A New York Times article has identified that almost 20,000 prescriptions for antipsychotic medicines were written in 2014 – to children 2 and younger (many still in cribs).  A shortage of child psychiatrists is partially blamed.

These powerful mind altering chemicals are just one generation removed from Thorazine.  To use them like candy for babies and 3 year old children is dangerous.

 This Mercury News video series on foster care children provides a stunning insight into the growing use of unproven and dangerous medicines given to state ward children.

MN DHS in June of 2014 ended physchiatric consultations for high-dose ADHD and SGA drugs for children over 3 years old.

Big pharma has been fined billions of dollars for criminally promoting these drugs for use by children.  Johnson & Johnson paid 3 billion for the “illicit promotion of Rispererdal” and is still defending thousands of cases in court today.  This is just one example of the depth and scope of big pharma’s continued willingness to make money at the expense of vulnerable children.  This CASA guardian ad-Litem has too many stories of very young state ward children forced to take these drugs and the side effects they cause.  92% of foster children using psychotropic medicines get them for unaccepted reasons.

No one questioned whether foster child Kendrea Johnson was on psychotropics when she hung herself and left a note.  Her social worker did not know that she was suicidal and seeing a therapist at the time she killed herself.

There was no question why 7 year old foster child Gabriel Myers hung himself – his suicide note clearly articulated that he killed himself because he hated being forced to take Prozac.

All Adults Are The Protectors of All Children – this includes voting for child friendly public polices like mental health access, crisis nurseries and quality daycare (tell your friends).