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  1. Friday, January 25, 2013

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I’d like to start off this letter by thanking you for your time. I am the mother of a now 12-year-old daughter. She lives with me and always has. Her dad and I were never married. He has two sons who are older than my daughter. They are not my sons. She has visited her dad on weekends since she was born.
    Last year she came to me and told me that her brother had sexually abused her. I filed a complaint with the police department and DHS. The claim was founded through DHS. The boy had been placed on juvenile probation, as he was just under 18 years old. I tried to get a restraining order or a no contact order to protect her but I learned that because of their “relationship” there was no box to check on the form. Therefore, there was nothing the courthouse or anyone else could do to protect my daughter. Finally, once he was put on probation, I was led to believe that it was part of his probation that he not have contact with her or it would be a violation of his probation.
    At this time, I felt safe sending her back to her dads for visits.
    Last weekend I picked her up from an over night stay and was informed that her brother had moved into the house her dad lives in with his mother. I was immediately terrified for my daughters safety. I called DHS, the police and the county attorney who had dealt with this boy. Finally after days of phone calls I was informed that the boy had turned 18 and committed some new crimes. Since this happened he was placed on adult probation. Adult probation over rides juvenile probation; therefore, juvenile probation was dropped, as was my daughter’s protection. It was recommended to me that now I might be able to get an order of protection for her since her brother was now over 18. I went to the courthouse where I was told there was nothing they could do. Again.
    I wonder how many other kids in similar situations are not being protected? Why isn’t there a law in place to protect these children? What can I do to make it a law? How can you help me? Who can?
    I was informed that I could hire an attorney who could file a restraining order but it wouldn’t really be worth the paper it was written on. To me I feel that there has been no justice for my daughter. This boy isn’t even on the offender list!!!

    Thank you,

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