over France baby death – BBC News

British mother arrested in France after baby found dead at holiday home – The Independent

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US-born baby found dead at empty lot in Tijuana; authorities seek clues

Los Angeles Times

Authorities in Baja California are investigating the death of a 7-month-old U.S.-born infant whose corpse was found in an empty lot in Tijuana last week …

Mother Returns to US While Mexican Officials Investigate Baby’s Death – NBC 7 San Diego

Baby Found Dead in Tijuana Left by Mom, New Boyfriend: Officials – NBC 7 San Diego

Tulare man seeks justice for baby boy found dead in Tijuana lot – KFSN-TV

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MMA Fighter’s Baby Dies After Alleged Hit-And-Run By Drunk Driver

Huffington Post

About an hour ago, our baby was declared brain dead. He tried to fight so hard. He even died at one point but they brought him back. He’s a little …

Baby Liam removed from life support, His organs will help other children – FOX 11 Los Angeles

MMA Fighter Marcus Kowal’s 15-Month-Old Son Dies in Tragic Accident – Extra (blog)

MMA Fighter’s Baby Son Dies After Being Run Over By Alleged Drunk Driver – The Inquisitr

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Day care owner charged in baby’s death back in court

The Advocate

The New Canaan baby had trouble breathing while at the Wardwell Street day care on July 12 and died at Stamford Hospital several hours later.

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Couple faces murder charges in 8-month-old baby’s death

Atlanta Journal Constitution

A couple accused of beating an 8-month-old to death were issued with murder warrants earlier this week, according to documents issued by the …

Murder Charges Filed In 8-Month-Old’s Beating Death –

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Charges dropped in baby’s death; S. Minn. prosecutor questions defendant, mother marrying

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Stucky’s attorney, Bruce Rivers, challenged the prosecution’s contention that his client’s marriage to the baby’s mother a year after the death was for …

Charges dropped in death of Steele County infant – KIMT 3

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California parents stunned to find out dead baby’s body was cremated

CBS News

MONTEREY PARK, Calif. — How does a healthy newborn baby end up dead in the hospital a day after she is born? That is a question a grieving …

Parents shocked about what happened to baby’s body after death – WDEF News 12

Parents Devastated to Learn Infant Is Cremated After Unexpected Death in Hospital – Inside Edition

Parents devastated to learn infant is cremated after unexpected death in hospital – FOX 29 News Philadelphia

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Detectives working to uncover how Otis Orchards baby died

KXLY Spokane

Spokane County Sheriff’s detectives are investigating the death of a three-week old baby to determine if the death was the result of an accident or …

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Parents desperate for answers over baby’s death

Radio New Zealand

A New Zealand man and his Australian partner are furious after their seven-month-old baby died in Perth despite them seeking help from doctors three …

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Police investigating baby death in Tobyhanna

Allentown Morning Call

Police are investigating the death of a baby in early August inside a … Pocono Mountain Regional Police said they are investigating the death with the …

Tobyhanna baby’s death under investigation – Pocono Record

Police investigating infant death in Tobyhanna – WFMZ Allentown

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Lackawanna County Man Sentenced in Baby Death


SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) A judge in Lackawanna County sentenced Anthony Donvito Wednesday in connection with a …

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San Jose baby death: Father arraigned on murder charge

The Mercury News

SAN JOSE — A convicted child abuser’s “rough” and “frustrated” handling of his 6-week-old daughter led to the violent death this week of the baby, …

South Bay detectives seek murder charge for dad in baby’s death – SFGate

San Jose Father Charged With 6-Week-Old Baby’s Death After Investigation Reveals Horrific … – The Inquisitr

6-week-old baby dies after alleged beating by father in Santa Clara County – KGO-TV

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Gwinnett man gets 20 years in his 10-week-old baby’s death

Atlanta Journal Constitution

A Gwinnett County man who said his religious faith prevented him from providing proper care to his infant daughter was found guilty of second-degree …

Gwinnett man found guilty in baby’s death – WSB Atlanta

Duluth man sentenced to 30 years for infant’s death –

Duluth Father Who Refused Baby Medical Treatment Convicted –

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Family sues nurse, healthcare company after baby’s death

TWIN FALLS — The parents of a baby who died after a hospital worker accidentally gave him the wrong medication have filed a lawsuit against that …

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Baby death: report finds ‘series of tragic errors’ caused gas mix-up at Sydney hospital

The Guardian

The New South Wales health minister, Jillian Skinner, after a newborn baby died and another was seriously affected after they were given the wrong …

Health Minister Jillian Skinner missing as baby death report released – The Sydney Morning Herald

Baby death sees hospital boss suspended –

Minister missing as report into gas pipes death revealed –

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Jury deliberating in Gwinnett baby death trial

WSB Atlanta

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. – A Gwinnett County jury is deliberating the fate of a father who waited to take his child to the hospital, because of his …

Father on trial for death of his baby believes in prayer, not medicine – ChristianToday

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Case dropped in woman accused of hiding baby’s death

York Daily Record/Sunday News

Martin, 21, of Springettsbury Township, had been charged with concealing the death of a child. On April 10, 2015, Martin went to York Hospital after …

Charges dropped for 21-year-old accused of hiding dead infant in shoebox –

DA drops charge over dead infant in shoebox – abc27

Case against woman in death of her newborn child dismissed –

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Family files suit against nurse in baby’s death

Twin Falls Times-News

TWIN FALLS — The family of a baby who died last year of a medication overdose at St. Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center has filed a wrongful death …

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Murder charge in Burke baby death

The Augusta Chronicle

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has charged a man with murder after the death of an infant in Waynesboro. The Burke County Sheriff’s Office …

UPDATE | Waynesboro man accused of murder in death of 6-month-old – WRDW-TV

Murder charge filed in death of 6-month-old baby – WTVM

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Woman enters mental disease plea in baby death

The Sheboygan Press

SHEBOYGAN – A Sheboygan Falls woman pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect on Monday to charges she killed her 2-year-old …

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Parents want answers over baby’s death

Perth Now

THE grieving parents of a baby boy who died days after he was sent home from two Perth hospitals and a doctor’s surgery say they want answers over …

WA parents demand answers over baby death –

Perth baby dies after being sent home from two hospitals – Yahoo7 – Yahoo7 News

Parents blast Perth hospitals after death of baby Malakai Matui Paraone – WAtoday

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WA parents demand answers over baby death

More than $13700 has been raised to help the family of a Perth baby who died after being sent home from two hospitals.

