Roses on WallGovernor Dayton’s Task Force on Child Protection is off to a great start.  Thank you Rich Gehrman and all the other Task Force members working hard to make children safe in our state.

You can read the complete recommendations of the Task Force here (22 pages).  You can follow it even more closely at Safe Passage For Children here

I’m celebrating the recommendations for transparency,

More effective audits,

Eliminating the preference for “assessment” (not finding out if the child is being abused) over “investigation” (finding out if the child is being abused),

Creating a common framework for decision making for the reporting of child abuse,

Eliminating the awful law barring prior screened out reports (they should be permitted and encouraged and maintained for five years),

Including child safety as the PARAMOUNT consideration for decision making,

Sending all reports of maltreatment to law enforcement, and allowing screeners to seek collateral information when making decisions.

These are all in the Task Force Recommendations and they are a great beginning for child safety in our state.

Friends of KARA, Let’s take the few minutes each week it takes to follow these recommendations to their implementation.

Copy/steal from me any/all of this info and provide it to your friends and networks.  These changes must happen if children are to be safe in MN.  Let’s make Minnesota an example of how children to keep children safe and well in this nation.

Join KARA & Stand Up For Children




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