Representatives of counties and the Department of Human Services recently presented the Minnesota legislature with a revised plan for implementing the Governor’s Child Protection Task Force recommendations. It proposed $500,000 for an already agreed-upon outside review of screening practices (Recommendation #25).

This price tag could discourage legislators from funding the project. But the actual cost would probably be under $100,000 – more like $25K.

The review would address issues that are blocking progress on other recommendations, including whether to continue interviewing children in front of their alleged abusers. It would also provide a framework for developing a fact-finding protocol, which workers would be trained in to determine the most appropriate child protection response.

We encourage the Department to include this review in their 2017 budget using the most accurate number possible.


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  1. Mike. Who do we contact to encourage the group to ask for a more realistic funding amount, as you indicate in your commentary? Thank you, Sam

  2. Sam,

    Most of Safe Passage work is done by getting volunteers to meet with their legislators at the capital to discuss bullet points provided by them about these types of significant issues. In this instance it looks like they might provide the names of administrators to contact.

    Here’s the contact page for Safe Passages to leave a message; http://safepassagemn.com/contact-us/

    Thank you for your question.


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