Reporting compiled and submitted by KARA volunteer Corey Wasser – All Adults Are the Protectors of All Children

NY: Editorial: Answering foster care, adoption need brings rewards
Amherst Bee – April 27, 2016
Becoming a foster parent or adoptive parent means an person can change the course of a child’s life, and while it can be difficult, the rewards are great, and there is no shortage of children in the United States who are in need of a temporary or permanent home.


NY: Connections: Fragile Lives Series Looks At The State Of Foster Care (Audio)
WXXI – April 13, 2016
In honor of Child Abuse Awareness month, WXXI News –in participation with Side Effects Public Media– is presenting Fragile Lives, a series about the health outcomes of children in foster care.

NY: Epidemic, need for action acknowledged
The Daily News – April 13, 2016
The cost of properly treating addictions, which Pleus said needs to go far beyond the 21 days of in-patient treatment her son received, are high. But itemizing the criminal court proceedings, the 11 months in jail, 18 in probation, the costs to people and retailers robbed, social services, hospitalization, unpaid rent, foster care, the coroners … is it any more than his addiction cost his family and community?

NY: Advocates for abused kids applaud Albany Democrats for trying to fix child-rape law
New York Daily News – April 11, 2016
Advocates for victims of child sex abuse on Monday hailed the state Senate’s bill to eliminate the time limits to bring criminal or civil cases. “It’s about time that the communities wake up to understand that we are not trying to destroy Catholic schools or yeshivas,” said Mark Appel, founder of Voice of Justice, an advocacy group. “This is about protecting children.”

NY: Senate Democrats to push bill to help child sex abuse victims seek justice against predators, public institutions
New York Daily News – April 10, 2016
State Senate Democrats are introducing a bill that would not only eliminate the time limits for child sex abuse victims to bring criminal or civil cases, but also make it easier for them to sue public institutions like schools, the Daily News has learned.


NY: County officials note rise in child-abuse cases
The Daily Star – April 06, 2016
For all of the past four decades, Bill Hayes has been on the front lines of helping to strengthen the safety net for families in crisis. This year, though, he is particularly concerned with a worrisome statistical barometer–a rapid escalation of reports of child abuse and neglect across Otsego County.

NY: Foster Parents Are The Best Therapy For Traumatized Children In The System (Opinion) (Includes audio)
WXXI – April 06, 2016
In 2014–the most recent year for which data is available–a total 650,000 kids spent at least part of the year in foster care. And in most places, there are not enough qualified foster parents to take them all in. About 21 percent of kids in the system are not in long term family placements.


NY: New York Tries New Ways to Increase Stability for Kids in Foster Care
Youth Today – April 06, 2016
Placement in the child welfare system is traumatizing for children, says Forbes, and they frequently react with challenging, defiant behavior. Without skills to deal with that behavior, foster parents can easily become overwhelmed and tensions quickly escalate.
NY: Stop predator protection: The state Senate and Assembly must come together now to fix outrageous statutes of limitations for child sexual abuse (Opinion)
New York Daily News – April 03, 2016
With the state budget done, attention must turn to overhauling New York’s absurdly short statutes of limitations for sex crimes against children.