The following articles caught my attention this week and will be of interest to those of you concerned with child protection;

Baltimore Sun Mandated Reporters (sanctions for not reporting)

CA: Former foster youths graduate with help of Journey House
Pasadena Star-News – July 23, 2014
When youth grow too old for the foster care system, they often go into “survival mode” seeking shelter and food, Journey House Executive Director Tim Mayworm said. Many end up on the street. “Most foster youth never even think they can go to college, let alone graduate,” Mayworm said.

CT: Child advocate agency raps child welfare officials
WRAL – July 23, 2014
The Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate criticized state child welfare officials on Wednesday for their handling of a transgender girl held at a detention center for boys on accusations she fought with other girls at a psychiatric center.

CT: Giving Adoptees and Their Kids the Rights They Deserve (Opinion)
News Junkie – July 23, 2014
More than 65,000 adoptees in Connecticut have been legally barred from accessing their birth records.

FL: New home for foster kids opening soon
WPBF – July 23, 2014
The basic mission of KidSanctuary Campus is to build a safe neighborhood for abused, abandoned and neglected children from our area.!bkT41I

GA: Latest Report on Metro Atlanta Foster Care Shows Mix of Progress, Problems
Children’s Rights – July 22, 2014
While the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) is still making improvements to Metro Atlanta foster care, the agency is struggling with caseloads of child abuse investigators, the handling of maltreatment reports and the screening of foster homes, according to the latest report on the implementation of reforms in Fulton and DeKalb Counties.

MO: Volunteers spend week providing camp experience to foster youths
Joplin Globe – July 22, 2014
For one week each summer since 1984, Camp Soroptimist has been held at the Ozark Camp & Retreat Center near Racine, especially for Jasper County area foster children ages 8 to 14.

NJ: State court to decide if leaving sleeping toddler in car for minutes is child abuse
Newsworks – July 23, 2014
Creating clear standards for parental behavior while acknowledging that good parents make mistakes can be a hard balance to strike, Ann Freedman, who teaches family and children’s law at Rutgers School of Law-Camden, said.

OK: Federal Government Considers Using Foster Care System For Immigrant Children
News 9 – July 23, 2014
The federal government is considering using Oklahoma foster care families for some of those undocumented children at Fort Sill, that according to Gov. Mary Fallin, who points out the state is already dealing with a huge foster care crisis.

OK: Oklahoma child protection team will disband due to lack of funding
The Oklahoman – July 23, 2014
After December, the services child abuse medical experts have provided in countless Oklahoma court cases will be limited because of a funding dilemma the OU College of Medicine’s pediatrics department is facing.

SC: DSS to offer wide recruitment opportunity
SCNow – July 23, 2014
Region IV of the South Carolina Department of Social Services will hold “Step-Right Up to Adoption,” a wide recruitment event, this weekend.

SC: DSS: State needs 200 more child-welfare workers
The State – July 23, 2014
South Carolina Department of Social Services deputy director Jessica Hanak-Coulter told senators Wednesday that hiring 202 new workers would keep caseloads at or below proposed limits for the number of cases and children each worker can shoulder at a time.

TX: House Committee Scrutinizing Texas Foster Care
Associated Press – July 24, 2014
A legislative committee examining ways to better-protect youngsters in Texas foster care will convene for the first time since two foster children drowned over July Fourth weekend. Related: Texas Legislature Continues Review of Child Protection System:

VT: Child Protection Panel Turns Focus to Communication Issues
My Champlain Valley – July 23, 2014
The Panel has been working to fix Vermont’s child protection laws since February, after the death of 2-year-old Desirae Sheldon, ruled a homicide. 14-month-old Peighton Gerow was also killed in May. Also: What’s behind Vt. child deaths? DCF officials testify in Montpelier:–7OUCIokqpllGXkQ

US: Is the U.S. to blame for the child migration crisis on its own border?
Thomson Reuters Foundation – July 23, 2014
Many of the more than 52,000 children traveling alone – mostly from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala – caught trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border – are fleeing poverty and drug-fuelled gang violence, but the exodus of child migrants leaving Central America can be traced back to the United States’ drug policy in recent decades and its insatiable demand for cocaine.

US: Troubled childhoods may prompt men to volunteer for military service
Los Angeles Times – July 23, 2014
In the era of the all-volunteer U.S. military, men who served are more than twice as likely as those who never did to have been sexually abused as children and to have grown up around domestic violence and substance abuse, a new study has found. Study:

US: Cooperation, Communication and Compassion: Developing Child-Centered Practice in Law, Social Work and Policy for Cross-Border Families (Conference)
ISS-USA – July 15, 2014
Technical Leadership on a wide range of complex child protection and welfare issues to support permanency planning for every child who has a family connection across an international border.