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Autopsy on child who died after being found unresponsive inconclusive, more test needed

Local Xpress

Halifax Regional Police say the autopsy on a three-month-old boy who died after being found unresponsive last week is inconclusive, and further …

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Day-care provider, a suspect in past child abuse, charged in 2nd case


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — An unlicensed day-care provider was charged Monday with two felony counts of child abuse. One charge stems from a 2013 …

In-Home Daycare Provider Charged With Child Abuse – KTTS

Daycare Worker Faces Child Abuse Charges –

Daycare Worker Charged with Child Abuse –

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It’s time to end the pointless inquiry into historic child abuse

Can Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary, find the guts to admit that the inquiry into historic child abuse is simply pointless and should be scrapped …

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Pennsylvania Prosecutors Swamped With Child Abuse Reports

CBS Local

PITTSBURGH (AP) — A nearly 40 percent increase in the number of reported cases of child abuse in Pennsylvania is straining the resources of county …

Pennsylvania prosecutors swamped with child abuse reports – Washington Times

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A Gay Republican, The Child Abuse He Sanctioned, And The Homophobia Used To Defend Him


A Gay Republican, The Child Abuse He Sanctioned, And The Homophobia … the school was properly licensed as well as allegations of child abuse.

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New plan aims to reduce child abuse, neglect in Texas

KSAT San Antonio

AUSTIN, Texas – State officials on Monday released the first-ever strategic plan on child abuse prevention and early intervention. The five-year plan, …

DFPS to look at child abuse, neglect with public health approach –

State shifts from reactive to proactive efforts against child abuse and neglect – Corpus Christi Caller-Times

Texas Raises the Bar on Child Abuse Prevention –

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Police reported record number of child abuse cases in first half of 2016

The Japan Times

The number of child abuse cases police reported to juvenile consultation centers between January and June rose to a record 24,511, with …

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Improvements planned for state’s overwhelmed child abuse hotline

WGAL Lancaster

Improvements planned for state’s overwhelmed child abuse hotline … more today about what’s being done to improve the state’s child abuse hotline.

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Child abuse hotline sees increase in calls


LITTLE ROCK (KATV) — Around 16,500 calls came in to the state’s child abuse hotline from April through June and out of those, around 8,100 were …

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Judge: Prosecution in child abuse case ‘troubling’

The Tennessean

A man serving an 18-year prison sentence after an infant boy in his care suffered a cut on his tongue may get a new trial in the case that is seen by …

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DFPS unveils new strategic plan to reduce cases of child abuse

FOX 29

To try and reduce those cases, a new plan released by the state of Texas considers child abuse and neglect as a community problem only a …

State releases new strategic plan on child abuse prevention and intervention – WOAI

Full Coverage

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Ignoring Child Abuse in Afghanistan


Last autumn, Marine Corps Major Jason C. Brezler got into trouble for sending classified email via an unclassified email server. But the principle …

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Essay Child Abuse


Essay Child Abuse. 1 pro capital punishment essay document that describes “demographics of the. Hispanic community” and their “cultural differences …

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Submissions on best practice in responding to child abuse complaints

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

The Royal Commission released a consultation paper on best practice when responding to complaints of institutional child sexual abuse on 21 March …

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Thesis Statement For Child Abuse Paper


Essay On Cheating In School. 1 thesis statement for child abuse paper has any kind of different subjective flavor post-. Vyvanse than pre- that might be …

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Contact Us

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare –

Report Child Abuse: 208-334-KIDS (5437) or 1-855-552-KIDS (5437) or call 2-1-1 and be transferred. Report Welfare Fraud: 1-866-635-7515.

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Child abuse case goes to grand jury


Child abuse case goes to grand jury. By WYMT Staff |. Posted: Tue 6:42 PM, Sep 13, 2016. LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) – A judge sent the case …

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Pennsylvania prosecutors swamped with child abuse reports


Pennsylvania prosecutors swamped with child abuse reports – A nearly 40 percent increase in the number of reported cases of child abuse in …

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Guest Blog: Celebrate CASA Family Day 2016!

Prevent Child Abuse America

Today we’re excited to feature a guest blog from our friends at The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse. We’re proud to partner with …

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Report into Knox Grammar School and the Uniting Church released

Media releases, Child Abuse Royal Commission

The Royal Commission’s report into Case Study 23 – the response of Knox Grammar School and the Uniting Church of Australia to allegations of child …

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UAM Professor Presents at 2016 Arkansas Conference on Child Abuse & Neglect

University of Arkansas at Monticello

MONTICELLO, AR — Marie Jenkins, an associate professor and field education director for the Department of Social Work at the University of …

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YAFL coach accused of child abuse

KOAT Albuquerque

Action 7 News obtained the criminal complaint explaining the child abuse charges. In the complaint, Gallup police said someone called 911 around 1 …

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Getting Help: Where to go for Resources to Prevent Child Abuse


There are resources in Central Illinois to help prevent or intervene in child abuse. “It’s very common,” says Joyce Kirkland. Kirkland is the Youth and …

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Albuquerque mom charged with child abuse

KOAT Albuquerque

Her mother, Brenda Nieto’, is “being charged with child abuse for the educational neglect and the condition of the home for the children,” said Sgt. Amy …

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New figures show child abuse cases unassigned, police investigating the crimes overworked

Waikato Times

Child abuse was high in the public consciousness this year when concerned Kiwis marched in the streets as the killers of toddler Moko Rangitoheriri …

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Former NSW priest charged over child abuse

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse will on Monday begin examining how Catholic dioceses in Parramatta and …

Armidale Catholic priest John Joseph Farrell charged with child sexual abuse – ABC Online

Full Coverage

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Exclusive photos show ‘deplorable’ home in child abuse case

KOAT Albuquerque

Exclusive photos show ‘deplorable’ home in child abuse case. UPDATED 1:57 PM MDT Sep 03, 2016. Tweet · Next Video: Dog Groomer Caught …

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Religious Freedom Doesn’t Protect Child Abuse

The Atlantic

“The state has a compelling interest in much more modest forms of child … alleged that the new law would enable religious defenses for child abuse.

Mother accused of child abuse claims religious freedom in case – KSN-TV

Religious freedom or child abuse? – El Paso Proud (press release) (blog)

Indiana Woman Charged with Child Abuse Claims Religious Freedom – WDJT

Full Coverage

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“It’s your turn” pinwheels event to prevent child abuse


Organizers will be placing pinwheels outside our studios to symbolize the startling amount of victims of child abuse here in South Texas. You can stop …

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3 South Dakota women facing child abuse charges

The Daily Progress

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — Three South Dakota women accused of abusing two children on the Rosebud Indian Reservation are facing charges. The office …

3 South Dakota women facing child abuse charges – KSFY

Full Coverage

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Clark County mom fights for stricter child


Clark County mom fights for stricter child abuse laws … still suffers problems from that and her mom is fighting for harsher penalties for child abusers.

