Tuesday was Day At the Hill for advocates supporting policies to improve the lives of Minnesota’s abused and neglected children.

Thank you Safe Passage for Children for organizing this effective effort to bring awareness to the people (lawmakers) that can make positive change for at risk children happen.

Without your efforts and the efforts of your volunteers, it is unlikely that lawmakers will understand that;

*Many of the Governor’s Task Force recommendations would not be implemented or those recommendations would later be abandoned without continued oversight,

*Tracking program outcomes is the only way to know the difference between ineffective and   effective programs,

*The level of trauma foster children live with has created a terrible problem in our foster care system as there are fewer and fewer families able to manage the behavioral problems exhibited by this growing population of abused children,

*The recent media coverage and added attention to child protection has increased reporting and is now overwhelming already overburdened County systems leading to unmanageable caseloads and higher burnout rates among social workers,

*A waiting list of 7000 names for subsidized daycare leaves vulnerable children in the care of drunk and drugged uncles,

*It is a rewarding experience to advocate for children, I recommend it (at least once a year – it’s only for a few hours – and it can make a real difference in the policies that govern the lives of the most vulnerable among us.

Join Safe Passage For Children Volunteer army and dedicate a few hours a year telling your State Representatives how important children’s issues are to you.  

I felt myself a pretty fortunate volunteer as both my legislators (Terri Bonoff & Jon Applebaum) were very open to helping at risk children.  They got it that children with coping skills and our help managing past trauma would do better in school and have a far greater chance of becoming a productive member of the community.  Economically, it’s sensible to put our energy into building children into capable citizens.  Ehically, it’s just wrong to do otherwise.

And of course, Thank You Jan Callison, Hennepin County Commissioner, for standing up an demanding that DHS pick up abused children on weekends.  That is the kind of leadership that saves children from the trauma and abuse that ruin so many young lives.







  1. Thank you for this Sam, yes there is and I will post it as a blog.

    From Safe Passage For Children;
    Please contact Senator Terri Bonoff and request her support of SF 2411. Sample language is provided below. Please personalize it, if you wish, and email it to Senator Bonoff at sen.terri.bonoff@senate.mn or call her at 651-296-4314. As the bill is being heard on Tuesday, please send your email or call as soon as possible.

    Also, please let us know if you were able to call or email your Senator. Thank you!


    Johnna K O’Neill
    Safe Passage for Children of Minnesota
    (507) 993-2925

    Dear Senator Bonoff –

    On Tuesday, April 5, the Senate Finance Committee, K-12 Budget Division will consider SF 2411 which will increase the number of early learning scholarships and give priority to children in foster care or the child protection system. Quality early learning experiences have been proven to reduce child abuse and neglect. More funding directed at the prevention of child maltreatment is essential. In addition to better outcomes for individual children and their families, society benefits from stronger families, less crime, and decreased social service costs.

    Please support SF 2411 to ensure there is adequate funding for the proven benefits of quality childcare.

    Thank you for your efforts on behalf of abused, neglected, and at-risk children in Minnesota.


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