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The following are collected from September 9th to today;

CA: Drugging Our Kids

San Jose Mercury News – September 20, 2014
Children in California’s foster care system are prescribed unproven, risky medications at alarming rates.

FL: DCF was alerted 2 weeks before deadly rampage
Bradenton Herald – September 22, 2014
Two weeks before Don Charles Spirit annihilated his family, Florida child protection investigators were told that his grandchildren were surrounded by drug abusers – living with a grandfather whose history included the accidental killing of his son, and the physical abuse of his daughter and grandkids.

MN: Gov. Dayton orders changes to Minnesota’s child protection programs
Northland’s News Center – September 22, 2014
Governor Mark Dayton ordered the Department of Human Services Monday, to take a closer look at how child abuse cases are investigated. Also: Abuse case drives Dayton to order county child welfare reviews (Includes audio):

MS: Record Number of Homeless Students in Miss. Schools; Leading Homeless Children’s Advocates Comment
WCBI – September 22, 2014
Mississippi public schools enroll a record number of homeless children and youth, according to U.S. Department of Education (ED) data released today.

NE: Public feedback needed regarding child welfare services
Nebraska Radio Network – September 22, 2014
A national consulting firm has been hired by the Nebraska Legislature to conduct a study on public and private child welfare agencies in the state. This is a follow-up to its earlier study on child welfare privatization. This study will help determine whether the management of child welfare cases should be carried out by public or private agencies.

OH: Poverty on the Decrease? Tell That to Ohio’s Children (Includes audio)
Public News Service – September 23, 2014
The latest Census data indicates poverty is on the decrease nationwide for the first time since 2006. In Ohio, the poverty rate number now sits at 16 percent for 2013, slightly above the national average, but the proportion of children living in poverty in Ohio and the rest of the country is larger than that. According to Census data, one in five – and in some counties, one in four – Ohio children faces poverty.

OH: Children Services levy is key for keeping families together
Columbus Dispatch – September 21, 2014
If a 1.9-mill renewal levy wins voter approval on Nov. 4, he said, the agency expects to keep working to boost kinship care and to support more families through services and counseling to keep children out of foster care. Paid, out-of-home care is down 16 percent over the past five years.

PA: With Corbett’s approval, Pa.’s Public Welfare getting new moniker
Newsworks – September 21, 2014
But DPW Secretary Bev Mackereth said “public welfare” doesn’t accurately represent her agency, which also provides child protection, mental health services, and health care. “When you talk about just giving dollars to individuals who could be working — that’s not who we are anymore,” Mackereth said. “That’s not what we do.”

SC: Aiken DSS deals with high volume of child cases
Aiken Today – September 20, 2014
S.C. Sen. Tom Young, R-Aiken, said that as of Sept. 15, a Department of Social Services caseworker in Aiken is responsible for seeing 114 children – the highest number of cases assigned to one worker in the entire state.

WA: Teenager’s disclosure of sexual assault on her college admissions essay leads to arrest warrants
Q13 Fox – September 22, 2014
A teenager’s disclosure in her college admissions essay that she had been sexually assaulted by a neighbor when she was 5 or 6 years old has led to arrest warrants being issued in Pierce County against a fugitive 58-year-old sex offender.

WI: Mayor Tom Barrett to expand city role in transitional jobs program
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – September 22, 2014
The board has a contract with the state for $1.7 million for transitional jobs for those aging out of the foster care program. Five are currently in the city’s transitional jobs program, he said.

WI: Abuse of children in state care rises; caseworker turnover up, too
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – September 19, 2014
The number of foster children who have been abused or neglected remains small, but the increase tracks the increasing migration of caseworkers from the ranks of the state-run Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare.

US: In Search of Self, Chinese Adoptees Find Shifting Identities
NBC News – September 22, 2014
For most of her life, Kate Crotty — a Chinese adoptee — resented China. That resentment faded after a month-long trip back to her birthplace in June, a journey that also took Crotty and her adoptive mother, who is white, on a quest to find her biological parents.

US: Spanking Isn’t Culture. It’s a Cycle of Child Abuse (Opinion)
New York Times – September 22, 2014
That isn’t culture. It’s a cycle of abuse. As a society, we still look the other way. We’re comfortable intervening when we see a woman being struck in public by her husband, but not when a child is struck by a parent. But it is critical that we speak for these children, because they can’t speak for themselves.

US: Why Spanking is the Worst Punishment (Opinion) – September 22, 2014
Spanking and other forms of physical discipline are incredibly common. Numbers are hard to come by, as it’s not exactly something people always want to advertise, for fear of child protective services knocking on the door, but various studies suggest that the majority of parents think that physical discipline is okay and use it sometimes.

US: A boost for kinship care: Un impulso para el cuidado familiar
The Bronx Free Press – September 17, 2014
The three entities are joining forces to help provide “kinship caregivers” with legal assistance and social services to ensure that children remain safely with extended family members instead of being placed in foster care with strangers.


Canada: Lev Tahor kids have run off from Ontario foster home – September 19, 2014
Two teenage members of the ultra-orthodox Jewish sect Lev Tahor, put in foster care in Ontario when they were removed from their families, have run off.

France: French court extends adoption rights to lesbians
Associated Press – September 23, 2014
France’s highest court has ruled that married lesbians are allowed to adopt their partner’s child born through in vitro fertilization or other medically assisted reproduction.

United Kingdom: Yearly cost of children going back into care reaches £300m, report says
Local Government – September 22, 2014
Some 5,000 children return to care after being reunited with their families at a cost of £300m every year – a report claims.

United Kingdom: Government consults on second wave of reforms for children’s homes
Community Care – September 19, 2014
Nine quality standards, which form part of a series of reforms to children’s homes, have been issued for consultation by the Department for Education.


CO: New online tool for child welfare mandatory reporters
Colorado Department of Human Services – September 22, 2014
The Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) has a new online training opportunity for mandatory reporters who are required by law to report suspected child abuse and neglect. Tool URL:

FL: Law enforcement agencies will begin tracking animal abuse (Includes video)
Fox 13 – September 19, 2014
“Animal advocates and child welfare advocates have known for many years that there’s a direct correlation between animal abuse and human abuse,” Pinellas Animal Service’s Doug Brightwell observed.

MA: New Department of Children and Families head works to restore trust
Berkshire Eagle – September 21, 2014
When she was chosen to steer the state Department of Children and Families last April, Erin Deveney acknowledged she would be steering the beleaguered department through a “period of difficult transition.”

ME: Court dismisses do-not-resuscitate appeal
Associated Press – September 19, 2014
The state supreme court has dismissed a mother’s appeal of a court-approved do-not-resuscitate decision for her brain-damaged baby, saying the matter is moot now that the state has agreed to abide by the mother’s wishes.

MN: Tale of child’s abuse prompts governor to act
Minneapolis Star Tribune – September 21, 2014
Gov. Mark Dayton on Monday will order immediate changes to protect children from abuse like that which befell 4-year-old Eric Dean, whose short life and violent death was profiled by the Star Tribune.

MN: Protection sought for Peterson son (Includes video)
Associated Press – September 19, 2014
In the petition, Hennepin County Human Services asked a judge to block Peterson from using corporal punishment or physical discipline on the boy. It also would block unauthorized or unsupervised contact, and require Peterson to complete a parenting assessment.

NE: State audit: Child welfare system problems took toll on taxpayers
Omaha World Herald – September 20, 2014
“What the report shows is there are continuing problems that HHS needs to address. They’ve got a long way to go.” – State Auditor Mike Foley

NY: Graham Windham Receives $1.25M to Extend Services for Youth to Age 25
New York Nonprofit Press – September 19, 2014
The high frequency of negative long-term outcomes among youth who have been involved in the child welfare system are widely recognized, from lower rates of high school and college graduation to higher rates of involvement with the law and homelessness. With a new program called “Graham SLAM,” (Support, Lead, Achieve, and Model), Graham Windham aims to demonstrate that by extending and expanding the supports available to young people to age 25, they can overcome challenges and achieve success in school and their careers.

PA: The Clinton County caseworker who broke open the Sandusky child sex scandal
Philladelaphia Inquirer – September 22, 2014
Jessica Dershem, a 32-year-old caseworker with the Clinton County Children and Youth Services department, investigates custody disputes and claims of child abuse and neglect. She handles 12, maybe 15, cases each year. Most never make the news – because they don’t involve someone like Jerry Sandusky.

PA: Wissahickon home now an oasis for homeless moms and kids – September 20, 2014
The Ancient Stone mansion, high on a hill along Ridge Avenue in Wissahickon, began life as the Northern Home for Friendless Children. But as the public can see at today’s open house, the re-christened Northern Children’s Services is a modern residential godsend for homeless teenage mothers and their kids.

SC: Church Coalition Wants To Help DSS and Child Welfare
WLTX – September 19, 2014
While the South Carolina Department of Social Services has been criticized for policy failures that have led to child deaths, a coalition of church leaders met Friday to announce they want to be part of improving child welfare in our state.

TN: DCS proves foster care progress to federal judge
The Tennessean – September 19, 2014
The experts who watch over Tennessee’s foster care system told a judge Friday that the state is doing better at keeping foster children safe and supporting the families who take them in.

TX: CPS employees could be fired over Colton Turner case (Includes video)
KXAN – September 21, 2014
The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has confirmed to KXAN that Texas Child Protective Services employees could face “personnel actions” over the handling of the Colton Turner case. That includes possible termination or other disciplinary measures, according to officials.

TX: CPS short on homes for kids in foster care
Amarillo Globe-News – September 20, 2014
In the Amarillo area, Child Protective Services is removing fewer children from their homes this year, but the agency struggles to keep them in the region, leaders in the field have said.

