The following stories and articles about child abuse and child protection in Texas have been gathered from April 2016 


4/28/16- Immigrants Can Adopt Relatives from Foster Care Despite Immigration Status


4/28/16- In Texas, Citizenship Not a Factor in Latino Adoptions


4/27/16- Texas High Risk Child Abuse Areas Now Tracked By Zip Code


4/27/16- Organization Demands Crackdown on Human Smuggling


4/27/16- Q&A: Child welfare expert Katherine Barillas on what gives her hope amid Texas’ CPS crisis


4/27/16- Birkman: Ways to protect children from abuse and neglect (Opinion)


4/26/16- CPS changing approach to families with domestic violence


4/25/16- Spriggs: Texas’ child protection system is failing our children




4/22/16- More than 30,000 Texas children in need of foster homes


4/22/16- Opinion: Texas’ foster care, child protection system confronts an urgent crisis


4/22/16- Opinion: Symptoms of a shattered foster care system


4/22/16- Uncut: Time for action for CPS in Texas


4/21/16- Foster Parents Pack Fort Worth Town Hall


4/21/16- Opinion: Is the New Head of Texas’s Broken Foster Care System Really Interested in Reform?


4/21/16- Texas’ Foster Care System Faces $40M Shortfall


4/19/16- Texas House Speaker Joe Straus: Next budget a ‘significant challenge’


4/20/16- Opinion: Lack of foster homes contributing to foster teens’ bleak future



4/20/16- Commentary: The Rio Grande Valley needs families for children


4/20/16- Texas Capitol hearing stresses urgency of reforming state child protections


4/20/16- Lawmakers Hear Litany of Foster Care Woes


4/20/16- Texas State Senate Focused On CPS & Foster Care Issues


4/20/16- Senators joust over whether to fix CPS with higher pay or better management


4/20/16- Lawmakers Wrangle Over Fix for ‘Broken’ Foster Care System


4/20/16- Report outlines CPS missteps


4/20/16- Texas Foster Care Facing Budget Shortfall as Problems Mount


4/19/16- Texas pilot uses technology to improve outcomes for foster kids (and it’s working!)




4/20/16- F. Scott McCown, Texas Perspectives: Underfunded, overworked Child Protective Services fails our most vulnerable in Texas


4/19/16- Courts should back disabled children of Texas, restore funding


4/20/16- Texas Re-Examines Foster Care System As Issues Mount


4/18/16- Child-welfare agency turmoil inexcusable


4/18/16- Horrors of Texas Foster Care Are Not Materially Unlike Better Known Atrocities


4/17/16- Research project aims to help foster children


4/16/16- McCown: Changes need to be made at Child Protective Services


4/15/16- LGBT rights battles now playing out in statehouses got their start in Texas


4/15/16- Opinion: Texas can’t hold its head high until it fixes broken, corrupt child welfare system

4/14/16- CPS workers didn’t check on endangered kids but filed records showing they did


4/14/16- Davis: Child-abuse solutions rest with family, community


4/14/16- Despite Systemic Failures, State Moves to License Detention Centers for Child Care


4/12/16- Opinion: How Young Is Too Young Before CPS Gets Involved?


4/12/16- Straus Promises CPS Overhaul Is “Top Priority”


4/14/16- Report Finds One-Fourth of Texas Children Live in Poverty


4/13/16- Advocates talk about fight against child abuse


4/8/16- Foster Home Crunch Strands Children in Psych Facilities


4/12/16- An Expert Weighs In On The Child Welfare Crisis In Texas


4/12/16- Budget Cuts for Therapy Won’t Harm Kids, Judge Told


4/12/16- San Augustine Co. to get long-overdue Children’s Service Building


4/12/16- As more CPS bigwigs quit, Texas House Speaker Joe Straus vows to better protect abused kids


4/12/16- Two more leaders resign amid problems with CPS and foster care


4/11/16- Abbott picks new leaders for CPS


4/11/16- Abbott Names New Leaders at Embattled Child Welfare Agency


4/11/16- Editorial: Turmoil at Texas’ child-welfare agency is unconscionable


4/11/16- Texas CASA Introduces Collaborative Family Engagement (CFE) During Child Abuse Prevention Month




4/9/16- Community, CPS collaborate to care for foster children (+ video)


4/9/16- Overnight at CPS: Need for foster families outpaces local supply


4/10/16- Caseworkers, Kids Trapped in Collapsing Foster System


4/10/16- Child Protective Services questioned after UT homicide


4/8/16- Report: Teen charged with killing Austin student was abused in foster care


4/7/16- Foster Care, Dead Children and Greg Abbott’s Cognitive Dissonance


4/6/16- Dallas State Senator: CPS System Needs a Fix


4/6/16- Program strives to end child abuse in Arlington


4/6/16- Breaking the cycle of child abuse


4/6/16- Let’s work for ‘no child left behind’ in abuse


4/6/16- Child Abuse Prevention Month – Texas Statistics


4/5/16- Harris County’s most wanted offenders highlighted at Child Abuse Prevention Month kickoff


4/5/16- Dallas region’s top CPS official retires amid staggering caseloads


4/5/16- Emails Show Abbott’s Involvement at Child Welfare Agency


4/4/16- 2 fired, 1 resigns amid allegations CPS could have prevented girl’s fatal beating in Grand Prairie


4/2/16- CPS scrambles over loss of child-abuse investigators in North Texas


4/1/16- Despite Texas’ broken child welfare system, many heroes still hard at work




4/1/16- So many Dallas CPS investigators have quit, state has to bring in backups from other areas


3/31/16- No excuse: ChildSafe sets lofty goal to combat child abuse, neglect