Australia: Adoption for gay couples in South Australia may soon be legalised
Star Observer – July 24, 2014
South Australia is now one step closer to legalising adoptions for same-sex couples and singles after the state government recently announced a review into the state’s adoption laws.

Australia: Tougher child protection measures needed (Includes audio)
ABC Online – July 23, 2014
A leading child protection expert says she’ll attempt to find a more rigorous child protection system for South Australia to stop sex offenders slipping through the cracks. The request has been made to Professor Freda Briggs by the State’s Child Development Minister, following allegations a government employee was charged with abusing seven children in state care.

Canada: and Russia: Why We Need Mandatory Psychological Tests For Foreign Adoptive Parents (Opinion)
The Huffington Post – July 23, 2014
Children’s Rights Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov is also calling for mandatory psychological screening of all prospective parents from foreign countries.

India: A drive to sensitise principals against child abuse
DNA – July 23, 2014
After a six-year-old girl was allegedly raped at a school last week in Bangalore, parents here have raised their concerns about the safety of their children.

United Kingdom: How does child protection work affect social workers?
The Guardian – July 23, 2014
Study of children and families social workers reveals that despite job satisfaction there is a personal cost.

Child Welfare in the News

AZ: Mesan using D.C. internship to help change foster case process
East Valley Tribune – July 22, 2014
One young man from Mesa who grew up in the foster care system is in Washington, D.C., learning about the political process and help change the way the Capitol makes policy regarding foster kids.

CA: Shortage Of Foster Parents Straining McLennan County (Includes video)
KCEN – July 22, 2014
Just in the last year, the number of children being removed from their homes has skyrocketed.

FL: EXCLUSIVE: An inside look at child protection teams (Includes video)
WINK News – July 22, 2014
The medical director for SWFL Child Protection team said his team, which includes Lee and Charlotte counties, sees the highest number of cases per year in the state, which is an average of 3,000. The team not only diagnoses child abuse, but also works to prevent it, unlike other teams in the state.

ID: Idaho’s Implementation of Substance Use Disorder Services for Juvenile Justice Populations
Proquest – July 19, 2014
In Idaho, juveniles who enter the justice system have specialized mental health and/or substance abuse needs. The data from Idaho’s juvenile justice system is consistent with national trends. From 2005 to 2010, the percentage of juveniles committed to state custody who were identified with mental health, substance abuse or co-occurring treatment needs increased to more than 30 percent.

IL: Chaddock needs foster parents for older children (Includes video)
KHQA – July 22, 2014
Chaddock licensing manager for the foster care and adoption program Scott Wheelock says the agency has about 80 licensed foster homes, but that’s not enough compared to the number or children who need a place to stay.

MD: Maryland Continues To Look For Solution To Immigrant Housing Crisis (Includes video)
CBS Baltimore – July 22, 2014
Maryland continues to work toward finding homes for some of the tens of thousands of Central American children in the country illegally. Governor Martin O’Malley met with religious leaders Monday and has asked Marylanders to remember we’re all in this together.

MS: Mississippi Ranks Last Place In Annual Child Welfare Survey
FOX13 – July 22, 2014
Mississippi is the worst place in the country for a child to grow up according to a study done by Kids Count. The survey says a higher percentage of children in Mississippi live in poverty than anywhere in the country. Some are taking issue with the study. Kids Count Report MS: Also AL: Also: NE & IA: Kids Count Data Book: Also: UT:–Kids-Count-Utah Also: GA: Also: MA:

NE: World-Herald editorial: Kids need help in court
Omaha World Herald – July 20, 2014
Nebraska Chief Justice Mike Heavican tells The World-Herald that most of those appointed to serve do good work as guardians but that he does hear “on a fairly regular basis that some of our guardians do not perform perhaps to the standards that we all wish that they would.”

NM: LCPD: Doctor arrested after allegedly failing to report child abuse
KDBC – July 22, 2014
A Las Cruces doctor and operator of a private school has been arrested after LCPD detectives suspect she failed to report child abuse and neglect that ultimately resulted in the death of 7-month-old Shania Smith on July 9th.