VT: Legislators question rate of child abuse intervention
Associated Press – September 22, 2014
Some lawmakers have questioned the high percentage of abuse and neglect calls that are not accepted for intervention by the Department of Children and Families. Last year the department received 17,458 calls, 10 percent more than 2012. Of those, 70 percent were not accepted by DCF for an investigation or assessment.

US: One year later, Baby Veronica case still resonates (Includes video)
Tulsa World – September 21, 2014
Veronica’s fate was sealed Sept. 23, 2013, a year ago this week, when the Oklahoma Supreme Court issued a ruling that cleared the way for her to go back to South Carolina with her adoptive parents. Ending a legal tug-of-war that stretched across two states and seven courtrooms across Oklahoma, the handover came within hours of the court order.

US: Congress Enacts Legislation to Fight Child Trafficking, Strengthen Child Welfare Protections
Federal Information & News Dispatch – September 19, 2014
Last night, the U.S. Senate approved bipartisan child welfare legislation aimed at reducing child sex trafficking, increasing adoptions and improving child support collections. The legislation was approved by the House on July 23, 2014.

US: Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Defined, An Article Released by NoBullying Today
PR Web – September 19, 2014
Domestic violence is abuse and that abuse is inflicted on others by what is called the “perpetrator”. These perpetrators are responsible for their own actions. Domestic violence is about power and control. Gaining this power and control through whatever means necessary gives the perpetrator a sense of security.

US: Is Corporal Punishment Abuse? Why That’s A Loaded Question
National Public Radio – September 19, 2014
Over the past week, Adrian Peterson, the Minnesota Vikings’ all-world running back and one of the NFL’s biggest stars, has become the face of corporal punishment in America. Peterson turned himself in to police over the weekend on charges of child abuse after he allegedly hit his son with a switch that left welts on his body. Related: Understanding black America and the spanking debate: Gateway Resource: Discipline Versus Abuse:


Caribbean: OECS to assist UK overseas territories in enhancing child sexual abuse reporting
Caribbean News Now! – September 21, 2014
The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Commission is to assist United Kingdom Overseas Territories in enhancing strategies for detecting and reporting child sexual abuse cases. This assistance comes through a sub-regional workshop hosted by Antigua and Barbuda from Monday to Thursday this week. The sub-regional workshop — Responding to and Managing Child Sexual Abuse in the UK Overseas Territories — is critical to shaping policy on protecting child rights.

Republic of the Congo: American implicated in Congo child-smuggling ring (Includes video)
Fusion – September 19, 2014
At least one U.S. citizen -and possibly more-has been implicated in a child-trafficking scandal in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) while allegedly trying to smuggle kids out of the African country for the purpose of adoption, according to local press reports.

Singapore: More “homely” environment for children in foster care or homes: Chan Chun Sing (Includes video)
NewsAsia – September 21, 2014
The Social and Family Development Ministry is looking to better help children in foster care or homes. The Ministry said more details will be announced in the coming months, but Minister Chan Chun Sing said the key thrust is to provide a more “homely” environment for the children.

United Kingdom: Muslim protest against Rotherham child abuse held ‘without incident’ (Includes video)
The Star – September 20, 2014
Hundreds of people turned out in support of a Muslim youth group protest against child sexual exploitation in Rotherham today. Speeches denounced the scandal which involved 1,400 victims of child sexual abuse in the town between 1997 and 2013 and protestors from the British Muslim Youth group gathered to make their voices heard.


AZ: Candidates Asked to Focus on Children’s Issues (Includes audio)
Public News Service – September 19, 2014
As election season kicks into high gear in Arizona, there are calls for political candidates to focus on children’s issues. Julie Bacon is a consultant with Children’s Action Alliance, which is sponsoring an event in Scottsdale today promoting the “Healthy Packs” program. She says 10 candidates from three legislative districts will learn more about the program that helps feed hungry students when they’re not at school.

AZ: Arizona group hopes state will expand foster ed program
Education Drive – September 18, 2014
Foster Ed: Arizona is asking state legislators to expand a pilot program that pairs foster children with “education champions,” who monitor their progress and make sure they get access to the education resources they need.

CA: Foster care agency directors charged with embezzlement
Los Angeles Times – September 19, 2014
A husband and wife have been charged with embezzling more than $460,000 from a taxpayer-funded nonprofit agency hired by Los Angeles County to help abused and neglected foster children, the district attorney’s office announced Thursday.

CA: Drugging Our Kids: California calls for new checks on psych meds for foster kids
Inside Bay Area News – September 18, 2014
In a significant step toward curbing the overuse of psychiatric drugs in California’s foster care system, doctors will soon be required to get extra authorization to prescribe antipsychotics, a new safeguard to protect some of the state’s most overmedicated children.

FL: Child Welfare Organization Selects New CEO
CBS Miami – September 18, 2014
Michael Shaver, former chief operating officer and executive vice president of Children’s Home + Aid in Chicago, has been named the new CEO of the state’s largest child service organization, Children’s Home Society of Florida.

FL: Fake DCF investigator sought by Baker deputies
Florida Times-Union – September 18, 2014
Baker County deputies are searching for a man who pretended to be a Department of Children and Families investigator in Macclenny, according to child protective services.

FL: Transitional housing for young adults leaving foster care opens
Southwest Florida Herald Tribune – September 18, 2014
Less than two years after successfully pushing a law to help teenagers transition out of foster care, state Sen. Nancy Detert can hardly believe what has sprung up because of that measure. On Thursday, Detert and dozens of community leaders attended the grand opening of a six-home assisted-living program specifically designed to give young adults leaving foster care a place to live and learn basic life skills before they are fully independent.

IN: DCS, parents settle adoption subsidy lawsuit
Indianapolis Star – September 18, 2014
Lawyers reached a settlement Thursday in a lawsuit between the Indiana Department of Child Services and a group of parents who had been on the waiting list for a state program providing financial help to parents who adopted children out of the foster care system.

MI: Scholarship fund for foster kids before House
Detroit Free Press – September 18, 2014
Right now, many of those potential students are getting help from the Michigan Education Trust, but under the guidelines for the trust, all the money raised for the scholarships in a year has to be spent each year. The “Fostering Futures” endowment fund wouldn’t have that kind of restrictions. Also: Legislature considering bill to help pay for foster kids’ college:

NY: Advocates: Suffolk County Rejection of ICE Detentions Will Spread (Includes audio)
Public News Service – September 19, 2014
Members of the Long Island immigrant community and their supporters are applauding a local law enforcement decision to just say no when it comes to immigration detentions in Suffolk County. Amol Sinha directs the Suffolk Chapter of the New York Civil Liberties Union. He expects the decision by Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco to have statewide reach.

NY: Jewish Watchdog Group Challenges Child Sex Abuse Taboo (Includes video)
Israel National News – September 18, 2014
One thousand Orthodox Jews crowded into a Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY hall Monday evening for a noble purpose: to raise awareness of, and educate themselves about, child sexual abuse – an issue all too often avoided as taboo within some circles.

OK: Trucker drives his message to town
Sapulpa Daily Herald – September 16, 2014
An Oklahoma city author and owner and president of Western Flyer Xpress, a national trucking company is on a statewide 77-county tour to drive and strive for raising awareness on child abuse prevention.

TN: New domestic violence laws on Tenn. books
Columbia Daily Herald – September 19, 2014
Crime / Domestic / Aggravated Child Neglect – Legislation that raises the penalty for aggravated child neglect or endangerment was approved during the 2014 legislative session. The new statute puts aggravated child abuse into the category of crimes in which convicted offenders must serve at least 85 percent of their sentences in prison.

TX: Corporal punishment not clear-cut case of child abuse in Texas
Lubbock Avalanche-Journal – September 18, 2014
While the state’s Child Protective Services does investigate reports of corporal punishment as possible abuse, Texas law allows parents to use force on their children for disciplinary purposes. Whether or not corporal punishment becomes criminal boils down to community standards, said Barron Slack, an assistant district attorney for Lubbock County.

TX: Pilot program to help foster children (Includes video)
News 4 San Antonio – September 18, 2014
Finding more volunteers to help children make it through the foster care system is the goal of a new pilot program here in Bexar County.

VT: New DCF commissioner wants to focus on homelessness, substance abuse – September 18, 2014
While he doesn’t have specific goals, Ken Schatz, 60, knows where he will focus his attention: child protection, housing and homelessness, “safety net” services and substance abuse.

WI: Child welfare bureau turnover, backlog fuel concerns about safety
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – September 18, 2014
Assessors have left the bureau in droves, according to statistics provided by the state Department of Children and Families, which runs the Milwaukee office. Nearly a quarter of the agency’s assessors left in 2010. Nearly a third left in 2011. Thirty-eight percent left in 2012, and another 38% left in 2013.

US: Ask Amy: Our foster kids are gone. How do we explain? (Opinion)
Tribune Content Agency – September 18, 2014
We found out that despite hopes of adoption, the children will be leaving us, which is heartbreaking. We live in a small town where everyone knows one another’s business, and I am dreading the inevitable questions that we will be asked about the kids’ departure everywhere we go.

US: On Spanking and Abuse (Opinion)
New York Times – September 17, 2014
Spanking is not against the law in America – although some argue that it should be, as it is in Sweden and some other countries – but, as with most things in life, there are degrees beyond which even something that is generally acceptable, or at least legal, crosses a threshold and becomes not so.


