It’s hard to believe that a political administration could go so far in negating the value of a city’s children as just happened in Flint Michigan.

Since April of 2014 Flint children have been poisoned with diarrhea like water infused with lead and other toxins (Flint water has twice the toxicity the EPA classifies as toxic waste) in the face of scientific evidence, political backlash and community outrage with nothing but misfeasance, malfeasance and non-feasance from the Governor’s office (all 8000 of Flints children).

Flint needs disaster relief from the EPA, CDC and Army Corps of Engineers to stop the State sponsored child abuse that poisoned the children of Flint Michigan.

Elected officials need to be made aware  that what happened in Flint was wrong and the people in charge made public, made to resign and be punished.  Sign Michael Moore’s petition on Facebook to let Michigan’s Governor know that what he has done to Flint’s children is a crime.

If Michigan State found that you knowingly poisoned your children over an extended period of time you would be guilty of second degree felony child abuse)*

Michigan Penal Code, section 750.136b:

“A person is guilty of child abuse in the second degree if…the person knowingly or intentionally commits an act likely to cause serious physical or mental harm to a child,” Michigan Penal Code, section 750.136b states. “[This] is a felony punishable by imprisonment for a first offense of not more than 10 years…[and] for a second or subsequent offense not more than 20 years.”


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  1. I disagree and don’t think this would be their position if they were mom’s or dad’s in Flint with young children. It’s hard to love other people’s children, but we should stand up for them.

    To call this a nonviolent crime is questionable at best. Thousands of children will now have diminished mental capacity because of what might be the deliberate actions of a political administration.

    I compare the actions of the Michigan Governor’s office in cause and effect to the events and judicial actions taking place in New Jersey bridge fiasco at this time. Federal, State and County agencies are in the process of investigating the events that brought about what appears to be malfeasance on the part of the Governor’s office. Criminal charges are possible.

    My argument in the Michigan case is that the impact of poisoned drinking water was seen and understood by many credible people (outside scientists & the EPA) early on and deliberately ignored for over a year by the Governor and his staff causing irreparable harm to the entire city of Flint Michigan.

    I agree with Michael Moore that if it weren’t for national attention by the media, the children of Flint would still be drinking poisoned water. At the very least this is nonfeasance. Some credible voices are claiming malfeasance. Thousands of children have suffered and lead poisoning lasts forever.

    A few years ago, I flew to Indiana to talk with some of the 500 families that adopted special needs children after Governor Mitch Daniels cheated them out of the small sums they had been promised for education, transportation & healthcare for the special needs children they adopted.

    These families were promised dollars from a fund that the state had set up specifically for families adopting special needs children.

    Governor Daniels redirected those funds (after the adoptions were completed) to people in his administration that cut the most from DHS programs they ran(the adopting families got nothing from the funds promised to them).

    These were not wealthy families and as everyone knows, special needs children are a very big commitment and it costs more money to raise them in a healthy way.

    What Daniels did was wrong, unethical and self-serving. He was running for Vice President at the time and wanted to look good to his hard right base. He paid no price for this awful act. It seems few politicians pay any price for any act against children (they can’t vote).

    Children don’t have a voice at the legislature. Some of us should stand up for them.

  2. Similar abuse of children by state governments happen on a widespread basis. Water quality responsible agencies, such as environmental quality departments, are restricted by unsupportive legislatures. Many agencies are staffed with the best-intentioned people, but the political arms of the agencies become hamstrung by legislators that threaten budget cuts to those departments that propose any pointedly investigative water quality assessment. The NRA and mining industry lobbies influence the system to curtail environmental lead investigations, even to the point of introducing legislation that is designed to eliminate EPA ability to even consider lead as a regulatory toxicant. Every state government environmental agency is hampered by the resultant political bias, and children suffer the consequences. As an example, the use of lead in fishing and hunting methodologies (lead sinkers and bullets) are blatant pollution sources that are well known to be widespread pollution that harms public health yet does not get funding for investigation that could result in widespread improvement for public health outcomes. Sinkers roll around it tackle boxes to produce a fine black particulate that gets on wet hands, lunches, cooler ice and caught fish. The lunch gets eaten, the fish placed in the family frying pan, and the family repeatedly dosed with the toxic metal lead. The agencies know this, yet are powerless in the face of the anti-investigatory politic. We are in deep denial, as we poison what we love (our fish, our children, and ourselves) to continue profit-taking for corporations.

  3. Contrary to common thought about lead, it does pass through the skin, but does not retain the affinity for the red blood cells that constitutes the blood lead test used for diagnosis screening, which results in masking of the poisoning from the skin route. Lead on the skin is very hard to wash off well, and using soap to help often increases the uptake rather than reduces it. People that fish with lead are at higher risk of chronic low dose accumulative adverse effects on physiology and intelligence.

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