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Have Fun And Help Stop Child Abuse

1077 WRKR

Play tennis for fun and help stop child abuse. Don’t play tennis? Come for dinner, drinks, entertainment and live & silent auctions. Space is limited so …

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Man indicted on 9 counts of child abuse


A Macon man was indicted on multiple child abuse charges on Tuesday.According to an indictment from the Bibb County Superior Court, Tommy …

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Man booked hotel room in preparation for child abuse

National Crime Agency

Man booked hotel room in preparation for child abuse. 7 September 2016. A Woolwich man who attempted to groom and meet a child for sexual …

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Odessa father arrested after school reports child abuse


A man was arrested after police say he struck his son with a belt all over his body.

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Local agencies are continuing to give child abuse victims an outlet


FAIRBORN, Ohio (WRGT) — Horrific stories of child abuse are becoming all too common, and while it is difficult to read about them in headlines, …

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Conference explores solutions to preventing child abuse

University of Calgary

Conference explores solutions to preventing child abuse. Event hosted by Faculty of Social Work brings together bikers, thought leaders, dignitaries, …

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Gov. Nixon makes appointments to Missouri State Capitol Commission, Child Abuse and Neglect …

Governor Jay Nixon –

Gov. Jay Nixon today announced appointments to the Missouri State Capitol Commission and the Child Abuse and Neglect Review Board.

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Infant Injured; Odessa Couple Faces Child Abuse Charges


An Odessa mother and her boyfriend both face felony child abuse charges after an 8-month-old boy was taken to Medical Center Hospital with injuries …

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Indianapolis mother charged with child abuse using RFRA as defense

Indiana Public Radio

An Indianapolis mother beat her 7-year-old son. Now, she wants to invoke the state’s religious freedom law as a defense in the child abuse case.

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Woman uses Indiana religious objections law in defense against child abuse charges

Chicago Tribune

The attorney for a woman charged with child abuse for allegedly beating her son with a coat hanger says Indiana’s religious objections law gives her …

Indiana woman charged with child abuse claims religious freedom – CBS News

Indianapolis mother claims RFRA defense in child abuse case – WTHR

Mother invokes religious freedom law as defense in child abuse case – WTTV CBS4Indy

Full Coverage

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State Senator says Weiner should be probed for child abuse

New York Post

Bronx Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. (left) speaks out against the latest scandal plaguing Anthony Weiner. Photo: Left: Robert Kalfus; right: Getty Images …

Lay Off Weiner! He’s a Perv But, Please, Child Welfare Won’t Come After Him – LawNewz

Experts expect Children’s Services to investigate Weiner – New York Post

Anthony Weiner’s sext could lead to child neglect inquiry – New York Daily News

Full Coverage

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APS says there are rules for reporting child abuse, reinforces responsibility

The thought of child abuse and how to report it has been on the minds of many this last week and while APS came forward to share its policies, they …

Child abuse rules followed, APS reports – Albuquerque Journal

Full Coverage

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Augusta woman convicted of child abuse caught on video

The Augusta Chronicle

Siblings fight, and children can be punished with a belt, he said. The children suffer no lasting harm, which is a necessary part of felony child abuse, …

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Augusta woman guilty of child abuse in YouTube case

The Augusta Chronicle

A jury deliberated about two hours Wednesday afternoon before finding an Augusta mother guilty of child abuse for ordering her two preschoolers in a …

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Augusta woman convicted of child abuse caught on video

The Augusta Chronicle

The Richmond County Superior Court jury found Traci Ann Smith, 37, guilty of two counts of cruelty to children in the second degree and one count of …

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Parenting grant aims to prevent child abuse, neglect in Durham County

News & Observer

Galanter and others says making such services more available will enhance parent-child interactions before they deteriorate to childabuse or neglect …

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Community urged to wear blue to raise awareness for child abuse

KOAT Albuquerque


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Child Abuse Reporting

KOAT Albuquerque


City, county hear sobering calls for help fighting child abuse – Albuquerque Journal

Victoria Martens’ family addresses child abuse crimes – KOAT Albuquerque

CYFD receiving more abuse calls after Victoria Martens’ death – KRQE News 13

Full Coverage

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Activist pastor accused of aggravated child abuse

WJXT Jacksonville

BRUNSWICK, Ga. – Ken Adkins was arrested Friday morning and charged with one count of aggravated child molestation and one county of child …

Homophobic religious leader arrested for child abuse – International Business Times UK

Pastor who said Pulse victims deserved to die busted for child abuse – LGBTQ Nation

Activist pastor appears in court on child molestation charges – WJXT Jacksonville

Full Coverage

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Twentynine Palms Couple Arrested for Child Abuse

A couple was arrested Tuesday for abusing their 4-month-old baby who was found suffering from multiple fractures last month. Police say Alec Bailey, …

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Corporal Punishment in Schools: An EdWeek Investigation

Prevent Child Abuse America

It has been nearly 15 years since Prevent Child Abuse America adopted a resolution on the dangers of corporal punishment in schools. The reasons …

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Religious freedom used as defense for Indianapolis woman accused of child abuse

95.3 MNC

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The attorney for a woman charged with child abuse says Indiana’s religious freedom law gives her the right to discipline her …

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Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC)

Anoka County

This 6 part video series addresses the many facets of child abuse and its impact on the victim, family, and community. Feel free to share these videos …

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Victim of Child Abuse, “Why don’t they like me?”


Through all of this treatment, Aryanna Adele remained a happy child. She never cried or fussed when the ears were cleaned and the bandages …

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Service and support needs of specific population groups

Published research, Child Abuse Royal Commission

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (the Royal Commission) contracted researchers from the Gendered …

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Bennettsville teen now charged with homicide by child abuse in March death of her infant


Heather Marie Roscoe was arrested by South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) agents and charged with homicide by child abuse, …

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Anoka County Child Abuse Prevention Council

Anoka County

When we help children today, we all do better tomorrow. The mission of the Anoka County Child Abuse Prevention Council is to educate the Anoka …

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Westat Staff Attend 2016 National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect

Westat staff will be attending and participating at the 20th National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN) in Washington, DC, August …

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OHP trooper charged with child abuse, placed on administrative leave


An Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper is on administrative leave after being charged with child abuse.