International: International surrogacy traps babies in stateless limbo
Thomson Reuters Foundation – September 18, 2014
The lack of regulation around international commercial surrogacy has left many babies in stateless limbo, with no country granting them citizenship because of complex conflicts over who the legal parents are.

Kenya: ‘Dead Beat’ page exposes ‘absentee parents’
Cable News Network – September 19, 2014
Single parents in the East African nation are turning to a new Facebook page to share their outrage against people they claim abandoned their offspring. The page, dubbed Dead Beat Kenya, purports to expose absentee parents. It includes information that would make most privacy advocates cringe.


AL: Lauderdale County in desperate need of foster families
WAAY – September 17, 2014
A shortage of foster parents in The Shoals has put several children in limbo. Some children are now being sent to other counties, and other states.

CA: & FL: Los Angeles Eyes Florida’s Child Fatality Prevention System
The Chronicle of Social Change – September 17, 2014
Many times, a spate of child deaths will cause systems to overreact, leading to sharp upticks in child removals. In some cases, a myopic focus on those cases has lead to costly, wholesale child welfare reforms in which policies that dictate the decision-making in hundreds or thousands of cases are changed based on a small sample of horrific cases. In Hillsborough County, Fla., a nonprofit service provider named Eckerd and some of its partners had a different idea. They would study a recent spike in child fatalities in the hopes of developing a plan specifically aimed at preventing other deaths.

CA: CALM Weighing In On Child Abuse In Santa Barbara (Includes video)
KEYT – NPG – September 17, 2014
CALM (Child Abuse Listening Mediation) says spanking is legal but not recommended. “We don’t recommend spanking because when the parent is angry they are more forceful then they realize and they may end up leaving a bruise or a mark on their child,” said Deborah Holmes, assistant director of CALM in Santa Barbara.

CT: Mom Gives Up Baby Upon Giving Birth Through Safe Haven Act, DCF Says
Hartford Courant – September 17, 2014
“The Safe Haven Law gives parents a safe option if they are unable to care for a baby,” said DCF Commissioner Joette Katz. “It must be one of the most difficult decisions a person ever makes, but it is very important that we take every opportunity to raise awareness of the existence of the law.”

FL: Report shows widespread problems in Miami-Dade child welfare system
The News Service of Florida – September 18, 2014
A report by a team of child-welfare professionals has identified major problems throughout a system of care that is struggling to protect children in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties.

KS: Kansas teens in foster care to get free photo IDs
Kansas Health Service News Service – September 09, 2014
State officials this week announced that teens and young adults who are about to age out of the state’s foster care system are now being provided with photo IDs at no cost.

LA: Louisiana Mentor looking for foster parents
KALB – September 17, 2014
Louisiana Mentor is continuing to recruit families and individuals in the community that are willing to open their hearts and homes to children and youth who are in foster care with challenges and therapeutic needs.

MI: & US: Robert Parsons: Fostering Change
MSU Today – September 18, 2014
The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) is a program that selects, through a very competitive application and interview process, the best and brightest former foster youths from across the country that have completed at least four semesters of higher learning. They then place them in congressional offices to provide recommendations on changing the foster care system.

MN: Minnesota law says child protection must investigate
Star Tribune – September 17, 2014
Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said if his agency receives “any credible concerns” that the child allegedly abused by Adrian Peterson could be hurt again by the Vikings running back, “we would take active steps to make sure that would not occur.”

NE: Firm conducting study on Nebraska’s child welfare system, seeks Omaha-area parents and families
Omaha World-Herald – September 17, 2014
The firm, Hornby Zeller Associates, has a contract with the Nebraska Legislature to study whether child welfare cases should be managed by private contractors or by the state.

NY: Need to Heed Liberty Pledge for Thousands of Undocumented N.Y. Kids (Includes audio)
Public News Service – September 18, 2014
“This isn’t just an invasion,” Father Bill Brisotti from Our Lady of Miraculous Medal in Wyandanch says. “There is a need to, first of all, understand the roots of what the situation is in Central America. Why these kids are so poor, and why there’s so much violence.”

NY: Urging Orthodox To Aggressively Counter Child Sexual Abuse
New York Jewish Week – September 16, 2014
David Cheifetz, describing himself as the name and face of countless nameless and faceless victims of sexual abuse as a child, told a hushed audience of about 200 people on Sunday night that “we [the Orthodox community] need to change our culture” from denial and avoidance to recognition of the dangers of molestation and “show support for victims and their families.”

TX: Texas woman pleads guilty in adoption scam case
Topeka Capital Journal – September 17, 2014
Chrystal Marie Rippey, 34, pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud. In her plea, she admitted she devised a scheme in which she pretended to be pregnant. Rippey contacted adoption agencies and individuals who wanted to adopt and said she was willing to give up her unborn children for adoption. She asked the agencies and families for money for rent, utilities, food and living expenses.

VA: Local Health Experts Weigh In On What’s Acceptable For Child Discipline
WSET-TV – September 17, 2014
So what qualifies as child abuse? Lynchburg Police Department’s (LPD’s) Dave Gearhart says that’s determined on a case by case basis. But Johnson Health Center says they follow the American Academy of Pediatrics guideline which recommends no physical contact with your child as a form of discipline. Also: Spanking isn’t parenting; it’s child abuse:

WV: The Gray Line Between Discipline & Child Abuse
WDTV – September 17, 2014
According to experts, the legal line on child abuse is really blurry. The law is not meant to interfere between a parent disciplining a child unless it crosses that blurry line; but when police get a report of child abuse, they have to look at all the circumstances surrounding it.§ion=5-News&item=The-Gray-Line-Between-Discipline–Child-Abuse-18217

US: Punishment or Child Abuse? (Opinion)
New York Times – September 17, 2014
The indictment last week of the N.F.L. player Adrian Peterson by a Texas grand jury for reckless or negligent injury to a child has set into relief the harmful disciplinary practices of some black families. Also: Giants’ Eli Manning blasts child abuse while Jets running back Chris Johnson defends Adrian Peterson in beating of 4-year-old: Also: Spanking isn’t child abuse; it’s common sense (Opinion):


Ghana: Eighty-one orphanages stopped
GNA – September 17, 2014
Eighty-one out the 120 orphanages in Ghana have been closed down because of the poor welfare of the inmates, Nana Oye Lithur, Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection said on Tuesday.

India: Reforms in child care norms on anvil
TNN – September 18, 2014
Women and child development ministry has planned a slew of reforms for child protection and safety including introduction of foster care, easing adoption norms, creating awareness about child sex abuse in schools and renewed focus on reducing malnutrition among children.

International: Highlights of RC64 day 3 – Adoption of action plans on vaccines, prevention of child maltreatment, and food and nutrition
World Health Organization – September 17, 2014
Three far-reaching action plans – on vaccines, prevention of child maltreatment, and food and nutrition – were adopted, mapping the path for interventions in these areas until 2020.,-prevention-of-child-maltreatment,-and-food-and-nutrition

Liberia: Hundreds of orphans left abandoned in Liberia as mothers die from Ebola
Plan International – September 17, 2014
Liberia’s social problem of broken, single-parent families has existed since the end of the civil war in 2003 – and as the new virus claims its victims, this is now resulting in hundreds of orphaned children.


AZ: AG’s office seeks millions for attorneys to handle child welfare cases
Arizona Capital Times – September 15, 2013
The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is asking for a $2.7 million supplement to the current fiscal year 2015 budget to cover a shortfall and a permanent $4.7 million increase to hire more attorneys to work on child-welfare cases and keep the lawyers they have from fleeing to better paying jobs.

CA: Los Angeles Youth Network Launches New Home For Foster & Homeless Youth
PR Newswire – September 16, 2014
Today the Los Angeles Youth Network (LAYN) opened its doors to a new home for foster and homeless youth in Hollywood. The 10,000 square foot 1919 Craftsman style home replaces LAYN’s current 30-year old barrack style emergency shelter and will enable over 300 foster youth (ages 12-17) a year to receive high quality enhanced services in a safe and nurturing environment.

CA: State, districts struggle to support foster youth
EdSource Today – September 15, 2014
California’s bold initiative to provide extra support for foster youth in school is proving difficult for most districts to implement, advocates say.

CO: Colorado Department of Human Services acknowledges lack of reporting requirements for county errors (Includes auto play video)
7 News Denver – September 16, 2014
Responding to an ongoing CALL7 Investigation about a series of child safety errors, Colorado Department of Human Services officials on Tuesday acknowledged the department does not require counties to report such failures.

FL: Florida Turns To Child Development Science To Improve Foster Care
CBS Miami – September 16, 2014
Foster parents are one of the keys to reforming Florida’s troubled child-welfare system, experts say.

FL: Nubia Barahona’s adoptive sister sues DCF
Miami Herald – September 15, 2014
The adoptive sister of Nubia Barahona, the child whose gruesome death while under the care of her adoptive father and mother shook Florida a few years ago, filed a lawsuit on Monday against the Florida Department of Children & Families, a child welfare worker, and two former DCF investigators.

KS: Spanking is hitting, says Price
Salina Journal – September 16, 2014
“Hitting a child puts that child at risk in every way possible — emotionally, socially, mentally, physically and obviously,” said Price, education director at Child Advocacy and Parenting Services. “It’s important to understand that all school district employees are mandatory reporters. We don’t have a choice.”

ME: Maine experts discourage use of corporal punishment
Portland Press Herald – September 16, 2014
Counselors say spanking a child the way an NFL star did mostly instills fear and is ineffective at changing behavior.

MN: Hallberg’s Picture of Health: Detecting child abuse (Audio)
Minnesota Public Radio – September 16, 2014
Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s indictment has brought the issue of child abuse back into the public eye in a big way. In this installment, host Tom Crann and Dr. Jon Hallberg discuss what’s required of physicians who confront evidence of child abuse in the clinic.