PA: Undocumented children caught at border unlikely to find shelter in Lancaster County
Lancaster Online – July 22, 2014
Pressley Ridge, a nonprofit group with a local office that offers foster care services and residential placement to children here, was one of many that the Department of Health and Human Services reached out to as it tries to find housing and legal representation for the children while they remain in federal custody.

TN: National child welfare report shows Tenn. among 5 states with biggest improvements
Associated Press – July 22, 2014
The Kids Count Data Book, an annual report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, ranked Tennessee among five states that have made the biggest improvement in the last year. The other states are: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Utah. Also: Pennsylvania child welfare sees slight improvement:–Child-Welfare-Tennessee/

TX: Caring for foster kids (Requires Registration)(Opinion)
Houston Chronicle – July 22, 2014
Texas needs to impose statewide standards for prospective foster parents ASAP.

TX: Cook Children’s new center focuses on child abuse prevention
Star-Telegram – July 22, 2014
Through efforts such as providing education and support to families of all socioeconomic backgrounds and training doctors and first responders to recognize possible signs of abuse and neglect, the center aims to reduce Tarrant County’s alarmingly high number of known cases.

TX: Groups: League City Ban On Border Kids Violates Civil Rights (Includes video)
NBC News – July 21, 2014
A Texas community’s resolution barring immigrants from being housed in the city is being challenged as violating the 50-year-old Civil Rights Act.

VT: Panels hears from child agency, police on protecting kids following 2 toddler deaths
Associated Press – July 23, 2014
A special legislative committee seeking solutions to a child protection crisis in Vermont is hearing from a number of key players, including the heads of the child welfare department, the state police, key police chiefs and prosecutors.–Child-Protection-Hearing

WA: Editorial: State shouldn’t ditch hard-won foster care improvements
Seattle Times – July 19, 2014
Critical and court-ordered reforms in the state foster care system remain unfinished. Why is the Inslee administration seeking to escape its duty?

US: Leaving your child alone in public? Better be careful you don’t get in trouble for neglect
Deseret News – July 23, 2014
Parents need to be careful with their children these days-not for the safety of the children, but for the well-being of the parent. More parents are facing arrests and court battles for leaving children alone, even if the kids aren’t in danger.

US: S. 2570 Letter of Support-To Extend Adoption Tax Credit To Tribal Children
Children’s Monitor – July 23, 2014
This bill would ensure that families who adopt children designated as “special needs” in tribal court are eligible for the same flat adoption tax credit as families who adopt children who are designated as “special needs” in state courts.

US: Despite crush of children, illegal immigration low
Associated Press – July 22, 2014
The last time so few people were arrested at the country’s borders was 1973, when the Border Patrol recorded just fewer than 500,000 arrests. And the volume of people being arrested at the border remains dramatically lower than the all-time high of more than 1.6 people in 2000.

US: Watchdog says reports of online child abuse soared in July
Big News Network – July 19, 2014
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, a US watchdog, has reported a dramatic rise in alleged incidents of child abuse images posted to commonly used parts of the internet, including public areas of social networks.


Australia: DHS secretary criticised by Children’s Court
The Age – July 23, 2014
Victoria’s legal guardian for children in state care has been held partly responsible by the Children’s Court for the sexual abuse of two children in residential care.

Canada: Florida moms putting kids up for adoption see Canada as promised land with ‘less racism’ than U.S.
National Post – July 22, 2014
Growing numbers of Florida mothers wishing to place their African-American or mixed race children up for adoption are choosing Canada. Many have told adoption officials in Florida they want Canadian families to raise their infants so their children can escape the kind of racism they live with.

India: Child abuse: Look out for the danger signs
DNA – July 23, 2014
Dr. Sylvia Karpagam is a public health doctor working with urban marginalised communities. She is also a public health systems researcher.

Saudi Arabia: Ministry of Health okays formation of child protection teams in hospitals
Arab Times – July 23, 2014
Minister of Health Dr Ali Al-Obeidi has endorsed the formation of child protection teams stationed in every hospital with the headquarters at the ministry to protect children below 18 years old from abuse and negligence.

United Kingdom: Report shows Troubled Families have multiple serious problems
LocalGov – July 23, 2014
‘Troubled families’ have an average of nine different serious problems, according to a new report into the government’s programme.

United Kingdom: Child protection outsourcing plans ‘dead in the water’, claims Loughton
Children & Young People Now – July 22, 2014
Controversial plans to allow councils to outsource child protection services are “dead in the water” following the departure of Michael Gove from the Department for Education, former children’s minister Tim Loughton has claimed.