All across America, schools are arming teachers, bringing firearms and  terror into school to traumatize ten year old children and make educators hate and fear their work.

Kansas is requiring its teachers to carry firearms, some states are using fake blood and real automatic weapons fire in their practice drills.

How many teachers signed up expecting to be issued a pistol on the first day of school?

Is this what you want your children to learn and live with in school?  I’ve had a gun pointed at me, it is traumatizing and practicing this on children should be a criminal act.

It is a false premise that art teachers become capable crime stoppers with a few hours of weapons practice.  Believe me, it takes a special kind of person and allot of training to draw down and accurately fire a weapon in a life death situation.

Police and military personnel receive extensive training to reach a point where they can function effectively under combat conditions.   Most people are fooling themselves to expect much out of a few hours of weapons training when the real thing happens.  The NRA sells guns & schools sell education (not fear mongering and weapons training).

  1. Students Trained to Fight Armed Attackers – ABC News › US

    ABC News

    Nov 10, 2013 – Canton, Mass. became the latest school to receive controversial ALICE training  School Shooting Protocol Shifts From Lockdown-Only A frame-grab from “ALiCE Training Video-Middle School Students” shows Cinema  



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