NY: Talk On Foster Youths, Education Set For West Valhalla
Mount Pleasant Daily Voice – September 16, 2014
A college education is often unattainable for youths in foster care because of a lack of financial resources and the supports needed to navigate the complexities of higher education institutions.

OH: Feral’ kids too scared for court, judge says: Children will testify about abuse via closed-circuit TV
Columbus Dispatch – September 16, 2014
Scioto County Assistant Prosecutor Julie Hutchinson said that to have them in the courtroom would be tantamount to torture: “They were so terrified in the beginning that it took them three months before they could even talk about the abuse done to them. Bringing them into this courtroom would only further victimize the victims.”

PA: Effort to broaden adoptees’ rights to get birth information gets Pennsylvania Senate committee’s approval
The Patriot News – September 16, 2014
A compromise effort to give adopted persons dramatically expanded rights to seek the identity of their birth parents passed through state Senate’s Aging and Youth Committee Tuesday on a 9-2 vote.

RI: Providers say state needs ‘vision’ for care through DCYF
Providence Journal – September 16, 2014
The state agencies and providers who step in when children suffer from neglect or abuse need to do a better job of communicating and a better job of intervening to prevent problems from happening, providers told a panel of state lawmakers Tuesday.

SC: Meth traffic causes child neglect cases to skyrocket
Go Upstate – September 16, 2014
Recently, Union County narcotics deputies worked four child neglect cases within a seven-day period, deputies say. Each one stemmed from drug abuse. “It comes in cycles,” Taylor said.

SC: SC Senate panel seeks plan from Department of Social Services to immediately hire caseworkers
Associated Press – September 16, 2014
South Carolina’s Department of Social Services must immediately hire more caseworkers to stem a child welfare crisis and not wait until legislators pass a budget next year, state senators said Tuesday.–DSS-Hearing

TX: Child Specialists: Education Key in Curbing Child Abuse (Includes video)
Time Warner Cable News – Austin – September 16, 2014
Melanie Chasteen says public awareness plays the biggest role in bringing those numbers down.–education-key-in-curbing-child-abuse/

TX: Judge Proposes Pilot Program To Speed Up Child Abuse & Neglect Cases (Includes audio)
Texas Public Radio – September 16, 2014
A family court judge is asking Bexar County to help fund a pilot program that would streamline cases in the family courts.

US: Adrian Peterson Case Brings Corporal Punishment of Kids Front and Center
Phily – September 16, 2014
Child abuse allegations against Minnesota Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson has sparked vigorous debate about the use of corporal punishment on children.

US: Child Specialists: Education Key in Curbing Child Abuse (Includes video)
Time Warner Cable News – September 16, 2014
“Stressors such as financial struggles or substance abuse or mental health or domestic violence in the family, any one of those on top of normal childhood behavior can be really challenging,” she said. “Being able to ask for help is a key element.” Because the sooner someone gets help, the more likely they are to break the cycle of abuse.–education-key-in-curbing-child-abuse/

US: Spare the Rod: What Charles Barkley gets wrong about corporal punishment and black culture (Opinion)
Slate – September 16, 2014
Asked whether it was ever permissible to hit a child, the highly quotable NBA Hall of Famer suggested that not only is it OK to do so, but that the practice is so common in parts of the country as to be unremarkable. “Whipping-we do that all the time,” the Alabama native said, adding that if corporal punishment were made illegal, “every black parent in the South is going to be in jail under those circumstances.” Also: Hard Knocks: I was hit by a teacher in an East Texas public school. It taught me nothing:

US: Religion no excuse for bias toward LGBT families
Los Angeles Times – September 15, 2014
The Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act of 2014 would allow federally funded child welfare service providers in any of the 19 states where marriage equality is the law to deny adoption rights to same-sex couples without fear of losing taxpayer funding.

US: Verbal and physical bullying decrease as children age but cyberbullying increases
Medical News Today – September 15, 2014
As students’ age they are verbally and physically bullied less but cyberbullied more, non-native English speakers are not bullied more often than native English speakers and bullying increases as students’ transition from elementary to middle school.

US: The Impact of Foster Care on Students’ Education
State Impact – September 04, 2014
Only half of foster youth complete high school by their 18th birthday, according to data from the National Working Group on Foster Care and Education, compared to the 70 percent of kids not in the foster care system who graduate by age 18.


Australia: Child abuse reports rise sharply in SA, swamping hotline
ABC News – September 16, 2014
A South Australian parliamentary committee has heard notifications of child abuse and neglect in the state have risen sharply, and sometimes people wait more than an hour on the phone to make a report.

Bahamas: Bahamas Department of Social Services Celebrates 50 Years
The Bahamas Weekly – September 16, 2014
The Department is responsible for Child Protection, Child Care Facilities and Child Placement which provides services to children under the age of 18 who have been subjected to any form of abuse, be it physical, verbal, emotional or sexual, or who have been abandoned; Community Support, which provides various types of assistance to persons in need, through its various Outreach Centres; and Disability Affairs Division, which identifies and coordinates services available to persons with disabilities throughout The Bahamas.

Canada: Children’s advocate wants Saskatchewan foster homes to be licensed
The Canadian Press – September 16, 2014
Bob Pringle released a report Tuesday renewing concerns about overcrowding and a lack of co-ordination to get children support services.

International: New Data Show Child Mortality Rates Falling Faster Than Ever
World Bank – September 16, 2014
“There has been dramatic and accelerating progress in reducing mortality among children, and the data prove that success is possible even for poorly resourced countries,” said Mickey Chopra, head UNICEF’s of global health programmes. “There is now a gathering momentum from countries in every part of the world to make sure proven, cost-effective interventions are applied where they will save the most lives.” Report: 2014 IGME child mortality Report_Final.pdf

Philippines: Incongruous but legal
The Philippine Star – September 17, 2014
Can a sister adopt her younger brother? This is the question answered in this case of Lita.

United Kingdom: Big push to increase adoption
The Northern Echo – September 16, 2014
The North-East has been chosen to pilot a new campaign to find families for children waiting to be adopted.

CA: Local Hero Myra Curiel Helps Aging Out Foster Youth with Move-in Kits (Includes Audio)
KPBS – September 15, 2014
“I never really thought the idea would become reality,” notes Curiel. “But with the support of several volunteers, what was going to be 100 turned into 260 boxes. We filled them with essential toiletries and distributed them to emancipated youth moving for the first time into their very own home and also to those struggling to get by.”

CA: Shocking Numbers: Latino Children in California Foster Care More Than Double Any Other Group
PR Web – September 15, 2014
The numbers stemming from the most recent accounting of children in the California foster care system may come as a shock to those celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. As of 2013, Hispanic children in CA foster care totaled 28,484 – more than double the number of children from any other ethnic group. And 11,239 of these children, almost 40%, live in Los Angeles County.

CA: Foster Youth Lead the Way in Opening New Center (Includes audio)
KAZU – September 04, 2014
A growing number of California communities are finding a solution in a community center model where foster kids help other foster kids transition out of the system into adulthood. One such center opens today in Salinas. It’s called the Epicenter. Also: Monterey County opens center to help at-risk youth:

CT: Restraints Drive Child Advocate To Report Suspected Abuse Against DCF Treatment Facility
The Courant – September 15, 2014
The Pueblo treatment unit opened in March in a renovated building on the grounds of the former Riverview Hospital. It was funded by the legislature over the objections of some advocates for children, after DCF Commissioner Joette Katz made the case that her agency needed a secure unit in which to treat girls that had run away from, or disrupted, every other program they were in.,0,4195319.story?page=2

FL: Impact of child abuse on the First Coast (Includes Video)
First Coast News – September 15, 2014
According to the Department of Children and Families, there are almost 800 reports of suspected child abuse every month. That’s because, in part, some parents don’t know where disciplining your child stops and abusing your child starts. Also: Peterson case sheds light on child abuse across the country:

FL: Report Shows Widespread Problems In Miami-Dade Child Welfare System
News Service of Florida – September 15, 2014
A report by a team of child-welfare professionals has identified major problems throughout a system of care that is struggling to protect children in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties.

KY: The difference between discipline and child abuse in Kentuckiana (Includes video)
Wave 3 – September 15, 2014
Following the indictment of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson on felony child abuse charges, a debate has ensued over the difference between discipline and abuse.

LA: Don’t Worry About the Size of the Government (Opinion)
The Atlantic – September 15, 2014
Setting out to shrink the size of agencies at all costs can actually raise them-as Louisiana’s child-welfare system found.

TX: Nacogdoches organization founded to help foster children moving into new digs (Includes Video)
WCSC 5 – September 15, 2014
Julia Jones, the volunteer director of Imagine Many People All Coming Together, or IMPACT, wasted no time setting up the organization’s new location near downtown Nacogdoches.

US: Adrian Peterson Case Reveals Divide on Spankings (Includes Audio)
Public News Service – September 16, 2014
It’s a case that has revealed the deep divide in the state and across the country over the use of corporal punishment, and as of now, despite the allegations of child abuse, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is back on the field. Also: Central Fla. experts recommend parents know corporal punishment alternatives:

US: ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’: Those Who Survive Are ‘Horribly Afflicted’
WRCBTV – September 14, 2014
About 25 percent of the victims of abusive head trauma die, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of those who survive, like Mark, 80 percent suffer permanent disabilities and brain damage.

