Guardian ad-Litem Program (CASA) Minnesota

First, it hurts me to see how negative the last few weeks of my writing and reporting have been.  In my defense, the news has been terrible on a national scale.

While it is hard to find a balance of happy news on the topic of child abuse, there is some to find and I promise to dig deeper for better news starting today (don’t be afraid to send me positive stories).

Second, now and then readers ask me for verification of data without telling me what data you want verified.  Please read the entire blog you are reviewing, and click on the links within that blog because most of the data come from article linked within the blog.

If that doesn’t work, do what I do; Google it.  The art of search demands proper phrasing, so start with the most basic terms and refine your search with those key words as you read the results.  Of course, my book has a bibliography and for 2.99 (on this site) you can download the ebook or, for a bit more, the printed version.  The audio book can be listened to on this site for free, but the bibliography is not spoken.

Not much of what I write is new or different.  Most of the data has been true for many years now.  Several of you have stated that you are graduate students doing research in the field (I find that hard to believe, I’m sorry).  Please don’t ask me to do your research for you.  If you are serious about these topics I refer you to; You can spend hours listening to the medical professionals address these topics on this site in a very straightforward manner.  Their videos are powerful – in particular, study the ACES information. This site provides an overview of how our institutions are working together and paints the picture of how at risk children are aging through society today.  While it does not speak directly to pre-teen pregnancy, and the many important young women’s issues, it will draw your attention to the racial and economic disparity that is destroying so much of our inner cities.

Google Art Rolnick, / Rob Grunewald Federal Reserve Bank Early Childhood Development.  Study their report.  It makes a statistical / financial argument for taking better care of American children.

This should give you a strong start for serious study.  Best wishes and a promise to find more good news these next few weeks.

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