West Metro Critical Thinking Club 

  • Saturday, November 23, 2013 10:00 AM RidgePointe Senior Apartments  12600 Marion Ln. W, Minnetonka, MN (map)

  • TOPIC: Invisible Children

    6 million children are reported to child protection in the U.S. each year impacting schools, health, crime, prisons and the livability of our communities. Breaking this cycle child abuse and declining quality of life throughout the nation is directly related to how communities address services that make it possible for children to cope and lead meaningful lives. Blaming teachers for failed schools & social workers for babies in dumpsters solves nothing and ruins children.

    SPEAKER: Mike Tikkanen’s business background and many years as a volunteer county guardian ad-Litem make him a leading spokesman for at risk youth. By generating awareness and exposing facts that many are afraid or unable to speak about, Mike brings attention to the critical issues.

    Past presentations include the United Nations, Women’s Prison Warden Conference, DFL Education Foundation, Business Professional Women’s organization & CASA. – See more at: https://www.invisiblechildren.org/

    He identifies the financial and physical disaster happening daily to children, schools, and neighborhoods because of poor public policy and the dysfunction created by well-meaning people and institutions.

    His conversations clarify how American institutions are creating exactly what they were designed to stop and how we can make things better.

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