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Thomasville grandmother arrested for child abuse


Child abuse does have longterm effects on children. It can impact self-esteem, body image, mental health, and the way a child communicates with …

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Uncle pleads guilty in fatal beating of boy over piece of birthday cake

Toronto Star

Jacob Barajas pleaded guilty to child abuse acknowledging he handcuffed his nephew to a chair to allow his mother’s controlling boyfriend to pummel …

Uncle Pleads Guilty in Fatal Beating Over Birthday Cake – ABC News

Jacob Barajas Pleads Guilty To Child Abuse After Nephew Beaten To Death – Huffington Post Canada

A 9-year-old boy was killed over a piece of birthday cake and now his uncle will pay – Kansas City Star

Full Coverage

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Man Faces 20 to Life in Fatal Beating of Child With Belt

The Root

The child had bruises and scabs covering much of her body, officials say. She was transported to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

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Boy, 10, Charged in Beating Death of 2-Year-Old Cousin

Inside Edition

A 10-year-old Florida boy was charged in the death of his 2-year-old cousin, who officials say died after sustaining head injuries during one of many …

Father of 2-year-old beaten to death by cousin is on trial for 2014 murder – Palm Beach Post

Florida Boy, 10, Charged In Beating Death Of Toddler Cousin –

Full Coverage

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Beating the odds: Opelika child with fatal disease to celebrate fourth birthday

Opelika Auburn News

He has the infantile form of the disease, which is the most aggressive; most children with GM1 are deaf and blind by their first birthday. Porter peaked …

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Man charged in beating of 4-month-old baby

FOX13 Memphis

Wesley Adams is charged with felony child abuse for allegedly beating the infant on September 8. Police said the child suffered extensive internal …

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Man on parole for child abuse kills infant after growing ‘frustrated,’ officials say

Washington Post

Canales-Hernandez, of Fort Collins, Colo., was on parole for a child abuse conviction when he was left to care for his girlfriend’s daughter, …

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Caretaker charged with beating with fists autistic boy under her care at Newark-area Manor Group …


Authorities said they received a complaint via the child abuse hotline on April 9, 2016, at 1:39 p.m regarding a 13-year-old who had allegedly been …

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Baby Boy Brain Dead; Grandmother’s Husband Charged With Abuse

NBC4 Washington

A man is accused of beating his wife’s 6-month-old grandson in Capitol Heights, Maryland. News4’s Shomari Stone spoke with relatives of the child.

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Queens stepmom gets 15 years for beating, starving girl

New York Daily News

“Not only did she refuse to provide basic nourishment for the child, but the defendant also wantonly beat and abused the girl inflicting pain still evident …

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That child beating case in Indy: More ‘religion’ coverage that marginalizes religion

GetReligion (blog)

And what was the “dangerous behavior” for which the children was beaten? … Again: What does Thaing’s pastor say about disciplining children?

Religious Freedom Doesn’t Protect Child Abuse – The Atlantic

Woman uses Indiana religious objections law in defense against child abuse charges – Chicago Tribune

Indiana Woman Accused Of Beating Child With Coat Hanger Says State’s Religious Liberty Law … – The Inquisitr

Full Coverage

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Lubbock man indicted on aggravated assault charge in child’s beating

A Lubbock County grand jury indicted Tuesday a 20-year-old man accused of beating his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son. Jorge Najera is charged with a …

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Babysitting boyfriend found guilty of child abuse but acquitted of murder in toddler’s death

Washington Post

One year later, a Prince George’s County jury convicted Osman Sesay, 29, of child abuse resulting in death and assault in the case. He was acquitted …

Man found guilty in beating death of girlfriend’s toddler –

Full Coverage

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Miami Beach teacher accused of beating toddlers in classroom

7News – WSVN-TV

WEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – A Miami Beach schoolteacher has been charged with child abuse and neglect on several of her students after, …

Day care worker arrested after surveillance video shows her beating toddlers – Fox News Latino

Full Coverage

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Child woke to find killer beating her father

KXLY Spokane

Disturbing details paint a terrifying picture of a murder south of Spokane this week. An 8-year old child was awakened to find the killer beating her …

Flag as irrelevant
Clark County mom fights for stricter child abuse laws


Destiny Shepherd was shaken and thrown against a wall when she was a baby. A decade later, she still suffers problems from that and her mom is …

Flag as irrelevant
Augusta woman convicted of child abuse caught on video

The Augusta Chronicle

The Richmond County Superior Court jury found Traci Ann Smith, 37, guilty of two counts of cruelty to children in the second degree and one count of …

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Parents arrested for beating death of 4-year-old girl

Herald & Review

DECATUR – The parents of a 4-year-old girl who was beaten to death … The child, Amarrah C. Reynolds, who turned 4 on July 8, was brought into the …

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Queens couple charged with beating baby so badly he needs surgery

New York Daily News

The parents were charged with assault, reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child and ordered held without bail.

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Consultation on mandatory reporting of child abuse ‘has been buried’

The Guardian

He said claims that “dinner ladies would be jailed” for failing to report signs of child abuse revealed the level of ignorance about the proposed new law …

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Wheat Ridge man convicted of child abuse in boy’s beating

The Denver Post

A 4-year-old boy abandoned by his mother to the care of family friends and who suffered abuse and a traumatic brain injury received a measure of …

Dennis Sage Guilty of Child Abuse with Serious Bodily Injury – North Denver News

Man found guilty of abuse on 2-year-old –

Full Coverage

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Worried father who installed CCTV in home captures his wife beating their 21-month-old son

She the proceeds to strike him several times, with her child laying on his front she begins to shake him violently. In a strange turn of events, she then …

Caught on camera: Bareilly woman beats up her one-year-old child – Hindustan Times

Caught on camera: Uttar Pradesh woman beats, tries to strangulate her crying child – India Today

WATCH: Woman Caught On CCTV Beating And Strangling Her One-Year-Old Child – Huffington Post India

Full Coverage

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Indiana woman charged with child abuse claims religious freedom

CBS News

INDIANAPOLIS — The attorney for a woman charged with child abuse says Indiana’s religious freedom law gives her the right to discipline her children …

Son had 36 bruises. Mom quoted the Bible as defense. – Indianapolis Star

Mother invokes religious freedom law as defense in child abuse case – WTTV CBS4Indy

Full Coverage

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Murder charges filed against South Bay dad after baby dies from beating


The six-week old baby girl, whose father is accused of child abuse, has died from a fractured skull. That means her father is now facing murder …

6-week-old baby dies after alleged beating by father in Santa Clara County – KGO-TV

San Jose baby death: Father’s ‘rough’ and ‘frustrated’ handling killed infant, authorities say – The Mercury News

South Bay father charged with murder in baby’s death – SFGate

Full Coverage

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St. Louis man charged in beating death of baby son

LOUIS • A St. Louis man was charged Sunday in the beating death of his baby son, who was within a week of his first birthday when he died.

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Six-year-old British child prodigy becomes world golfing champion after beating competition at …

A six-year-old child prodigy has been crowned world golf champion beating his elders at a USA event. Jaxson Perry, of Bristol, won the title, as well as …

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Childhood Trauma: Focus on Validating Feelings (blog)

childhood trauma, focus on validating feelings When you’re a child and you suffer abuse, whether it’s physical, sexual, or emotional, you make it your …

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Violence haunts Chicago’s children, whether they’re shot or not

Chicago Tribune

Brad Stolbach is a psychologist who specializes in treating child trauma in urban areas. (Terrence Antonio James / Chicago Tribune).

