I was pleased and surprised to be notified that INVISIBLE CHILDREN will now be on the shelves of the public library.  You can search for it online or click on this book link to reserve it.  It has been some years in coming, and I like to think this is a sign that the conversation around abused and neglected children is finally getting the attention it deserves.  Forward this to people that might want to know and consider posting it to Facebook and your other social media (more attention = more involvement = better outcomes).


  1. As a survivor of child abuse and now mother of my own child it is imperative that we educate individuals on skills that advocate better familial relationships, ensure safe and appropriate boundaries with our children that speak from a place of love and nurturing, and to end the cycle of violence that continues this atrocity.Thank you for investing yourself in the most precious thing this world has, our children.

  2. When I went to read your book there was only 1 copy on MNLINK, so it’s nice to see more copies getting out there.

  3. I wonder if your comments were based on your experience with the book. Many abused children, now in their adult years, feel as you do. I am just curious as to how you feel the book addressed the issues you refer to in your post?

  4. Eden, the book is a reflection upon the cases I had over many years as a CASA guardian ad-Litem. It hurts me to know the depth and scope of child abuse in America and the long term effects abuse has on human beings.

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