Remarkable Reporting; Brandon Stahl – Star Tribune & Tragic Abusive Death Of Eric Dean

Thank you Star Tribune and Brandon Stahl for your in depth reporting on the awful state of child protection in Pope County MN.

A few months ago Brandon Stahl presented Star Tribune readers with the sad fact that four Minnesota counties screen out 90% of child abuse calls. Today, you have shown us how a child can be reported to Child Protection Services fifteen times with egg sized lumps, multiple bite marks, broken arm, swollen cheeks, black eye, facial scabs and puncture wounds and have those reports screened out as unimportant fourteen times.

Eric’s death was as violent and tortured as his life was. Eric’s day care providers tried again and again to report the bleeding and bruises that had been visited on a helpless child but even these mandated reporters finally gave up when they realized that Pope County Child Protection had no intention of taking any action to save the child.

This story has been repeated 54 times since 2005 (children murdered by their caregivers after being reported to child protection).

29% of abused children are sent back into the abusive conditions they were rescued from.

MN now ranks 47th among the states on the amount it spends on children in child protection

30% of families reported for abuse receive services

The waiting list for subsidized daycare is over 8000 names long (people just quit signing up)

80% of Minnesota’s abused children are abused again while under court supervision (this data from U of M CURA Reporter Summer Fall 2013).

For all the talk about how precious children are, some Minnesota children are more precious than others. This is how Minnesotans value other people’s children.