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The Real Impact of Child Abuse on Life Span

US News Health

A past history of abuse and trauma can have a significant impact on a … That question: “As a child or adolescent, did you ever experience abuse of …

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Millions of children fleeing war ‘systematically denied’ basic rights

The Guardian

Stoddart says the needs of displaced children go beyond the basics of food and water. “Children who have fled violence are suffering extreme trauma …

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Youth Trauma Program at Saint Anne’s Hospital offers programs for children and families

Sippican Week

Fall River, Mass. – The Youth Trauma Program at Saint Anne’s Hospital invites children who have experienced sexual abuse and other traumas and …

Flag as irrelevant
Westfield Senior Center to host evening presentation Thursday

WESTFIELD – ‘The Impact of Trauma on Children and Families’ will be offered at the Senior Center Thursday night. The program is directed towards …

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Arrowhead Center expands services

Mesabi Daily News

When children experience trauma or stress beyond their ability to cope, the brain changes to accommodate the threatening environment. As a result …

Flag as irrelevant
Teens teach trauma care to Camden schools

Cherry Hill Courier Post

CAMDEN – Gemyra Wynn doesn’t need to go into the details of her childhood in Camden. After sketching out how adverse childhood events can …

Flag as irrelevant
Why Child Friendly Spaces are vital

SOS Children

Children have the chance to express their feelings through arts and crafts as a method of communicating their trauma. SOS staff working at our Child …

Flag as irrelevant
Childhood trauma led to addiction, resignation: Nunavut MP

Nunatsiaq News

Nunavut MP Hunter Tootoo gave his most revealing interview yet to CBC Sept. 7, in which he describes the childhood trauma he says provoked …

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Child, Adolescent and Adult Trauma Counsellor


Child, Adolescent and Adult Trauma Counsellor. Northern Rivers Community Gateway is celebrating 40 years in operation as a not-for-profit, …

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Moving Beyond Trauma: Child Migrants and Refugees in the United States

The Chronicle of Social Change

These are mostly traumatized children who are fleeing violence in their home countries, often without an adult. In a new report, “Moving Beyond …

How Trauma Shapes the Lives of Refugee and Immigrant Children in the United States – PR Web (press release)

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Trauma’s epigenetic fingerprint observed in children of Holocaust survivors

Science Daily

The children of traumatized people have long been known to be at increased risk for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and mood and anxiety …

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Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention and Baltimore Child Abuse Center Announce New …

Afro American

Baltimore Child Abuse Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides victims of child sexual abuse, trauma, and other Adverse Childhood Experiences in …

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Trauma handicaps educating Black students

The Philadelphia Tribune

As we prepare our children for another year of school, many African … to recent research and the country’s top child trauma experts — nearly twice the …

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Conversation touts trauma-informed care

Pamplin Media Group

Trauma-informed care is based on the idea that adverse childhood experiences — such as child abuse, family dysfunction, parental incarceration and …

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Trauma Drama: Austin Man Allegedly Held Child At Gun Point In Waxahachie Hospital

CW33 NewsFix

WAXAHACHIE — Looking at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Waxahachie on Sunday you’d have no clue what was going on hours earlier.

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ROP warns about children safety during Eid celebrations

Times of Oman

Muscat: Parents are solely responsible for their children’s safety during Eid Al … harming the eyes, hearing loss, child trauma and property damage.

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Girl X: A textbook case of child trauma

“If you could write a textbook on how to traumatise a child, it would be (Girl X),” the caseworker said. Girl X took an overdose to raise the plight of …

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Therapy Dogs Help Children Cope With Courtroom Trauma KWTV

TULSA, Oklahoma -. Since 2013, more than 60 children have used a unique calming tool put in place by the Tulsa County District Attorney’s office.

Therapy Dogs Help Children Cope With Courtroom Trauma – News On 6

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TEHILLIM – Young Child Airlifted To Trauma Center After Falling Off Cliff In Minnewaska State Park …

Yeshiva World News

The child was extricated by rescue personnel from the bottom of the cliff, and was flown by the chopper to the Westchester Trauma Center. Please say …

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Massachusetts: Child Trauma Resource

The Chronicle of Social Change

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Mental Health is soliciting Bidders for the acquisition of a children’s trauma evidence-based …

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Retirees hand make stuffed animals for Tenn. children experiencing trauma

WATE 6 On Your Side

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Volunteers comprised of retired AT&T employees pour their heart and soul into making stuffed bears by hand to be …

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In quake-hit Italy, children express trauma through drawings

Hindustan Times

A firefighter looks at a dog searching for victims in the rubble and debris in the damaged central Italian village of Amatrice on August 27, 2016, three …

Drawing out children’s trauma in quake-hit Italy –

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Mother charged with homicide in infant’s death served time for death of another baby in 2011

A 28-year-old Peach Bottom woman has been charged in the July death of her infant son. Jessica Harper was sleeping in the same bed as her …

Police: Mother charged in infant’s death after co-sleeping – FOX 29 News Philadelphia

‘Reckless indifference’: Peach Bottom mother charged with homicide after second infant dies in her … – LancasterOnline

Police: Mother caused baby’s death by co-sleeping, ignored repeated warnings –

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Port Orange man arrested months after infant’s death in motel

WESH Orlando

ORANGE CITY, Fla. —Months after a nine-month-old girl died, the boyfriend of the child’s mother has been arrested in connection with the death.

Man arrested months after infant’s death in Florida motel – WCTV

Man arrested months after infant’s death in Florida motel – The Daily Progress

Man Arrested Months After Infant’s Death in Florida Motel – WTXL ABC 27

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Briscoe indicted on murder for 2014 infant death

Times Record News

A Wichita Falls man has been indicted for murder in the death of an infant back in August 2014. Catlin Wayne Briscoe, 31, was previously indicted on …

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Parolee charged with murder in infant death case

The Coloradoan

Prosecutors have formally filed first-degree murder charges against a Fort Collins man accused of fatally striking an 11-month-old girl with a chair after …

Suspect in infant death bit, bruised child in 2013 – The Coloradoan

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Africa: Overcoming the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Dr Tharcisse Ngambe, a pediatrician at King Faisal Hospital describes this type of death as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). “It occurs in …

SIDS becomes major cause of infantsdeath – The News International

Session on infant sleep safety planned – Argus Press

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Fairfield daycare owner arrested in infant death

WTNH Connecticut News (press release)

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (WTNH)– A Fairfield woman was arrested on manslaughter charges Thursday, after a 4-month-old infant died at the unlicensed …

Police: Fairfield Day Care Operator Charged With Infant’s Death – Hartford Courant

Day Care Worker Accused of Killing Infant With Antihistamine: Police – NBC New York

Woman Charged in Baby’s Daycare Death – NBC Connecticut

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Infant death prompts state probe of Plain Twp. home …

Canton Repository

State and local investigators are investigating whether the woman in whose care an infant died last week was operating a daycare in her township …

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Deputies investigating infant death in East Naples

Naples Daily News

A 2-month-old infant died unexpectedly Monday, and Collier County sheriff’s … Medical Examiner’s Office will determine a cause and manner of death.

