This article by Safe Passage for Children about the need to re-engineer child protection reporting so that social workers can concentrate on the child and not data entry could be an important first step in modernizing a very troubled institution.

As a longtime volunteer CASA guardian ad litem, it hurts me that social workers with extraordinary caseloads  are expected to work miracles with traumatized children and abusive families without the right resources or training in a system that can’t (or won’t) track results and make them public.

If the public knew how well or poorly children and families were responding to the institutional efforts of child protection workers, they could tell their legislators who then could support the people, programs and policies necessary for improving the lives of millions of American children.

This short TED talk hits the nail on the head

All Adults are the Protectors of All Children

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  1. I agree for the most part with your article. However, not all Guardian ad Lutems are created equally. Recently a GAL was removed from working on Family Law cases in Clay County as she showed obvious unfounded bias toward one parent in three separate cases. This GAL made recommendations to court stating one parent was mentally ill. This parent was a RN working psychiatry for the State of MN. She was and is not mentally ill. Now the parent is fighting to regain custody which was lost due to the GAL recommendations

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