US: Corporal punishment widespread, but declining
Associated Press – September 13, 2014
Allegations that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson injured one of his sons by spanking him with a tree branch are reviving a debate about corporal punishment in a country where it is on the decline but still wildly practiced in homes and schools. Also: A good whuppin’? Adrian Peterson child abuse case revives debate: Gateway Resource: Discipline Versus Abuse:–Corporal%20Punishment-QandA/id-ef7c42c6560c4b469d4dc5b2e42d48e1


Japan: Waking up to child abuse
Japan Times – September 14, 2014
Public discussion of child abuse has been taboo until fairly recently. The government only started to keep a record of the number of abuse cases handled by child consultation centers nationwide in 1990, and it took another decade to codify a law that would prevent abuse.

Kazakhstan: Children Protection Committee unveils adoption statistic
Tengrinews – September 15, 2014
Citizens of Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Canada and Switzerland have adopted 66 Kazakhstani children since 2013,” the Committee reported.

United Kingdom: Child abuse victims to give evidence on film to avoid courtroom trauma
Daily Mail – September 15, 2014
Courts will allow child abuse victims to give evidence via pre-recorded videos so they are spared the anguish of public cross-examination.

United Kingdom: Irish children tell of abuse at hands of American adoptive parents
IrishCentral – September 15, 2014
They have now revealed their horror stories in a new television documentary made by the journalist who wrote the Philomena story.

Vietnam: Vietnam Authorizes U.S. Adoption Service Providers – Intercountry Adoptions from Vietnam to the United States through a Special Adoption Program Commenced September 16, 2014
US Embassy Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City – September 16, 2014
Vietnam’s Central Adoption Authority, the Ministry of Justice, announced that it has authorized two U.S. adoption service providers to facilitate intercountry adoptions in Vietnam.
AR: Judge posting about Theron’s adoption ousted
Today’s Zaman – September 13, 2014
Arkansas’ highest court has ordered the immediate removal of a judge for disclosing confidential details about an adoption involving actress Charlize Theron’s child and making off-color remarks in an online forum.

CA: LA County, LBPD continue efforts to crack down on child-sex-trafficking
Signal Tribune – September 12, 2014
In April, Los Angeles County and State officials launched a new Metro and billboard awareness campaign in the fight against child-sex-trafficking. The public-service campaign included posting billboard signs that read, “Buying a child for sex is child abuse. Turning a blind eye is neglect.”

CO: Foster care youth less likely to graduate than homeless kids
Denver Post – September 14, 2014
Public officials and child advocates in Colorado have long known that students in foster care lag behind academically but have lacked the data to quantify it, a necessary step for finding solutions. Also: Faces of the invisible achievement gap:

FL: Child-welfare agencies look to reduce turnover
Tallahassee Democrat – September 14, 2014
One of the worst problems facing Florida’s troubled child-welfare system, advocates say, is job turnover among the case managers who oversee adoption and foster-care services – 80 percent in some parts of the state.

GA: Rising number of foster children creates CASA crisis
Daily Tribune – September 14, 2014
The volunteers work closely with the court system, creating a stable presence in the judicial process both for the court and the child.

IN: DCS struggles to keep accurate caseload tally
Associated Press – September 14, 2014
Indiana has hired more case workers to keep track of its most vulnerable residents, but complaints about overwork continue to surface as the state battles turnover and questions the accuracy of data on caseloads.

MD: Foster Care Coordinator Discusses Diverse Field Of Social Work In Baltimore
WJZ – September 15, 2014
Kerri Socha, Children’s Services Placement Coordinator at Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work, and is a licensed graduate social worker. Socha offers some insight into how to utilize a degree in social sciences to excel in the field.

OK: Ginnie Graham: NSU student says foster kids need to stay in the same school
Tulsa World – September 13, 2014
Hamby started an NSU campus organization of former foster kids to promote education and to support programs for abused and neglected children. Part of her mission emphasizes keeping foster children at the same school, despite whatever home placements are made.

PA: Department of Public Welfare Awards Nearly $1 Million to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect
PR Newswire – September 12, 2014
The Department of Public Welfare (DPW) today announced it has awarded $940,450 in Children’s Trust Fund grants to eight Pennsylvania organizations. The grants are aimed at creating better outcomes for Pennsylvania children through programs preventing child abuse and neglect.

SC: South Carolina Child Welfare Agency Faced Scrutiny Before 5 Siblings’ Deaths
New York Times – September 12, 2014
The state child welfare agency that investigated whether a South Carolina father was capable of caring for his five children before he allegedly killed them and dumped their bodies in rural Alabama has itself been under scrutiny in recent months, facing allegations of botching similar cases that resulted in child deaths.

TN: Tennessee Supreme Court to hear faith healing case
WKRC – September 12, 2014
An East Tennessee woman convicted of child neglect in her teenage daughter’s cancer death is asking the state Supreme Court to declare that she is innocent because she relied on prayer to heal the girl.

TX: Plans for New Texas ICE Facility Get Cold Shoulder (Includes audio)
Public News Service – September 15, 2014
The center will be located on a 50-acre site just outside of the town of Dilley and house 2,400 immigrant children and parents. Astrid Dominguez, advocacy coordinator of the ACLU of Texas, says this is the wrong strategy for dealing with immigrants. “We’re basically putting children and their mothers and/or fathers in prison and we need to raise our voices and say ‘This is wrong. This is not what we do,'” Dominguez says. “America is already the world’s number one incarcerator. We don’t need to make the record even worse by locking up thousands of families unnecessarily.”

TX: NFL Star Adrian Peterson Turns Himself In On Child Abuse Charges
BuzzFeed – September 12, 2014
Adrian Peterson turned himself in to authorities in Montgomery County, Texas, early Saturday after he was indicted on charges that he struck and injured his son. The NFL player was booked into the Montgomery County jail at 1:06 a.m. CT and released less than 30 minutes later after posting $15,000 bond, ESPN reported. Also: NFL’s Adrian Peterson indicted for child abuse in Montgomery County, TX:

US: Corporal punishment widespread, but declining
Associated Press – September 14, 2014
In every state in the country, a parent can legally hit their child as long as the force is “reasonable.” What’s considered reasonable varies from place to place and in many instances the question is left up to a jury in a kind of community-standard test.

US: People adopting children when most are thinking retirement
Spokesman Review – September 14, 2014
“There’s a lot more opportunity for older parents today than in the past,” said Chuck Johnson, president of the Alexandria, Virginia-based National Council for Adoption, who started working in the field 28 years ago at an adoption agency that capped adoptive parents at age 40.

US: Children’s deaths in South Carolina, Massachusetts put focus on abuse crisis
Christian Science Monitor – September 12, 2014
Two troubling cases this week have shined a spotlight on what some experts have called a child abuse and neglect crisis in the United States.

US: Unaccompanied minors unlikely to be able to stay in U.S.
Lexington Clipper-Herald – September 12, 2014
There are no guarantees that any unaccompanied minors who makes it to U.S. soil will not be deported back to Guatemala, El Salvador or Honduras, according to Virginia Maynes, immigrant child welfare staff attorney at Justice For Our Neighbors-Nebraska.


India: Easier, faster child adoption process on the cards
Hindustan Times – September 15, 2014
The ministry has proposed cutting down the waiting period for adopting a child fro two years to as early as three months.

Russia: Children with Disabilities Face Violence, Neglect
Human Rights Watch – September 15, 2014
Nearly 30 percent of all children with disabilities in Russia live in state orphanages where they may face violence and neglect.

UNICEF: UNICEF Executive Board turns its focus to child protection
UNICEF – September 13, 2014
During its second regular session of 2014, UNICEF’s Executive Board returned to the importance of child protection, a focus area prioritized in this year’s first regular session.



CA: Stanislaus County to strengthen mental health services for foster youths
The Modesto Bee – September 11, 2014
To comply with a landmark court settlement, Stanislaus County will bolster mental health and support services for foster children who struggle with emotional problems.

CA: L.A. County Weighs Accessing New Money for Relative Caregivers
Chronicle of Social Change – September 04, 2014
Keeping her nephew out of foster care turned out to be a costly endeavor. Like many relative caregivers, Soto received roughly $360 per month in CalWORKs benefits as opposed to the $820 that non-relative foster parents regularly receive.

CT: New caseworkers expected to ease load on overworked DCF staff
Connecticut Mirror – September 12, 2014
Caseworkers for the Department of Children and Families have unreasonably high workloads and are looking for relief, which may come from the 81 new staff members stepping into their ranks, the department’s court-appointed overseer says.

ID: Twin Falls Attorney Honored for Prosecuting Child Abuse
Twin Falls Times-News – September 11, 2014
The Governor’s Task Force on Children at Risk presented Julie Sturgill, a senior deputy prosecutor for Twin Falls County, with the Prosecutor Award of Excellence for her work prosecuting crimes against children.

LA: Lorrie Briggs named regional administrator for Department of Child and Family Services
KATC 3 – September 11, 2014
Briggs will oversee the region’s child welfare, economic stability and child support enforcement programs in the eight parishes that make up the Lafayette region.

MA: Number of children placed in MA foster care rises sharply
New England Center for Investigative Reporting – September 11, 2014
The number of troubled children in Massachusetts taken out of their homes and placed under state supervision rose steeply in the past year, according to a report released Sept. 11. Report:

MN: Good child-protection policy doesn’t come from reaction to one crime (Opinion)
Star Tribune – September 11, 2014
The Eric Dean case is tragic and deeply affecting, but our response must be considered and sound.

MN: State Evaluating Child Protection System After Death of 4-Year-Old
Associated Press – September 11, 2014
Governor Mark Dayton has called the death of Eric Dean a “colossal failure” by Pope County which he says should have notified law enforcement about the reports of maltreatment. The review follows the Star Tribune’s reports that day care workers and others told Pope County’s child protection agency that they suspected the boy was being abused.