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Infant’s death under investigation in Naples

Fox 4

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death of a 2-month-old girl that was found unresponsive in a car Monday. According to CCSO …

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Overcoming the sudden infant death syndrome

The New Times

Dr Tharcisse Ngambe, a pediatrician at King Faisal Hospital describes this type of death as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). “It occurs in …

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Charges Filed In Infant’s Death


FULTON TOWNSHIP – Authorities say a Lancaster County woman caused her infant son’s death in July, when the boy suffocated as he slept, …

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Parents Charged In Infant’s Death

LEX18 Lexington KY News

LEXINGTON, Ky (LEX 18) A Lexington man was sentenced to more than thirty years in prison for distributing heroin and fentanyl resulting in the death …

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Police investigating infant death in Tobyhanna

WFMZ Allentown

Pocono Mountain Regional Police are investigating the death of an infant in Tobyhanna, Monroe County. On August 11 police were dispatched to a …

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Daycare provider appears in court for first time since infant’s death

KKTV 11 News

Daycare provider appears in court for first time since infant’s death … In April, a 9-month-old died while under Humphrey’s care in her in-home daycare.

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Woman charged in infant’s death not competent to stand trial


GRANT COUNTY, Wis. (KCRG-TV9) — A woman from Boscobel, Wis., is not competent to stand trial on charges in the death of her infant daughter.

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Dr. Christopher Pezzullo: How Maine is confronting infant mortality

Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

And I am heartbroken when I review our state and national infant mortality statistics. In the United States, now, nearly six out of every 1,000 babies will …

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Bourbon County man sentenced to life in prison for infant’s death


(KWCH) A Bourbon County man was sentenced to life in prison in the death of an infant on Friday. Anthony Anderson, 22, was found guilty in May of …

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Ishpeming Mother Sentenced for Infant’s Death

IRON MOUNTAIN (WLUC) – Accused of smothering her infant son to death, an Ishpeming woman was sentenced Tuesday for involuntary …

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Infant mortality a complex problem locally and nationally

Richland Source

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is part one of a three-part series on infant mortality in Richland County. Parts two and three will follow on Wednesday and …

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Laurel Co. parents charged with murder in infant’s death


LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) – The Laurel County Sheriff’s Office says that a couple will now face murder charges in the death of their 7-week old …

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Search Warrant Identifies Driver in Infant Death

Loudoun Now

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office investigators are searching the cell phones of a Leesburg man believed to have driven into a Lansdowne mother and …

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The USA and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome


A new US study about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) (1) which involved videotaping parents and babies in their homes (with their consent, …

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Healthy Babies Louisville Advises Parents How to Help Prevent Infant Deaths


Mayor Greg Fischer: “As a community, we must do everything possible to help all Louisville babies celebrate their first birthday” LOUISVILLE, Ky.

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Stillbirths and Infant Deaths


Stillbirths and Infant. Deaths. In 2015: • 76 stillbirths were registered, 6.2 per cent fewer than in. 2014 and the lowest number ever recorded in Northern.

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Duluth man sentenced to 30 years for infant’s death

Herbert George Landell, at a May 2015 court hearing, was found guilty Monday in the death of his daughter who was 11 weeks old. (File Photo).

Gwinnett man found guilty in infant daughter’s death – WSB Radio

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Taylor man arrested in connection with infant’s death

TAYLOR, Texas (KXAN) — Taylor Police arrested the step-father of an infant that died in July. Kerry Pachicano was arrested Thursday and charged …

Stepfather Arrested in Taylor Infant Death Investigation – TWC News

Man arrested for death of Taylor infant – KEYE TV

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Halifax police say infant’s death considered suspicious, more tests needed

Toronto Star

She said the baby was taken to hospital, but it died on Sunday. Woodworth said the death is considered suspicious and an autopsy has been …

Halifax police say infant’s death considered suspicious, more tests needed – Times Colonist

Infant’s death in Dartmouth deemed suspicious –

Medical examiner determines death of boy in Dartmouth was suspicious –

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Woman released on bond after infant’s death at her Virginia Beach home


The woman charged with child abuse and neglect after an infant died at her home was released from jail Wednesday afternoon after she posted a …

Woman granted bond after infant’s death at her Virginia Beach home – Virginian-Pilot

Bond granted to woman charged in death of infant at unlicensed daycare –

Woman arrested for death of infant at unlicensed day care –

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Murder charge added in July infant death

Marion Star

MARION – Tyler Sprow now faces murder and involuntary manslaughter charges in connection with the death of his two-month-old daughter, Lithariel …

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Spokane County detectives investigating infant death

KXLY Spokane

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Major Crime Detectives are investigating the death of an infant at a home in the 19600 block of East Wellesley in …

Spokane County deputies investigating infant’s death –

Deputies investigate death of baby boy –

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SLED charges 17-year-old mother in infant’s death

WBTW – Myrtle Beach and Florence SC

MARLBORO COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division says it arrested a 17-year-old woman Thursday in connection to …

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Charges dropped for 21-year-old accused of hiding dead infant in shoebox

Charges have been dropped for the Springettsbury Township woman police accused of concealing the death of her newborn baby by hiding the body …

DA drops charges in infant death case – abc27

Case against woman in death of her newborn child dismissed –

Full Coverage

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Lawyer Says Charge Against Client In Infant Death Case Is Racism

A Mississippi lawyer claims racism and gender bias have led prosecutors to charge his client with manslaughter in the hot car death of his …

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Halifax police say infant’s death considered suspicious, more tests needed

Penticton Herald

Halifax police say they are investigating the death of a three-month-old boy.

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Drawing out children’s trauma in quake-hit Italy

Yahoo News UK

Inside a shady tent in the middle of quake-hit Amatrice, a little girl hunches over a table drawing a picture of the soaring mountains overlooking this …

Drawing out children’s trauma in quake-hit Italy – Yahoo7 News

Drawing out children’s trauma in quake-hit Italy – Malay Mail Online

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Model Program Aims to Prevent Effects of Trauma on Children and Families of Patients


Families of service members with traumatic injuries, wounds or long-term … (Dr.) Ryo Sook Chun, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at WRNMMC, …

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Bound will help you dance away your childhood trauma


The new PS4 game Bound is about a pretty princess ballerina, but there is more to it than prancing around in tutus. It has does have prancing (and …

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Teen in Trauma Unit After Being Hit By Car on Route 1 in Milford

NBC Connecticut

A 14-year-old boy is at the trauma center at Yale-New Haven Hospital after being hit by a car on Route 1 in Milford this morning, according to officials.

