Even though the legislative session doesn’t start for another month, the MinneMinds campaign continues to work to ensure more kids have access to high quality early learning. Bills have already begun to be filed and one of the first bills to be introduced calls for more resources for early learning scholarships.

Send a message to our legislative champions to thank them for proposing more resources for early learning scholarships.   

Last legislative session we saw significant increases in the amount of funding for early learning scholarships, but it is still only meeting the need for approximately 9% of the kids and families that need them. We need to keep the momentum going to ensure every child who qualifies for a scholarship has a chance to get one.

This year, Minnesota is looking at a potential budget surplus and we need to be sure more investments are made in our youngest and most vulnerable Minnesotans. Please send a note to thank our legislative champions for continuing to make Minnesota’s youngest learners a top priority.

Thank you,

Kat Kempe

Senior Policy Advocate