MN: Study maps business side of Minneapolis sex traffickers (Includes video)
KARE 11 – September 11, 2014
“Over 40 percent of these victims, these girls, have child neglect police reports in their past,” Deputy Chief Kris Arneson of the Minneapolis Police Dept. said, saying that her department is making a concerted effort to try to intervene before those children turn to the sex trade.

NY: City must track foster kids after they leave care under newly passed bill
New York Daily News – September 11, 2014
The city will have to issue public reports with data including how many foster kids end up in public housing or receive housing subsidies, how many go to college or get jobs and how many reunite with their families.

OH: Akron hospital adoptive center marks 10 years
Cleveland Jewish News – September 11, 2014
Established in June 2004, the Oak Adoptive Health Center works with families before and after adoption to encourage the healthy growth of the entire family. The center provides services for domestic, international and special needs adoptions.

TX: The Source: How To Get Foster Youth Through College (Includes audio)
Texas Public Radio – September 11, 2014
Last year, of the 1,300 kids that exited Texas foster care by “aging out,” less than 700 graduated from high school or had a GED. And the numbers that actually go to college — taking advantage of the state’s tuition and fee waiver — are miniscule.

VT: New DCF Commissioner Says Reforms Already Underway (Includes audio)
Vermont Public Radio – September 12, 2014
It’s been a dark year for the Department for Children and Families. The deaths of two toddlers formerly under its watch have prompted a flood of public criticism. And operations at the department are the subject of a meticulous legislative review. Also: Vermont’s new DCF commissioner suggests legislative oversight:


Australia: Mandurah students take part in Child Protection Week activities
Mandurah Mail – September 12, 2014
The annual awareness campaign aims to keep young people safe and this year’s themes are ‘protecting children is everyone’s business’ and ‘play your part’.

Costa Rica: Bill would force families of rape, child abuse victims to testify in court
Inside Costa Rica – September 11, 2014
Rep. Humberto Vargas (PUSC) has presented a bill that would change Costa Rica’s constitution to force family members of rape and child abuse victims to testify in court. Vargas said change is necessary because 90% of these crimes are committed by family members themselves.

Pakistan: Pakistani Director Tackles Child Abuse in Pakistan
The Diplomat – September 12, 2014
Pakistan’s Hidden Shame, a documentary that highlights pedophilia in Pakistan – particularly in the country’s northern areas – recently aired on Channel 4 U.K., revealing widespread child abuse in an indifferent society.

Republic of Georgia: Changes in Adoption and Foster Care Law
The Messenger Online – September 12, 2014
According to the new law, a person over the age of 50 will no longer be able to adopt a child. However, if one of the couple is under 50, exceptions will be allowed.

ST. Kitts: Child’s rights are human rights, says gender rights advocate
Caribbean News Now – September 12, 2014
Child’s rights are human rights. The rights of children within the Caribbean should be viewed as a way to curb the level of human rights violations that have been inflicted upon them, says regional gender rights advocate Felicia Browne.

United Kingdom: Working to stop child abuse in Lancashire
Lancashire Telegraph – September 11, 2014
Health officials have assured councillors there are ‘many ways’ in which young people in Lancashire can raise concerns about abuse or safeguarding issues.

Vietnam: US to restart limited adoption program in Vietnam
Associated Press – September 12, 2014
Vietnam and the United States will soon resume limited inter-country adoptions, both nations said Friday, six years after a ban was imposed because of allegations of widespread baby-selling and children offered without the consent of their birth parents.

AZ: S.C. County still grappling with state cuts
Nogales International – September 09, 2014
While the new state budget addresses important issues such as child protective services, a lobbying organization says legislators will likely continue to lay financial hardship on the doorsteps of Arizona’s counties.

CA: Child advocacy center officially opens doors
Valencia County News-Bulletin – September 10, 2014
The grand opening of the Valencia County Child Advocacy Center at the Henry Perea Building on Morris Road in Los Lunas was held on Friday. State, county and community partners including Gov. Susana Martinez signed a memorandum of understanding agreeing to work together as a team to handle crimes against children.

IL: More education needed about Illinois safe haven
Washington Times-Reporter – September 10, 2014
Illinois’ safe haven law is not something people hear about all that often.

MA: Report offers guidance for DCF reforms
Boston Globe – September 11, 2014
“It’s not a recipe. It’s not a blueprint. It’s just examples of what we have seen over the years to be the critical things you have to pay attention to as you try to develop and implement a reform plan,” said Judith Meltzer, the principal author.

MN: A double standard for judging parents? Court says no
Minnesota Public Radio – September 10, 2014
Are parents who have had their children taken away automatically unfit to raise other children they may have? Under Minnesota law, it depends on whether the parents voluntarily or involuntarily gave up their parental rights. Today, the Minnesota Supreme Court rejected a challenge to the law.

MN: Minnesota to review child protection after ‘colossal failure’
Minneapolis Star Tribune – September 10, 2014
The state has begun a comprehensive evaluation of the entire child protection system, calling on a national authority on social services for help, Human Services Commissioner Lucinda Jesson said Wednesday.

MO: Ferguson, Child Abuse, Abortion Highlighted in Mo. Veto Session
Ozarks First – September 10, 2014
Taken up and passed with bipartisan support were priority items such as $1.45-million for forensic exams of physically abused children…

MO: Veto override most feared by city, county appears unlikely
Springfield News-Leader – September 10, 2014
The Missouri House kicked off the veto session today by voting to restore funding for forensic child abuse exams.

NM: Child abuse task force announces CYFD, APD changes (Includes video)
KRQE – September 10, 2014
The child abuse task force that formed after the death of 9-year old Omaree Varela has finished its work and it’s recommending big changes to how the Albuquerque Police Department and the Children, Youth and Families Department work together. Also: CYFD and APD team up to prevent child abuse (Includes video):

NY: City Council passes bill to track kids when they leave foster care
New York Daily News – September 10, 2014
The city will have to track what happens to kids when they leave foster care under a bill passed by the City Council Wednesday.

NY: Half of Youth Aging Out of Foster Care Can’t Find Jobs, City to Create More Oversight
Epoch Times – September 10, 2014
The city has taken nearly 12,000 children and youth into its care, and according to a new report, they are being set up for failure.

OR: New school year floods DHS child abuse call lines
KTVL Channel 10 – September 10, 2014
Most people associate fall with the leaves changing colors and students heading back to school, but for the Oregon Department of Human Services something else comes to mind, child abuse.

PA: Along with increased child-abuse reports, costs expected to rise
Lancaster Online – September 10, 2014
New state laws require faster reporting of child abuse and more involvement by county caseworkers.

SC: Social services officials give update on Cabinet agency that’s central to governor’s race
Associated Press – September 09, 2014
Officials at the Department of Social Services said Tuesday that the agency’s steps to improve include working more closely with South Carolina law enforcement, creating a second shift of child welfare workers and sharing caseloads between adjacent counties.–DSS-Caseloads

TX: Texas must reduce CPS caseloads to protect kids (Opinion)
Star-Telegram – September 10, 2014
Your work never stops. Missed holidays and birthdays with your family, missed happy hours with your friends. Those sacrifices can be tough, but you can take it. What you can’t take is knowing that you don’t have the time and support to protect all the fragile kids assigned to you.

WA: Spokane Needs Moms, Dads
Inlander – September 10, 2014
Founded by state Rep. Kevin Parker, Embrace Washington aims to help both kids in the child welfare system and beleaguered social workers. Eventually, the goal is far more ambitious than simply gift boxes for foster kids: They want to begin the slow, hard task of turning parishioners into foster parents.

WI: Dane County judges grant adoptions to married lesbian couples
Wisconsin State Journal – September 10, 2014
Dane County judges have begun granting adoptions that recognize marriages of same-sex couples.

WI: Mom calls Janesville man’s 1-year sentence for child abuse a ‘complete failure of the justice system’
Associated Press – September 10, 2014
A Wisconsin mother whose children police said were beaten until they were bloody and unconscious called the abuser’s one-year sentence a “complete failure of the justice system.”–year-sentence-for-child/article_b52bca5b-bf38-5a0d-bd8f-7f92f2e34fce.html

US: Hearts Wide Open, Unaware of All We Didn’t Know
Huffington Post – September 10, 2014
Adoption can be a wonderful experience, but expecting a perfect transition is not realistic. We had to learn along the way. To help you become informed ahead of time, I’m sharing this list of the possible challenges you may face.

US: Q&A: Investigating The Unaccompanied Minors Crisis At Its Source (Audio)
WAMU – September 10, 2014
Over the summer, WAMU 88.5’s Armando Trull has been reporting on the undocumented Central American youth pouring into our region. This week, Armando is in El Salvador, where he’s reporting on the other side of the immigration crisis. Armando joins Morning Edition host Matt McCleskey from San Salvador to discuss what he’s heard from young people there.


Canada: ‘We found you in a catalogue of Native children’
APTN National News – September 10, 2014
She’s one of the organizers of a gathering in Ottawa where Indigenous adoptees, foster kids and children of the Sixties Scoop are meeting Sept. 20-21 at the Richelieu-Vanier Community Centre. “So many adoptees are just grateful to meet other adoptees. We don’t realize how much of a common experience we have,” said Cardinal. “We’re all struggling with the same stuff.”

