Donna Jackson Nakazawa

Donna Jackson Nakazawa book CHILDHOOD DISRUPTED explains how a child’s biography becomes her biology and how to heal.  It may be the first self help book about ACEs and speaks to why chronic disease, mental illness, violence, suicide, and addiction are so common to abused and neglected children.

Donna is a science journalist that writes about toxic stress and childhood development in a way we can all understand.  She presents 13 stories of trauma about people she followed for a year and how childhood stress can lead to a life of illness and sadness.

The happy part of the book is the research that shows how self-care, exercise, adequate sleep, meditation, safe environment/relationships and smart therapies can heal.

You will finish the book understanding how toxic stress changes a person for life, how genes impacted in childhood develop various illnesses and mental health disorders (and what epigenetics is).

This book repeated the experience of my 65 year old attorney friend who bought me lunch when I wrote the book INVISIBLE CHILDREN in 2005.  At Lunch he told me in confidence that he had never spoken to anyone about his abuse by a priest as child.  When he was 45 years old, smoking, drinking, overweight and on his 3rd marriage and 4th business partnership he finally sought out a therapist who he sees to this this day (about 30 years).

As a long time volunteer CASA child protection guardian ad-Litem, I am convinced that Donna’s truths are profoundly accurate and they explain the sadness and behavioral problems impacting millions of children, our schools, public safety, crime, and community well being.

At some point, we must recognize the crisis our society faces by the terrifically high number of child abuse reports (6 million children annually) and support Donna’s plea for a new medical paradigm with a system in which physicians offer, “not just a drug, but a recovery plan” would make a huge difference in the lives of at risk youth.  Send this article to your doctor.


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  1. The short information that I have read about Donna’s book has started me thinking and she is right for hitting the nail in the head. She has noticed loose ends that need to be tide in the children (and adults) and to those who have gone through the vices of child abuse, child violence,trauma, disrupted childhood, etc. Indeed when one uses this approach and targets the young people in our countries, we shall never have “half baked” children or citizens in the future.

    This is a noble book which everybody which is a must read by the “affected” within our families and communities. By “affected” I mean, the child, the siblings, parents and community so that we all have a full understanding and change our ways so that no child will ever pass through this again.

    Thank you for opening my eyes.

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