Boy hit by car brought to trauma unit – CT Post

Full Coverage

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The Child Outside the Door: Primal Scene, Caesura, and the Primary Trauma of Race

Taylor & Francis Online

The narrativization, historicization, and amplification of what is speakable and what is not in terms of the primary trauma of race in the United States is …

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Child asylum seeker tells of escape to UK

BBC News

Figures obtained by the BBC England data unit show the number of asylum-seeking children being cared for by local councils has risen by nearly two …

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Study Shows How Trauma May Be Transmitted to Children of Holocaust Survivors (blog)

It has long been known that the children of traumatized people are at increased risk for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as well as mood and …

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Letter: Advocating for Trauma Informed Communities

On Aug. 22, I attended a workshop sponsored by the Skagit County Child and Family Consortium on the topic of prolonged trauma and its effects on …

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Trauma Systems Therapy for Children and Teens, by GN Saxe, BH Ellis, & AD Brown

Taylor & Francis Online

He is the principal developer of Trauma Systems Therapy (TST) which is currently used as a format to guide child clinical care in 14 states. Additionally …

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Issue Brief 49

Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut (CHDI)

Connecticut has made significant progress to ensure that trauma-informed care is part of its child welfare system. The majority of children in the child …

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Shocking moment mother is filmed BEATING her baby son after suspicious husband installs CCTV …

Daily Mail

A man who suspected his wife of beating their infant son was horrified when CCTV caught her in the act of abusing the toddler. The worried husband …

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Stillwater man, two women arrested in child abuse case

Stillwater News Press

A Stillwater man, who was arrested after a nearly three-hour manhunt Wednesday, is charged in a child abuse case with two women, according to a …

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Man arrested for allegedly abusing 6-week-old daughter in Santa Clara County


Responding deputies called for a severe child injury response team to conduct an investigation based on the life-threatening nature of the alleged …

San Jose: Infant girl in grave condition; child-abuser father arrested – The Mercury News

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Mom accused of child abuse in Facebook video allowed visitation with son

The Denver Channel

Katrina Kennedy-Flores was arrested on child abuse charges May 18 after the disturbing video was posted on Facebook and YouTube, igniting public …

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Child neglect claimed in teen’s plan to end her own life


APPLETON, Wis. — Child protection authorities were first asked to investigate an Appleton teenager’s decision to die more than a month ago, …

Disabled Teen Jerika Bolen’s Plans To End Her Own Life, Supported By Mother? – Parent Herald

Full Coverage

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Spotlight on child neglect

Royal Gazette

A charity will embark on a hard-hitting awareness campaign to tackle the “disturbing” rise in child neglect reports in Bermuda. Referrals for child …

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SJC man charged with child neglect, heroin possession

Jason Atkins, 37, has been arrested on a range of charges including possession of heroin, maintaining a drug dwelling, two counts of child neglect …

SJC man charged with child neglect, heroin possession – WOKV

Man found unconscious in room with drugs, kids – WJXT Jacksonville

Heroin overdose call leads police to two endangered children – Historic City News

Full Coverage

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Sheriffs charge daycare employee with child neglect in “biting incident”


Caci Burke, an employee at J’s Bright Learners, has been charged by the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office with child neglect after investigators say she …

Toddler bitten, daycare worker charged with child neglect –

Dozen Bite Marks on Toddler: Daycare Worker Charged with Neglect –

Florida toddler bitten more than a dozen times at day care, worker charged with neglect – FOX 13 News, Tampa Bay

Full Coverage

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Driver of bus cited for child neglect after 5-year-old left on board

KETV Omaha

—A bus driver has been cited with child neglect after reportedly leaving a … A 5-year-old child reported missing Wednesday night was found on an …

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School van driver cited for child neglect


OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – Omaha Police say the driver of the school van that never dropped a 5-year-old boy off at home Wednesday night has been …

Missing 5-year-old boy found on locked school van; driver ticketed on suspicion of child neglect – Omaha World-Herald

Driver cited while OPS looks for answers about child locked aboard bus – WOWT

Missing 5-year-old Nebraska boy found in locked school van – Fox News

Full Coverage

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Tulsa Woman Arrested On Complaints Of Child Neglect

News On 6

A Tulsa mother has been arrested on two complaints of child neglect after she left her four and 5-year-year old kids home alone for more than six …

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Baby Charli’s caregiver arrested, charged with aggravated manslaughter of child

She was rushed to the hospital and later died. Matthew Hamrysky was arrested for aggravated manslaughter of a child and child neglect with great …

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New plan aims to reduce child abuse, neglect in Texas

KSAT San Antonio

The PEI approach considers child abuse and neglect a community problem that only a community can prevent. Research and demographic data will …

DFPS to look at child abuse, neglect with public health approach –

State shifts from reactive to proactive efforts against child abuse and neglect – Corpus Christi Caller-Times

Texas Raises the Bar on Child Abuse Prevention –

Full Coverage

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PSL parents arrested after kids found in ‘deplorable’ house


Khai Tran, 43, and 40-year-old Kim Nguyen, each were arrested on two felony counts of child neglect after Port St. Lucie police inspected their home …

Children found living in filth, parents arrested – WFXL FOX 31

Children found living in filth, parents arrested – WPEC

‘Deplorable’ conditions lead to parents’ arrest in Port St. Lucie, police say –

Full Coverage

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Baby Charli’s caregiver arrested, charged with child neglect

WFOX Jacksonville

A man connected to an investigation into the death of a 9-month-old in Orange Park has been arrested and charged with child neglect.

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Child Neglect Essays

Sportcentrum Life

child neglect essays rubric for informative essay witches in macbeth essay marketing phd thesis types of book reports international relations essay …

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SJC man charged with child neglect, heroin possession

WFOX Jacksonville

Jason Atkins, 37, has been arrested on a range of charges including possession of heroin, maintaining a drug dwelling, two counts of child neglect …

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Essay On Child Abuse And Neglect – Selfless Service Essay

Sportcentrum Life

8 essay on child abuse and neglect. 9 essay writing contest criteria a yet unnamed project, spanning cancer and non-cancer disease indications.