Ireland: Still being treated as non-persons (Opinion)
Irish Examiner – September 10, 2014
Mother and baby home survivors fear that they will never get all the answers about their past, writes Europe Correspondent Ann Cahill

Malta: Majority of sexual harassment reports by students dropped
Malta Independent Daily – September 10, 2014
The majority of students claiming they have been sexually harassed by academic professors usually choose not to go ahead with the accusations.

United Kingdom: Council leader says child protection must be top priority
Daily Record – September 10, 2014
Council bosses are urging Scottish ministers to make child protection the “highest priority” following the damning report into the death of Declan Hainey.

Vatican: Child protection is ‘gospel priority’ for Church, Pope Francis
Catholic News Agency – September 10, 2014
The protection of minors from sexual abuse is a number one priority for Pope Francis, says the new secretary of a papal commission to protect minors, who believes that the global Church can play a leading role against abuse.

AZ: Court of Appeals ruling says child doesn’t have veto over family reunification
Associated Press – September 10, 2014
A state court ruling says a child’s refusal to participate in counseling can’t by itself block the reunification of a family in the child welfare system.–Family-Reunification

CA: Bill to help community college foster students
Ed Source – September 09, 2014
Foster students are significantly less likely to enter community college than other students, and about half of those who do don’t return after their first year. These dismal outcomes are behind a bill that would develop a pilot program to offer these students more support.

CA: Should California counties opt in to change foster care? (Includes audio)
Southern California Public Radio – September 09, 2014
Is a financial fix for California’s foster care program sustainable? How would it change the landscape of foster care in Los Angeles County and other California counties? What are the potential benefits and drawbacks for children and families?

ME: Maine agency backtracks on no-resuscitate order
Associated Press – September 09, 2014
The child welfare agency that won the right to make medical decisions on behalf of a brain- wounded infant is backtracking, stating it will defer to the wishes of the child’s mother.

MN: Department of Human Services reverses on new child protection law
Associated Press – September 09, 2014
Minnesota child protection officials are trying to reverse a new law they worked to pass that makes it more difficult for social workers to investigate abuse cases. Also: When legislators don’t know what they’re doing (Opinion):–Child-Protection

MN: Can the child protection system always prevent tragedy? (Opinion)(Correction)
Duluth News Tribune – September 06, 2014
Wilhelmson won’t say he’s alarmed, but this year through August, he said, the county has fielded 882 reports of child abuse or neglect that have been responded to by social workers. “That’s high,” Wilhelmson said. “Last year, we had 1,350. It’s trending upward.”

NY: Non-profit that helps New York City foster kids sells its Greenwich Village home for $45M
New York Daily News – September 09, 2014
The Foundling paid a meagre $3 million for the 14,540-square-foot building in 2002 and will use the proceeds of the deal for new initiatives for older kids who are being transitioned out of foster care.

OH: New Clermont County drug court aims to help addicts, kids (Includes video)
WLWT-TV Cincinnati – September 09, 2014
Judge James Shriver announced the creation of a Family Dependency Treatment Court today at the Batavia Township Community Center. It would give parents who want to make a change, and regain custody of their children, a path back.

SC: SC to post information on child-abuse deaths
The State – September 09, 2014
As legislative watchdogs prepare to issue an audit of the state Department of Social Services, that agency said Tuesday it will start sharing some information with the public about abused and neglected children who are killed.

TN: Foster program offers training classes during time of need (Includes video)
WVLT – September 10, 2014
“Basically we’re just looking for someone willing to work with us and provide a home for a child,” said foster trainer and recruiter Angela Hanson. That includes taking a training course called “Parents as Tender Healers,” or “PATH,” that will prepare you for the ups and downs of foster care.

TX: Nonprofit helps kids go from victims to survivors
Victoria Advocate – September 10, 2014
Hope Child Advocacy Center, a nonprofit helping build cases against child abusers by interviewing victims and witnesses after they ask for help. The Hope Child Advocacy Center also contracts with two state-licensed mental health therapists to help families get trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and counseling if needed.

TX: State Stumbles Forward with Foster Care Privatization
Observer – September 09, 2014
The Department of Family and Protective Services continues to push forward on a plan to bring on more private companies-despite evidence that its effort to overhaul the state’s foster care system is faltering.

US: ‘Anonymous Tip’: Homeschooling’s Obsession With ‘False’ Reports Of Child Abuse
ThinkProgress – September 09, 2014
While no one actually endorses child abuse or neglect, there is disagreement within the homeschooling community about how best to address the problem – and how widespread it is. Coleman’s CRHE (a group made up of homeschool alumni that works to promote responsible “child-centered” home education practices and pushes for homeschooling reform) and other child advocates would like to see greater state oversight of homeschooling. But their policy proposals in this area have been met with strong opposition from the most visible organization within the homeschooling movement: Michael Farris’ Home School Legal Defense Association.


United Kingdom: Poverty is a major factor in child deaths in Wales, warns new report
Wales Online – September 10, 2014
Death rates among the most deprived children in Wales are 70% higher than those in more privileged parts of the country. n a foreword to the report, the Children’s Commissioner for Wales Keith Towler said: “Child poverty is on the increase, it now affects one in every three children living in Wales. I am deeply concerned about the link between poverty and the increased risk of child death.” Report:

United Kingdom: Woman wins permission to look at late father’s adoption files
The Guardian – September 09, 2014
A woman has been granted permission to look at court files relating to her father’s adoption to discover the identity of her grandmother, in a ground-breaking judgment that sets a precedent for revealing secret family histories.

Vatican: Pope Francis appoints US priests to senior positions in fight against child abuse
The Tablet – September 10, 2014
Pope Francis has appointed two US priests to senior roles in the Vatican’s campaign to tackle sexual abuse crimes.

CA: College Night fair targets foster students
Bakersfield Californian – September 08, 2014
Joanne Barrick, a counselor at Highland High and a College Night organizer, said parents normally make sure their kids attend events like College Night, but foster kids rarely have that added push or help.

CA: John Stirling: County must continue to evolve its child welfare system (Opinion)
San Jose Mercury News – September 08, 2014
Decades of research shows that early adversity that lands someone in foster care, such as abuse, neglect, and witnessing domestic violence, alters the way a child perceives and responds to the environment — sometimes permanently.

CA: Youth homeless program struggles to keep its doors open after federal funding cuts
San Francisco Examiner – September 07, 2014
San Mateo County’s only transitional living facility dedicated to homeless youth is facing an uncertain future after funding cuts earlier this year eliminated more than half the program’s annual operating budget.

CO: Carving a river of hope for kids
Durango Herald – September 06, 2014
Since its debut event, the 1-mile and 5-kilometer runs have been held in Idaho; Washington, D.C.; Fort Collins; Jackson, Wyoming; Pagosa Springs; Farmington; and Kansas City. Together, they have generated nearly half a million dollars; in Durango alone, more than $200,000.

FL: Child-Welfare Agencies Look To Trim High Staff Turnover
CBS Miami – September 08, 2014
A job turnover among case managers who oversee adoptions and foster car is one of the worst problems facing Florida’s child-welfare system, advocates say. Also: Florida child-welfare agencies battling high staff turnover — 80 percent in some parts of state:

IA: Can the child protection system always prevent tragedy? (Opinion)
Duluth News Tribune – September 06, 2014
Wilhelmson won’t say he’s alarmed, but this year through August, he said, the county has fielded 882 reports of child abuse or neglect that have been responded to by social workers. “That’s high,” Wilhelmson said. “Last year, we had 1,350. It’s trending upward.”

ME: Governor disagrees with no-resuscitation order, says teen mom should make decisions
Associated Press – September 08, 2014
Maine Gov. Paul LePage says he supports a teenage mother’s right to make medical decisions on behalf of her brain-damaged daughter, putting him at odds with child welfare workers who won a judge’s approval for a do-not-resuscitate order.–Shaken-Baby-Court-Order

MN: DHS wants to scrap just-passed law on child protection
Minneapolis Star Tribune – September 08, 2014
In May, the Legislature overwhelmingly approved a bill that forbids county child protection agencies from considering past abuse reports that were rejected when deciding whether to investigate a new report.

MS: Taxes go up due to foster care crisis
Sea Coast Echo – September 06, 2014
Taxes are going up in Hancock County, in part because of the continued foster care crisis. “Look at Atlanta, Ga. – their population is 1.2 million – and we have more kids in custody than they do.”

NV: Frustration follows meetings on child welfare concerns
Las Vegas Review Journal – September 09, 2014
Twenty-two injury claims have been filed so far this year by Clark County Family Services employees, a group now raising concerns about safety on the job.

NV: Medical consent at issue for ailing foster children
Las Vegas Review Journal – September 06, 2014
In the wake of the June death of a 7-month-old foster girl in deteriorating health, the Clark County Department of Family Services’ medical consent practices are being reviewed.

NY: New Collaboration Offers Legal Help and Social Services to Kindship Caregivers
New York Nonprofit Press – September 08, 2014
MFY Legal Services, the Bridge Builders Community Partnership and The Children’s Village are joining forces to help grandparents and others who are raising children outside of the traditional foster care system get the legal help and social services they need to ensure that children remain safely with extended family members instead of being placed in foster care with strangers. The project is supported by a grant from The New York Community Trust.

OH: Social worker strike vote kept secret
Journal-News – September 08, 2014
The striking Butler County social workers who have been very vocal during the three-week strike have suddenly gone silent on whether the strike will continue into week four. Also: Mediator suggests Butler Co. social workers to return to work: Related: Butler County moves ahead with Children Services reorganization amid strike:

OH: The Vindicator analyzes Mahoning’s worker turnover – September 07, 2014
The number of people leaving Mahoning County government for other jobs varies by departments, and they are leaving for what most of us would as well – more money, a Vindicator analysis shows. There were 21 resignations listed at the Children Services Board.

