babies best everYoung families in the U.S. don’t have any mandated maternity leave when the new baby arrives (we are the only *developed nation in the world to not offer paid leave to new parents).  Families and babies really do suffer because of it.  

There is almost no paid paternity leave at all for fathers in America either (almost all of the developed world –  and about half of the 167 nations tracked by the International Labor Organization, offer paid paternity leave to dads).

American exceptionalism has become the opposite of what we want it to be – especially when it comes to young families and children.  We talk a big game, but we don’t really value other people’s children.

All adults are the protectors of all children – communities will be safer & happier when this becomes a truism.

* American is also the only nation in the world refusing to sign the international rights of the child treaty

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