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reporting child neglect

Find keywords like “reporting child neglect“, “how to report child neglect“, “reporting child neglect online”, “report child neglect“, “reporting child abuse”, …

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Buy My Essay


child neglect research paper the body has selected For these patients it is more effective to focus on the follicle that has been. 7 essay on nurse for …

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UAM Professor Presents at 2016 Arkansas Conference on Child Abuse & Neglect

University of Arkansas at Monticello

MONTICELLO, AR — Marie Jenkins, an associate professor and field education director for the Department of Social Work at the University of …

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Child neglect claimed in Jerika’s hospice battle

Appleton Post Crescent

APPLETON – Child protection authorities were first asked to investigate an Appleton teenager’s decision to die more than a month ago, according to …

Child neglect claimed in teen’s plan to end her own life –

Disability groups seek to stop teen from killing herself after she decided to enter hospice – Daily Mail

Full Coverage

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Tulsa Couple Fostering 9 Children Charged With Child Neglect

News On 6

Tulsa foster parents looking after nine children between 2 and 15 years old have been charged with child neglect. Police say the Department of …

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Pensacola Mom Arrested For Child Neglect After Boyfriend Beats 2-Year-Old Toddler To Death

The Inquisitr

Police officers from the Pensacola Police Department have arrested a 25-year-old woman on charges of child neglect and related charges nearly a …

Woman charged with two counts of child neglect – WEAR

Mother Of Murdered Toddler Charged With Child Abuse –

Full Coverage

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Child neglect yields 36-year prison term

Terre Haute Tribune Star

A Vermillion County man has been sentenced to 36 years in prison after pleading guilty to four counts of child neglect. Gordon Mark Woolley, 58, …

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Man charged with child neglect for seat belt around child’s head area

The Dickinson Press

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — A Grand Forks man has been charged with felony child neglect after police said he was driving with his 6-month-old child …

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South Wales house fire tragedy: Mum of dead boy arrested for child neglect

The Sun

THE mum of a four-year-old boy who died in a horrific house fire has been arrested on suspicion of child neglect. Mum-of-four Jenny Davies escaped …

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Claremore couple charged with child neglect after autopsy finds meth in baby’s bloodstream

Tulsa World

Ronald Allen Sanders, 45, and Mandy Jean Wiggin, 26, were both charged Wednesday with child neglect, possession of a controlled dangerous …

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Wayne County woman charged with child neglect


WAYNE COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) – A woman from Wayne County faces child neglect charges after West Virginia State Police troopers say she …

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Daycare employee could face neglect charges after toddler bitten more than a dozen times

Bradenton Herald

An employee at a daycare in Oneco could face child neglect charged after a toddler was bitten multiple times by another toddler, possibly because the …

Day care employee charged after toddler bites another – Bradenton Herald

18-month-old bitten over a dozen times at Bradenton daycare, teacher fired & arrested – ABC Action News

Florida toddler bitten more than a dozen times at day care center – News965

Full Coverage

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Owasso woman arrested for child neglect after allegedly leaving child in hot vehicle

On Friday, police responded to a Walmart on 12101 East 96th Street north after receiving a call about a child being left in a vehicle. After arriving …

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Three Arrested on Child Neglect

44News | Evansville, IN

Three people are in jail on child neglect charges after the kids are found running in the road. The three arrested, Joey Montgomery, Danielle Thornton …

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Wayne mother faces child neglect charges


A Wayne county mother, 23 year old Jessica Nicholson, is now facing child neglect creating risk of injury charges after West Virginia State Police said …

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Locals asked to take pledge to help end child abuse and neglect

97.3 Coast FM

The Department for Child Protection and Family Support in Rockingham is hosting an event during National Child Protection Week in a bid to help end …

Next in Weiner’s Woes: Child Neglect Inquiry?


… Per the New York Post, Diaz wrote an open letter calling for an immediate probe and also broached possible racial inequities in child neglect cases.

Call for child neglect probe in Anthony Weiner sexting scandal –

Anthony Weiner’s sext could lead to child neglect inquiry – New York Daily News

Lay Off Weiner! He’s a Perv But, Please, Child Welfare Won’t Come After Him – LawNewz

Full Coverage

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Tulsa Woman Arrested For Child Neglect, Hoarding Animals

News On 6

Tulsa Police arrested a woman Monday on complaints of child neglect, having an unlawful number of dogs and cats, illegal disposal of dead animals, …

Woman, three kids, many animals found living in filth – KRMG

Full Coverage

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Frankfort parents indicted in ‘horrendous’ case of child neglect


(WDRB) — Two Frankfort parents are facing serious charges in what the Franklin County Sheriff calls one of the most horrendous cases of child neglect …

Flag as irrelevant
Lafayette mom handed 2 years for child neglect

Journal and Courier

LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Sherita Russell will spend two years in prison for leaving her three children home alone last year. Russell pleaded guilty in July …

Flag as irrelevant
Screaming baby found in car; 2 face child neglect charges


David Celentano, 34, who lives in the 10000 block of Southwest Brookgreen Drive, was charged with child neglect without great bodily harm, records …

Flag as irrelevant
Couple arrested for selling drugs, child neglect

ABC Action News

A plant city couple is facing child neglect charges due to their home being … “That’s dangerous for the kids, you know, broken glass bottles and stuff.

Flag as irrelevant
A drug investigation has resulted in a neglect charge for an Evansville mother.

The Department of Child Services was called due to the state of the child’s living … Elliot faces charges of neglect and possession of marijuana.

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Homeless woman accused of child neglect, children covered in filth, lice, suffering health problems

Bennington Banner (subscription)

BENNINGTON >> A homeless woman is facing charges after her children were found covered in filth, infested with lice, and suffering numerous health …

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Calgary hosts international anti-child abuse, neglect conference

Former Flames hockey player Sheldon Kennedy gave a keynote speech to the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect …

Calgary conference focused on preventing child abuse kicks off at Telus Convention Centre – Calgary Sun

More than 1100 delegates in Calgary to attend international conference on preventing child abuse – Calgary Herald

International conference battling child abuse meeting in Calgary – CTV News

Full Coverage

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Child neglect case of Unionport-area man now includes molestation charges

Winchester News Gazette

Both McKinney and his wife, Amy, were charged Tuesday with three counts each of neglect of a dependent, a Level 6 felony. At initial hearings, they …

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Local News

Alva Review-Courier / Newsgram

The felonies are possession of CDS in the presence of a minor and within 1,000 feet of a school and child neglect. The misdemeanors are possession …

Flag as irrelevant
Local News

Alva Review-Courier / Newsgram

Tests show presence of amphetamine. Authorities believe the father of a 15-month-old knew the child “ingested controlled substances and failed to …

Flag as irrelevant
Westat Staff Attend 2016 National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect

Westat staff will be attending and participating at the 20th National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN) in Washington, DC, August …

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