TX: State Lawmakers Look To Get Foster Kids Better Support For Higher Education
Texas Public Radio – September 08, 2014
State lawmakers are looking at possible legislation in 2015 that would increase the number of foster care youth enrolled in college using a free tuition waiver.

TX: Texas schools now required to provide child sexual abuse prevention, response training
Bellaire Examiner – September 06, 2014
According to the Texas Education Agency (TEA), in compliance with recent Texas legislation, district and charter schools within the state are required to provide all employees with prevention and recognition training concerning child sexual abuse and other forms of child maltreatment.

WA: DSHS secretary says agency running $25M short – besides the courts’ $30M mental health mandate
Tri-City Herald – September 08, 2014
Social safety net programs overseen by Washington’s biggest state government agency are running in the red, and the hole likely will require a $25 million patch from the Legislature in January.

WI: Child deaths from suspected abuse hit 5-year high
Green Bay Press Gazette – September 08, 2014
Brown County officials are investigating the deaths of five children suspected to be caused by abuse from their caregivers so far in 2014.


New Zealand: Child welfare experts slam tax cuts
Nelson Mail – September 09, 2014
The National Party’s talk of possible tax cuts is ill-timed and comes as child poverty in New Zealand is worsening, child welfare experts say.

South Korea: In Korea, Adoptees Fight To Change Culture That Sent Them Overseas
National Public Radio – September 09, 2014
The Special Adoption Law (SAL) also officially enshrines a new attitude toward adoption: “The Government shall endeavor to reduce the number of Korean children adopted abroad,” the law states, “as part of its duties and responsibilities to protect children.”

United Kingdom: Irish Catholic leader apologises for child abuse as he steps down
Agence France-Presse – September 08, 2014
Cardinal Sean Brady, who was criticised over his handling of abuse scandals, stepped down as leader of the Irish Catholic Church on Monday with an emotional plea for forgiveness.

United Kingdom: Rotherham council chief quits in wake of child abuse scandal
Mirror online – September 08, 2014
It comes following the news last week that the council could be stripped of its child protection role in the town after failing to stop the exploitation of at least 1,400 young girls.

United Kingdom: Westminster child abuse scandal: Lord Mayor of London Fiona Woolf replaces Baroness Butler-Sloss as inquiry head
The Independent – September 08, 2014
Fiona Woolf has been named as the new head of the probe, which was announced in July to examine allegations that institutions including the Government and civil service covered up or failed to investigate abuse.

CA: Editorial: Don’t miss out on this foster care fix, L.A.
Los Angeles Times – September 07, 2014
Thousands of California children who have suffered abuse or abandonment are sent to live with strangers in foster homes. That often happens even if there are extended family members ready and willing to take them in, despite California laws requiring placement with relatives when possible, and even in the face of countless studies that show the kids do better in the long run after stays with relatives rather than strangers.

CA: PETER FISCHETTI: Program brightens kids’ futures after foster care
Press Enterprise – September 07, 2014
The home is one of six in the Inland Empire operated by Inspire Life Skills Training Inc., a nonprofit program based in Corona that provides housing and much more to young men and women who would otherwise have limited options as they approach adulthood.

CO: Colorado contraception policy shows stunning results
Washington Post – September 08, 2014
Between 2007 and 2012, Colorado saw the highest percentage drop in birth rates among teens 15 to 19 in the country, according to a report released Aug. 20 by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics.

FL: A Cautious Optimism Prevails At Child Protection Summit
CBS Miami – September 05, 2014
“I think there’s a better spirit of collaboration and cooperation,” said Roy Miller, president of the Children’s Campaign. “It doesn’t make any of the daunting problems any easier to address, but I think there’s a sense of ‘let’s do it together’ that we haven’t had in the last couple of years.”

MD: State judiciary to hold summit on foster care for LGBT youth after critical report
Baltimore Sun – September 05, 2014
Judges, attorneys and social services professionals from across the state will gather Wednesday for a summit to address the foster care needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning youth, according to the Maryland Judiciary. Report:,0,2184272.story?track=rss

MI: & IL: Lutheran Social Services of Michigan’s CEO leaving for Illinois post
Crain’s Detroit Business – September 05, 2014
Lutheran Social Services of Michigan’s CEO Mark Stutrud, 57, is stepping down Sept. 30 after 10 years to become CEO of Lutheran Social Services of Illinois.

MI: Child Protective Services criticized over handling of 12 year old murder suspect
WKZO – September 05, 2014
An internal investigation by the state is looking into how Child Protective Services allowed 12-year-old Jamarion Lawhorn and his siblings to stay in their home after the boy was abused.

MN: New Washington County staff would help neglected children, mental health clients
South Washington County Bulletin – September 07, 2014
Community Services Director Dan Papin presented his budget requests last week, which also include additional staff for mental health services.

OH: Failed adoptions traumatic
Columbus Dispatch – September 07, 2014
Between 1990 and last October, more than 34,000 children were adopted from foster care in Ohio. Most of the adoptions succeeded, but 2,368 – about 7 percent – didn’t work out.

PA: Changes could strain child protection system
Sharon Herald – September 06, 2014
Dramatic changes in child protection laws could strain the system meant to intervene and stop abuse, but state and county leaders are struggling to understand just how much.

SC: DSS Using Outside Consultants to Improve Services (Includes Video)
WLTX 19 – September 04, 2014
South Carolina’s Department of Social Services is now working with an outside consulting firm to try to improve its communication and the services it provides children and families. The Clarus Consulting Group is conducting focus groups, interviews, and surveys with employees and clients.

TX: CPS, Odessa Police Dept. work toward better communication
OA Online – September 07, 2014
“Anytime CPS and OPD get together to discuss cases, we learn something from each other,” Meisner said. “Being face to face on a weekly basis helps staff get to know one another better. ”

UT: Op-ed: More can be done to stop sexual abuse by therapists
Salt Lake Tribune – September 05, 2014
Comparing registered sex offenders in Utah to therapist sexual misconduct offenders in Utah, a troublesome image is brought to reality.

VA: Advocate is unrelenting voice against child abuse
Virginian-Pilot – September 07, 2014
Last month, Betty Wade Coyle hosted a gathering for a group few would consider throwing a birthday party for – the Eastern Regional Child Fatality Review Team.

VT: Panel seeks greater child protections
Barre Montpelier Times Argus – September 07, 2014
A special panel of lawmakers focusing on child protection will concentrate on legislation improving communication within state government and setting uniform responses to reports of abuse in all districts.

US: Domestic violence ruling may help thousands of immigrants get asylum
Los Angeles Times – September 05, 2014
In that case, a 41-year-old Guatemalan mother of three who was repeatedly beaten and raped by her husband was given asylum in the U.S. Immigration attorneys have seized on the decision, hoping it will help other Central American women.

US: Jerry Davich: Grandparents raising grandchildren – a graying trend
Chicago Post Tribune – September 05, 2014
The McGuires are among the rising ranks of gray-haired guardians and caregivers for their grandchildren. About 7 million grandparents across the country had grandchildren under 18 living with them in their homes, according to the 2012 U.S. Census data.

US: The Invisible Achievement Gap: Students in Foster Care By Marian Wright Edelman, Children’s Defense Fund
Huffington Post – September 05, 2014
Children of color, poor children, English learners, and children with disabilities are especially likely to be left behind. And there is another group of children — those in foster care — whose special needs too often are ignored.


Abu Dhabi: & United Kingdom: Abu Dhabi Police Cooperates With Its Scottish Counterpart in Child Protection Field
Business Wire News Release – September 07, 2014
As part of the child protection initiative, the Abu Dhabi Police carried out an extensive training program in collaboration with the Scottish Police College in the United Kingdom in the areas of child protection from harm and abuse.

Australia: Australia puts children at risk by ‘freeing up’ the adoption market (Opinion)
The Conversation – September 08, 2014
The Australian government seems intent on lessening protections for children adopted overseas despite national and international evidence showing greater protection is needed.

Haiti: Police detain US founder of Haiti orphanage
Associated Press – September 05, 2014
A U.S. man who founded a boys’ orphanage in Haiti nearly two decades ago was arrested Friday following abuse allegations, authorities said.–haiti-abuse-allegations/

India: Striking a blow against child abuse – meeting of various school education stakeholders
Deccan Herald – September 07, 2014
Namma Bengaluru Foundation has launched the Federation of Parents’ Association (FOPA). This association will play the role of a catalyst to get parents, police, the education department and school managements to visit schools. The announcement was made at Child Safe Bengaluru, a meeting of various school education stakeholders held on Saturday at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan.

Jamaica: Jamaica’s child abuse cases increase in 2013
Xinhua News Agency – September 06, 2014
Jamaica’s child abuse cases reached a worrisome level of 11,018 last year, an increase of 26 percent over that of the year before, according to data released this week by Jamaica’s Office of the Children’s Registry (OCR).

Japan: Japan’s institutionalised children
BBC News – September 05, 2014
Masami is all too aware that she is in a minority. Nearly 90% of 39,000 children in care last year were living in government-run institutions rather than with families, Human Rights Watch said in a report released earlier this year.

United Kingdom: Facebook social worker is guilty of misconduct
Echo – September 08, 2014
A social worker who posted Facebook messages bragging about removing three children from their parents has been found guilty of misconduct at a fitness to practice hearing.

United Kingdom: Third of siblings separated during foster care, says charity (Includes video)
BBC News – September 08, 2014
A third of children placed in foster care last year were separated from their brothers and sisters, according to a leading charity.